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Replenish the wood supplies

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Replenish the wood supplies


With so much forestry around the fort, we should have plenty of wood to supply the tribe. But the shardees won't contribute so you gotta get chopping.


Lil'wuns you are to chop as much wood as you can.



  • You are to chop as much wood as possible by yourself
  • This wood is to be placed in the Workshop
  • Screenshot proof must be posted below.
  • You can not earn more than 4 Tribe Points per week from this task



+1 Tribe Point per 100 logs for you.

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Rugdush haf decyde dat me wyll be mitee choppur wun muun, juz lyke deh famuz

Baghtru whu choppur uz luuk fer nuw. Deh muur dat me heer abowd im deh muur me

wunt tu be agh choppur.


Su me needz tu ged strung agh big, liddul bid lyke Oglok bud nub az fahd! Me wil chop

deh treez abowd deh furt ebery muun agh suun me ged mussulz. Yub dat iz wun

Bubhosh idee, wahd tu me blah diz tu Krashag...



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Omugug hab wurked webi hard tu ged wuud fur da klan.


Her me oud chuppin da wuuds!



Diz ib huw manee lugs me gut diz tyme! HooWaah!



Me dragedz id ull tu furt! WAAAGH!! Mayk me strung urk!!



Nuw me tinkz me be huntin birdz tu mayk lig-r fur Snuguk!


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