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Dear Covians, as you are more then aware, Cove and Vesper has been at war for some time, however untill now citizens have remained unharmed and trade still prospered between the local tavern in Vesper, The Swaggers and our own beloved Goblin. I have however some grave news this day, this special friendship which has seen Covians and Vesperians alike able to drink after battles are at a bitter end. You might have heard of the attack upon our beloved tavern, you might have heard of the bombs being set up around the tavern too, how people who mean no harm are impaled with nails from these complicated and deadly contraptions. You might not have heard that all this is due to the greedy grasping hands of Jierdan, Swaggers new bar manager! How is it that I know? Let us just say a "present" today made all sort of boxes and "coincidences" click together...






Jierdan was behind all these attacks and ill intended plots, he is the one who has decided to involve civilian blood into this war of greed. I urge you, guardsmen, civilians, neighbouring lands, to take the war to Vesper on a whole new level, they have decided to descecrate a civilian establishment, why? For doubloons I tell you, envious of the Goblins huge success the Bar Manager has gone mad with jealousy, seeking to rid the Goblin of it's normal clientelle, but I, once more, urge you, customers and guardsmen alike, to stand up - against such tyranny and to take the fight to them! We will not sit by watching as Jierdan does as he wants with civlians, maiming and frightening them without a moments hesitation on his corrupted concience!








Starting now.


Yours in desperate need.


Kiran, Of the Green Goblin, Cove.

It is time for the Goblin to retaliate.

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*Stories and posters plastered up on the Green Goblin and Barracks in Cove*




The explosion rendered a sudden silence over the quiet town of Cove, the screams of guardsmen and civilians alike ripping through the wind as people went down bleeding, nails covering the bodies of guardsmen and innocents alike..


Morana And Milako Save The Day!






The screams of the injured echoed through the town, town folk and foreigners all sitting huddled up inside as the Guardsmen ran to try and cease the chaos which ran rampantly through Cove. When will the turmoil end? The hospital was filling each hour with new casualties from the streets, the tiles by the end permanently filled with the rustic colour of blood.

What brings such madness that people are willing to maim and attack innocents? The madness of greed my fellow Covians. The responsible parties will be put down, hunted like the rabbid animals they are! Starting with the Swaggers inn...



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I do not think words can describe the horror which occured, this is why I had a sketch artist draw images of what I can only describe as the filthiest cleaning job yet to date..




The animals urinated and once more made our nearly common aroma within the tavern one of horrible measure, the menues chewed on and furniture ruined by sheep, chickens and goodness know what else was brought in.. I have a feeling if it wasn't for Watchman Thomas Aylmers presence we would have been in more trouble, screaming the words "Flowne" he chased the saboteurs out of the tavern. However within the madness of feathers, cows and what else, I clearly saw barmaids wearing the clothing of the Swaggers inn...



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So the Bastards from the Goblin decided to declare war on us! Oh they have nay idea, who they are dealing with!




Now as a payment for the darn skunks, that ruined our rugs and the spare uniforms! I decided to allie with our own Chancellor Esca, Smith, Kelly - Our newest Barmaid!


The plan was simple, find some starved goats, a overfed bull and wind up some chickens! Bring the whole bunch to Cove and into the Goblin!



Now one of the Bastards decided to come in and hurls some eggs after our little attack.

But I believe he now is aware that the worst foe of them all - Is a angry Barmaid!



Now considering that we might have a few eggshells to pick up - It was worth it!! Happy bloodi cleaning, Bastards!


For the Swaggers!! For Vesper!!! For Greenie!!!


- Becca.

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The door clicked open, looking up from his letters and reports Kiran could only stare into the gaze of the unknown stranger as his certain death loomed closer. Licking his lips, the sting of urine on his trouser legs Kiran could only watch as the stranger drew close, dark leather surrounding the lithe body the stranger spoke softly.


"Arms up, face the wall, no one needs to get hurt... Kiran"


She knew his name, Kiran could only obey as he got up, the stitches only recently done by the clumsy Thomas Aylmer breaking apart drenching his clothes in blood.


"I... I'll do anything you ask of me"


Kiran said nervously, the hinge of terror creeping into his voice.


"Thats exactly what you will do, Kiran...Now listen to me."



Shortly after, eye still wide in obvious panic, the guardsmen came back, finally understanding why the panic driven Kiran had ushered them out only earlier...



Once more the Goblin had been set upon, making the tally soon too big to bear, Kiran could only watch as the guardsmen did what they were paid to do as they went to chase the would be killers into the woods.


"Soon I will run out of teeth..."


Was the last thought that entered the old mans mind before he colapsed on the couch in complete exhaustion.

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[OOC: Obviously this is not a public report and is thus not in-character knowledge without good reason.]



Smith afforded himself a thin grin as he slipped through the trees around the clearing, peering into the Covian settlement outside the town walls. A brief glance across to the pond and 'Red' and 'Black' were stood waiting for action. Casually the mistress' retainer wet his lips and glanced at the Goblin - Newboy, Green and Drow tucked into their hiding places had the building surrounded - ready.


It hadn't taken long to gather a force of professionals, each as bloody ruthless as the next - he'd witnessed Drow rip a Covian's eye straight from it's socket with a hardened finger, Red kick a poor man's ribs to bits and rumour had it Black had even killed some Goblin whore's baby the previous week. Sick.


Following Kiran with his eyes he drew his trusty Baba Jaga and slipped behind him into his office, it stunk of piss and flopsweat - the slimey wreak of a man that lives in fear and loathing. Smith leveled his crossbow for the whiley old bastard and offered a ruthless glare as he began to intimidate the bailiff. The plan was simple, he ordered Kiran to close early for cleaning and repairs and offer the guardsmen a round on the house in the barracks for their troubles - after that the boys would move in.




Duly suspicious, it took the Covians a good while to clear off from the tavern steps, arguing amongst themselves and setting about their investigation. It seemed Red and Black had been spotted lingering by the pond, Smith shrugged absently in the shade and grinned to himself. The pair never turned down an opportunity to flaunt their maces and what was a few dead Covians to complete a job? And if they fell themselves? Well Green and Drow were prettier anyway.


Finally the Covians buggered off and the signal was raised, the troupe rallied and moments later the Goblin doors were rend assunder as Black, Red, Green and Newboy burst in through the doors with weapons drawn. If the old man hadn't shite himself it would have been a miracle, Smith smirked to himself as he hid outside with Drow. The noise was hardly subtle and he prayed for their haste as the boys went to work on Kiran.




They gutted the place, drink, food, expensive vintage wine, the day's takings and even Kiran's teeth. The old boy'd have a bloodstain to remove after all. Time to gloat was thin, however, and the alarm was quickly raised as Covian steel was ready. Far to good to be caught the troupe burst from the tavern steps and bolted readily into the night - no doubt they'd sit and lick the bastard's wounds and rue the loss of their stock, truthfully though the gain was theirs. Smith grinned, it was almost merciful leaving them standing alive. Maybe one day he'd be thanked.





Somewhere in the Skara night a transaction was made, goods slipped from hand to hand, from thug to shady dealer, from shady dealer to legitimate tradesman and soon the stock was in new hands.


Leading his pack horse through the quiet Yewish evening, Francis absently touched the ankh about as his neck as his new load trundled slowly towards the Deer.



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*letter arrives by messenger"




I must say that I was rather shocked to see your letter of submission, as that is the only word I can think of to describe it. I find it rather amusing that your conscience is what you claim to be the reason for submitting to my "whims". We both know that you don't, nor will you ever have or grow a conscience. However, I am willing to speak to you, as I am in a good mood this day.


I have been in Jhelom for the most part, not due to cowardice or any such thing on my part, but simple business transactions. I have now returned to Vesper and see that the Goblin has been dealt some stinging blows. What a pity. If you wish to discuss an ending to the hostilities started on your part against the Trading Company, I propose we meet soon and discuss my terms. The meeting shall ofcourse be in a public place, and no arms shall be brought along.


Let me know when and where and I shall be there.





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She sat in the office, staring at Kiran.

"One thousand nine hundred..."


She stared. She had given Penny enough gold from the first months profits to cover taxes. Kiran knew this. Apparently, the gold had not been given to the baron, for the Bailiff was most insistant that his figures showed this large ammount was due. It was more than the figures he had showed her totaled in three weeks time after paying staff. It was in a word, preposterous. The fire at Spud Goodsoups place, and the absence of Penny Freckletip And Maibaum from this weeks repair hour left an unsettled feeling in the pit of her stomach. She had too much at stake to go up against Kiran. It had not gone unnoticed to her that he already had collected a group of goons to do dirty work for him.


"How can I owe so much, when the Goblin is owned by Cove itself, and I have put over half of my entire savings into it...without taking a cent for pay?!?" She had querried. Frustrated she growled " I should just quit." "Then I would take the Goblin over" he had said. "Its what you've wanted all along" she muttered at him as she left the office, slamming the door behind her. Behind her, he smiled.


"Ill nae let tha' bloody murderous bastard make a mockery of Eds' dream for tae Goblin." she muttered to herself stubbornly as she finished stocking, bottles clinking together. No matter what she would find a way to make it work, even if it drained away her life savings. She wondered at the Baron's choice in hiring the devil himself to do his tax collection. Kiran was a remarkable salesman, and had a way with words that could confuse and dazzle even the most educated, if they were not wary. Hidden behind a veil of smoke, mirrors and flattery, Kiran had the talent to get away with damn near anything his deviously treacherous mind thought up for his own profit.


She returned home to find Raiden, asleep on the couch, Ryan asleep in his arms. She smiled, realizing just how much she had grown to love this man, and this town she now called home.

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His eye betrayed the laughter he was trying to convey as a reality, watching the man step through the door Kiran quickly acknowledged this would be the day he died..


Weeks now spend looking for Jierdan had led to nothing after nothing, hidden in some remote distance, perhaps right under my nose... yet nothing had any relevant information, and then he just came into the goblin, un anounced and a lecherous yet knowing smile plastered to his lips.. The headache started once more, the voice of a dead girl once more echoing in the mind of a old crippled man..


"Kill him daddy... kill him... "


My baby girl, I remember when you sat on my lap trying to twirl my beard as you laughed... did it hurt what happened afterwards my darling... do you remember..?

"Kill him daddy...."


The voice was quickly drowned out, it's insane laughter only reminding the man he was about to offer a drink was the one who had brought him low, smashed his already broken body with thugs and threats... has he come to finish me off..?


Hours passed, the assault attempt of a old enemy doing little to distract Kiran as he nodded to Jierdan, moving slowly towards the office..his eye nervously watching every tree for the arrow or bolt which would end him, never quite believing it as he walked finally through the last steps to his office, he was still alive..?




So they got to buisness...

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Railen sat at home, going over the books, running her fingers through her hair. Profits were up a little this week, however so were costs.


She received a message from Suzy Fairweather that once again Cove, and one of her staff had suffered an attack at the hands of mysterious Thugs. This time the Minstrel had been captured and beaten, and Captain Grayner had to pay a handsome randsom to get her back. Captain Grayner and Recruit Bersi had been attacked in the incident. The report said a man came into the Goblin, injured. He had been a decoy in their plot.


This after receiving a visit at the Goblin from Jierdan, whos attention to Ryan, was more than a little unsettling. She had passed Ryan to Anna and asked that she get the babe to safety and tell Hoagie she could use him in the Goblin, as at the time she was alone with him and a Vesparian woman she did not know well. Both were dressed in all black as the earlier reports of the Thugs who attacked had been dressed. Apparently the woman was a Davion according to Jierdan- who was quick to turn her over to the Covian Army, and the Guards asked her to leave. Railen was the least worried about this woman. It was Jierdan she did not trust.


Last eve she had given Kiran notice. It was not pleasent, and he was angry at being ousted from his position at the Goblin. She had tried to be gentle as she could. Everything she told him had been the truth...or at least part of it. He had after all given great contributions to the Goblin and its care, and had given her a job when times were tough. He knew what it took to bring in customers. He was a good bookkeeper, though rumors of him skimming profits from Swaggers had her worried about what he might be pocketing for himself. It was time for her to prove herself, and with Kiran taking over everything all the time, she would never be able to do that.


It was the meetings that took place upstairs she worried about. Rumors still circulated that Kiran was behind the Mill Incident. She remembered overhearing Kiran discussing framing Kas with Becca in the basement as she was retreiving a bottle of wine from the cellar. She remembered too the loose board in the stable...and cursed the day she had found the notes. She had kept her mouth shut about them and many bits and pieces she had over heard. Safer that way for her to continue living, she had thought. What other tricks did the old man have up his sleeve? She wondered...not really wanting to find out first hand.


The day Kiran was hired to help out by Penny, Railen had hired someone to keep watch over him. Reports came to her regularly, in secret, of nefarious goings on involving a group of thugs led by a man named "Smith." She had met a "Smith" at Swaggers. The too tight handshake, and threatening looks he gave her were enough for her to be concerned for the safety of her staff and herself. New reports of Kiran loosing his position of leadership of a secret underground association to Jierdan had her worried as well. Kiran would struggle to hold as much power as he could. Finding that most, if not all of her bouncers worked for Kiran in secret was not something she had wanted to hear. Most of them had not been around in the evenings, and had been oddly absent recently when the attacks had occured.


She was certain he would try to make his move to run the Goblin soon. He warned her that her tax payment would be due soon, as he left his apron on the counter. " What is the ammount due?" she had asked.


"As much as I wish it to be." was his curt reply as he left the building.

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