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Joined Date: March 2011


Current Rank: Grunt


Total Tribe Respect Earned: 26


Available Tribe Respect: 1



Tribe Achivements:


Tribe Respect Spent:

  • Promoted to Grunt -25 Tribe Respect
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Appearance and Personality:


Garock is a massive Orc with a broken tusk and stands in a hunched posture. He stands at 6'8". His face has many cuts, and has two different color eyes the right being red, his left being yellow. Though massive and extremely intimidating Garock is exceedingly clumsy. When walking into rooms he'll smack his head or step on goblins accidently. Due to this he is not very sneaky at all. Garock, like all Orcs lives to fight, but above all else eats Horse Meat and drinks Bludale. He favors the more choppy weapons such as swords and axes, only because he loves to collect heads. After klomping something, or someone if its heads too small he'll stomp on it until there is nothing left, but a glob of meat. Last but certainly not least Garock is extremely entertained by making a pin-cushion out of enemies with his bow.




Garocks father was Torgan a great warrior that killed many humans in battle. During one battle Torgans tribe was slaughtered, Torgan escaped mortally wounded.. He tried to regain his strength to fight the humies by feasting upon Troll Fecal Matter in a cave. Needless to say he did not survive. Garock did not care anyways when his father died he blah'd, "Whub ah Skah Ead Liderulee!" Garock then seeked a new stronger tribe and found The Severed Heads.

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