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EA Starts Charging for Cheat Codes

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EA Starts Charging for Cheat Codes

By Patrick Klepek

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Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start -- most kids with an NES knew the Konami code. The all-in-one unlockable allowed some of us to actually beat a few of those nastily difficult action games back on the day, even if using the password was a dirty little secret.


But Electronic Arts is moving away from the days of button pressing; starting with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 on Xbox 360, they've officially started charging for the ability to unlock hidden content.



# Unlock Golfer - 200 points


# Pro Shop - 300 points


# Maxed out Player - 200 points


# Sunday Tigr - 240 points


# Unlock Courses - 200 points


That's not to say you can't access this content without forking over money; all EA's allowing players to sidestep the unlocking process from the get-go.


Read the rest of this 1UP.com story: "EA Starts Charging for Cheat Codes"


Seems like the business model for games "extras" is indeed moving forward. Not something I have a problem with.

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