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Artifacts based on player phenomena,

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Idea that came to mind, that I think would be a neat addition (since more & more artifacts continue to be added anyway) and give recognition to the many personality phenomena (read: cult followings of loons) throughout UO's history: Create artifacts based on the "infamous" player followings of different shards.




Aegis of Dismount Gimp (based on a feathered hat)

Barton's Sword of Poon

Hokotu's Bascinet

Ichiro's Bat (wooden club)

Something for all the Bob fans out there, with a bogus property of "Fred Slayer"

Something for all the Fred fans, with a bogus property of "Bob Slayer"


It'd be really neat, I think. It'd never happen..at least not these days. Too many people would cry about "favorites" and what not, but still..what could some others be?

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You're right that it'll never happen, favoritism and all that makes it too hot to touch... except as the odd reward for winning a contest or something. You know, sometimes they give some special engraved item to denote the winner, like a spellbook etc.


That whole matter aside, I'd rather not have joke items in game... they just water down what little immersion is left in this wee fantasy world we call Britannia (or Sosaria, however you prefer).


And sorry for being so boring, it's early, I'm at work, sore throat, tired, incapable of funny :-/

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*dance around for Adrianna* Not bored no more huh?


*looks at clock* Depending on when you go to be and get up it's still late :P


*locks Adrianna's boss in the closet* There you go, go home they'll never know ;)


*gives Adrianna thier favorite throat lozage* That should help that a little bit


*hands Adrianna a cup of coffee* This will take care of that tired thing.


*shoots a clown* Niether are they, don't worry you won't get shot though :P

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