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Access to the VTC Private board

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So you joined VTC - And then you also need acces to our Private board.

The whole acces thing have in the past caused a bit of trouble for new Veeties, because there in Ultima - is another guild called "Vesper Trading Company" - That Company is just located on another server - But they also have their boards on UOforums as we do and as mentioned - It have caused a bit of confusion. :D


So to make it easier for all the Veeties (On Europa) to sign up on the Private board, I made a little guide on how to do it.



Step 1.

- Click User CP.



Step 2.

- I just click in under PM's to get the "User Control panel" open.



Step 3.

- Down under networking, find "Group membership" and click it.



Step 4.

- Find the group named "Vesper Trading Company guild private access" between all the other groups.



Step 5.

- Make a mark in "Join group" and scroll down to the buttom of the diffrent boards and then just click join group.



- If you send me a ICQ message when you requested acces to the private board, then I can go in and grant you acces right away, so you wont have to wait.

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