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Failure Not without Consequence

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Regniers Punishment*Raziel sat upon his throne of skulls troubled with the vampire Regnier kneeling inside the cold hard cement Pentagram. The Nightmare Shardak stepped forth from the shadows, and exclaimed that the forces of New Hope have already departed from the trial in Cove.*Raziel exclaimed, "Thissss iss itss fault Regnier, if it nyss wass captured the enemy would've been Dessstroyed!" The vampire then replied, "Chosen! I did not know the prisoner escaped, Izak must have set her free!" Raziel snarled and hissed, "Izak will be dealt with! Itsss didn't think to take assh look in thessh cellss before going to kill flessshbagss?!"*Raziel stood from the throne, and lifted his arms to the sky. Chains black as the void snapped from the pentagram under Regniers feet, and shackled the vampire by his neck, wrists, and ankle. The chains wrapped around him, and the cold embrace of the void began to eat at the vampires' flesh and bone. Regnier fell to his feet and slowly his body began to deteriorate. When the screaming was over all that remained was a shade chained, and dark as oblivion.*"Itsss flessh iss gone, but it isss bound between Entropy and Oblivion! If it provess itsself it will return fully to Entropy. If it failsss to thessh chainsss will take it to the eternal void of Oblivion!" Raziel exclaimed sitting into his chair. "Because of it Kal Ssshadowhand ssstill breathsss. As long as thessh flesshbag breathess it will interfere with Chaoss planss!"*Regnier floated and rattled his chains unable too speak. Though he could not speak or indulge in the blood of mortals. The power of Oblivion had given him great magical strength, and Regnier will use it to kill any in his way.*

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