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I have been advised to keep a journal by admiral Calis as it can help the mind loosen up on long ventures at sea, he said it's best to get into the that habit so here I am.


I had Joined the Navy. Throughout my travels learning things about an art I though I had perfected, Magik, I never thought I would Join a Navy but after an unfortunate encounter with and Ogre Lord of the frosty temperament I bumped into someone calling themselves Calis. Later to be told he was the admiral of the Moonglow navy but this wasn't for a while. I had managed to make my way to Moonglow and found my self in an apprenticeship to one of the mages there. I disagreed with some of their ways and so decided to abandon that venture. That is how I ended up where I am today as a deckhand of the Moonglow Navy.


On one of my first days we went to investigate a giant rock formation with Nathan Hawke, he's quite an interesting figure, and found after eventually moving the miniature mountain that there was some sort of entrance into what I could only describe as a crypt by the count the number of ghasts and zombified creatures in it. As we proceeded through this "crypt" I continued to catch glances of this mysterious figure. When we reached a dead-end the figure had disappeared but I swear I saw them drop through a hole and seal it after them.


I have to go for the moment the admiral said something about helping Debarnicle the Raptor and he gets tetchy if jobs aren't done right, I'l update this with more of my travels when I get a chance.

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