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Babble of the drunkards!

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hey-if youve had too much to drink maybe you could make my forum karma increase?Just click on the 'scales' icon in the profile. I'll return the favour..*hic*



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Missing you too.

Hope you're safe from those floods Anna, that's actually what prompted me to check in.


Aww, how thoughtful of you *hugs*

Am safe here. The most of the flood issues start few miles down the land below our town.

There any chance you will be on icq some time?

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It is impossible to put into words what we are to one another, its like being brothers, lovers, parents and friends all mixed together to create two people that are as one.

Its almost like a Romeo and Juliet story, except, you know, less gay....

Remember that time you did that thing for me, you know, the one that totaly wasnt gay?

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*Sits down on an overturned barrel*

I remember this one time, in a Swaggers room, Devante was gettin' it on with some girl or another and i thought i might pop past and give him a few tips. Once the screaming had died down and things stopped flying past my head i had a strange feeling this girl would rather have me. So, i proceeded to remove my clothing, despite their obvious shy attempts to desuade me i then climbed into the bed. Everthing went black and i woke up in a puddle of mud outside with a rageing.... headach.

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