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Title: Flint's Logbook.

Owner: Cael Flintarrow.


I figured I may aswell write up my account of things that have occured in my time so far. Bear with me as it's a recollection of the past in which most of my time has been spent drunk.

I vaguely remember my first day upon joining the navy, I was a woodsman whisked off over the harsh winter sea to dock upon a frozen island next to a small settlement that soon grew. I often stood guard in the tower overlooking the oceans horizon, wondering and watching. I can't recall anything for a long time after that, only snippets like tending a thing with paladins and puking outside. Oh the admiral tried teaching me to swim too... I recall more drinking, and the next thing I know we have a big town in a warmer climate. A lots happened and i'm going to go drink to that! You ever tried firing a bow when you can barely stay standing? Good times! I must remember to write in here before I get drunk next time, it may make more sense...

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