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Babble of the drunkards!

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hey-if youve had too much to drink maybe you could make my forum karma increase?Just click on the 'scales' icon in the profile. I'll return the favour..*hic*



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Righto. Let us start the rum song!!

Mixed in with the lyrics from Val Cocidius:-




I would bathe in rum with open bleeding sores

Rum will be sprayed everywhere from now and henceforth!!!!

Rum rum rum in my sore bloody bum

There is nothing like molasses in the sticky dark rum

Sucked in deep into my greedy old bum

Edited by Markus Balthazar
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Where has all the rum gone??? Van Cocidius you swine!!! Your bum is sooo greedy!! How many kegs?? What??!! Give back the rum!!!


Breaks into a song sung like a sea shanty!!


"Bring forth the rum, the merry merry rum,

Let it spew forth from Van Cociduus's bum,

Oh he was just having some fun,

but the dark molasses belong in my tum

oh Rum bum tum and a lot of fun"



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