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Dear diary, I hate mom! I spent my whole life in the sweet arms of Mama´s home. But this times are over now. *sigh* I was totally shocked, when I learned that she had enrolled me at the... Moonglow Navy! *inkdrop* She said, it would be for my best and make a man out of me. *frowns* After some reluctance I decided to give it a chance and reported for duty yesterday. So I got to know this Admiral and one of his Marines. Sidenote: The marine smelled like a Keg of Yew wine, the admiral didn´t. And within a couple of minutes I was on duty. Fortunately not cleaning the decks first. We made a trip to Yew, half walking, half sailing. We even met orks and managed to kick their butts. Somewhat I like all this. *inkdrop* But I miss... Mommy! *sigh* *end of Note* /Hank

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