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Isnt this impossible?

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The way leeches work has been changed recently. It used to be that the percentage referred to the chance, per hit, that the weapon would leech. If it did leech, it would always leech the same amount. If it didn't leech on that hit, then there was no effect at all. Now, weapons leech on every single hit, and the percentage refers to the amount that is leeched.


Or to make it more clear...


Old system


A weapon with 40% life leech and a weapon with 20% would both give you the same amount of life when their leeching effect activated. But the weapon with 40% would activate twice as often as the one with 20%.


New system


Both the 40% and 20% weapons will leech on every single hit. But the one with 40% will give you twice as much life back as the 20% one.


When this new system was put in place, the 50% cap on leeches was dropped, since the property now means something much different than it used to.

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So how does that actually work? Is it a base amount or is it 40% of the target's life/mana/endurance that is leeched? I could imagine that a 90% mana leech would be destructive in PvP, since mages kinda rely on that.. A 50% life leech would be destructive on a dexxer too...

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It will randomly leech an amount from 1 to the max percentage on the weapon.They are just junk now (my opinion).


I seeeeee.. If the rest of the stats are fair, I could see these being the icing on the cake. Other than that, would be vendor fodder from treasure hunting expeditions.


Speakin' of which... hows the rate of goodies vs "smeltmenow elcrapo" in the 4 and 5 treasure chests these days? I may actually pop in game and dig a few just for memories sake if they are good.

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Hopefully the Dev's will re-evaluate their current enhancements for weapons and armor and make adjustments accordingly. An example: Allow gems to be added to weapons/armor for other types of enhancements. Oils/resins as Bod rewards that do other types of enhancements. There is alot of possibilities.

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