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OK I have read every freakin board out there and do not understand how bonsai trees can be colored, or peculiar seeds can be colored either. I had someone tell me and I have tried what they said but it doesn't work, anyone grow plants that can tell me how this trick works?





Candy....Bonsai trees can NOT be colored. This was a bug instroduced with SA. Some folks got ahold of seeds that produced colored bonsai trees. When EA corrected the error, they chose not to revert all the seeds already out there because peeps liked them. So, the only way to get a colored bonsai is to get a seed from a tree that someone has already grown and produced seeds from. I happen to have found a green one. So, all those seeds collected will still grow a green bonsai tree. But, there is no way to do it now.


Colored peculier seeds can be obtained in rare pink, magenta, aqua, fire red, white and black by doing the naturalist quest. You can obtain legacy and peculier seed types in these colors. It is random at what the quest giver drops.


I hope this helps.

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