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New Player Thursday Patrols! [Europa]

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Thursday the 16th Patrol Report:


Tonight we set off to explore the city of Montor. What seemed to have been quite the mountainside paradise had now turned into an flaming abyss since the eruption of the nearby volcano. The Guardian had certainly something to do with this change.


Through the patrol we faced several challenging creatures. Grand dragons and female (rather lightly dressed) daemons circulated in the skies like vultures, increasing the heat around us by throwing wytchery and breathing fire. Yet we stood together and prevailed!





On our way to the core of the volcano we encountered something more hideous. Balrons of the deep! We defeated them one by one, but they kept coming! When the wave of daemons had finally ended there was a few wounded, along with even more that was low on their bandage stock. This was where I decided to pull back the patrol to the Moongate and call it a day.



Nathaniel Hawk, Rookie Guardsman. [Grd]



Bladius Dart, Captain [Grd]

Verity Sands, Marksman [Grd]

Avera, Rookie Guardsman [Grd]

Torrak Keres, Commander [boC]

Ilyana Drachen, Wytch Corporal [boC]

Jassi Cowin, Junior Guardsman [boC]

Cal'ain Cui'gnir, Watchman [boC]

Aleri Briggs, Guardsman Recruit [boC]

Bunnie, Cat

Hedis, Knight Squire


A big thanks to everyone attending and I hope to see you all next week, same time, same place, not the same destination!


*signed swiftly*

Nathaniel Hawk, Rookie Guardsman.

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This Thursday we decided to take a trip to one of the Tokunese islands. As we don't know too much about them. It might be good to have a somewhat good knowledge of the land and its creatures. Should the tokunese ever become a threat.


*A book with several flip-papers is attached to the report*







Patrol Leader:

Nathaniel Hawk, Guard [Grd]



Tommy Nottinbury, Sergeant [Grd]

Katrine Astendar, Veteran Marksman [Grd]

Tucker Biggins, Footman [Grd]

Baruk Strayler, Privateer [Grd]

Su-mi Park, Helpful Civilian/Guide [Grd]

Bunnie, Cat.


Thanks to all attending!


[OOC: Special thanks to Baruk Strayler for the wonderful video]

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Thursday the 14th of July!


Today I decided to take the patrol somewhere where I haven't visited in a long time. After everyone had gathered and was ready to continue we set out from Yew Moongate towards Moonglow.


From Moonglow we used several different devices to reach the town of Papua. The time had stood still in this village, as I recalled it being exactly as it looked like in the past. By now I told the group that I was aiming to do an assault on the Terethan keep and that anyone suffering from ophidiphobia should probably stay in this village. Valiantly people stood still and waited for the next order.


Now came the toughest part. Finding our way through the jungle and the passages beginning. I dug out my pocket map which I had scribbled down quickly before meeting up with the rest of the people in Yew to see where we were to go. I was quite assured that it was somewhere west of Papua, so we started to head towards that direction.


After cutting ourselves through several large bushes we soon found a road. Following along that road we soon enough found the beginning of the passage. Already could we hear the hissing of the snake people called Ophidians, who had for centuries been in war with the spider people called Terethans, down the long passage.




Focusing on the battle ahead we charged into the passage, and soon enough we met the first group of overgrown snakes slithering all around us! But alas, with heavy firepower from the Trinsicans and hard bashing from the Yewish the first group was easily defeated. Same cannot be said about the remaining 50 groups that we cut through in that passage.


Pretty much already covered from top to toe in the black blood of the snakes, we soon enough could see the Terethan Keep rise in front of us in a large opening of the jungle. It would had all been a dance on roses, if it wasn't for that Terethans pretty much covered the clearing upon our arrival. Cutting, slashing, hitting, burning, shooting through these spider people we soon enough entered the keep. Having a bit of trouble to find the actual stairs to the lower grounds, we accidentally stepped into the matriarchs room. Obviously she was not too pleased upon our arrival. But she didn't have much time to cast her spells before she was cut into filéets and tenderly smoked on the ground. Within the room we finally found the way into the Keep depths.


You'd think that the conflict would had ended by now. But as we stumbled down into the depths of the keep the terethans and ophidians were fighting just as they had been when I was there over 25 years ago. As we climbed down what seemed to be a tower, a loud roar could be heard from the north. I decided to investigate it, taking the patrol through a corridor leading north. We stopped by a door, the hissing from the snake people was quite clear. On the count of three we opened it and started slaying whatever we could reach. Ahead was another corridor and by the end of it a huge silhouette rose. Wrestling its way through the ophidians, and by struggle to do so, we managed to pull back to face it on more easier terms than a corridor. The struggle with the Balron was long and tough. Many of us took some serious blows, but in the end, it was also defeated. We needed more people if we were to continue the northward route. Feeling rather battered up I decided to lead the patrol through another route.




We were met by a rather large swamp as we came down from the tower complex. This swamp lead us to several caves linking together. The resistance here wasn't as intensive as it had been before. But there were a few hinders including a certain rope leading over a swamp covered pit. Nobody was able to walk over without falling in. So we had to continue from there, hoping that we'd find another way out.


All of the sudden the cave complex ended and the interior of the keep was seen again. This time there was a den of swamp covering a large area of ground. In the middle was a structure with a bridge leading to it. Again the resistance had seemed to cool off. I lead the patrol onward to the structure in the middle, passing the bridge. To find nothing but a brazier burning in the middle of the structure.


However... there was something strange about this brazier, the fires played so temptingly that you forget where you were for a moment. Once I came to from the strange trance, I found myself in the room I had been looking for. The star room. Looking out from the windows you could see nothing but stars. As captivating it had been in the past, as captivating it was in present. The room echoed by the trickling of the fountain water. And soon enough, we were all gathered in same room, fatigued.




After speaking a bit more with the persons in the patrol, we decided to head back home by praying. As going the same way back out would be nothing but suicide.




Patrol Leader:

Nathaniel Hawk, Accepted Guardsman [Grd]



Verity Sands, Accepted Marksman [Grd]

Baruk Strayler, Privateer [Grd]

Reann, Captain [DoT]

Jessica, The Dukes Niece [DoT]

Shelly Sheffield, aspiring Knight

Mangtala, aspiring knight, (forgive me I've forgotten the full name!)



Nathaniel Hawk, Accepted Guardsman

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