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To all councilmembers: It was very difficult to shift important information from all the bickering that has been done during this meeting. I hope the following notes i have shifted will make a good summary.


"About Casca by Nathan and Dawn"


Irvyn: Very well, then I think we are ready.

Irvyn: Lady Dawn, is there anything you wish to say to us?

Dawn: Yes, I have

Dawn: I have only one question for you tonight:

Dawn: How much do you love your home?

Dawn: For that is what is at stake!

Dawn: Many year ago, when the Meer cast a spell to drive the Juka out of Yew

Dawn: I saw the lands where I gew up change...

Dawn: The lush forest turned into a vile swamp

Dawn: and it devoured my home

Dawn: All that I held dear was consumed by evil...

Dawn: Now once again evil threatens to envelop our lands!

Dawn: If we don't stop it

Dawn: Casca and his allies wil destroy our homes!

Dawn: Remember this when you make you decisions tonight...

Dawn: There IS common ground for peace: The Enemy!

Dawn: Thank you

Irvyn: Thank you Lady Dawn.


Irvyn: Now you have heard that, is there anyone who would disagree? I will fight to the last drop of my blood for Trinsic and Sosaria ... is there any here who would not say the same for their own home?

Sineal Walker: Well, considering we opposed Casca from the off... I think we've displayed our committment

Gendin the Good: Our Order, is our home, and we would fight for eachotehr to the end.

Raiden Morana: Cove will fight fer freedom as always.

Gwen Irima: Elves were force away from their homes once... i would give my life to defend my home now...

Leoric: We will defend ourself.

Escaflowne: Indeed i would lay down my life for Vesper Like i have done countless times

Irvyn: It seems we are agreed on one common goal.

Irvyn: Then the next question becomes, how do we oppose Casca? Where can he be found?

Nathan Hawke: I will be brief on this

Nathan Hawke: I have searched everywhere

Nathan Hawke: he is being hidden and cared for by someone or something

Nathan Hawke: btu my conclusions are thus far inconclusive

Nathan Hawke: There were a wave of assasinations

Nathan Hawke: in felucca

Nathan Hawke: the other night

Nathan Hawke: casca has some allies left but only pockets

Nathan Hawke: We will need to terminate them

Emmett: *Murmers quietly* That man has an uncommon fondness for killing people

Nathan Hawke: Bringing death is no joy

Nathan Hawke: itis an unholy virtue

Nathan Hawke: but at times it must be done

Nathan Hawke: And for now think on Lady Dawn's words

Gendin the Good: Daeth through Justice, perhaps.

Nathan Hawke: lady dawn, it is time to leave Milady

Irvyn: Thank you for sparing the time for us.


Irvyn: So we are left with the knowledge that there is another war coming but we do not know where, when, or against whom.

Gendin the Good: More like skirmishes.. according to their information..

Sineal Walker: Hawke's scouts as reliable as ever.

Irvyn: It it certainly not possible to discuss any tactics. But we seem to have agreement that we will stand together.


"Peace: Vesper vs nearly the rest of the world"


Escaflowne: So we have agreed to end the war between the Republic and the Allies? I seemed to have missed that part

Sineal Walker: Have we?

Gendin the Good: It haven't been discussed yet, Escaflowne

Escaflowne: I thought that was what these talks were about? It makes more sense to end the war before we talk about standing together

Bladius Dart: Have we? Like an 'end to war' ever means a damn to you.

Escaflowne: I could say the same to you Bladius As it was you that started this war

Bladius Dart: Yes and you retaliated by slaughtering an Abbey full of people. Or trying to starve our people into submission.

Escaflowne: You have no proof that we slaughtered the abbey Because there isn't none. We never had a hand in that

Bladius Dart: Like proof ever matters. We had our proof. You refuted our claims. And attacked us.

Raiden Morana: Aye. Covered yer tracks well eh.



Irvyn: Such claims and counterclaims will get us nowhere. Irvyn: What is necessary to stop the war?

Escaflowne: This whole war started because Yew invaded Vesper And then the Covians joined their side when we tryed to rescue our men they had captured

Bladius Dart: We arrested a spy.

Escaflowne: You are the ones responsible for the attack on Minoc. For rallying your armiese into the city to prepare for an invasion of Vesper. We simply had to counter to keep Vesper safe

Raiden Morana: Ye got this all written down somewhere, or do ye actually believe what yer sayin'?

Bladius Dart: An invasion of Vesper? Why would we invade Vesper? This war was never about land or territory.

Escaflowne: Then why attack us in the first palce and spark this war

Sineal Walker: We arrested a spy. That's not attacking anyone.

Escaflowne: The only reason the Republic went on the offensive was to keep the war away from our doorstep After your constant attacks on the Republic

Damien Bedford: You invaded vesper and captured three of my men with no cause

Hayden Shepard: My men are tired of the fighting...

Damien Bedford: You have no men, hayden You never did. My grandmother commands more men than you and she's dead

Hayden Shepard: That is why Minoc needs strong men From Cove to protect its borders from your foul people.

Sineal Walker: Their militia size is not important. What is important is that their sovereignty is preserved. We don't want Vesper, we want you to end your imperial ambitions. Minoc will never again be under your iron fist.

Gwen Irima: it'll be under yours then ?

Sineal Walker: As I say, we will respect their sovereignty.

Bladius Dart: Ah your neutrality is an inspiring example to us all. No, actually Minoc will continue to rule Minoc as we agreed previously. However those who would claim it as 'West Vesper' have other ideas.

Gwen Irima: i am glad this sovereignity is honored

Damien Bedford: Olk Samsca is the only person to call it that And he is an insane old man We have no interest in taking Minocian territory but we will not allow it to be used as a base for the yewish to attack us

Irvyn: Trinsic will add a small peacekeeping force to assist with that.

Gendin the Good: So will the Order.



Escaflowne: Anyway To stop bickering on who start the war and why, lets say we just end it here. The Republic will agree to peace if stop your attacks on the Republic. We will stop ours. Its that simple.

Bladius Dart: Then agree to keep your men Your men out of Yew. Agree to leave our people be. Agree to refrain from butchering our innocents.

Raiden Morana: And Cove

Emmett: And Moonglow

Torrak Keres: And Covianshire.

Hayden Shepard: And Minoc!

Escaflowne: Moonglow arn't even a part of this! We reguarly trade with Moonglow

Escaflowne: As i said The Republic will agree to peace. If we agree to halt the attacks on one anothers nations, The Republic will cease all attacks and we expect you to do the same

Bladius Dart: Theoretically that is how 'peace' should work.

Damien Bedford: That includes you keeping to your word, and not putting your troops in Minoc

Sineal Walker: Why would you care if our troops are in minoc if you're not going to attack it? Minoc are our main trading partners after all.

Bladius Dart: Minoc are our allies. If they request our presence, we will honour it regardless of treaties.

Damien Bedford: If you make a treaty, you stand by it

Bladius Dart: Yes, perhaps you should learn to stand by treaties and accords. Instead of backtracking. So I see no reason to insert terms that have no bearing on the peace itself. If your imperialism ends at the borders of Minoc, you have no reason to fear us being there, no?

Escaflowne: Why would all your armies need to be in Minoc? If you werent going to attack us? You do not need an army there for trade. Look just keep your forces out of the Republic and cease your attacks nd we'll do the same



Irvyn: Does Hayden have anything to say in this?

Hayden Shepard: I am tired of Vesper thinkin' they are indestructable.

Hayden Shepard: Speaking foul about my people because they are jealous of the lands.

Hayden Shepard: I have not had the support I have always needed from the men of Minoc.

Hayden Shepard: I do not want to see Minoc attacked anymore.

Hayden Shepard: Tis a pointless thing.

Hayden Shepard: If Minoc was to set up trade with all the lands then what point would ye have in controling it?

Hayden Shepard: Besides greed?

Hayden Shepard: I trust vesper about as much as a rabid dog.

Hayden Shepard: That is why Yew has steped in to support its people.

Hayden Shepard: Since my lack of support has been proven over time I want to see the land protected by people



Gendin the Good: There's been a suggestion made, which all of you seem to have passed during your accusations Towards eachother.

Gendin the Good: I myself was met by the Captain of Minoc quite some time ago.

Gendin the Good: And even then, I offered the protection of any Knight Templar I could muster.

Gendin the Good: Should Minoc be attacked.

Gendin the Good: The city is in need of protection.

Gendin the Good: Lord Irvyn just claimed a Peaceforce is willing to take up the duties of keeping it safe.

Gendin the Good: And I have offered the Knights Templars help in this as well.

Escaflowne: Then let the Templar and the Duchy protect it

Irvyn: Funded and supported entirely by Trinsic, taking nothing from Minoc.

Gendin the Good: Which I understand, will prove difficult for the Vesperians to accept. And if it should prove to be a huge problem, making them feel threatened Then I would have to step out. And offer help from a distance.

Escaflowne: We are hardly going to attack the Trinsicians

Damien Bedford: We have no problem with you and the trinsicans protecting it

Sineal Walker: Well, of course Vesper don't... Vesper and Trinsic have very 'close' relations

Irvyn: As we are friends to Cove, and Skara Brae ... and would be to Yew. We seek to build a better land, a peaceful land where we can all prosper.

Escaflowne: Trinsic are our friends And well The Templars are hardly going to invade Vesper So no problem from us on that front

Damien Bedford: We just expect you to keep your word, and not allow armed yewmen and covians to mass there

Raiden Morana: Or armed Vesperians?

Damien Bedford: Of course. Nobody should be armed in minoc apart from the templars, the duchy and the minocians themselves As you agreed yourselves

Gendin the Good: Anyone breaking hte treaty, would be seen as an enemy, for all the others signing it.

Hayden Shepard: What if Vesper decided to attack again can they hold it" What if they need aid from yer men?

Escaflowne: We won't attack

Hayden Shepard: I find that hard to belive.

Sineal Walker: We question whether Trinsic would ever stand up to Vesper

Escaflowne: Why should they have to Sineal? We are friends

Sineal Walker: They have a history of capitulation to strong forces. Already this evening I have heard of Vesperians walking all over the Duchy Guard. I doubt they'd stand up to an invasion force. So I would hope the Templars would do a little more.

Irvyn: We will make no move to do anything apart from defend the borders and allow Minoc to trade freely and fairly with all.

Gwen Irima: If Vesper were to attack Minoc i would raise my bow against them

Hayden Shepard: I suggest that Cove and the Guardsman take over the peace Keeping



Abigail Rynn: May I say something?

Abigail Rynn: all of you seem intend on bickering between eachother

Abigail Rynn: you start off on one topic and then you toss mud back and forth

Abigail Rynn: and when someone adds an ounce of proper advice, and you come to some sort of agreement

Abigail Rynn: you just find another meaningless topic to argue about

Emmett: Yuor new to politics, aren't you?

Raiden Morana: S'politics...

Abigail Rynn: and I must say that rudeness seem quite normal in Yew and Cove

Abigail Rynn: when it comes to meetings at the least

Abigail Rynn: neither of you say you want minoc

Abigail Rynn: but you obviously dont want the other party to have it

Bladius Dart: This war isn't even over Minoc.

Bladius Dart: So you're barking up the wrong bleeding tree, love.



Escaflowne: The Republic agrees to peace and will cease attacks if your attacks on us cease and you keep your

Escaflowne: forces off of Republican soil. We'll do the same. And Trinsic and the Templar can have a peacekeeping force at Minoc. Thats the end of it for me. So are we agreed?

Raiden Morana: S'nice how yer decidin' Minocian policy fer 'em Chancellor

Sineal Walker: If Trinsic -do- send a peacekeeping force. And they convieniently 'forget' to guard it on the night Vesper rolls up Just know that Trinsic won't escape retribution.

Escaflowne: I just don't want Yewish and Covian armies rallying on Minoc soil With their eyes set on Vesper And causing Minoc to be attacked again

Gendin the Good: Whatever we decide, I think it's in the right thing to listen to Captain Shepherds wishes. As I heard him say he would not want Trinsic nor the Templars there.. Is this the case, Sir Shepherd?

Hayden Shepard: I just want the land safe. The only people that have done damage is Vesper.

Gendin the Good: You're wrong. War have done Minoc Damage. And I believe the city have seen enough of it. It's time for it to be at peace.

Hayden Shepard: I left Cove in hope to unite the people to defend themselves.

Gendin the Good: So our help would be accepted?

Hayden Shepard: To be honest I doubt that Gendin's force could hold a strong military attack. No offense. That is my concern. When there is some force there to protect them I will step down.

Gendin the Good: The Order has grown since you last visited our Fort. Alongside the Trinsicans, I think we would stand a good chance.

Irvyn: And Trinsic is stronger than you expect.

Leoric: It's more than nothing for Minoc. I'm sure taht Lord Gendin can help you.

Damien Bedford: And if yew or cove invade minoc, Vesper will assist the peacekeeping force

Hayden Shepard: ...Well then it is settled. If they wish to peace keep. Then So be it. I will resign from Captain...This whole thing is getting old.

Gwen Irima: how nice... we agreed on something

Escaflowne: Finally Right then Cove, Yew, Skara, Templar Are you agreed to peace if we cease attacks on one another And if we keep our forces off eachothers land

Sineal Walker: That include spies and hired agents attacking our buildings?

Escaflowne: Indeed

Bladius Dart: Then, of course.

Raiden Morana: Sounds good... In theory.

Hayden Shepard: If ye want to fight pick some other place to do it. There is more blood on the land then Minerals

Emmett: ...But not Moonglow

Escaflowne: Alright we're all agreed

Escaflowne: Grand

Escaflowne: War over

Bladius Dart: But...

Escaflowne: Now

Escaflowne: Good day gents And ladies


"People started leaving after this point"


Bladius Dart: There will be other s-

Bladius Dart: Ah.

Bladius Dart: Well, surely there are other matters to resolve, no?

Bladius Dart: Reparations for damages?

Bladius Dart: The return of certain remains?

Gwen Irima: perhaps we can all chip in for repairs

Escaflowne: Alright firstly, the Republic will not pay preparations

Escaflowne: Secondly we do not have the corpse of your wife

Escaflowne: As i explained countless of times before

Bladius Dart: Ah, so what did you do with it then?

Raiden Morana: Told ye they ate it...

Bladius Dart: I had hoped they weren't cannibals, Commander.

Escaflowne: We never retrieved any corpse from that battle

Escaflowne: And the caravan was bombed

Escaflowne: So i would say theres a good chance it was in ashes

Gendin the Good: Did anyone see them retrieve it?

Bladius Dart: Yes.

Bladius Dart: We had scout reports of them doing it.

Escaflowne: Anyway war over

Escaflowne: Thank you very much for your time folks

Escaflowne: Now i must dash and attend to something

Escaflowne: Good day

Bladius Dart: And they even claimed to have done so at a later date.

Escaflowne: Then your scouts lie

Irvyn: I think this matter is an individual one for Yew and Vesper to sort out. And this meeting seems to have come to a close.

Bladius Dart: Yes but as you can see Duke...

Bladius Dart: There's not a lot we can actually do, is there?

Bladius Dart: As they run away.

Gwen Irima: aye tis a shame they walk away now...

Raiden Morana: So... The "real" meeting startin' now?

Sineal Walker: Duke... Keep in mind the Captain's wife was Trinsician by birth. She's not a 'dirty Yewish'

Irvyn: I know that... she was formerly married to my aide.

Sineal Walker: So perhaps her remains are due some respect, even by your standards?

Irvyn: Believe me, I am sorry for her death, and sorry for what happened afterwards,

Irvyn: but with claims and counterclaims, and no knowledge, I cannot do anything about it.

Bladius Dart: Well, you'll excuse me if I struggle to believe any treaty with Vesper can -ever- survive...

Bladius Dart: When they refuse to even commit to a basic decency.

Gendin the Good: Decency cannot be found amongst everyone Captain.

Irvyn: Unfortunately the tenets of "basic" decency have never formed part of a treaty.

Irvyn: And are open to considerably different interpretations.



Raiden Morana: And what of the Vesperian murderess Duke?

Irvyn: She remains under treatment, and the one we believe responsible for her condition is under arrest.

Irvyn: Investigations are continuing.

Raiden Morana: "treatment"?

Raiden Morana: That like a psoh word fer interrogation?

Gendin the Good: She was poisoned.

Irvyn: She was drugged.

Raiden Morana: Most Vesperians are...

Gendin the Good: By the Collegium. I believe Yew is fimiliar with what creations they can preform.

Irvyn: She did not even know her own name.

Raiden Morana: Again... A common Vesperian trait?

Irvyn: I passed the initial information we obtained to Bladius last night.

Bladius Dart: It's not really my jurisdiction though, however.

Bladius Dart: She is not officially a Yewish citizen.

Bladius Dart: So the Church are ultimately responsible for her welfare.

Bladius Dart: I'm sure they'll be in contact with you... again.

Irvyn: I see ...

Irvyn: Then I will communicate with them when that happens.




Gendin the Good: Our interests should be the rebuilding of Minoc before anything else.

Gendin the Good: Or repairing.

Gwen Irima: the only one representing minoc has left the meeting room...

Sineal Walker: I believe our Mayor has already sent lumber supplies to Minoc. To help em rebuild.

Raiden Morana: More than Minoc was damaged during the campaign.

Gendin the Good: And this was known consequence for those entering the Campaign, Commander MOrana. With War, there's devestation.

Raiden Morana: Indeed.

Raiden Morana: However... But one side waged it on civilians.

Gwen Irima: Perhaps we as peacekeeping folks can talk to him and his people to ask what they need

Irvyn: This has been gone over many times.

Irvyn: Is there any other matter which needs discussion?

Gwen Irima: I do not believe we should be discussing minoc any further

Gwen Irima: without Minoc being here

Gendin the Good: With diplomacy I believe Vesper could be spoken to aid in some way with repairing Minoc.

Raiden Morana: Good luck with that Gendin.

Sineal Walker: It would be nice if Trinsic would agree to assist if they do break the treaty. But, can't expect that either.

Gwen Irima: If i see a Vesperian, yewish, Covian or whomever

Gwen Irima: attack a Minocian

Gwen Irima: i will shoot...

Irvyn: Trinsic will defend Minoc, and help with the rebuilding.

Gendin the Good: So will the Knights Templar. And the Masonic Order.

Raiden Morana: Aye... And when ye've been smashed by the Red Menace... We'll pick up the pieces.

Irvyn: This meeting is now closed.

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Thank you Gwen, an excellent job :)


Following the meeting, Hanse Davion and Olk Samsa requested a meeting. The record is below, but in summary, they will tolerate the Trinsic peacekeeping force in Minoc, but not the Knights Templar. Once the next round of Vesper elections is past, they believe Vesper's policies will change and they will once more seek to "liberate" Minoc.


Hanse Davion: Duke, might Samsca and I have a word?

Hanse Davion: In private, or thereabouts.

Irvyn: I will keep a guard with me ...

Hanse Davion: *Holds up hands..*

Hanse Davion: I'm not bringing blood to a birthday party

Irvyn: nothing personal, but someone else might push in.

Hanse Davion: But yes, of course..

Irvyn: Let us go upstairs.

You see: Escaflowne [-V-]

Hanse Davion: *Looks over his shoulder..*

Irvyn: *looks very weary*

Hanse Davion: Don't mind us, Chancellor

Irvyn: *blinks at Escaflowne*

Hanse Davion: Just having a chat.

Escaflowne: *Nods*

Hanse Davion: Like I said, party.

Escaflowne: Will just say

Hanse Davion: *Smirks slightly, patting his hat*

Escaflowne: Duke theres a party going on at Paladin Island

Escaflowne: If any of yer folks want to come

Escaflowne: *Smiles*

Irvyn: *smiles*

Irvyn: Thank you, that is very kind.

Escaflowne: *Nods*

Escaflowne: I'll leave you to it then

Hanse Davion: We'll see you back at the island..

Olk Samsca: *stands in the corner looking miserable*

Hanse Davion: We heard about the e-

Hanse Davion: *Looks back..*

Hanse Davion: Mrmm..

Hanse Davion: We heard about the end of the war.

Irvyn: *nods non-comittally*

Hanse Davion: Now, bear in mind it is not my intention to sound threatening.

Hanse Davion: I want nothing but good things between us and Trinsic, naturally.

Hanse Davion: But I'd advise against your involvement in West Vesper.

Irvyn: "West Vesper"?

Hanse Davion: West Vesper.

Irvyn: I believe its owners call it Minoc.

Hanse Davion: A Royal name, granted by a crumbled kingdom

Olk Samsca: *glowers*

Hanse Davion: And held by oppressive Avatarians.

Hanse Davion: It was renamed West Vesper, pairing off with South Vesper as satellite provinces.

Irvyn: I trust you do not include the Knights Templar or the Duchy in that?

Hanse Davion: Look..

Hanse Davion: There are elections coming, and when news of this breaks properly it will be an uproar.

Hanse Davion: The traitor knights dominion of Minoc

Hanse Davion: Vassals of the Combine at our doorstep, still.

Hanse Davion: And the deprivation of West Vesper from being part of her homeland.

Hanse Davion: The Chancellor will only be so for a matter of a few more weeks.

Hanse Davion: This issue could sway the Republic into an even more viious war.

Hanse Davion: Nothing is certain in the elections of course.

Irvyn: *nods*

Irvyn: Nevertheless, while we can, we will protect the citizens of Minoc and allow them to rebuild.

Hanse Davion: *Slams fist on th etable*

Hanse Davion: Do NOT uise that name!

Olk Samsca: *bristles*

Hanse Davion: *Sneers across the table*

Irvyn: *stares back impassively*

Hanse Davion: It is West Vesper, and no other.

Hanse Davion: Your involvement there is welcome, but the traitor knights are not.

Irvyn: I will name it as its citizens name it ...

Hanse Davion: Its citizens are Vesparians.

Hanse Davion: I, personally, am a Minocan.

Hanse Davion: My family lived there, my father was the Mayor during the Crown of Thorns and after

Hanse Davion: We - like other rebels were forced out of our homes.

Hanse Davion: Forced to flee to Vesper, and beyond.

Hanse Davion: It is we who decided that Minoc would become West Vesper

Irvyn: We seek to avoid any Minocian having to flee anywhere.

Irvyn: Indeed, we hope to allow some of the refugees - if not all - to return home.

Hanse Davion: I cannot see my family return to be oppressed by the traitor knights

Irvyn: Some came here .. they still call it Minoc.

Hanse Davion: Others did not, and they call it West Vesper.

Irvyn: Others are in Britain, such as Nathan ... I have not heard him call it anything other than Minoc.

Hanse Davion: It was part of the Republic for years, and it was declared so quite openly.

Hanse Davion: Nathan was Commander of he Royal Guard, and pathetic enough to serve Casca.

Hanse Davion: What does he matter?

Hanse Davion: West Vesper is part of the Republic, and the traitor knights are occupiers.

Irvyn: At least as much as you.

Hanse Davion: Its rightful ruler is Governor Samsca

Hanse Davion: And its rightful place is alongside us.

Hanse Davion: That is how I see it, and how a huge proportion of the Republic will see it.

Irvyn: Its rightful place is to stand on its own, proudly and freely.

Hanse Davion: Proudly? As a Royalist occupied town?

Hanse Davion: Freely, with traitor knights watching their every move?

Irvyn: Those who live there should have the right to choose.

Olk Samsca: These circles are endless.

Olk Samsca: The Templar will not be tolerated.. that is a fact.

Hanse Davion: My main point here is this.

Irvyn: *nods to Olk*

Irvyn: You have made yourself clear enough, Hanse.

Hanse Davion: I have not.

Irvyn: Oh yes you have.

Hanse Davion: The Chancellor will soon be replaced - likely by another head of state.

Irvyn: You will accept us, but if the Knights go there, you will attack.

Hanse Davion: No, even they are vaguely tolerable as neighbours

Hanse Davion: Just listen, is all I'm saying

Hanse Davion: The Chancellor will soon be replaced.

Irvyn: Possibly covertly, possibly openly, but you will not allow anything in Minoc which you do not agree with.

Hanse Davion: The Marshal - head of the Republican army - will also be changed inevitably.

Hanse Davion: That makes the current agreement dubious in the long term.

Hanse Davion: And if our new heads of state decide that West Vesper should be liberated of the traitor knights

Hanse Davion: Then the Combine will once again step in

Irvyn: And I am sure you will do your best to persuade them.

Hanse Davion: I will follow the word of the rightfully elected ruler of the Republic

Hanse Davion: And by proxy, his chosen head of the armed forces.

Hanse Davion: But what will your people do?

Hanse Davion: When the Vesparians roll up, in full force.

Hanse Davion: The combine steps in.

Irvyn: They will continue to protect the citizens of Minoc to the best of their ability.

Hanse Davion: Your partners, the Traitor Knights of Templewood abandon you to rejoin their overseers

Irvyn: *sighs*

Hanse Davion: You will stand alone and helpless crushed between two juggernauts.

Hanse Davion: *Shakes head*

Hanse Davion: And I can't bring myself to see us forced to crush the peacekeepers, sent their in good intentions

Irvyn: The iron is hardened between hammer and anvil.

Hanse Davion: Your military is far from iron.

Hanse Davion: They are people, and will face horrendous casualties if involved.

Hanse Davion: My only concern is that you are likely to side with the Combine.

Hanse Davion: As you practically have already - having them alongside you occupying our territory.

Irvyn: We will protect Minoc.

Irvyn: That is our goal.

Irvyn: If you invade it, we will fight.

Hanse Davion: And what of the Combine?

Hanse Davion: You allow the traitor knights not only passage, but to rule there?

Irvyn: If anyone comes with hostile intent, we will defend the city.

Hanse Davion: It is an affront, and will only guarantee a new war over West Vesper.

Irvyn: No, they do not seek to rule, any more than we do.

Hanse Davion: The traitor knights cannot stay.

Irvyn: We seek to allow the Minocians to govern themselves, without interference.

Hanse Davion: Our western brothers deserve freedom, as part of the Republic.

Hanse Davion: The nation which liberated them from your former allies clutches.

Hanse Davion: And from whom we safeguarded them for years.

Hanse Davion: Before she was subjugated by the combine, and strangled.

Irvyn: They are permitted to make that choice ... for themselves and not under duress.

Irvyn: Now please go, this discussion has lasted long enough and you have said nothing new.

Hanse Davion: Nor have you, you have not answered the important question.

Irvyn: Yew says exactly the same of Vesper and accuses us of pandering

to you.

Hanse Davion: Will you side with the Combine, come the time for West Vesper's liberation?

Irvyn: If you come in force to subjugate Minoc to Vesperian jurisdiction again we will oppose you.

Hanse Davion: Liberate, not subjugate.

Hanse Davion: We will remove the Combine forces, and hold elections there.

Hanse Davion: Their new Governor will then have say in the Republic - as part of our elected Council.

Hanse Davion: If he chooses to join.

Irvyn: They will choose their own governor freely, with no input from Vesper.

Hanse Davion: They can choose nothing while the Combine occupies them!

Irvyn: Now please go before I succumb to amusement.

Irvyn: *gets up*

Hanse Davion: Fine, you've had your warning.

Irvyn: *shakes head*

Hanse Davion: This peace will last only as long as the current administration.

Hanse Davion: I guarantee you that.

Irvyn: Go and enjoy your party ... if you are able to.

Olk Samsca: The Templar will die in West Vesper.

Olk Samsca: Please be so kind as not to join them..

Dawn: May i ask something?

Hanse Davion: What is it?

Dawn: corrct me if i'm wrong

Dawn: But are you saying now that each agreement with vesper only lasts till it's next leader?

Hanse Davion: It has the potential to, if the previous leader makes colossal mistakes.

Irvyn: *chuckles*

Hanse Davion: Ultimately the Chancellor is elected by the people - and must follow through on his mandate.

Irvyn: Hanse, you should have been on the stage.

Dawn: So it's not possible to have a lasting agreement with Vesper

Irvyn: This melodrama is magnificent.

Olk Samsca: It is perfectly possible if the agreement matches the facts..

Olk Samsca: West Vesper is ours.. for now and forever..

Hanse Davion: I will not be mocked.

Hanse Davion: Not even by you.

Olk Samsca: And all who say otherwise will suffer

Dawn: as each new leader can just throw the previous agreement away when he thinks it's wrong

Olk Samsca: Any treaty which says otherwise will be broken..

Hanse Davion: Lord of the South of not, you will not mock a Davion.

Olk Samsca: Thats the risk you have with any form of government..

Olk Samsca: Unless you imagine your Duke here has never seen fit to change his mind..

Irvyn: Olk is correct ... strictly speaking any agreement I make would have to be ratified by my successor

Dawn: trinsic keeps its word

Hanse Davion: Sometimes our leadership changes for the better.

Hanse Davion: For instance, previous leaders have sought war with your city.

Hanse Davion: While currently we seek peace.

Irvyn: To mutual benefit ... a shame to end all that.

Dawn: you want west vesper to choose freely

Hanse Davion: It can choose nothing while under occupation.

Dawn: can't they do that under protection of the duchy?

Hanse Davion: Perhaps.

Hanse Davion: But not the traitor knights.

Hanse Davion: They are part of the Combine, and self interested liars.

Dawn: What if the templars would go away once Minoc is rebuild?

Irvyn: We are not going to occupy it ... only protect the borders.

Hanse Davion: We will not allow them to shape the destiny of West Vesper

Dawn: they will not , as we will be there too

Irvyn: *nods*

Hanse Davion: Their entire regime is subject to the whims of the Yewish

Dawn: we will not aloow anyone to occupy minoc

Hanse Davion: Who have made it their lifes work lately to subjugate us, and smear us.

Dawn: not vesper , not the combine

Irvyn: Well, you do rather invite that sometimes.

Hanse Davion: Then remove the Traitor Knights of Templewood.

Irvyn: Come, go to your party ... I must get some rest before tomorrow.

Hanse Davion: *Points at Irvyn*

Hanse Davion: Find Gendin, put forward to him the facts.

Hanse Davion: The Republic will not tolerate their presence on our sovereign ground.

Irvyn: I will tell him what you have said ... in rather fewer words.

Hanse Davion: You perhaps, trusted intermediaries.

Irvyn: And less drama.

Hanse Davion: But not they, who actively fought against us.

Hanse Davion: Do that, ensure their removal, and you have the potential for lasting peace.

Hanse Davion: A Minoc that under your hands might learn to stand on its own two feet

Irvyn: I am leaving ... you may continue to halloo your threats to the reverberate walls.

Irvyn: Good night.

Hanse Davion: Promises, Duke.

Hanse Davion: Not threats

Irvyn: Good night to you all. I will see you tomorrow.

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We've always taken a stand - just trying to seek peace, not joined to one side or the other. Our stated remit in this case is specific: we will (try to) maintain Minoc as a free town and prevent the conflict spilling over into it. We're not allying with anyone, only working with KT for this purpose. Our stance remains defensive, not aggressive.

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