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After going through my notes i have summarized the Council meeting as followed:


Date: 29th of July 2009

Present councilmembers: Irvyn, Isidore, Van Cocidius, Elvira, Dawn, Reann & Gwen


Trade Proposal for Trinsic


Trade is a massive part of all economic gear that make Towns and Cities work. At the moment all trade with other cities are non-existent. Van Cocidius, the Mayor of Trinsic proposes a two-step trade system. The first step would be the people of Trinsic, small businesses. We will of them a fair deal for their wares and goods and give them a sense of purpose in their area of work and guarantee them a buyer. The second step with that is cross-country trade with what we've purchased from the people. We'll set up trade routes with Vesper, Cove, Britain, Skara and Yew. Trading not for just gold, but other wares, more exotic stuff that is not available to us in Trinsic and therefore giving back to the community in a round-a-bout way. The Mayor will make a list on what the people of Trinsic have to offer us in the form of wares to trade and will request a similar list from the neighbouring cities on what they can offer Trinsic. Trade will focus mainly on raw goods.


The Council agrees with the Mayor's proposal.


The By-Laws of Trinsic


The Mayor of Trinsic proposes to rephrase the laws of Trinsic so that the less educated people and children may understand them as well. The Mayor also proposes to offer other penalties for the people who are unable to pay their fine.


The council decides that these matters shall be discussed during another meeting.


Summerfestival in Trinsic


A summerfestival shall be held in Trinsic soon. All of the duchy are allowed to put forth their ideas for this festival. Once enough ideas are gathered a date or dates and time shall be set.


The Friendship Proposal from Vesper


*proposal text here*


The Council feels positive towards continuing the friendly relationship with Vesper, but is hesitant towards the proposal of the Chancellor of Vesper. The proposal as it is now feels more like an invitation to accept an alliance with Vesper. The council does not wish to get involved with the current war in the North and will write a new proposal for the Chancellor of Vesper that will feel less like an alliance.


The War in the North


After some discussion the Trinsic Council has decided to not pick a side in this war. Trinsic shall offer aid for all those affected by the conflicts in the North. Be it healing, shelter, food or protection. Also attempts will be made to create a buffer zone between Minoc and the fighting Yew and Vesper by sending a peacekeeping force.


The Reorganisation of the Guard force


The Duke of Trinsic proposes to reorganize the Guard Force of Trinsic. While the Guards will be moving to the previously suggested bufferzone as peacekeeping force, a City Watch can take over the defence of the City. Captain Dawn shall be taking charge of organizing and leading the City Watch of Trinsic and Reann and Sakaki shall be taking charge of organizing and leading the peacekeeping force.


The Role of the Paladins of Trinsic


This matter shall be discussed in the next Council meeting.




Dear Councilmembers, please review these records, put forward additions that you think i have missed or should remove.

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Thanks Gwen, great summary :)


Escaflowne's proposal:


Friendship Proposal


From my meeting with the Duke the other night, I felt it necessary to write you this letter containing a few of many benefits that both our nations could receive by taking our friendship to the next level. These are for you to present in your council meeting. By improving our relationship with each other we will benefit from the following points:


- We could greatly increase trade between our nations which will help reinforce and improve both our economies.


- We could attend many more events and affairs together for each nation which will create bigger crowds, more entertainment and a busier atmosphere for our cities. The more the merrier.


- Our military forces can train together to have bigger and better trainings to improve both of our forces skills.


- We can aid each other in times of trouble such as sending supply caravans and the Republic army protecting Trinsic from danger.


- We could work together to relieve tensions between Kaldor and Trinsic seeing as Kaldor are allies of the republic.


- We could share knowledge, information and technology.


These are just a few of many points. I hope they are useful in your meeting.


Signed, Escaflowne

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War in the North, I thought we decided not to get involved with caravans of resources for war ect. as Escaflowne had put it in the proposal. So perhaps rephrase or remove the "Instead Trinsic shall be offering aid in the form of healing for all." bit? Maybe state it like "Trinsic shall offer aid for all those affected by the conflicts in the North. Be it healing, shelter, food or protection.". Therefore instead of us going to them and giving them healing, getting directly involved, they'll be coming to us and we'll just be offering services.

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