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Blackrock falling from the sky..

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source taken from UO.Europa




and straight into my backpack. Just confirming reports that it is now dropping as a minor in Tokuno.




Holy! it's true! I did have a message to have found a martie awhile ago but it wasn't neither in the bank or in my backpack... after reading the post I re-inspected my backpack and TA DAAAH! I found a smallish hard to see piece of blackrock there!!!!!! it's true yay!




to be honest i hate this piece of blackrock, because i need my microscope to see it .... so it isnt really good as decoration


nor is it usefull, just to cast armageddon to make it exploding?


but of course i keep it becasue i think it could be rare one time ....... but hell this [censored] is really tiny and hard to see .... couldnt it be larger *sniff*?

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