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120k of each mage and necro reagent - let me know your asking price.

up to 60k of each leather - looking for a good price

up to 60k of each board type except regular boards

bulk turquoise gems

SoTs - Fishing @ 200k per .1, Disco at 150k per .1, Stealing @ 100k per .1, Hiding & Stealth @ 50k per .1

Rare color seeds from the naturalist quest.



All kinds of daily supplies at my vendor house in the SE corner of Zento!!! I restock daily. New vendors appear weekly. I have a weekend high end item sale (ps, tokens and rares).

To get to the house, head east out of the Makoto - Jima moongate, once on the road, head south and you will see my vendor shop about 2 or 3 houses down.


Pet Business:

As many of you know, I have been running a pet business for a long time. I sell high end pets, rare color pets and trained pets. I also take the time to farm pets for specific stats. I rate all my pets and come up with their prices using the pet power calculator on uocraft.com. Please icq me or pm me for details about pets and their pricing.


ICQ 33502723

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