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Wanna join The Vesper Trading Company? (VTC)

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Oh! Oh! Lads! Lasses! We got a new fish in the net!! =)


Thank you for the interrest in VTC and I am happy that your sitting and considering joining our little group of troublemakers :D

Please fill in and post below:


Char Name :

Char Role :


Played for how long :

Past RP experience :

Why do you want to join :



Get in touch with the Boss and the Boss' Left and Right hand.


If you dont use ICQ - I am sorry, but then we cant recruit you.

The ICQ is what we use to keep in touch with our Guildmates, and essential for being a part of VTC, the town of Vesper - and the rest of the roleplaying community. :)


GM: Sioned: 561206018

Right Hand (or AGM) Anna Goodward (PM me on the boards)


On a side note: Thank you Van and Devante for all the damn lot support in the past!!

Edited by Anna Goodward
Updated AGM Contacts
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