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Summary of the meeting held yesterday. Is it all right if this also gets posted on our private board to keep our people informed ?


The following people have attended the meeting Vesper requested in regards to Minoc:

Vesper: Olk Samsca, Escaflowne, Hanse Davion

Knight Templar: Gendin

Trinsic: Irvyn Middlethorn, Isidore Middlethorn, Reann, Gwen, Iljian


Olk Samsca, Chancellor of Vesper, welcomes all to this meeting and indicates that he wishes to speak about Minoc, which he calls West Vesper. He lets the attending people know that the threats he made six days ago were exaggerated and that Vesper's concerns are mostly the yewish causing troubles.


Irvyn tells the chancellor that the peacekeeping force has no intentions of letting Yew invade Minoc. The yewish are however welcome to visit and to trade as long as they do not do so under a militaric banner. This also goes for all other visitors of minoc. The duke indicates that Minoc needs to be able to trade so it can rebuild and re-establish itself.


Olk expresses Vesper's concerns in regards to trade, particularly a recent trade of quality stone between Minoc and Templewood.


Gendin of the Templar explains that the Trade was done between the Knights and Minoc and that they have payed Minoc with a higher price then they would have gotten from other traders. Trinsic merely provided security for the Caravan.


Olk explains the following: Vesper is a republic, and unlike your loyalist realms, as a republic it will honor the wishes of its people. If certain actions take place, like this recent shipment, without prior notice the population gets agitated. Now i realise your loyalist presses portray me as some deranged warmongerer but in truth i am merely a representative of the vesperian will. If you are not carefull, that will shall force us into conflict which could otherwise be avoided.


Gendin asks who requires to be notified except for those involved. Both Hanse and Escaflowne reply that many of the vesperians were born in Minoc and have relatives living in the city.


Olk Samsca inquires if free elections are allowed in Minoc. Irvyn replies that the citizens of Minoc must be permitted to run their own affairs in the way they wish.


Escaflowne has the following ideas in mind to provide a good deal of economic aid to Minoc: Escaflowne has opened trade negotiations with Moonglow, buccaneer's Den, Cove, Yew Trinsic and will be meeting Skara tomorrow. From this Vesper hopes to gather the supplies of wood, food, medical supplies, mage supplies and various other things. The intentions of these goods will be to aid the city of Vesper and its vesperians in repairing the city and recovering from the war. Vesper also wishes to share these goods with Minoc as charity, help them repair buildings, give workers food and maybe even help working in the mines to take some strain of the miners back. They wish to offer medical supplies for the ill. With allof this they hope to sort their own town out as well as reaching out to their brethren in Minoc.


The peacekeeping force does not oppose to any charity given to Minoc. Escaflowne will keep the peacekeeping force informed about the trading.


The last topic of this meeting are the rumors that the new Queen of Britannia is considering to send a detachment to Minoc and that she may be plotting verious plans against the Republic. Irvyn replies he has no knowledge of these rumors and that the peacekeeping force intends to keep defending Minoc from whatever forces that may come. Reannn adds that as long as they are send to aid the peacekeeping force in protecting Minoc, the peacekeeping force will not stop them. If they would be send to claim the city the peacekeeping force would fight them as it would anyone else.


Various last things mentioned:

  • - If Vesper is in chase of a criminal and are forced to continue this pursuit into Minoc they are allowed to do this. Again this also goes for anyone else.
  • - An agreement was made in regards to the members of the Collegium: Vesper and Trinsic will exchange information or evidence against these people.
  • - Drow without proper papers are not welcomed in Vesper. This also goes for Drow with proper papers from Trinsic, since Vesper considers other nations papers irrelevant.


Chancellor Olk Samsca closes this meeting by offering Gendin and Irvyn gifts.

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Yesterday there was another meeting held in Vesper which Reann, me and Megan attended. To make a long story very short: After a visit from the Ambassador of the Queen, the chancellor Olk Samsca wishes the peacekeeping force to leave Minoc. We have untill Sunday or they will make us leave by force.

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