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A simple question, a while back once a day when you logged in you had a powerhour for skillgain. Im just curious as to where i can read about the stats for skillgain and how to get the most out of the hours chasing skills.

Is there still a powerhour? Is combining spells and abilities the best way? well in short, how does it work today?


Just curious cause ive been at necromancy for the last 5days and im stuck at 91,7% casting lich form(like read in the guide here on uoforums) and i just cant get it further. Should i cast two diff things or keep pressing that bloody f1 key and cast lich form til i puke? :) Thanks

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Powerhour was replaced by GGS. Before you go mad... you could consider to take it easy. Let the skill gains come while playing, actually. ;)


And scrolls of alacrity increase your gain in the skill [they're specific] for 15 minute intervals!


They can be costly, depending on the skill, though.


I remember GM'ing cooking on bread loaves in powerhour at britain though!


Good times, excessive clicking. Totally worth it for my gm chef. :cool

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I did not like power hour, it took much enjoyment away from the game for me. My focus was on maximizing skill gains during power hour...it became almost like work. Come to think about it, I stopped playing not long after power hour came to be.

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Just in case you haven't found your answer in the last three days (I'm slow, I know), because of the guaranteed gain system, you should see at least a 0.1 gain every day (22.6 hours with 91.7 skill). If you do not see this gain when you cast lich form a few times (sometimes you don't get the gain the first attempt, but after 10 attempts, you should always see something), then something else is wrong.


Most of the time, the "what's wrong" can be attributed to a few things:

1. You are skill capped and have no skills set to down.

- If this is the case, simply set a skill to down.

2. You accidently set your necromancy skill to down or locked.

- If this is the case, set your necromancy to up, and while you're at it, set every skill which isn't going into your template to down.

3. Your character is broken.

- This has been known to happen, and nobody knows the cause. The rumored fixes to broken characters include such things as eating, getting killed and crossing server lines. Sometimes, one or more of those "solutions" actually work (no idea why), but the sure-fire fix is to page a GM. I'm not sure how they can fix the problem, or even if they'll be helpful, as I've never had the problem myself (well, back in '98, my bard was stuck at 58 provoke for about 6 months, I never paged as it actually fit my character to be a bad-bard), but I have heard both good and bad results from the GM page with "can't gain necromancy"

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Yeah it's basically just an override to ensure that less active players can still gain in the more difficult skills (like taming) without requiring hours and hours.


Putting time into a skill will still get you there much faster, but GGS means than GM Taming isnt a hopeless case for people who play a couple hours after work each day.


Personally I find it superior to power hour because, as above, it doesnt feel like a job. You dont have to schedule your time off around a game.

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Well, for slower skills, I personally soulstone off all but the skill I'm training, but I think the spot before ggs kicks in is around 240-260 if I'm not mistaken...I likely am, but not way off.


Poisoning, for example, raises exponentially faster [and at an alarming rate at times] with only poisoning on the char you're training.


Personally, GGS is all fine and good, but if you can lower your maximum skills, you will maximize your gains. This helps with any expensive and/or time consuming skill [you could remove all but meditation and inscription while training a scribe, for example], but I am afraid I cannot quite figure out how one would do this with taming.


Anyhow, they did make more dynamic ways to gain, and it makes getting out there and casting spells on baddies more interesting- because you could get a couple gains from a few EV's in the middle of a peerless.


On a different note; they removed powerhour, however, does anyone remember the Blackrock skill gain area? I never really got a chance to utilize it and am still kicking myself.


I do remember losing my smith's Lord there and having to go kill demons with a tome of lost knowledge to get it back...because everyone originally assumed you needed mining to dig up the blackrock... it wasn't until our smiths were getting crushed repeatedly that someone decided to start digging it up....multiple blackrock baddies...bad...


Yes, that's right...I've still got a rune there- it was called "Motherlode" correct- The event, that is?


Sorry for derailing....just seems in-line with powerhour...and those blackrock gains came in a similar manner to PH from what I can recall.


EDIT: Brom, make those circlet things at ...er...was...*gives up, copy/pastes section of blog*


Overpriced ingots' date=' and a UOA make/smelt macro of [b']destruction[/b].


Here are the stats:


I took my smith from 104.6 to Legendary in a total of 14 Hours, and seven minutes (friendly stopwatch yahoo widget on the computer was very helpful with this).


Using a grand total of 46382 ingots (I had 50k, was left with 3618).:o


Not so bad, unless you consider how much NPC vendors charge for ingots....*shudders*:icon_eek:


I made Royal Circlets (around 7500 from 114.7) to anyone wondering the absolute fastest way to 120.


Do NOT make other plate; you'll consume utterly far too many ingots for little gain.


Use a blacksmithy talisman while you're at it; you'll stop failing on the circlets with it, and your ingot consumption will only be around 2 if you smelt everything per circlet made/smelted.


This little Royal Circlet saved my day.


Thank you, Mondain's Legacy, for making an item that I could put to use to help my smith hit 120 finally.


Summarily, it took quite a bit of time, indeed. Definitely where GGS comes in handy [as with lockpicking at high levels].

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It was replaced with GGS in 2002.  I'm pretty sure I remember it being in game pretty much from the beginning.  It was definitely before Renaissance, and I'm pretty sure it was before T2A.

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