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Some tips for a new player?

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Hi all:


Ive just started 2 days ago and now i dont know where to go or what to do :D


Im a warrior 100/90/35 85 anatomy/100 focus/76 healing/77 parry/sword/tact/55 chiv with a valorite plate and a nice radiant scimitar.


Ill thank all the advices :D


PD: Im looking for a challenged encounters, im bored killing ettins to get money ^^

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You might want to try Covetous level 1 if you're looking for a starter dungeon. You can pick up the gems from the ground that are mined by the creatures inside which is a good way of making some gold without much effort.


However, I think it would be much fun for you to explore Ilshenar, its monster spawns, cities, dungeons etc. Since each moongate has an ankh near it, you can get resurrected pretty quickly if you encounter a paragon or any other difficult creature. The spawn around Compassion moongate is always good for new players, with ratman, brigands, orcs, harpies and corpsers. Don't go to Chaos yet though.


You can find the new player house of Mim Foxglove just one screen south from the Trinsic moongate. Inside, there is a corrupted crystal portal which can teleport you to any dungeon, as well as various skill guides written by veteran players.

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