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Do you still have an old account? If you reactivate your old account, it will automatically be upgraded to Mondain's Legacy. That means you're only missing two expansion: Stygian Abyss and High Seas. There are a couple of additional entitlements you can upgraded to like extra storage and extra character slots. You can find these on UOGamecodes.com which is an EA site.


If you activate a trial account, it will also be entitled to Mondain's Legacy and after the trial is finished you can upgraded to the other two expansions and various other entitlements at your convenience.


What shard do you play?

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I don't know much regarding the video card, but I had 1gb of ram for a long time and it worked fine.


for comparison, UO, (regular, not the Enhanced Client) runes fine on a Acer Netbook with only 1gb of memory and whatever default video card it comes with

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I'm running an old AGP style Geforce 6600 GT in an old single-core 2.6 GHz computer I built back in 2001 that has 3 gig of ram in it and can run the Classic Client fine and the Enhanced Client pretty well. A flying gargoyle doesn't move smoothly in the Enhanced Client but characters on horses do.


You will have access to most of the game other than the Gargoyles and their lands, which require UO:SA, and won't be able to use or ride the new larger ships without having UO:HS. The game is very playable with what you will have access to. I rarely play past UO Samuri Empire other than having a gargoyle character and using the imbuing skill for crafting.


Welcome back :)

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