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Monday, 27th January


Dear Reader…

...too often of late the words “Dark Times” appear in the speech of those around us. And who could blame them, when day by day the news of invasions and attacks, of mysterious, dark strangers and creatures from the depths of the Abyss reach us? The beautiful city of Magincia lies in ruins, the Council of Nobles has been slain by assassins of unknown allegiance and purpose, a new king has risen, leaving the citizens of Sosaria in doubts and uncertainty about their loyalty to the throne that Lord British himself once erected in the centre of his realm. Dark times indeed, in which we, the reporters, editors and publishers of the Trinsic Beacon will try to provide a guiding light and a sparkle of joy in the gloom of this age. True to the purpose of the lighthouse which appears in our logo we will attempt to guide you through the shallows and depths of politics by providing the latest news from the realm, to cast a ray of light into the dark shadows of mystery and to bring some joy to troubled hearts with amusing snippets and events from all across the realm.


With these words of introduction we now entrust this paper and all its future editions to those that it is dedicated to… to you, our readers.





The King and the Mouse

by Etienne L'Ennuyer


The last week has been filled with numerous events. Most important were the first public appearances of king Casca, who addressed the citizens of the realm in a speech to rally them to his cause. However, during all the occasions, the calls and shouts emitted by the crowd ranged from suspicious to openly hostile, showing clearly that the newly proclaimed king still has a long road to travel on the road towards gaining the trust of the people. First and foremost amongst the critics are the soldiers of the Yewish Militia, who, maybe unsurprisingly, oppose the king not only for the disturbing events leading to his enthronement but for his elven heritage as well. Maybe more surprising might be the fact that even elves themselves do not easily agree with the idea of one of their race on the throne. Despite this massive opposition the king began to try and reveal the mysteries behind the current attacks, leading the guardians of the realm to places where the daemons and balrons of the enemy had tainted the land.


Sherry the Mouse, friend of Lord British himself, hero of many tales and especially beloved by the children of the realm has travelled the lands to speak to the people in Trinsic, Cove and finally Britain. “Who watches the watcher?” being the question that she asked of the people in each of the towns, finally leading to her tasking the (this time cheering) audience to dig deeply into the mysteries of this day and to find out whether Casca’s claims are righteous and lawful.


It remains to be seen who will prevail and who will be able to pull the citizens of Britannia on their side.





The Virtues must be upheld…

by Pierre Le Canard


… is the gist of the interview that His Grace, Duke Irvyn Middlethorn of Trinsic graciously granted the Beacon for its first edition. Especially in such troubled and confusing times, so he emphasized, is it necessary to follow the principles and teachings of Lord British. Questioned about the appearance and proclamation of the new king, the Duke explained that honour demanded that the kingdom and the succession of kings be upheld; provided that the claims of king Casca have been made in accordance to the law. The whereabouts of former guard captain Avery (accused of the slaughter of the former council) and Lady Aileen should be discovered and a fair trial needs to be conducted in order to shed some light upon the proceedings that led to the proclamation of king Casca.


When questioned about the ongoing invasions and attacks on Trinsic, the Duke offered his condolences to the families and friends of those that fell victim to the assaulting forces. At this time, nearly one hundred lives have been lost either to the foes or the strange magic that affects all of the citizenry, causing it to turn on each other. However, His Grace pointed out that both the guardforce as well as all allies and friends of Trinsic have fought valiantly to protect the citizenry and to throw back all of the invasions to this day.


On a more personal note, the Duke assured us that he is fully recovered now after his prolonged absence and illness. Furthermore, his son, Lord Isidore, has continued his studies and is growing quickly into the role of a heir to Trinsic. The Beacon hopes to be able to supply an interview with Lord Isidore for one of the future editions, to hear more about the thoughts and plans of the future Duke and maybe to inquire about the rumours of his relationship with a Miss Yates.





Yew remains watchful…

by Pierre Le Canard


…is the statement that Besieger Corporal Sineal Walker made when asked about the newly enthroned king. As long as the people’s trust in the new monarch is slim and Casca’s rule not firmly established it would be unlikely that Yew will take up arms and rise against the king and his followers. However, this might change when the new king begins to rule in earnest. Corporal Walker claimed that Yew would be ready to protect the citizens of Britannia from a “racial cleansing”.


It would seem that Yew has fully retreated from the idea of a unified kingdom. In the current period of peace and prosperity, so the corporal, Yew would be content to look after itself. A warning was given to the people of Trinsic who tread a more cautious path and do not instantly condemn the new king without proof.





When Rebels Rebel

by Pierre Le Canard


In an interview with Van Cocidius, the Chancellor of Vesper the Beacon tried to shed some light onto the rather confusing civil war that is currently raging in Vesper. According to the Chancellor, the rebellion against the rebels is nothing more than a personal attack by Militia Captain Escaflowne on the government, potentially with the aim to overthrow it and become the ruler himself. Supported by the militia, Escaflowne faces the trade union of Vesper along with the soldiers of Cove. According to the Chancellor, a week-long ceasefire has been arranged but battles are expected after the end of said time.


One can only hope that the civil war can be ended soon, for Vesper seems to be in a pitiful state at the moment, with union and militia not working together. During the interview, the Swagger’s Inn was nearly burned down by a single orc that had been denied tax for his orc king. Inlookers to the scene claimed that orcs were a frequent occurrence of late.




Freshly from the Pen


Mere minutes before the press would start to create our first edition we recieved news that Lady Flame and Lord Mhor of the famous Bloodguard encountered Nathan Hawke, friend of the now-gone Commander Jordan Jurrel. After a visit to Jurrel's prison in the crystaline caverns and his office Hawke claimed that he would try to fill the position of Commander of the Guards in the absence of his friend. The Beacon will try to secure more information or an interview for the next edition.






The Beauty of the Sword


On Sunday, the elections to the beauty queen of the Order of the Silver Serpent in Serpent’s Hold have led to the selection of Kareen Grawn, captain of the first royal archers regiment. We are being told that the good captain can string a bow faster than any man, gut a boar with a heavy spear on 20 feet distance and kill an orc with bare hands. Strangely enough we were not given a picture of the new beauty queen…





The Horoscope for February

by Cassandre d'Troi


Frosty (the Snow Elemental)

Remember the girl next door that you moved all the way to Trinsic to get away from? She’s found you. We suggest a long holiday is in order, somewhere safer and quieter, like Magincia. The stars come together in an altogether more harmonious combination later on, however, but not for you.


Shrek (the Ogre)

Try to reign in your impulsive nature this month, as it may lead you into more trouble than you want. However, calmer stars at the end of the month will bring you into less troubled waters, that is, as long as the kraken doesn’t wake up.


Ming (the Mongbat)

Have you heard the expression "He who hesitates is lost"? You will be doing a lot of hesitating this month when you go shopping in the new hypermarket that just opened up outside Britain, and fail to locate the exit for three days. Otherwise you can expect a quite spectacularly tedious month, really.


Leon (the Sphynx)

This month nothing will go wrong. In fact everything will happen absolutely perfectly and precisely as you want it. Make the most of it, however, as on the first day of the next month it is quite possible that you will die a particularly horrible and painful death.


Fead (the Troll)

A horde of mongbats will take up temporary residence in your garden this month. No harm will come to you as a result, but I'm afraid I can't say the same for your pet rabbit. Towards the middle of the month you may find a new romance entering your life, but sadly the stars are not auspicious and it will be gone again very soon.


Deck (the Ant Lion)

This month will see you going on a long interesting sea voyage to a pleasant island in the sun, when you are kidnapped by slavers and sold to the Sultan of Nujel'm. Never mind, your luck will change at the end of the month, although not necessarily for the better.


Mat (the Daemon)

Love is in the air this month, but sadly the wind is not blowing in your direction. My advice is to get used to disappointment, but this should be easy given the amount of practice you'll be having. Expect a sudden death towards the end of the month, hopefully not yours but I can’t promise anything.


Whisky (the Rat)

This is going to be an interesting month for you. Now would be a good time to start planning your funeral. If you booked the undertaker for 3pm on the third Friday that would be about right. I suggest you don’t start any lengthy legal cases, whatever the provocation. He almost certainly wasn’t worth it.


Puff (the Magic Dragon)

That tomatoes you left at the back of the cupboard until they went green and furry will evolve into a new life form this month. Do not worry, unless they also manage to develop language skills, in which case they will start a revolution amongst your foodstuffs who will then take the obvious revenge.


Theseus (the Minotaur)

You could have a hard time because you take things very seriously this month. This is probably a good thing, given the circumstances. I don’t recommend starting to read War and Peace in the near future. Of course, you probably wouldn’t finish it anyway, but your sudden and horrible end will definitely put a stop to it.


Dontfear (the Reaper)

Emotions and emotional situations may get the better of you this month. There appear to be several events heading your way, such as a plague of giant snakes, and a stampede of sheep. You are unlikely to have to worry about the lady suing you for breach of contract, however, as she was born under the sign of Whisky.


Vlad (the Vampire Bat)

The demands you receive this month may cause some resentment. Try to stay calm. Your mother will pay a surprise visit in the next few weeks. This will just about give you enough time to evict the troll that is due to move in tomorrow, but unfortunately not enough to clean the carpet or do the 3 month accumulation of washing you were ignoring.






The Trinsic Beacon is looking for artists to supply images for the articles. If interested please send examples of your work to our office.Wage negotiable.


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Tuesday, 3rd February



A Call to Arms and Wits



King Casca is planning a major strike against the enemies of the realm, the Followers of Armageddon. Facing a gathering of citizens at the Court of Truth in Yew, he explained that preparations and the gathering of intelligence has been nearly completed. The king announced that a meeting is to take place on Thursday, the 5th day of February at the 8th hour of the day in Britain. During this meeting, plans shall be made and discussed for the attack that is to be launched on Friday. Up to this point, the newly appointed ruler of the kingdom did not yet reveal any details as to where this attack shall be launched or what opposition has to be expected.


At the gathering it was also announced that on Thursday, a new Commander of the Royal guard will be appointed by the king. Despite several attempts to learn more, the king was not yet willing to reveal any more information on the matter, other than that the new Commander will be put to the test immediately. Their first task, so king Casca, will be to lead the army into battle on the day to follow.




The Mouse fears a Trap



Also present at the Court of Truth and listening to the king’s words with equal interest was Sherry the Mouse; popular legend and friend of Lord British. Her brief conversation with the king himself however did not lead to the confrontation that many of the onlookers had expected or even hoped for. Seemingly unaware of the existence of such a magical creature the king was visibly taken by surprise at their first encounter. It must be noted that the newly instated government seems to lack reliable sources of information, for they appear to be unaware of the gatherings of people that frequently listen to Sherry and her thoughts about the current situation of the realm (and to feed her).


In the light of the invitation to the war meeting extended by king Casca the mouse preached caution. Especially the additional comment that “all leaders” should be present at the meeting seemed to have triggered some alarms. Sherry proposed that the people should gather a while before the meeting itself in order to search the castle properly and thus lessen the danger of any hidden assassins trying to make their move during the discussions. The scene displayed once more that the trust of the people has yet to be earned after recent events.




Warmongering and Diplomacy



It would seem like the enemies of the realm have taken to rather blunt and obvious attempts at warmongering. Lord Irvyn Middlethorn, Duke of Trinsic, suddenly found himself confronted with a letter that, according to his own explanations, appeared to have been written by the leaders of the Yewish Militia. The note threatened Trinsic with war, should they not renounce king Casca immediately.


However, during a meeting at the Councillor’s Hall in Britain, personal diplomatic talks could shed some light onto the situation. Taken slightly aback by the apparently rather direct reply sent by Duke Irvyn the Yewish diplomat and wife of Captain Dart addressed the issues and achieved a mutual understanding between the cities. In the future it would seem prudent to limit diplomacy to direct conversations or, at least, letters delivered personally to the recipient. In addition, the appointment of diplomats and regular meetings amongst them might help to keep an overview in these times of turmoil.



Picture of the meeting in the Councillor's Hall of Britain.




Each Man is his own Kingdom



Mere hours before the publishing we were delighted to meet Nathan Hawke and to be able to talk him into a short interview. I found him to be a man much like the former Captain of the Guard, the now entombed Jordan Jurrel. Thoughtful and quiet, a dutiful servant to the people rather than one to seek power for power’s sake or for the glory of the title. After having spent many years in the Lost Lands, Nathan Hawke is yet unknown to many people, yet he already inspired trust and loyalty in the majority of those that met him yet.


In the light of the announced appointment of a new Commander of the Royal Guard Nathan Hawke stated that he would: “serve the people if they desire it”. In addition, he claimed that his name would be known to king Casca and that he thus might be on the list of potential candidates. From what we gathered throughout the realm it appears likely that many people would favour his appointment.



To keep the memory of Jordan Jurrel alive, many people seek out the crystal caves.




This week, 10 top beauty tips for all our readers.

Jolie Richesse


1. For the shiniest curls, wash your hair in best Trinsic ale. For extra softness, add a beaten egg too. Remember to rinse the beer and egg out afterwards, otherwise you may attract a lot of attention but for all the wrong reasons.


2. If you suffer from reddening of the cheeks, make a lotion from ewes’ milk and orfluer flowers to cool your skin. Remember to use fresh orfluers, the dried ones have a rather different effect which you don’t want to know about.


3. To get rid of spots quickly, smear them with a mixture of onion and lemon juice for the astringent effect, and garlic for the curative properties, leaving this on for at least an hour. You won’t look or smell very nice, but then you probably wouldn’t be going out anyway, if you have spots.


4. You can keep skin young and fresh-looking by bathing it in the early morning dew, gathered before dawn, preferably by moonlight. Just remember to go to bed early the night before, as otherwise you’ll develop nasty dark circles under your eyes.


5. If you didn’t remember to go to bed early, dark circles can be reduced by a paste of blood moss, ginseng, and sulphurous ash. Leave it on for about 10 minutes, then rinse with cold green tea. Don’t eat any of the paste, but it’s safe to drink any spare tea.


6. Shaving rashes can be relieved by a face mask of milk, honey, banana and finely ground wheat flour. Smear it generously over the affected area after shaving, leave it for 5 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water. Any spare makes quite a nice addition to your breakfast cereal.


7. For the more mature among you, facial wrinkles can be reduced by tying your hair back very tightly to stretch the skin. Unfortunately this won’t work for wrinkles elsewhere. Bathing in milk is said to help, but the dairyman’s bills were too big for us to test this very far.


8. To add extra sparkle to your skin for that very special night out, try a light powdering with gold dust over your cheekbones and anything else you want to emphasise. It may not make you much more attractive to look at, but anyone who can afford that much gold is going to be considered very desirable.


9. Make your eyes dark and lustrous with a few drops of a strong nightshade infusion in each one, which will last for several hours. Remember to dispose of the rest of the infusion very carefully, as you don’t want to poison anyone inadvertently.


10. For those men among you going bald, it is always best not to attempt disguising the fact by trying to comb longer locks over the top. Believe me, it’s far more noticeable that way, and really not attractive, especially in a high wind. Cut it short and make a virtue of it.




Spot Sherry the Mouse!!


Hello children! Sherry the Mouse is travelling all through Britannia to look at each and everything there is and to find a LOT of cheese. Maybe she is comming to your homes too? You better keep an eye out or you might miss her!


This week though, Sherry is in Tokuno. We sent someone there to make a painting of her looking at all the exciting things that you can see there. But Tokuno is a very big place and Sherry is a very small mouse, so we are not really sure on whether we managed to get her onto the picture properly! Can you help us and spot Sherry on the picture?






Letters and Advertisements

Dearest people of Trinsic,


it is my honor to announce, that Tabbitha, my new apprentice, and myself wilt build a library. Thou wilt find a hort of knowledge there, on any related subjects.


Nonetheless, it is, that this undertake costs us some gold, and for all the pity, my saved money, nor the one of my young apprentice, would be sufficing.


So I asketh thee, honorable people, to donate. I am aware that this might be a valuable question, but thou wilt be pleased about this collection.


Yours sincerely,




(a blue sigil with a palm hand is under the paper)

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Thursday, 12th February


Royal Ball



Citizens of Britannia,


Last Friday we have stuck the first blow. The evil forces at Yew, Britain and Magincia were repelled by the Royal Guard!


To celebrate this momentous event I invite all Citizens of Britannia to a Royal Ball! The ball is to be held next Sunday, the 15th, at 8 o’clock, at Castle British.


Come in all your finery and the highest spirits!


Lord Casca,

King Pro-Tempore





Here be Dragons!!



Last Friday, the new Commander of the Royal guard, Nathan Hawke, led the troops of Sosaria into their first battle against the common enemy. Three of the fear-inspiring crimson dragons had been spotted: one in Britain, one in Yew and one in Magincia. Warriors, mages and supporters from all corners of the realm took to the field and managed to wrestle them down one by one.


Commander Hawke stated afterwards that the victory in itself might not have been a great breakthrough in the current war efforts. It would seem like the invasions continue with unbroken strength. However, Hawke emphasized that the achievement might serve as a symbol for the citizens of Sosaria. Once more did they strike together against the common enemy, setting their own personal differences aside to protect the realm and their homelands from danger. Both the commander as well as Lord Casca believe this to be an important first step on the road to a unified front against the dark forces invading Sosaria.




Who leads the Leaders?



On Wednesday the leaders of the cities and groups of Sosaria were invited to a meeting at the counsellor’s hall in Britain. Under the guidance and patience of Lady Flame of the Bloodguard various ideas were discussed on how to gather information and how to stage battles.


During the meeting, which can only be described as bizarre, the differences between the leaders and their followers surfaced in nearly shocking ways. Our attending reporter returned with a hammering headache and the conviction that the wearing of jester hats should be mandatory for some of the attending parties. However, despite the obvious inabilities of some participants to concentrate and the obvious lack of interest for the problems of the realm a few basic measures were decided.


In future battles, healers are asked to wear brown robes to be easily noticeable on the battlefield. Essential supplies, such as bandages and potions will be dispensed in order to help the wounded recover their belongings even amidst the raging fires of the crimson dragons.


Furthermore it was agreed that each town should scout its own territory. Runners should distribute news amongst the towns while all information is to be collected at the counsellor’s hall in Britain, which is to serve as the headquarter for now.


After this meeting the following attack of a crimson dragon came almost as a relief and managed to do what common sense and good manners had not: to shut some of the worst people up.




News from (the other) Front



Seeing how the fate of Trammel towns is closely tied to the tides of war in Felucca the reporters of the Trinsic Beacon ventured into the devastated realm to gather news and information first hand. In talking to the local citizens we were surprised to learn that the battle over the towns and their sigils is only a small and, to most of the contestants, unimportant aspect of the war. None of them seems to care much about the massive invasions that are launched by the actions of some of the factions on their facet.


During my visit I spoke to IceCast, a notorious murderer and fighter for the Council of Mages faction as well as some of his friends. Garbed in strange tribal garments of glowing colours and hideous masks they paused their struggle to answer some questions.


It would seem as if the battle is mostly balanced, with the power readily tipping into either direction daily. While most of the factions are considered to be of roughly equal size it is assumed that the Shadowlords have recruited the greatest number of followers. Despite this dreadful success it would seem like the Council of Mages has the upper hand, having established a reputation during the battles that are mostly fought at the moongate in Yew and the bridge of Despise.


In conclusion we found Felucca to be a curious land of strange manners and rituals, but for the sake of our readers we shall venture there again in times to come to report about those aspects of the war as well.




Feuilleton – Royal Ball Special


The latest Fashion


For all those of you going to strut your stuff at the Royal Ball on Sunday, here is a little advice from our resident fashion editor, Jolie Richesse.


Hello readers! I hope you will all have taken note of my beauty tips last week. If you have, you will be in perfect shape to wear the most beautiful clothes for the Royal Ball.


Bear in mind, however, that it is probably best not to try and outshine the King. This is not diplomatic, and in the past has been known to lead to peevishness and even executions. Besides, remember the dictum “less is more”. Aim for a restrained elegance, though there’s no need to be too subtle.


So, what to wear? First, let’s consider colours.


Black of course is always in fashion, and every women should have that little black dress in her wardrobe. But usually it’s been there for many years, getting a little bit sadder and a little bit tireder every season. So this time, forget black. Buy something new to welcome the start of the spring!


Pink, particularly a really stunning candyfloss pink, will really make you stand out from the crowd. Acid greens, turquoise, sky blues and sunshine yellows are also going to be very big this season.


Browns are not to be recommended, far too dull for such a fashion parade as this will be. You don’t want to look like a wandering healer who’s wandered the wrong way.


Snowy white is so last season, but is still remarkably popular amongst the less fashion-aware. Let’s face it, it’s really not a practical colour, as the moment you spill even one drop of wine on it you’ll have to go home and change. Or you could just brazen it out.


Blaze and the various neon colours have also had their day, fortunately, although a few brave souls still seem to want to expose themselves to ridicule.




Dancing for Beginners


For the Royal Ball we present you the newest dance from some faraway land the Jester Rah’njar showed to us. A few delinquents were selected and had to step on each others toes until we had most of the dance reconstructed and painted for you to enjoy.


1) Opponents take positions opposite each other, about two paces apart.


2) The dancers courtesy or respectively bow to their partners before they take one step forward taking the hands of their partner.


3) Release the hands of your partner, turn to the pair besides you and salute them.


4) The pairs move clockwise around exchanging positions and bow/courtsey to each other.


5+6) The pairs face each other again and take their hands spinning around to exchange their positions and afterwards take a slow step back standing apart again.







Shine alongside the Beacon…


Do you have an event that you want others to know about?


Do you have something to sell that others should know about?


Do you want to tell others about your experiences and stories?


Do you have an opinion that others should hear?


Let the Beacon cast its guiding light upon your news, reports and advertisements!


Send in all that you would like us to publish on your behalf. Help us out with your images, work as a freelancing reporter or just tell us about interesting things that you would like to see covered in one of the Beacon’s editions.


Just leave a note in any of the places where the Beacon is sold and claim your part of the Beacon.

Letters and Advertisements

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Thursday, 12th February





Royal Carnage



Last Sunday his grace, the king pro-tempore Lord Casca called for a royal entertainment and the realm gathered for what would prove to be one of the most shocking experiences that the Beacon reporters had to cover until now. Following a short speech and a notable but fruitless attempt to initiate a dance like the one we published in our last edition, the king called for the festivities to begin, supposedly not knowing that he had unleashed a carefully contained version of the Armageddon spell.


In short order fields of fire and poison filled the grounds of the great ballroom, followed by an abundance of magical creatures of more or less violent natures. After fleeing onto the balconies I felt like staring down into the mouth of the Abyss itself, spotting the first casualties amongst the waves of fire and noxious fumes. And as if that were not enough, the castle staff became enraged and attacked the guests, completing the slaughter that was meant to be a harmless amusement. Needless to say that we did not manage to find the buffet, nor any juicy rumours about the social life of Sosaria’s upper crust.






Papa, can I go to the Ball?



Just what is it with worried parents and their tendency to keep their beloved children safely away from anything that might even be remotely fun? Yet in the wake of the royal devastation of Castle British one of said parents crossed some lines, going as far as to chain his daughter to a chair in an undead-infested keep, guarded by no less than five horrible daemons.


Bone masks and flowing black robes are rarely a sign of sanity, yet some of the statements made by the girl after her rescue suggest a deeper and more sinister background than mere family troubles. It would seem that papa is plotting to either destroy the world or to achieve eternal life… if not both. Adventurers suggested furthermore that the daemons holding the keys were the same kind that assaulted the citizens of Sosaria at the king’s first memorable “entertainment”, the royal hunt. Is the necromancer truly one of the hidden enemies of the realm? Maybe even one of the Followers of Armageddon?


These question will need further investigation and a questioning of the girl, but for now our praise goes to Goose, Rott, Manticore, Myph’zar and Miss Polly who found the five keys to the girl’s chains and to the necromancer for relieving us all from the royal “ball”.






News from Vesper



Sometimes the world is just too strange and this story goes right into the “you couldn’t have made it up” category. It starts innocently enough with the good news that the civil war in Vesper is finally over. But instead of restoring the order and repairing the damages both in the minds and property of the people the chancellor announced that he would step down now which, if the reader remembers, was exactly the reason for the civil war to begin. But instead of stepping down beforehand on the chance that the war can be avoided with new elections the slaughter is conducted to its bloody end and THEN call out for new elections.


To top it all off though, the former rebel leader that started, led and eventually lost the civil war is now running for the position as chancellor of the republic of Vesper. With the only other candidate so far being the former captain of a royal archer regiment and now traitor to the crown Devante.


In such a ridiculous situation nothing remains but to pity the poor citizens of Vesper who are subjected to such a clownery in their leadership. Should any of them wish to move to more stable and less corrupt towns then we would recommend Buccaneer’s Den. Pirates at least have –some- honour. Just remember: parlay.






Jolie's fashion tips continued…


Hello again readers! Sadly, due to space constraints, not all my fashion tips made it into the Beacon last week – rest assured, I have had words about this! But never mind, as the Royal Ball was diverted, you can use my advice for the next ball (which a little bird tells me will be in Trinsic itself).


Continuing with the colours:


Reds are generally out, except for our magnificent Bloodguard, of course. Particularly avoid crimson, something just not quite right about it. However, a very dark red twinned with a bright colour could look quite good, but be careful as it might remind someone of dried blood – not tactful given what happened in the castle recently!


Vibrant oranges and purples could be considered, but orange is very difficult to wear and can do dreadful things to the complexion. Purples tend to be on the sombre side, though moving to the magenta end of the spectrum will certainly make people take notice.


(On the subject of colour, perhaps I was a little too hasty in condemning blaze along with other neons. After seeing Lady Flame’s absolutely ravishing dress on Sunday, there are clearly a few people who really can carry it off. But not many.)


Once you’ve picked your colour, wear whatever you like! As long as it’s something. Less may be more, and nakedness is indeed beautiful in some circumstances, but too much less is more than enough, and not suitable for a Royal Ball.


It goes without saying that grunge is most definitely out. That’s so last season, well, several last seasons, really. No ripped pants or tatty doublets with wine stains. Only the finest materials: clean, new, and excellently cut.


Wear something that will display and flatter your assets, rather than the shapeless robes that seem so beloved of the general populace (to my eternal puzzlement). Armour is certainly not to be recommended at a ball, rather hard to dance in.


And I understand the Duke has repeated the wish of his Royal Highness that no weapons be displayed. Something of a pity, in a way; I always think a dashing young man, pectoral muscles rippling beneath the finest silk shirt, jewelled hilt of a rapier peeping coyly through the folds of a velvet cloak as it does that wonderful heavy swirl about his masculine hips (That’s far enough – Ed.)




Britain Badgers beat Minoc Mountaingoats 2:1

(Samuel Baker of Sosarian sports)


Dear readers this time your brave reporter dared to travel to the wild lands of Minoc to witness the game of brains versus brawn. The fourth in the league and clever playing Goats welcomed the second placed brawling Badgers in the Minoc fields.


Standing knee-deep in what appeared to be an abandoned turnip field the badgers won the toss and started the game with a furious charge before the goats managed to halt and check them with only few casualties. For two minutes both teams struggled around a stand-still until one of the Goats elbowed a badger behind the back of the oblivious referee. With their best defense player being removed into his own universe of male pain the lines broke, allowing the badgers to score!


A slightly cross-eyed but even more determined Mitch led the kick off and this time the badgers managed to literally overrun the defending goats equalling the score. Two players of the Goats had to be dug out of the field and replaced with players who could still stand.


Thus ended the first half and enjoying a good Minocian Stout I watched the Goats male mining cheerleaders in their kilts performing a daring show and I have to say, if for their beards the experience would not have been that unsettling.


The kick off led by Mack stomped the goats into the turnips, leaving the goalkeeper alone to stop the enemy. Being brighter than his looks suggest however he was not stupid enough to stay and be crushed. He was not seen again during the game and so Britain scored again.


As too many Minoc players were wounded and could not continue, the referee declared the Britain Badgers as the victors, secure their second place on the tables for now.



Looking for chocolate!


I´m willing to pay anyone handsomely who can deliver sugar, vanilla, cocoa liquor or cocoa butter which grow in the lands of Ilshenar.


- price to be agreed upon at delivery -


Stewan Seagull, Baked Delights, Trinsic

(ICQ: 53403360)


OOC: Chocolate ingredients drop of ANY paragon creature in Ilshenar.

I suggest the shadow wisps at Spirituality shrine for ease and numbers.

I wont pay outrageous prices, maybe 100gp for liquor and butter, 200 for vanilla and 300 for sugar.


Shine alongside the Beacon…


Do you have an event that you want others to know about?


Do you have something to sell that others should know about?


Do you want to tell others about your experiences and stories?


Do you have an opinion that others should hear?


Let the Beacon cast its guiding light upon your news, reports and advertisements!


Send in all that you would like us to publish on your behalf. Help us out with your images, work as a freelancing reporter or just tell us about interesting things that you would like to see covered in one of the Beacon’s editions.


Just leave a note in any of the places where the Beacon is sold and claim your part of the Beacon.

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Wednesday, 26th February




Peaceful Splendour



After the rather disastrous ball hosted by his grace, the king pro-tempore Lord Casca, many calls could be heard from disappointed citizens who had hoped for a “proper” ball. And where else could such an occasion be hosted better than in the beautiful parks and the town hall of the golden city?


Thus, Duke Irvyn Middlethorn invited the citizens of the realm to Trinsic and to the wonderful Snowflake Ball, initiated and set up by T’lara and Stewan Seagul. All through the night the guests from all parts of Sosaria celebrated, enjoyed the wealth of food and drink and shared the latest news and gossip.


Amongst the guests were Nathan Hawke, Commander of the Royal Guard together with Lady Flame of the Bloodguard, the Comte of Skara Brae Emile Lampet, Captain Bladius Dart of the Yewish Militia, all current candidates for the Vesper elections (including Momo) as well as many other guests of various origins, importance and cities. Considering this it is almost a miracle that the ball ended with just one minor incident, apparently caused by an angry dwarf.


Near the end of the ball, Lyonya Davion from Vesper and Spud Goodsoup from Cove won the prices for the queen and king of the ball.






Vesper Elections



Monday evening saw the beginning of the Vesper elections. Candidates for the office of the Chancellor of the Republic of Vesper are the militia captain Escaflowne, Devante Stirling and, surprisingly, Leo Madsen from Yew.


During the initial speeches, Devante Stirling, former commander of a royal archer company, now traitor to the crown and dubious tradesman, declared the rekindling of the Minoc war to be his top priorities. In a quite ironic but maybe not surprising reply to this the assembled Vesperian militia members received a thorough beating by the visitors from Yew later on, after a disagreement about an attending drow led to a smaller skirmish. One can only recommend that the starting of a war be put on hold when not even the own townhall can be considered safe from the “enemy”. On the economic side Stirling declared that silver would be introduced as new currency (most likely due to the fact that there is no gold left) and that trades and industry will be strengthened.


Militia captain Escaflowne on the other hand declared that his first priority would be to bring peace to Vesper. Coming from the man that started the recent civil war this must be considered as a slap into the faces of all that suffered during these hard times of unrest and rebellion. Despite several questions the captain did not extend the planned peace to other towns such as Minoc or Yew, so it has to be assumed that the warmongering will continue with this candidate. On the economical side Escaflowne promised the complete rebuilding and cleaning of Vesper and its channels, improved availability of goods and new wealth and fortune for the citizens. However, it remained quite unclear on where the funds for such an endeavour should be acquired.


Speaking last, surprise candidate Leo Madsen from Yew seemed just as surprised about his stepping up as the assembles listeners. His seemingly improvised and badly thought out speech consisted of nothing but promises of riches and comforts, with no mentioning on how these should be acquired. Considering his hometown it might be safe to assume however, that his rising to power in Vesper might at least end the wars between Yew, Vesper and Minoc, possibly bring peace to the region.


All candidates considered, the fourth one, a gorilla called Momo, must be considered a serious alternative.




East or west, Slugmaster is best!



Our congratulations must go to the noble architect Slugmaster, who has won a nationwide contest to improve the area of West Britain Bank. Mr Slugmaster’s design has been greeted with universal acclaim, and an artist’s impression is shown below. We understand that the works will begin quite soon, and we look forward very much to enjoying the amenities provided.








Jolie's interview with the Duke…


Dear readers, today I have for you a most interesting achievement, something no other fashion reporter has ever managed – an exclusive interview with Duke Irvyn himself! I report below our conversation.


Jolie Richesse: *Overpoweringly charming smile* Your wardrobe is legendary - I remember it was speculated once by the Sosarian Morning Poste that you had become lost in it!

Irvyn: *slightly uncomfortable expression* The speculation was entirely baseless. It is true that I have a large number of clothes, but my valet takes care of the wardrobe.

Jolie Richesse: *Pats her hair coquettishly* Ah of course, your valet. He always seems to have you looking very well. You never seem to be in the same suit two days in a row.

Irvyn: He takes very good care of me, yes. *nods*

Jolie Richesse: Is it true that you have one suit for every day of the month?

Irvyn: *shifts slightly in seat* That may be so. I have not counted them.

Jolie Richesse: *Gamine grin* But you are always seen buying new clothes at the city markets.

Irvyn: *rubs chin* That is true. I see it as important to uphold trade, especially when people have made the effort to travel to Trinsic and set up a stall.

Jolie Richesse: But of course, these suits are just your everyday wear – and so smart you always look – what do you wear when you, ah, relax on the beach, perhaps?

Irvyn: *rubs chin* I do not ... that is to say, I rarely go to the beach.

Jolie Richesse: *Opens eyes wide* But surely you must relax and take an holiday sometimes?

Irvyn: *bland expression* Yes.

Jolie Richesse: *Pouts* But you’re not going to tell my fans, ah, readers what you do?

Irvyn: *half smile* Even a Duke is entitled to some privacy.

Jolie Richesse: *Pouts again, looking a tiny bit disappointed* Ah well, a girl has to ask, no? *Saucy wink*

Irvyn: *raises eyebrow slightly*

Jolie Richesse: *Coughs and pats hair again* So you have all these fine suits, but, if I may be the tiniest bit bold, they are all rather boring, aren’t they? Only ever one style, and so few bright colours? Although your ice-green at the ball last night was most outstanding and unusual!

Irvyn: *considers briefly and shakes head* I have not really thought about it. A few of my waistcoats are in bright colours but I believe I prefer to be boringly sober. *small smile*

Jolie Richesse: *Best persuasive smile with hint of fluttered eyelashes* Perhaps you might allow me to suggest some ideas for a makeover? Move with the times, adopt some new ideas, yes? Your hair too, only ever one style .... *Waves hand to suggest many possibilities*

Irvyn: I am afraid I have many demands on my time, Miss Richesse. *gestures at litter of papers on desk*


And with that my too-short time with the ever-charming Duke was at an end. A bientôt mes amis!




A View on the ‘Trinsic Snowflake Ball

(By Caitlyn, Age 6)


(Note from the editor: We took the liberty to transcribe the girl’s letter into a vaguely readable form. Compliments to her teachers.)


I didn’t get to stay long at the ball as it went past my bedtime, but it was a hundred times better than the scary, dangerous one in Britain! I got to decorate cakes, listen to nice music and dress up pretty and eat lots of food, and best of all I got to dance at last! Everyone looked like they were having fun if you ignored the bad words and fighting from some, but I think that’s normal where they come from… Lots of important grownups came, they didn’t seem to want to dance but they did lots and lots and lots of talking and fake smiling to each other which must have hurt their faces.


There were even animals! Two scary but beautiful big red cats, some horses, an orange squirrel and some llamas. Much better than demons! Duke Irvyn’s squirrel, Bianca couldn’t go because she’s small and might get trod on, which was sad because I wanted to look after her, but I drew her to show what she would have looked like if she was allowed to go! Very pretty! I hope there is another nice ball soon, everyone was so beautiful and dancing with Stewan was fun!





Letters and Advertisements



The following messages are part of the Vesper elections and do not, in any way, represent the opinions of the Trinsic Beacon.



My fellow Vesperians

I am Governor-General Devante Stirling, of Stirling and Kendall Trading Company

and former General of the victorious Union of Vesper.

and i want to be your next Chancellor.


Vesper is in a dire state,

The wars with the Yewish and failure to defend our borders...

have shattered the confidence of our warriors.

The recent, bloody and somewhat pointless Civil war has shattered the Vesperian economy

our failures have shattered the pride of the Vesperian people.


But pride will be restored

a new, Stronger Vesper will rise from the ashes of the Civil war


If you choose to elect me as your Chancellor i have great plans for Vesper.


A new system of currency will be brought into the Republic...

replacing the now worthless and ever declining Britannian gold coin.

Our economy will be restored and our Industries rebuilt.


Our scattered army will be reorganised and retrained,

Our warriors will be rewarded for their valiant service to the Republic

they will fight to defend our great republic with renewed confidence, both on land and at sea.


Lost territory will be regained, our allies defended and liberated from Yewish oppression and fear.

We will not surrender and become servants of Britannia, we will not serve a king, Human or Elven.

Vesper will rise as a dominant power in Sosaria once more, and the pride of it's people restored.


But these things i can not do alone...

any man who claims he can would be a liar

The road to recovery will be tough, you will all have to do your part...

nothing is free,you will only get out what you are willing to put in.

Britannia thinks of us as a nation of playboys and wenches, together we will prove the world wrong.

Vesper is united once again, and we will go forward as one.


Vote for me so that we can rebuild Vesper.



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Wednesday, 4th March




What lies beyond?



Mericles, necromancer, thread to the realm and worried father, appears to have more on the agenda than protecting his daughter from the woes of Sosarian Society. Apparently, he has been contacting daemons or other creatures from the facets beyond, plotting his rise to power and the quest for eternal life. On a smaller scale it would seem like his daughter’s lover has already fallen victim to these evil plots, having been trapped on just this horrible plane.


However, there is a communication crystal, currently broken into four parts, that might help to establish a connection with the poor sod and potentially even release him… or whatever horror lurks beyond the gate. During the last two days adventurers from all over the realm gathered to follow the clues that Mericles left for himself, eventually discovering the fragments in several places in Ilshenar. Lacking the knowledge to move or manipulate them, it was decided that the necromancer’s daughter, Hannah, should be escorted to the locations to try and learn more. This will most likely happen on Friday, setting out at 8pm.


Meanwhile, the discussions continue on whether the clues left by Mericles are really just the footnotes of an insufficient memory or a carefully laid trap. Despite the fact that the man with the skull helmet displayed more than one kind of madness already it might be prudent to not fully underestimate him.




First image shows the crystal near the earth elemental huts to the east of Exodus’ Temple. The upper right section displays the crystal hidden in a display in the north of the Gargoyle town. Lower left image has been taken in the Juke and Exodus castle, specifically in the small extra tower at its southern side while the last scene is from the large temple in the centre of the savage village.




Many Ways to Win a War…



Escaflowne, last month’s traitor to the republic, is now the new chancellor of the Republic of Vesper. Starting (and pitifully loosing) a civil war does not seem to be a reason for holding grudges in Vesper, considering that the former leader of the Militia won with landslide victory against Devante Stirling, Leo Madsen and (the Beacon’s favourite candidate) Momo the gorilla.


Such a victory becomes less surprising knowing that nearly all of the voters were members of the Militia themselves, including some that had not been seen on duty for weeks or even months. Rumours that large amounts of “volunteers” had been “drafted” before the elections could not be verified.


According to Yewish publications the militia is preparing for another war against Vesper, following the statements of the new chancellor made in the campaign (see last edition of the Beacon). Meanwhile, the population of Minoc is standing up against the warmongering, declaring themselves followers of Commander Nathan Hawke and the royal guard and refusing to fall under the control of one of the quarreling territories again.






Templar. Templars? Templi?



We hear that the Knights Templar are trying to make a comeback. It's been a while since they have been seen in Britannia, and much longer since they maintained a garrison in Trinsic. After the departure of Prince Orlando, there were few occasions when they travelled this far south. They have already obtained some recruits and are stepping aside from their normal secretiveness to hold a couple of public oath-taking ceremonies on Friday and Sunday. Sadly this clashes with Nathan Hawke's continuing quest to destroy the power of Mericles the undead lord, but hopefully a few will attend.


Interestingly, they have left their home of Templewood to take up residence in Yew, with no known or obvious explanation for the move. No disrespect to the good people of Yew, but it's not really the sort of place one would expect to find noble paladins. There could also be some difficult cultural clashes between the Yewish church with their strange beliefs and the Templars, who hold to the true Virtues of Lord British. But in any case we wish them well.




Murder and Anarchy in Cove



While wandering through Cove and looking for someone to interview tonight we came across this gruesome scene, which resembled a shrine or warning covered entirely in blood and horribly mutilated body parts. With the former Covian army having turned into mercenaries and opportunists there appears to be a certain lack of protection for the village itself. Only one mercenary could be found in the entire area and this one, going by the name of Hendrick, seemed utterly unbothered by the gruesome display and neither cared to do something about it, nor dared to speak to the reporter or set a foot out of the garrison building.


Parading around on the market squares of New Haven might look pretty and entertain some of the younger adventurers, yet it might be advisable to leave at least someone capable behind to protect the own citizens from being slaughtered in the meantime. Or maybe the good citizens of Cove could not afford to hire their own mercenaries?








Let the Games Begin!


Tonight saw the very first tournament at the arena south of the Trinsic Moongate in Felucca. Overall it was quite a learning experience, both for the organizers, who were experimenting with the ruleset as well as for the spectators and fighters, who tried to get a feeling for both the (still rather primitive) arena as well as their opponents. During the discussions it was decided that the ruleset proposed by IceCast should be applied in the future.


We have discovered a version of them that we hope to be the final and currently applied set:


Mage vs Mage:

  • No poisoning skill
  • No spellweaving skill
  • No bushido skill
  • No ninjitsu skill
  • No chivalry (with the exception while fighting a necromancer)
  • No potions
  • No petals
  • No faction aids (with the exception while fighting a necromancer)
  • No apples (with the exception when fighting a necromancer you are allowed to have 10 apples)
  • No petals
  • Both mages must wear a spellbook & candle in hand
  • No Pets/Summons
  • No kingdom reborn client users
  • No omening self/casting protection
  • Hpr cap of 10


Dexxer vs Dexxer:

  • No faction Aids
  • No animal forms that allow faster speed movement
  • No explosion pots
  • No pets/summons
  • No invis/teleport items
  • No smoke bombs
  • No kingdom reborn client users
  • No bugged quivers of rage (Youll know what i meen when you use one)




The night began with a draw between Superkeke and Deathamp, which ended in one nearly getting feathered, the other smelling somewhat singed and both too exhausted to actually defeat the other. Fulgar proved to have more breath, quickly vanquishing ZioX in the second fight, followed by DeathCourier who managed to bring down Ma’Jeseter in a long and exciting battle. Out of the free-for-all-rumble, Fulgar and IceCast emerged as the last ones standing to compete for the position as the winner of the night. The battle raged for a good long time and it was only once both had stripped themselves of all their little gadgets and potions that IceCast could drive the victory home in a serious of explosions and magical discharges.




The Horoscope for March

by Cassandre d'Troi


March - Frosty (the Snow Elemental)

You can expect to make some new friends this month, but then lose them again after a hunting trip goes badly wrong. Getting lost in the Moonglow forest will be bad enough, but nearly being disembowelled by a goat is just embarrassing.


April - Shrek (the Ogre)

This would be a good month to buy a new suit of clothes, or perhaps two would be better, one to wash and one to wear. Remember the washing part, it’s the reason your love affairs never last very long.


May - Mat (the Daemon)

A laissez faire attitude towards life isn’t really going to work for you this month. You need to maintain a focus, otherwise the nasty shock you’ll get round about the 19th is going to be much harder to cope with. But things will get easier after that; I’m assured that getting used to life as an undead doesn’t take too long.


June - Ming (the Mongbat)

Remember the expression: “Eat, drink, and be merry; for tomorrow you die”? I would suggest doing a lot of eating, drinking and merrymaking, starting as early as possible this month, as you may not have much time.


July - Leon (the Sphynx)

Don’t go for any long lonely walks this month. And beware of sheep.


August - Fead (the Troll)

This is not a good month to look for a new job, start a love affair, or even throw a few dice. You can hope as much as you like, but Lady Luck isn’t even going to glance in your direction, let alone do any smiling. My best recommendation is just to stay in bed all month.


September - Deck (the Ant Lion)

If you’ve ever had the fancy to stand in an election for public office, this month could see your chance. But it’s probably best not to, as the assassination rate for public officials is about fifty times that of normal citizens, and there’s an arrow out there with your name on it.


October - Whisky (the Rat)

If you managed to survive last month, this month would actually be quite a good one to start a lengthy legal action. Unfortunately you will find that this is necessary when you are arrested for treason and thrown into Britain jail. Whether the charges are genuine or not, it’s going to take a while to get out of there.


November - Puff (the Magic Dragon)

Emotions and emotional situations may cause problems for some of you, but only early in the month, while others of you sail serenely through everything at this time. However, that’s no reason for relaxation, as by the end of the month you’ll all be wishing you’d stopped the world and got off.


December - Theseus (the Minotaur)

This is not a good month to quit smoking, as you are in line for rather a lot of stress. You will narrowly escape death at least three times, or maybe not. Perhaps it would be a good idea to make sure all your affairs are in order and your will is up to date. Assuming you do survive, the stars move into a more pleasant conjunction at the end of the month and you can relax for a day or two. But no longer.


January - Dontfear (the Reaper)

Honesty is the best policy, they say, but be careful this month, as your habitual blundering lack of tact could put you in some unusually sticky and painful situations. I recommend you avoid answering any questions, especially when there is a pan of boiling toffee on the stove.


February - Vlad (the Vampire Bat)

This month would be a good time to redecorate your house, but wait until after the 10th, as a freak storm caused by an unusual alignment of the planets will largely demolish it. You may find yourself beset by demands from friends and family, but you must be strong and resist. You will need all the time you can get for yourself, and to deal with the builders.


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Tuesday, 17th March




Outrage in Britain



The escort for Lord Clainin from the healer’s shop in New Haven towards the moongate and safety was overshadowed by an éclat at the meeting in the Councillor’s Hall of Britain. Filled with disbelief in the safety of Lord Clainin the citizens that had previously protected him turned to flooding both King Casca and the Commander of the Royal Guard Nathan Hawke with insults and accusations. While the King extracted himself from the obviously pointless discussion it was Nathan Hawke that tried to calm the masses.


When that failed however he laid down his by now infamous pink cloak (which had Jolie in a fit) and declared that he would now “go home”. Has the Commander of the Royal Guard truly resigned from his position? Why did the crowd suddenly turn upon the one that was the most trusted up until now? The Beacon will try to find out more for its next edition.





Outrage in Britain – a Commentary



Dear readers,

as the reporters and editors of this newspaper we face a daily strife to gather and present to you the news from all over the realm. And while our views might occasionally be biased due to our homes we were still appalled by the decline in the overall education and intelligence of Sosaria’s citizenry. While the occasional sheepfarmer from the outskirts of civilisation might be considered amusing by the public it becomes clear that entire regions of Sosaria fall victim to propaganda and lies of the worst and disgusting kinds. Especially the rural and war-devastated regions of the north seem to spiral into an ongoing abyss of decay of values, virtues and laws.


One has to wonder where the blatant lies that infect and taint the spirits of formerly upstanding citizens have their origins. Considering how they separate friends and allies on matters such as race, origin or culture it has to be wondered however on whether these are not the fruit of another, more subtle attack on the kingdom. Are those that mislead the minds of farmers and workers just the spearhead of a more cunning and yet more horrible assault, an assault aimed to target the integrity and soul of the realm? Can we truly blame the commander of the guard for despairing in the face of such ignorance and blind stupidity?


In our quiet observations we had found Nathan Hawke to be a man striving to do the right thing… even if in doubt what the right thing would be. Is it not that courage to stand up and act against the foes of the realm that placed so many heroes of legend into the centre of movements that time and again saved the Kingdom from collapse and destruction? Yet instead of remembering the teachings of Lord British the citizens of the realm cast down the virtues, turning to bickering and strife, to lies and slander, to hatred and distrust. Is it not that which the enemy of us all seeks to achieve? Have we not cast down a man tonight that had stood up to be a symbol against the unseen foe? If this were the case then the realm would have suffered a defeat both grave and silent that it will long struggle to recover from.




News from the End of the World



Days before the newest happenings at Britain the Commander led a group of citizens from all over the realm out to further investigate the matter of Mericles’ dark deeds and the hidden plans that the necromancer appears to be forging. Despite the fact that the mage must have left the firm lands of sanity long ago for a world all of his own it appears that he is still following some kind of plan.


Helped by Hannah, the necromancer’s daughter the adventurers managed to retrieve the individual shards of the communication crystal and to charge and reassemble them. What happened then could best be described as a trance, in which the young woman managed to communicate with her love, currently lost in what must be considered a daemon-filled dimension, if not the Abyss itself.


The discussion about whether one lost boy is worth rescuing when the safety of the entire realm is at stake was instantly rekindled when the adventurers heard that a gate had to be opened that might, if not closed quickly enough, spill more than just the lost lover back into the world. Further meetings should decide the issue and reveal more on what needs to be done to safely resolve the situation.






More Gruesome Displays



After our reports of a gruesome display of gore and body parts in the village of Cove it would appear that Trinsic suffered from a similar crime in the last week. Unlike the mercenaries of Cove, however, the guards of Trinsic reacted quickly, searching the area for suspects and removing the frightening display.


During a search a suspicious drow was discovered that had run out of the city just after the crime had been discovered. When questioned, the drow assaulted the guardsmen but was quickly and efficiently subdued and brought in for questioning. A clerk explained later that the drow had to be released for the time being, since no proof could be found that it had played a part in the creation of such a pointless and horrible display.


Falling under a still effective ban the drow was removed from town while the investigations continue.









Vesper Regatta a great success!



Sunday and Monday saw the first public event hosted by the new chancellor of Vesper, Escaflowne. The great Trinsic Regatta consisted of three races, one towards Nujel’m and Buccaneer’s Den, one upriver from Vesper to Minoc and the last one through the narrow channels of Vesper itself.


Trinsic’s own team sailed the winds and currents onwards to a glorious triumph, closely followed by the excellent crew of Skara Brae. Vesper’s own team came third out of more than six ships in total that had lined up for the Regatta. At the end, one of the islands within Vesper was turned into a water bar to celebrate the results and all participants and despite all the previous doubts the smell of rum soon blocked out the odour of the channels.




Market Day in Yew



As a small token we brought an impression from the last Skara Breaen wandering market, this time in Yew. We highly recommend this market to all our readers. Soon to come to a town near you as well.





A special gift for those looking to save money

by Jolie Richesse


A special gift for those looking to save money


Dear readers, some of you have asked how I can be always so perfectly presented, and commented that I must spend a great deal of money. Naturally this is so, and of course one should never begrudge a penny spent on one’s appearance, but for me the Editor is always so open-handed and most generous with expenses. (Be careful – Ed.)


However, I do appreciate that many of you may not be quite so privileged, and therefore today I am going to tell you a most amazing full beauty treatment that will cost you nothing at all!


First, go to the tailor shop and pick up a few of the offcuts and discarded bits of material. Then to the river, where you must collect some handfuls of mud. Make sure you pick out the bits of waterweed and gravel, also any small animal life that may have been included. Then smear the mud generously over your face (avoiding the eye area) and any other bits of you that you want to exfoliate, and massage gently for a few minutes.


Then rinse your hands, roll up the bits of cloth together to make a pillow, and just lie back and relax. Perhaps look up at the sky and watch the clouds, listen to the birds, or hum your favourite songs. However, do not fall asleep, or the mud may set solid and require a chisel to remove it! If you are doing a full body treatment, this may create a little problem.


After about 20 minutes of relaxing, wash yourself clean in the river. Gently pat yourself dry with the cloth. You will find yourself rested and refreshed, and your skin will be smooth and glowing!




• Make sure you only take cloth from the tailor which is not wanted. Trying to walk off with a whole new roll may cause some difficulties for you.


• Obviously it is better to choose a clean river for this – outside Trinsic rather than inside as in a city all sorts of rubbish may end up floating around. In any case it is better that you don’t swallow any of the mud. Your stomach does not need exfoliating.


• Do not do this in the rain; first you will get very cold which could cause pneumonia, and second, it will just wash the mud off straight away when you are lying down and relaxing.


• If you desire a full body treatment, it is recommended to find a very secluded spot. This will help avoid misunderstandings and perhaps prosecutions for indecent exposure.


And that is my free beauty secret for everyone. I hope you enjoy it. A bientôt mes amis!




Find Sherry!


Hello children!


With all the boring adult things going on that we need to write about we nearly forgot to tell you about the newest adventures of Sherry the Mouse! But… now that we finally found the time we went to spy on Sherry and again we took a picture of her travelling, and guess what, Sherry saw a unicorn! Is that not exciting? But look at the drawing and try to spot Sherry first! Where is she hiding this time?





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Wednesday, 8th of April



Dear Readers


The staff of the Trinsic Beacon apologises for the recent lack of editions. Unfortunate and unforeseeable technical difficulties kept us from reliably delivering our news to you. However, a new press has been installed and once more the pens are sharpened and poised as our service continues. In addition we are thrilled to bring to you an announcement concerning the Beacon that you will find at the end of this edition.


Yours faithfully

Pierre Le Canard



Before the Last Gate



Yesterday, a division of the royal guards under the guidance of Commander Nathan Hawke and Lady Hannah completed the construction of the magical gate that is now ready to be opened. Placed upon the ley lines that formed during the destruction of Magincia it is said to be an opening between the Trammel facet and the void, supposedly inhabited by daemons.


Commander Hawke stated that now, with the completition of the gate, nothing would stand between the royal guards and the final destruction of Mericles and the rescue of Lady Hannah’s lover. He explained that on Thursday, the final incantations would be spoken to open the gate, at which point the mages of the realm would weave a powerful spell to destroy the evil creatures on the other side. Afterwards his location will be known and guards will be sent out to apprehend him.


All involved parties were certain that the affair could be ended before the weekend.








In Memory of Lord Clainin



On Saturday, the king pro tempore Lord Casca invited the citizens of Britannia to say their final farewells to Lord Clainin, a well-known and much loved mage and scientist. While not usually keen on making a public appearance and rather staying with his books and experiments, Lord Clainin nevertheless left a lasting impressions in the hearts of citizens throughout the land when he stepped up to offer his vast knowledge for the protection of the realm.


To honour a great man and to remember his long and influential life we have decided to bring to you some excerpts of the words spoken at this memorial service.


Lord Casca:

Citizens of Britannia. We have gathered here today to pay tribute to a most honorable man! With many great deeds Lord Clainin has served the Kingdom to his dying breath. A terrible loss. *at this point the king lowered his head in mourning*


In his honor a memorial has been erected in the gardens of the castle which we will visit shortly. *the king raised his hands* By the Virtues I give you... Lord Clainin! *the crowd joined in*


Nathan Hawke

I am not going to talk about the virtues although the Bishop of Trinsic sent me a nice book on the subject. Dear brothers and sisters of Sosaria. I would like to make a short speech in commemoration of our dearly departed Clainin. *he bowed his head* You may learn something of him tonight we hope.


As you maybe aware Clainin recently awoke from his troubled sleep and was rescued from Haven under the command of King Casca and we escorted him to a safe house for his own safety, even though we were attacked during this mission. It seems that mission was undertaken in vain for Clainin was shortly after murdered by Melissa despite my best efforts to save him.


Clainin was a great man, he was apprentice to none other than the legend Nystul. It was Clainin who assisted in the building of the structure still found in the courtyard built to aid in the detection of Minax. He was a member of the royal council after Nystul left and indeed was a comrade of mine and one of those who gave me orders and read my communiqués always with interest. Indeed it was Clainin and Dupre who rallied the people when left without both Nystul and Lord British. He forged the first alliance with the Meer against the Juka. It was he who assisted the Meer to cure the plague of Yew. With the aid of the Guardsmen.


Clainin was also a healer of note who cured one Commander the Royal Guard of a dreadful poison which was inflicted through Keeonan after several treks into various dangerous places assisted by the Royal Guard. In other times he built the abortive magical barrier designed to defend Britain against magical attack when Yew and Cove were overrun by orcs and the Waker of the Dead had been summoned by Belo Ondariva not long before. *Hawke looked down and shed a tear* He revealed Ramuz the Shadowlord in the guise of Odric to the assembled Royal Guard! It was Clainin who also led the Royal Guard to meet with Inu the Crone in Tokuno to face her challenges so she would translate the journal of Malabelle. He was present at the time of the Blackrock explosion that destroyed Haven, due to the concentration of the volatile metal within its walls being collected by traders from adventurers while the detector was active in Moonglow. It was this which caused him to go into a coma for a long time only recently recovering. To be murdered at the hands of Melissa. I saw this myself.


Finally he was the author of Observations of the Shards, A Chronicle of the remains of the Gem of Immortality and will be dearly missed by all.


That was the life of Clainin








Market Day in Cove



Even in these troubled times there are occasional moments of respite and celebration that help to raise the spirits. One such event was the market day in Cove, which turned out to be a great success with many visitors from all parts of Sosaria. With great effort the citizens had turned their village into a festival, offering many goods to the interested crowds.


With new wars looming in the still troubled and shaken region it is good to see that at least some traces of civilisation struggle to keep their feeble hold on those few still living there. It remains to be seen how long the integrity of the former-army-now-mercenary company can be sustained when pitched against their former allies and now enemies from Vesper.






The Horoscope for April

by Cassandre d'Troi


April - Shrek (the Ogre)

This month the stars are encouraging you to make hay while the sun shines. Up until the middle of the month, anyway. After that, you can enjoy the memory as things go from bad to worse. You will finally achieve an ambition and get to meet Lady Melisande, but it’s unlikely she’s going to turn out to be the girl of your dreams, more like nightmares.


May - Mat (the Daemon)

A new friendship will bring you excitement and interest this month. Unfortunately it will also land you in the debtors’ prison after you blow all your savings on the Vesper horse races. There is a risk of suicidal impulses around the 25th. Try to resist them, however, as the planetary alignment on the 26th is really quite good and things might start to sort themselves out. But probably not.


June - Ming (the Mongbat)

Your financial affairs are likely to be under some strain this month. I recommend you look for a good lawyer, well trained in bankruptcy procedures. However, the stars are always changing, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Although you may find this is just a large bunch of fire elementals waiting for you.


July - Leon (the Sphynx)

I advise against eating muffins this month. And avoid the colour red.


August - Fead (the Troll)

You are likely to have quite a few problems to iron out early in the month. Actually later in the month too. These may rob you of time, focus, or even your life, but after the scramble is over things appear to even out nicely for a day or so. Don’t relax too much, however. It won’t last.


September - Deck (the Ant Lion)

Pyramids are particularly bad for you this month. If you insist on visiting one, make sure you are prepared for the aftermath. Your friends and relatives won’t be too amused when you come back as an undead. It’s really not pretty and mummy bandages get everywhere and trip people up.


October - Whisky (the Rat)

You’ll have a good time this month when you run into some old friends you haven’t seen for years. Unfortunately it won’t last, as they’ll be re-arrested and sent back to jail very shortly. If you’re careful, you won’t go with them.


November - Puff (the Magic Dragon)

I am afraid things are not looking good for your love life this month. If you’re already in a relationship, you won’t be very shortly. If you aren’t, don’t expect that to change. Perhaps you should try being a little less fierce now and again. There’s a very fine line between assertive and aggressive.


December - Theseus (the Minotaur)

Romance is definitely on the cards for you this month, but try not to get over-excited about things. Beginnings are such fragile times, and the delicate shoots of love need gentle nurturing. Unfortunately, given your usual bullishness and ability to trample all over everything and everyone, things are likely to go horribly wrong.


January - Dontfear (the Reaper)

Navigating this month successfully will take money, patience, inside connections, favours, more patience, more money and power. Sadly you don’t have any of these, so it might just be best not to go out at all.


February - Vlad (the Vampire Bat)

You are likely to do quite a lot of successful hunting this month. I suggest you remember to wash the blood off your clothes afterwards; that sort of thing does put people off and they may seem uncooperative and even unfriendly. In consequence, don’t expect a good profit on anything.


March - Frosty (the Snow Elemental)

The pressure of leadership may weigh heavily on you, but it's not inspiration or brilliance that's needed. A calm and quiet approach is most likely to be successful. So that almost certainly isn’t going to happen, and I would suggest you make sure all your affairs are in order as quickly as possible.




Sensual Saté

by Stewan Seagull


You´ll need:

1/4 pd sirloin beef, diced to the size of a plum (the fruit)

ginger, lemon grass

coconut milk, Tokunese soy sauce, Tokunese oyster sauce

Nu´jelmian curry paste

garlic, black pepper, caraway

vegetable oil

twigs of rosemary


Marinate half the beef in 2 tablespoons oil, currypaste (one tea spoon or more, depending on how hot you plan the evening to get),

one clove ground garlic, one teaspoon ground ginger, two pinches of black pepper and salt each, six caraway seeds, one teaspoon each of the soy- and oystersauce.


The other half of the beef goes into a marinade of 2 table spoons coconut milk, a dash of miced lemon grass, one half teaspoon of


the currypaste, a sprinkle of each the soy- and oyster-sauce, three cloves of ground garlic and one teaspoon oil.


Let the meet rest in marinades at least three hours, better over night.

Pin the meats onto the rosemary twigs by turns and fry them in butter or oil.


(The meat will give you strength for what´s to come, as the rosemary and exotic spices drive up the heat.

Just don´t mess it up, as you´ll not find someone else that night, thanks to the garlic)




The Beacon Shines

by PLC


Many changes loom in the near future and we wished to let you, our faithful readers, be the first to hear about it. Along with the installation of the new press we have managed to secure a plot not far from Trinsic’s western gate and we are proud to announce the beginning of the construction of the Beacon’s new office and, more importantly, a theatre and event venue for the City of Trinsic.


As a fundraiser for the building we present to you…


Jolie’s Fashion Parade


Do you think you know about fashion?

Is style your life?

Do you dare to throw yourself before the greatest critic of all times?


Then dress in your finest garments and take part in Jolie’s Fashion Parade!


Details to follow in the next edition.

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Monday, 20th of April





Together... at last.


Dear Readers


Today it is our beautiful and sad duty to announce to you the wedding of Hannah and Dorian. The two lovers were joined in marriage at the Trinsic Healers, in a short ceremony conducted by Lady Gwen Irma.



Following the ceremony, Dorian ended his life in the arms of Hannah, his loving wife. He lived to an estimated age of well over one hundred years.








Into the Void…



In the evening hours of Sunday, Commander Nathan Hawke and a large section of the Royal Guards assembled to try and enter the void in order to challenge and defeat a beast called the “Void Changeling” and to rescue Dorian, the lover of Lady Hannah. To the surprise of all those assembled it was not Mericles who managed to open the gate into the void, but Nosfentor, one of the Shadowlords.




How this came to pass, no one could say now, for Mericles vanished in the following confusion. For as soon as the gate was opened, the Void Changeling, a terrible beast of shadow and poison sprang fort to assault the assembled army. Of the battle itself we could not bring you any impressions, for the fearsome being spew forth great clouds of poison and bile that brought illness to all that were close and your faithful reporters had to retreat into the woods or risk being slain. After a moment of surprise though, the Royal Guard pressed the attacked and managed to overcome and slay the creature.


Once the guardian of the gate was defeated, the army ventured into the void itself, ending in a curious place which consisted of a precarious platform floating in the star-filled void. Even worse, the trap was sprung and large amounts of daemons and creatures of the underworld awaited the valiant fighters, many of which fell to the claws and teeth of the fearsome foes. After a lengthy and hard battle however the Royal Guard managed to gain the upper hand and, once the tide of the battle had turned, to defeat the remaining creatures.




Finally, once the strange platform above the void had been secured, the fighters found Dorian as well, standing in the centre of a blood-drawn pentagram. The joy of the rescue however was brief, for the once young man had aged considerably during his stay in the void and was now but a shadow of his former self. On command of Nathan Hawke, Dorian was brought to the Trinsic Healers.




DeVoid of all Logic – a Commentary



Strange times are afoot and the happenings of the past night have not managed to shed a light onto the motives and reasons for any of the occurrences that we reported about in weeks past. And worse, we find that the focus of the Citizens of Sosaria begins to stray from the important issues at hand towards a jolly hunt across the facets, in which the original goals and foci have long since blurred and vanished.


Yet let us take yesterday’s victory as an opportunity for a small résumé. During the last weeks, the attention of the Royal Guard has been almost exclusively centred on the person of Mericles, the “mighty” necromancer. Yet what is he, really? A villain that left his notes in convenient places strewn all over Ilshenar, to ensure that they would be found and read by whomever so wishes? A villain that is gullible to the point where it embarrasses his opponents who need not even try hard to outwit him? A villain that shows up dutifully and powerless to be trapped; baited by a heap of junk nearly as stereotypical and false in its appearance as the contents of a Yewish school book? A villain that cannot even do any deeds himself, but has to call upon and be in the debt of one of the Shadowlords itself in order to fulfil what he had bragged he could do? A Shadowlord, no less, who seemingly could not have cared less about the army which she helped to rescue Dorian, vanquish the Void Changeling and its minions.


Is this truly the danger in which Sosaria finds itself?


Or is this just a ruse, a false image conjured and played by those with deeper and darker intentions. Of course, the Commander of the Royal Guard had been the first to drive the merry chase along. Garbed in the spirit and colours of a Nujel’mian bagball cheerleader he provided all the necessary hurrahs and huzzas to keep the momentum going, yet appears to lack any of the strategic genius and caution that he once claimed to possess. How else can it be explained that an assault on a strange magical place such as the void was conducted with nearly no intelligence at all, nor any plans beyond “lets go and kick them, hurrah!”? How else can it be explained that all the words of planning and caution are generally supplied from the side-lines, usually out of the ranks of the Bloodguard or the various town factions? Is such a carefree mentality the result of pure arrogance or the deeper knowledge that none of these happenings are a real danger?


We also cannot help but notice the silence of King Casca, who made himself quite rare during the past weeks. Nor have any of the made promises been fulfilled. Former captain and now suspect Avery still remains hidden. No trials have been conducted to finally reveal the circumstances of the slaughter at Castle Britain. Nor has the populace or its leaders been given any insight into the nature of the mysterious new council. No matter whether the prey of the Royal Hunt is deer, Mericles or poor Dorian, the similarities are striking and the effects on the minds of the citizens identical.


Thus we ask ourselves and you, our readers: is the true enemy the one that was vanquished last night, or is this no more than a veil to occupy the minds of the citizens of Sosaria? Was this a victory indeed, or no more than an idle challenge and no more meaningful than the riddles of the Easter Bunny?





Local News


Gwen Irma Wounded



In the aftermath of yesterdays Battle in the Void (see page one) we found that Lady Gwen Irma, popular leader / spokeswoman of the Elven Quarter of Trinsic and member of the Council of Trinsic had been gravely injured by one of the fell daemons. In a short interview one of the Duchy’s local healers confirmed that the injury had indeed been severe, but that Lady Gwen was alive and recovering, albeit slowly. Brother Owen of the Trinsic Paladins of Honour explained later that once the physical needs had been seen to, there would be need for a spiritual cleansing as well, in order to avoid a lasting taint from the daemons that inflicted such a horrible wound on her. Up until now, we have not yet had an official statement from either the Duke or the Elves of the Quarter.


On behalf of our readers and staff, we wish a speedy and complete recovery!




Works Begin on Trinsic Beacon Offices and Event Venue



Dear Readers, the headline says it all: we of the Trinsic Beacon are excited to inform you that the work on our new offices and the planned theatre and event venue has begun. We will keep you updated, of course, and hope that we will soon be able to invite you to the great opening.






Easter Bunny Eggcites Britain



During the easter days, Castle Britain had a most unusual visitor. Much to the enjoyment of the children, the easter bunny appeared on the castle grounds. But the riddle that it posed to the people of Britannia was all but easy and suited for children. For all those that could not figure it out, the solution was: “Are you eggcited to become a bunny?“




New Sosarian Museum



With the works now completed, Sosarias newest museum and reward hall is finally open for the public. While still empty, it will soon begin to fill up with stories and items to record the events in the realm and those that had the greatest impact and influence in them.


The reward hall can be reached through an energy vortex near the Councillor’s Hall in Britain.



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Friday, 1st Day of May




Of Shadow Lords and Councils



While Shadowlords threaten Sosaria it slowly seems like they already won, for the throne of the realm is currently held by a lord that is barely more than a shadow himself. And, even worse, elected by a council that consists of no more than shadows and whispers either. For all that the citizens of Sosaria know, it could consist of Lord Casca’s favourite sock puppets.


A glimmer of light is cast into the shadows only by Commander Hawke, who at least tried to maintain the impression of a working government as he invited the reporters of the various newspapers of Sosaria to an interview on Monday. Sad to say however, the most important message delivered in said meeting was that even the Commander himself rarely gets to see the king. Are we to assume then that the royal guard is not even a royal one, but a nearly independent institution now? Worse, Commander Hawke had to admit that the king seems, quote: “less inclined to participate”. Which leads us to the only one question that we so much wanted to find answered at said question and answer meeting, but which was still denied to us again: Who, really, rules the realm?




Peace in the North…



What is a dream of so many citizens now has another chance at becomming true. On Monday, Commander Hawke announced that a moot is being planned in which the leaders and citizens of the realm are called to try and achieve a lasting peace treaty to finally end the wars in the northern territories. What appears to be a weekly event full of merriment and talks might be far more serious, since the Commander implied that the dispatch of royal troops (or troops loyal to the crown) might be a possibility in order to try and protect the citizens of the contested territories.


What hope sprang forth from such an announcement however was quickly culled by the presence of the ‘word of the worker’ in the person of a raging fanatic from Yew that flooded the otherwise constructive meeting with the usual yewish propaganda and increasingly childish and desperate insults. One can only hope that the ‘word of the worker’ is in fact really just the word of ONE worker. If not then the peace talks may be doomed already, due to the fear and hatred of the yewish militia and church against everything and everybody not part of their own, narrow little world.





A Monstrous Regiment



All are equal, but some are more equal than others - a quotation that could easily apply to some of the more backward-looking areas of the north, namely those dominated by the so-called ‘Church’. However, finally it seems some of the citizens have taken the initiative to try and rid themselves from the oppression of the more equal zealots who run the supposedly religious foundation.


What few may have expected, however, is that it is the women who are rising, if necessary against their husbands, fathers and brothers.


Nailed to every church door in Cove and Yew were notices rejecting the oppression of women by this ‘Church’, which is in fact nothing more but a misguided sect perverting the teachings of Lord British for their own cause. By this oppression they guarantee their own power, wealth, and the right to do as they wish.


During the Beacon’s investigation we could find no woman willing to speak up, which is not surprising. Even Sergeant Wilkes of the Yewish Militia expects the ‘Church‘ to take bloody retribution for this (in their eyes) outrageous appearance of free will in their minions.


The Beacon ensures total anonymity to all members of this new movement that are willing to give an interview.


On the more humourus side, certain establishments in Vesper and Buccaneer’s Den have announced a “relief convoy” of a totally different kind in order to help those men currently suffering from their wives’ protests.




Dorian’s Memorial Service



In the presence of his wife Hannah and many notable citizens from all over the realm, Dorian’s memorial service was held last Saturday. After a few words from his wife, the body was placed onto the deck of a ship and the assembled mourners watched as the burning vessel drifted out towards the sea.


Even though few had known him in life, his rescue and memorial service were true signs of the virtuous souls of the realm. Filled by compassion, by honour and valor many citizens had risked their lives for a stranger and his love. Thus, Dorian shall be remembered as one who had to endure great suffering, but who finally managed to inspire and unify many people in the realm on their virtuous quest.





Local News


Trinsic Cottage Hospital



A clerk from the Duke’s office confirmed today that the construction of an additional hospital building will commence shortly. With the dramatic increase of refugees from the war- and plague-ridden northern territories additional facilities were necessary, so the official statement. Located halfway between the western gate and the public moongate, the new Trinsic Cottage Hospital will provide free healthcare services for all citizens of the realm.






The loneliness of the long distance hero

(Jolie Richesse)


Dear readers, how often does one dream of finding the perfect man? Strong yet vulnerable; tough yet compassionate; noble yet humble; a man who is moreover handsome, brave, stylish and distinguished. Can such a paragon exist? The answer, mes amis, is an unequivocal yes!


I had the most great privilege to ask Commander Nathan Hawke to tell me a little about himself, at his so kind invitation to all reporters to come and question him. At first he hesitated (perhaps put off by the boorishness of the Yewish so-called reporter), but then it was as though the two of us became alone in the room and he opened up his soul to me.


Of course it was already known that he was a childhood friend of the former Commander Jordan Jurrel, whose so great sacrifice and regrettable demise will be forever remembered. Both went into the service of the Kingdom, but their ways parted: Jordan into the glorious sun of heroic fame, and Nathan into the long dark night of undercover danger. But despite the many years of their separation, our Commander misses deeply still his boyhood companion, and never will give up his hope for Jordan’s return.


With great pathos, and yet stoical acceptance, he revealed to me his loneliness and uncertainty. He told me that he has no longer a real home, or a real family; that he sleeps only with his sword and she is his best friend who never lets him down. Also that he wishes Jordan to be here and himself still far away, for firmly he remains convinced that Jordan would be a better Commander. Even he thanked Lady Flame and others for helping to keep him under control. Perhaps fearing to show more his inmost feelings, he recounted also to us that he has a fondness for Feluccan red wine, enjoys an occasional pipe and likes a nice book at bedtime.


Thus you see that with a single question I, Jolie, was able to persuade the Commander to reveal himself as never before. I bring to you all a more human face of this formerly mysterious figure who leads the Royal Guard with such graciousness and simple humility.


With very great thanks to the Commander, I wish you all a most pleasant week. A bientôt!




May Day in Cove



People often shout ‚Mayday!‘ when they need help, but today May Day was being shouted in Cove for quite a different reason, where they celebrated it in style. The Covians showed their usual inimitable skill in decoration and provided a fantastic feast down on the docks.




However, they had to call in some help for the entertainment, which was provided by a Skara Braen fortune teller, and Stewan Seagull from Trinsic (pictured), who did a sword swallowing and fire breathing act. I hope neither is a reflection on his baking!




The Hor®o®scope for May

(by Cassandre d'Troi)


May - Mat (the Daemon)

Be cautious when gardening in the next few weeks, as the compost heap at the bottom of your garden will evolve some new and interesting forms of poisonous plants. Fortunately they won’t survive past the next full moon. Next time you feel like smoking some nightshade, be more careful about where you put the half-burned remains.


June - Ming (the Mongbat)

Your problems are going to escalate abruptly this month when a bog thing moves in with you, attracted by that old carpet you’ve been meaning to replace for the last five years. It really is time to do it now, but be careful, as extreme tact will be needed to persuade the bog thing to go back home.


July - Leon (the Sphynx)

It would be best to avoid chickens this month. And don’t eat any lettuce.


August - Fead (the Troll)

If you have any self-help books, now would be a good time to start reading them in earnest. Every single planet is aligned against you this month, and you’re going to need all the self-confidence you can muster to deal with your home life, social life, and working life, all of which seem likely to come to an end very shortly.


September - Deck (the Ant Lion)

This month you will unfortunately be suffering from recurring nightmares for at least three weeks. However, none of them will come true so you need not worry about them. What is going to happen to you will be much worse. Don’t bother planning anything beyond the 23rd of the month.


October - Whisky (the Rat)

All the various decisions you have made over the past few months have set something serious in motion. Don't waste time trying to influence it, just wait for the result. In the meantime, I suggest you prepare yourself for some comprehensive changes in your plane of existence.


November - Puff (the Magic Dragon)

This month you can relax. It’s going to be filled with interest and excitement, but for everyone else, not for you. The closest you’ll come is when you find that your local shop on which you depended for years has closed down, and you have to explore up the road to find somewhere else to buy a pint of milk and some cat food


December - Theseus (the Minotaur)

If you got through last month, this month would be quite a good one to give up smoking. The planetary conjunctions in May suggest a series of shocks, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and lightning strikes, all of which are not good for people with heart problems (I don’t mean your love life). Anything you can do to improve your chances would be helpful.


January - Dontfear (the Reaper)

This month sees the planets coming together into a most harmonious conjunction for you, signalling a joyous occasion, perhaps a wedding. Definitely time for a big and happy party. Unfortunately, the mood will be somewhat dampened by the stampede of Titans shortly afterwards, but you can’t have everything.


February - Vlad (the Vampire Bat)

The ancient dragon you heroically slew last month will come back to haunt you in the next few weeks. It’s never a good idea to get on the wrong side of something that’s 20 feet tall and breathes fire. Of course, ghost fire won’t harm you or anything else, but it’s going to ruin your social life as very few people will want to know you until it’s faded into the astral plane.


March - Frosty (the Snow Elemental)

An unexpected lich lord and his minions may give you some problems this month. However, I understand hospital food is greatly improved these days, so don’t worry too much if you actually survive the encounter.


April - Shrek (the Ogre)

Your love life has been a bit up and down over the last few months but the stars suggest a period of stability is coming shortly. This is likely to be a good thing; remember that life is really much easier when you’re single, and you won’t have to worry about things like housework and washing.

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Wednesday, 13th Day of May




Orcs and Fungi



That orcs are quite a gruesome sight is nothing new, but up until now the only things that they grew were either in their ears, their boots or beneath all those layers of leather and armour that never ever seem to come off. However, it seems like they have now taken to growing some kind of plant, or seek to, at least. In several places, such as Moongates and orc forts, strange, greenish seed pods have appeared that are all but indestructible by all means employed so far. No one yet knows what would grow if those seeds fell on fertile earth, but given that the orcs take quite an interest in them and given some clues that suggest them being in league with the Shadowlords themselves it seems unwise to wait and find out. As a countermeasure, Commander Hawke had some fungi gathered to try and infect those seeds. Whether or not this plan can succeed will be revealed soon and the Beacon shall report.




Last minute note: Apparently a new seed pod was found tonight on Horseshoe Island, at the very location in which the gate into the Void was opened by Nosfentor, the Shadowlord.




When the Puppets Dance – a Commentary



Mad mage Mericles vanished, yet before even the festivities are fully planned and begun, a new threat to Sosaria arises, this time in the rather burly and smelly shape of an army of Orcs rushing to assault the outlying villages of the realm. And true enough, more hints are found for the involvement of the Shadowlords; more plans within plans, more dangers both known and unknown. Thus the puppets dance, but neither the puppeteers nor the play is quite understood.


Even worse, only the more crude and blunt puppets can be seen at all. Neither Mericles nor the orcs show a higher level of sophistication. How many puppets, then, dance without their strings being visible? How many cunning plans evolve without the realm becoming aware of them? The murder of the old Council had not been foreseen by any that were in a situation to prevent it. How, then, can we believe to know all the plans that are in motion just now? The answer is simple: we cannot.


In fact, looking at the warmongering, the lies, the propaganda, the hostilities, the bizarre sects and cults that fester in some regions of Sosaria one might be excused for suspecting another ploy of the Shadowlords at work. What might look excusable, or even funny at first (like an entire church dedicated to a dead ostard unfortunate enough to get in between some danger and its master, thus becoming an involuntary ‘martyr’), is in fact nothing but a separating wedge driven between the citizens of the realm. And even the attempts of some to show that they still follow Lord British are laughable in the face of obscure cults, warmongering and even the outright denial of the old King’s teachings.


Today, the Beacon says: ‘Thank you.’ Thank you to the orcs, to Mericles, to the fearsome red dragons. For they and only they alone managed what words and reason could not: to unite the citizens of Sosaria against their common enemy, the Shadowlords. However, this occasional cloud of vague cooperation will not be enough. It is time to unite again, to remember the teachings of Lord British and to rebuild the realm in the name of all that he stood for.






Moonglow Festivities



If one seeks to plan some royal entertainment, one would be well advised to look towards Commander Hawke rather than the king himself as an organiser. Even without the Nujel’mian bagball cheerleaders the Commander managed to arrange a row of events that far surpassed the violence and bloodshed that had to be wiped up in the aftermath of Lord Casca’s entertainments. Archery, darts, some kind of bagball event and ending with an open stage night and ball; the past week offered something for nearly every taste and interest.


The only blood spilled was from the nose of the Commander himself, who was assaulted by an orc and a drow during the ball on Sunday. Neither must have had a bright moment, for doing so in the middle of the crowd set a small army on their tracks and after a merry chase (in which they were consequently too stupid to actually run away, rather than just around) they were beaten down swiftly.






Covian Confusion



After a due time spent as a mercenary company, the Covian Army now seems to have reformed to its former... state. No interview could be secured yet, but several villagers from Cove claimed that the return to an army state was due to a lack of successfully finished mercenary contracts and the resulting lack of payment. Now it seems that the army is once more living out of the taxes of the local population. We wish the army well in their endeavour and encourage our readers to send in suggestions on what the covian forces could turn into next week.




Speaking of the covian coffers: an entire shipment of gold from Trinsic nearly fell into the hands of orcs that tried to intercept the vessels and guards carrying them. With skilled manoeuvres the crafty sailors from Trinsic managed to break through the blockade of orcish warships, but soon after landfall in Cove itself the pursuing orcs unleashed a storm of arrows and shamanistic spells onto the covian guards, wounding many and nearly capturing the gold. However, the gold will not do a lot of good, seeing how Baron Octovius hardly waited for it to be carried out of the Trinsic West Bank before he availed himself of the first picks of jewellery and gems.




Local News


A Mongbat a Day…



… keeps the healers at bay, as the old saying goes. But even for those that do not trust the old witch recipe of mongbat-wing-tea there is now a hope of conserving or improving their health: last Friday, Duke Irvyn Middlethorn opened the new Trinsic Cottage Hospital for the public. During the small festivity the Duke emphasized that treatment and care will be free not only for members of the Duchy, but for all law-abiding citizens of Sosaria, following the tradition of the virtuous guild of healers founded by Lord British. Especially the near endless stream of refugees from the war-ridden northern territories as well as the injured from the recent battles with the Shadowlords’ minions can now be welcomed and cared for effectively. For the beginning, the staff will consist of the local healers Lady Madeline Warmbow and guardsman Iljian, as well as an apothecary staff member offering various herbs and potions at a reasonable price.








Five tips for men for that very special date!

(Jolie Richesse)


1. Wearing freshly washed and tidy clothes, without patches and holes, will definitely help you look and feel good. If possible it may even increase your confidence levels for that special evening. However it is a fine line to tread as some women like to think a man needs looking after, and if you present yourself with too great perfection it may have the opposite effect to your wishes!


2. If you think you can carry it off, a little discreet cosmetic application (such as powdering over that nasty burn on your forehead, the sword slash on your cheek, or alternatively the acne scars on your chin) can work wonders. But remember not to overdo it! Also think of the woman – is she the sort who admires heroic scars? (Note: acne never falls under this category and it is definitely best to work on concealment.)


3. Your hair must also be carefully checked. That it must be washed goes without saying (see previous editions for a delightful beer and egg treatment for truly soft and shiny locks). If you feel the grey in your hair has gone beyond maturity and towards senility, hair dye should be considered. But be very careful to go for the natural look, unless you really think neon is your colour! A good cut is vital too, especially for those thinning on top. Your local hair stylist will be able to advise you.


4. However, hair in the ears or nose can be embarrassing. To get rid of this unwanted hair shaving is possible (though awkward and risks bloodshed), but the best and longest lasting way is to wax your ear lobes and nostrils. Waxing the chest can also be a good option if you think she might object to hairiness. But you must remember this is not something to be approached lightly as it will cause great pain. Only the strongest and bravest men should attempt waxing!


5. Finally, don’t forget to wear a deodorant, aftershave, and/or other perfume for that fresh feel throughout the evening. Pick your fragrance with care, considering the balance of floral notes with musk and woody or herby accents. But take heed, for this is a solemn warning (and applies to women too): perfume should stimulate, not asphyxiate!


A bientôt mes amis!






Sometimes a Sword goes right to the Heart

(Jolie Richesse)


Dear readers, those of you at the ball on Sunday might have witnessed the ceremony when Hannah was inducted into the Royal Guard by no less than Commander Hawke himself. Further, he did this by offering to her his sword, no less! He said that he was to make to her a proposition, and several present watching speculated that this might be a proposal of marriage. There seemed to be some disappointment when it turned out only to be an invitation to serve in the Royal Guard!


But I have to tell you, mes amis, that to me the presentation of the sword was clearly something very deep and meaningful, and indeed might as well have been a marriage proposal. You see, in many times it is very hard, particularly for a man, to say out loud - or indeed completely understand - what he feels. But in such circumstances, the use of symbols is a way that the subconscious mind takes to show the true feelings.


A sword, of course, is a very strongly masculine symbol, and Nathan’s sword is most especially important to him. You will remember that he revealed to us his inmost feelings about his sword when I asked him about himself. Now he gives this deeply important part of himself to Hannah. Readers, this is symbolism of the most obvious and elemental form! Thus he shows to everyone - even if he does not yet realise it - that she is the woman he truly desires and means to make his own.


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Extra Edition - Sunday, 17th Day of May




Extra Edition


Orcs Suffering from Disease!



Tonight, orcish forces launched a small raid against the western gates of Trinsic, but were repelled quickly. Much more interesting than this small skirmish however was the note that was found on one of the orcs, hinting that the orcs in Yew were infected by a disease unknown to them (in addition to all those that orcs are known to spread) and that they looked for a cure.


Urk at Yew is deading.


Um Urk mus fin kewr.


Big wozaa not no.


An incognito investigation with the help of a local healer revealed that several orcs at the fort in Yew indeed suffered from a disease, weakening them and causing their skins to pale to an untypical grey shade. Duke Irvyn told the Beacon in an interview that he would place all known orcish settlements under regular observation to see what course this disease will take.




Yesterday, a small force of the Royal Guard infiltrated the orcish caves in disguise to try and learn more about the strange seed pods. It was found that the orcs water the pods with a strange, darkly glowing potion which is mixed from several ingredients. A sample was obtained by Madeline Warmbow of Trinsic, and has been given to Hannah to see if any of the royal alchemists can identify it or find a way to counteract it.






From the Duke’s Office:


By decree of his Grace, Duke Irvyn Middlethorn of Trinsic:


The West Gate Guardhouse and Records Office has been refurbished to serve as a central point for gathering and sharing information obtained by anyone during the current threats against the realm.

In these times, troubled by the danger of the Shadowlords, orcish attacks and a weakened realm, it is the hope of the citizens of Trinsic that this new outpost for the Royal Guard will help to reinforce and centralise the efforts against the common enemy.


There is a chest on the front step and another one inside where books, notes or items can be left. There is also a bulletin board outside which can be used for messages. All information will be archived into the bookcases which will be open to everyone. We ask for the help of the Royal Guard and all defenders of the realm to gather and dispose all available information there, to be compiled and made available for the public.


In the name of the people of Trinsic.

Irvyn Middlethorn

Duke of Trinsic, Servant of the Realm, Defender of the South, etc.








A Wedding!

(Jolie Richesse)


A quick note only from Jolie today, as the editor is being most impatient!


It seems love is in the air around Trinsic, despite what my colleague Cassandre may claim. Perhaps stimulated by the news of Nathan and Hannah which I revealed to you last week, a little bird tells me of wedding news in Trinsic this very day! You may have heard, dear readers, rumours of the return of the terrible Kaldorian army, who from time to time decided to ravage the continent of Britannia.


After their last failed skirmish, most returned to their homeland of Gorimdor, but a few remained. Most notably Corwin, who set up a thriving ale import business and is well known in the town. There has been a longstanding and well known engagement between him and Hildy of the city guard, in the most romantic fashion, lasting all through the last war between Kaldor and Trinsic. The seemingly doomed lovers, on opposite sides of the battlefield, nonetheless remained firm and enduring in their attachment.


Well, now the Kaldorians are back, and it seems that again they seek nothing but war against the citizens of Britannia. Corwin has been recalled to the army, and gone most willingly according to some of his friends. But, before the Kaldorians can force him to split from his one true love, he today married Hildy in a secret ceremony performed by Gwen Irima and attended by a few friends. We wish them all possible happiness. Truly, mes amis, romance is not dead!




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Tuesday, 26th Day of May




An Outrage

(Jolie Richesse)


Dear readers, today it is necessary that I write for the Beacon the editorial, and apologise for the lateness of this publishing. And why? Because I must also tell you of a most outrageous, terrible, horrifying, episode that has occurred. Our very own Pierre Le Canard is at this moment in the Trinsic Cottage Hospital, recovering from severe injuries that may leave him scarred for life! The doctor tells me that he has two broken ribs, many cuts and abrasions from splinters of wood, and moreover, he has been shot twice with arrows. From Pierre himself I learn that he was first trampled by an undead and a horde of guardsmen – which is not so unexpected and an explainable accident – but then he sheltered behind a door which the Vesperians blew up, and not content with this first attack on him, they shot him! How can this be acceptable?


These disgraceful, shocking, contemptible and cowardly actions by the Vesperians must not go unrecorded! Not only do they attack the city of Yew (although it is of course possible that the Yewish are the most annoying people in Sosaria and one might therefore find some sympathy) but they have no compunction about including innocent bystanders in their ravages. Our noble editor and my so-dear friend Pierre was doing his always so splendid job in bringing to you, our readers, the full news of what is happening in this great land of ours. He spends many hours travelling and investigating to bring the truth to light – and there is no use seeking it in those pathetic publications from other cities – and yet this is his reward: to be cruelly, wantonly and unthinkingly attacked! Truly the so-called militia of Vesper are nothing but barbarians, soulless and without respect for anyone. Also cowardly, to attack an unarmed civilian and no doubt to laugh about it and glory in their self-proclaimed strength!


Certainly these Vesperians are no better than the orcs which seek to bring havoc to all places. Indeed one might think it quite possible that they are working with the orcs, for both display a so-great shared interest in klomping everyone. And it was most obvious they have no desire for peace, since the only representative sent to the peace talks with the Commander Nathan Hawke was that capricious, traitorous dilettante Devante Stirling.


The Beacon is given to understand that the Duke is to issue a formal letter of protest to the Chancellor of Vesper. But, mes amis, how can this be enough? It is true that our beloved and worthy Duke is first and foremost a man of peace, and he has indeed kept our beautiful city aloof from so many conflicts, to its greater prosperity and strength, but surely something so offensive, shameful and despicable demands more! Perhaps if our readers were to appeal to him, he might consider some stronger action against these pusillanimous northern cravens.


It is to be hoped that Pierre will make a most swift recovery. Rest assured, dear readers, we hope to bring you better news in our next edition. And of course we shall never fail to continue our quest to bring you the truth, beauty and joy which so delight your hearts.






Breaking News - Beacon Exclusive: Royal Army on the March!



This scoop was obtained at the last minute, almost as the presses were about to roll. It comes from an impromptu interview by our intrepid reporter with Commander Nathan Hawke, who graciously attended the Trinsic Fight Night. According to the Commander, the king’s patience has finally ‘worn thin’ and he plans to put a decisive end to the series of attacks on loyalist towns. As was indicated at the recent peace summit at the Moonglow Lycaeum, we can now exclusively confirm that the Royal Army will march under direct orders from the King. They are to take up position on the borders of Minoc and Vesper, forming a barrier to protect the citizens of the realm against the ruthless attacks of the self-proclaimed ‘republic of Vesper’.






Humans are the better Orcs…



While the north succumbs to war and violence once more, the remainders of the Sosarian strength battle the hidden enemies on the move against the realm. Led by Commander Nathan Hawke, a company of the Royal Guard in orcish disguise crept into the caves beneath the mountains of Yew to learn more about the plans of the ‘wozzah’ Mericles and his orcish followers. With surprising ease the adventurers managed to establish a contact with one of the orc bosses, which allowed them to learn more about the activities hidden in the darkness of that cave. While the seed pods have not grown further they are still being watered by what alchemists titled a ‘darkglow’ potion, apparently consisting out of luminescent fungi and daemon blood. The latter was wrung yesterday from the body of a rather reluctant and extremely uncooperative blood daemon which was found lurking in (entirely unsurprisingly) blood dungeon.


It is the hope of the Royal Guard that the reward for delivering this to the boss will be the title of ‘gud orc’, along with the ‘wurd’ which is the password required to gain access to wozzah Mericles’ cave in the depths of the orcish dungeon. One might laugh, were it not a deadly dance of plans and counter plans with the safety of Sosaria at stake.








A Beautiful Night

(Jolie Richesse)


It is surely a rare person who would not want to look young and beautiful. But how many of us can stay that way? As they say, Trinsic wasn't built in a day, and achieving a goal may take time. Further, if one requires to continue to look attractive and fresh every day, one must follow not just an efficient beauty regime, but also do it all very regularly. Beauty, dear readers, takes much dedication.


But it need not be a lengthy and difficult task! For many of us in our so-busy lives it is not possible to maintain a regular and intensive beauty regime, unless of course it is a part of your work! And most sadly there are not many of you so fortunate as myself. However, for those of you with less time to dedicate, here is a simple schedule to make yourself a beautiful glow quite naturally in only fifteen minutes a day before you go to bed. Yes, that is all it takes!


You must prepare yourself beforehand with all the things you will need.


First you will need a large bowl of warm water, with some pleasant smelling herbs in it (it does not matter which ones for this, only that they make a nice scent which you find relaxing). Secondly, a gentle facial scrub mask and some good skin moisturising cream (for the best ones I will give you the receipe next week). Then you will need some soft cotton wool, some coconut oil, and thinly sliced cucumber. A towel will also be required.


Put the bowl of water on the floor by a comfortable chair and everything else on a table nearby where it can easily be reached. Now for the complicated part!


Sit in the chair and put your feet in the water. Let them soak and inhale the pleasant scent rising from the water – perhaps it may be a good idea to wash your feet before doing this.


While your feet soak, take some of the soft cotton wool and apply the facial scrub, massaging it gently around your face but avoiding the eye area. That is what the cucumber is for. When you have applied the scrub, next take the coconut oil and pour a little onto the top of your head. Then, place a slice of cucumber over each eye to deal with puffiness and dark circles, and while that does its work, massage the coconut oil into your scalp for at least 5 minutes, pressing quite hard and working the oil down to the end of the hair.


After all the above, remove the cucumber from your eyes so that you can see what you are doing. Then, take your feet out of the water and now you will of course need the towel. Dry them gently and thoroughly. If you wish, some toenail clipping and rough skin removal can be done now while the feet are softened and warm.


Next, rinse the facial scrub from your face with lukewarm water and pat your face dry. Do not remove the oil from your hair – an overnight treatment will ensure beautifully shiny and strong hair in the morning. Finally, apply the moisturising cream generously to your face and neck. Now, relaxed and soothed by your beauty treatment you will get a good night’s sleep!




Trinsic Fight Night a Success



For those that prefer a bloody over a beautiful night the Trinsic Fight Night might be just the thing; featuring neither cucumber nor a relaxing bath for the feet, other than a mixture of blood and sweat soaking through the boots since the only rule was once more that no rules apply. Thus it was that contestants from all over the realm fought, struggled, shot and burned their way through their opponents until local armsman Van Cocidius won the temporary title of Fight Night Champion. A new Fight Night has been announced for next week, so seize the chance to wrestle (cut, slash, hack, burn) this title this title away from him.






Wild Wild Ilshenar...



Similar to the ritual of the Fight Nights the Duchy of Trinsic invites all adventurers to its weekly Ilshenar expedition. The trip is generally an attempt to get as many people as possible into as big a trouble as can be found and the excitement and willingness of the participants can only be explained by temporary madness. However, the shared madness makes for a generally good time, at least up to the point where the only working door leads right into the lowest levels of the Abyss (see picture).





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Wednesday, 3rd Day of June



Royal Decrees



On Sunday night, king pro tempore Lord Casca uttered the following decrees:


  • A Royal Census is to be conducted in the month of June, during which each citizen of the Realm is to be registered and will be required to pay a one-time tax of 1000 gold pieces.
  • As announced by Commander Hawke, a part of the Royal Army shall be stationed in the borderlands between Cove, Minoc and Vesper, to offer protection for the citizens of the realm against assaults from the self-proclaimed republic of Vesper.
  • Commander Nathan Hawke is relieved from his duty, with his predecessor to be announced in the next days.

The decrees were followed by a storm of outrage from nearly all witnesses. Protests continued afterwards and gathered strength as the news were spread across the realm. Nathan Hawke was not yet available for an interview.






War against Peace



War has begun in the north, where the vesperian ‘army’ felt threatened by the tremendous force of less than ten(!) Royal Soldiers in a small-crate-fortified outpost on the Cove-Minoc-Vesper-crossroads. According to chancellor Escaflowne, this apparently lethal danger to Vesper was considered an ‘invasion force’ (all ten of them!) with which the tyrant king from Britain means to overthrow the ‘republic of Vesper’. Consecutively the vesperian ‘army’ moved out to slaughter this small detachment of the Royal Guard and to burn it down as a sign for their bloodlust and brutality.


Chancellor Escaflowne further stated that this first, initial attack was a counterattack, though he could not explain how it is possible to counter something that has not yet taken place.


King pro tempore Lord Casca already reacted to this attack with a letter, from which we took this quote: "The so-called ‘Republic of Vesper’ has been a thorn in my eye for some time. And now they dare attack the Royal Guard? This is an outrage!" The letter also states that reinforcements will be sent to strengthen the crown’s presence in the area.







Political Suicide – A Commentary



When subtlety is the name of the game, then it is the small moves that matter. In previous editions we have already detailed the problems and unsolved mysteries around the new king and his rise to power and we shall not bore you once again with these accounts. Up until now, however, there was always the doubt, the possibility of both truth and deceit that surrounded each of the individual steps. These decrees, however, appear to be nothing less but a blunt lunge at the integrity and unity of the realm.


A census and taxes are sure to agitate many citizens, especially in the already heavily taxed and tithed regions of Yew. One can only pity the farmers that do not only suffer from taxes to the militia, more or less voluntary (and torch-inspired) donations to the ‘church’ and now have to pay large sums of gold to the crown for unknown purposes. The blunt dismissal of Nathan Hawke from the position of the Commander of the Royal Guard is sure to alienate those that worked closely with him in order to try and reveal the plans of the Shadowlords, Mericles and now the orcs. Hints and rumours concerning the march of the Royal Guard to the borderlands in the north might bring the Realm to the verge of a civil war, if not way beyond. Countless smaller occurrences sowing doubt and distrust into the crown and its chosen emissaries shatter the strength and heart of the once great Realm of Lord British.


In our studies and interviews, in our countless travels that carry us all through the Realm, we have come to the conclusion that all of us, citizens from the north and south, the east and west, the capital and the farthest regions, friends and foes alike are targeted by a much greater and sinister plan. Hatred, falsehood and cowardice are the names of the Shadowlords and it is those feelings that they seek to inspire in us all. And they succeed.


This dark hour might mark the end of the Realm and Sosaria as we know it, lest we all unite and put aside the differences and problems that lead to those dark feelings. Let us cut the strings of the puppets that dance to the Shadowlords’ tune and return to the legacy of Lord British and the heroes of old.


As a sign of good faith, of a will to unite against and to overcome the Shadowlords, we ask all of our readers to wear a yellow or golden sash, cape, surcoat or any other visible piece of clothing as an outward sign of their support to the Realm and its citizens.





The Philosopher’s Seed



Even without the guidance of its former Commander, the Royal Guard continued its search for clues and information concerning the strange seed pods gathered and grown by the orcs. Temporarily led by Hannah, they followed the trails (or fumes, in this case) to a number of alchemists that might be able to shed a glow on the luminescent potions employed by the greenskins.


However, the Royal Alchemists, hired by the king himself, appears to have been given a wrong and entirely useless potion by Lord Casca, thus making the resulting report about as interesting as a covian newspaper. Either we are the witnesses of a particularily malfunctioning bureaucratic system or we have to conclude that an attempt to mislead the Royal Guard has taken place.


Only marginally more helpful was a captured orcish alchemist, who garbled nothing of interest while he was being taken to a secure location to be questioned later.


The only useful trace found were the names and mannerisms of some teachers that taught both the Royal Alchemist and the mage Mericles, opening a potential venue of gathering more information about Mericles’ studies. In addition, more potions were acquired from the orc caves to have the Royal Alchemist perform a proper study of the fluid.






Yew Elections



Sunday saw the launch of the yewish campaigning season which will end in the election for a new mayor for Yew. The overture was staged by William Smit, who ranted extensively and to the amusement of most listeners about the need for slaves, wars and reigns of terror. After this, the candidates followed the usual patterns of campaigning, promising prosperity and success to the militia, the church and the citizens. Dylan Nottinbury tried to impress with plans of continuous spending (without mentioning where the gold should be gathered that is to be spent) and his well thought out and nearly comically patriotic choice of clothing. David Brooker followed a decidedly worldly course, suggesting a cut in tithe to the church and instead concentrating on taverns and (not fully understood and therefore somewhat curious) theories about foreign trade. He was followed by Kain Raslo, a veteran and aging citizen of Yew who might not have the most inspired and revolutionary programme, but impressed the audience with his sincerity and dedication to Yew and its people. Last (and possibly least) was Jack Nottinbury, who somehow lost himself in obscure explanations on why slavery was bad for the working class and how taxes should be restructured to get more gold while annoying less people with them.


Overall, the campaign promises a quite diverse field of candidates and we will look forward to the results of the yewish elections, which are to happen in June.








Recipes for Beauty

(Jolie Richesse)


As I promised to you last week, my readers, here are the recipes for the facial scrub and the moisturiser which you may use with the beauty regime I described for you.


For a most excellent facial scrub:


You will need a coconut, some brown sugar, butter, and a little flour.


Break open the coconut carefully and collect the milk in a bowl. Then scrape out the white flesh and press it to remove as much of the juice as possible. Finely grate the pressed flesh and put it in the bowl with the milk. Then clean the fibres away from the shell and with a grater (a fine gauge carpenter’s plane actually works quite well for this) scrape the woody outside until you have about half a cup of what will look like sawdust. Mix the coconut shell, the grated flesh, and the milk altogether. Add some flour to thicken the mixture to a fairly stiff paste, butter to moisturise, and some brown sugar to induce sweetness.


Rub the mixture over your face, massaging gently with your fingertips. Repeat several times for the best effect. Then rinse your face well with warm water and pat dry.


This will not keep, so the rest is safe to eat if you do not mind the slightly gritty texture. I can assure you that it tastes very pleasant!


For intensive moisturizing


Collect for yourself one cucumber, some fresh leaves of the aloe vera plant (the best are found in Nujel’m), some yoghurt, a root of ginseng, cornflour and some cocoa butter.


Peel and grate the cucumber until it is what may be described as mushy. Press as much of the thick sap as possible from the aloe leaves and add this sap to the cucumber. Finely grate also the ginseng and add that along with the yoghurt. Mix well and when you have a smooth liquid, beat in the cocoa butter and cornflour until the mixture is a light and fluffy cream.


Spread a generous amount of the cream over your face and neck, rubbing in gently. Wipe off the excess but with a soft dry cloth, do not rinse it off with water. Leave overnight and you will find your skin smooth and soft in the morning.


This also does not last more than a few days, but I cannot recommend using any excess as food. It is not harmful but the taste is much less pleasant!


A bientôt, mes amis!




Quickly Noted



As you may or may not have heard, the former Vesper Militia reformed into an army proper which, we assume, is an only legitimate step if you plan to wage wars in foreign lands. Along with this change in titles came a change in uniforms to an ominous red and black.


You will understand how surprised we were to read in Bertram’s Guide to Guilds (available in every well-stocked library) that red over black are the colours of the venerable Federation of Thieves and Beggars. Or, when set up in checkers, the colours of the most honoured Guild of Assassins. Curious coincidence? Rare case of insight and self-awareness? Prophetic sign for times to come? Or just a blind followup on the colours of the Knights and Mages of Kha, a long dead and gone sect of doubtful morale and purpose?


One can only guess…




The Hor®o®scope for June

(by Cassandre d'Troi)


June - Ming (the Mongbat)

The stars are suggesting some strange portents this month. Expect some interesting changes in your working life, when your current manager is replaced by someone from the darker phases of existence. My understanding is that Shadow Lords thrive on constant conflict, so the office is not going to be a peaceful place for a while.


July - Leon (the Sphynx)

Llamas should be avoided this month. And muffins.


August - Fead (the Troll)

Assuming you survived last month, this month is relatively calm. The infestation of vampire bats in your back garden may provide some attention-grabbing moments for you, but otherwise your life will be fairly tedious.


September - Deck (the Ant Lion)

The ogre who moved in next door recently is likely to start a quarrel over that boundary fence you moved. You should have known you were chancing it. However, around the middle of the month things look up for you, as he will be distracted by the baby lava lizards that follow you home after a hunting expedition. Tip: next time, don’t kill the mother.


October - Whisky (the Rat)

It would probably be a good idea to give that undead slayer sword away this month, as you wouldn’t want to cut yourself accidentally after the 15th, or maybe 16th. Any silver you have lying around should be safely hidden, and sharpened wooden stakes should be removed from easy reach. Also I recommend clearing the garlic out of your garden.


November - Puff (the Magic Dragon)

This is going to be a much more exciting month for you. Around the 10th of the month you will get caught in a massive storm and be lost for several days. As a result of the soaking you will probably get pneumonia, but not badly. You will recover in time to be caught up in a major earthquake that’s waiting for you on or around the 25th.


December - Theseus (the Minotaur)

It would be beneficial to ensure you’re on good terms with your friends and neighbours this month. You seem to have offended one or more gods, and the resultant plagues of locusts, flies, blood, sheep and demons are not going to make life easy.


January - Dontfear (the Reaper)

Last month’s Titan stampede leads to some interesting consequences this month. Unfortunately the stars were not able to supply any definite details, so you will just have to wait and see. (There were some vague hints – if any of you would like to write in and let me know what happens, it would perhaps help to clear my inner eye.)


February - Vlad (the Vampire Bat)

Expect some fun and excitement this month when you go on holiday and meet plenty of fresh stimulation in strange places. I recommend taking some good armour and weapons with you, however, or plenty of reagents and a good spellbook. Exciting does not equal safe.


March - Frosty (the Snow Elemental)

This month sees you surrounded by the threat of poison, and it looks as though giant snakes in particular are going to haunt you, given the particular planetary conjunctions that pertain to your stars this month. Don’t leave home without plenty of orange potions. Come to think of it, keep them with you at home too.


April - Shrek (the Ogre)

A month filled with romance and sweet dreams is in the stars, but sadly it’s going to bypass you again. However, if you go hunting in the orc caves I can guarantee some resounding victories.*


May - Mat (the Daemon)

Unlike those born under the sign of Shrek, this is definitely your month for romance. Someone you thought of only as a colleague is going to start meaning a lot more to you, and things will potentially develop very fast. However, be careful as many people have hidden secrets in their past, including you. Honesty may not be the best policy.


* For the orcs.


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Tuesday, 16th Day of June



Special Victory Edition!


From your temporary editor, Jolie Richesse


Dear readers, our usual editor Pierre Le Canard decided to take this time of all times to be sick, or perhaps go on holiday, I am not sure. In any case he is not here. And what events he has missed!! I assure you, he will most definitely be kicking himself from here to Vesper and back!


Today we present for you a special Victory Edition, in which we shall show you the entire week’s vital moments!


Firstly, on Monday, Van Cocidius again led most excitingly his exploration into Ilshenar, where were found many brigands hiding in the town of Mistas. Once defeated, a journal was found dropped on the floor which pointed to them having kidnapped Commander Nathan Hawke! Moreover, it proved beyond doubt that the self-proclaimed King Casca was precisely responsible!!!


From that, on Thursday, a most dramatic rescue of the beloved Commander was led by none other than our own distinguished Duke!


Next, most clearly and directly as a result of our Duke’s remarkable ability to bring people together in amity, a display formerly unprecedented of tolerance and unity in Yew! The intended conference on Saturday to discuss the joint threats of Casca and Vesper became suddenly a joint conference including Vesper, talking of united action against Casca!!


And on the very next day, the whole of our land of Sosaria rose up in arms against this so foul usurper!! The city of Britain has been most splendidly liberated!! The coward Casca has fled into hiding!! Surely the date of 14th June will forever be remembered as one of the most magnificent and glorious of days ever to be seen in these lands!!!


Yet again, on Monday, our reinstated Commander led us all – still united – again to the orc mines. There after a tremendous battle the orcs were most thoroughly destroyed!! Thanks must go of course to the eminent alchemists of Trinsic who worked night and day to produce the strongest of explosives for this most vital task!


Mes amis, I do believe we are living in very momentous days of history! And each of us has a part to play, no matter of the most small or the most great! Naturally our so wonderful city of Trinsic, with our inspiring and illustrious Duke, shall be in the forefront as always!


[Note from typesetters: enough with the exclamation marks, we are running out.]



Comment - the immediate future



For now, Britain is liberated. The search for the usurper must now begin – all we can say at present is that he has not been seen in any of the cities.


At least the citizens of Britain can breathe a sigh of relief for now. Forces from the united army will reside in the city for a while, to ensure that the coward Casca cannot try to return. Nevertheless, vigilance is needed everywhere, not just to find Casca, but to guard against his hirelings. As Commander Hawke warned, they may yet be sent out to wreak revenge.


Trinsic shall of course open its doors to any refugees who have fled the horrific depredations of Casca and his hired brigands. Medical care is freely available at the Trinsic Cottage Hospital, with no charge. The orphanage will take in any children in need, and the largesse of the Duke extends also to free accommodation in Trinsic’s inns for those made homeless during this war.


Over the next few days, however, there will be entertainment and celebrations provided for all in Britain. Tonight the famed Trinsic Fight Night will transfer to Castle British for any who wish to take part. Tomorrow, the town of Yew is arranging a “Fancy Dress Brawl” in the Cat’s Lair Tavern. And on Thursday, we have heard rumours of games being organised, although no details were available when we went to press.



An artist’s sketches of the expedition to Ilshenar (Monday 8th June)


Bloody footprints were found at the moongate.




These were tracked deep into Ilshenar.




In Mistas, many brigands were found.




And one dropped the crucial document.





Here be dragons (Thursday 11th June)



Following the terrible discovery in Ilshenar, and the failure of King Casca to make any reply to his letter, our Duke made the so bold decision to finally declare himself against this usurping pretender. Thus he initiated a search for Commander Nathan Hawke.


Knowing that the Commander has become highly regarded by all peoples, in hope the Duke issued a notice to all parts of the land. And his hope was most splendidly fulfilled – a great host answered his call, from Yew, from Vesper, from Cove, from Skara Brae, from Britain, indeed all corners of the land! Everyone was united in the desire to find the beloved Commander.


By great good fortune, the Lady Hannah was able to tell of a mysterious dream she had (of which I will discuss more in a later edition), regarding a cave in a mountain, with fire and streams of lava.


Led therefore by the Duke, the brave adventurers essayed a trip to the Chaos gate in Ilshenar – and believe me, mes amis, this is a most well named place! The mountain and streams of lava were indeed found, but Hannah did not feel it was right. And there was no sign of the Commander, only a strange beast appearing like a huge demon, but who seemed to know of the Commander.


Thus the way was made to the Honor gate instead, and when was found a volcano, and a cave of most gigantic fire-breathing dragons surrounded by streams of boiling lava, Hannah became of a certainty that this was the place of her dream.


And so indeed it proved, dear readers! The noble Commander, most grievously cut and burned but still by the grace of all gods alive, was found deep inside the cave. This naturally required much brave combat with the ancient wyrms which infested the place, but of course this united army was ready and willing.


He was taken from that terrible place to a secret location – although I can now reveal that it was the healers of Yew – and there he addressed us briefly, proclaiming that the rebellion against Casca had started in this place, before falling into a deep and it is to be hoped restful sleep.



United at last – at least for now (Saturday 13th June)



On Saturday, representatives from the whole of Sosaria came together to discuss the rebellion against Casca. It was notable that Duke Irvyn’s relaxed confidence showed a marked contrast with Captain Bladius Dart of Yew, who seemed nervous, unable even to sit still in his chair.


Then again, perhaps this could be explained by the Yewish agreeing to sit at table and talk with at least a semblance of cooperation with Vesperians, Covians, elves, and sundry other representatives of all that the somewhat insular and bigoted peasantry of Yew hate so much. Duke Irvyn, of course, has far more experience in diplomacy of the highest order, and indeed might be considered directly responsible for everyone agreeing to work together.


Commander Nathan Hawke, thankfully recovering well from the wounds sustained during his kidnapping, was able to be present. He was fully supportive of the decision taken: to raise a united army from all present, in order to retake the city of Britain and, if possible, to capture Casca himself and bring him to trial (though this was apparently viewed as contentious with a number calling for immediate execution. However, the point is moot for now, as Casca has not been captured).


Discussion turned briefly to the next steps. Who fills the void (no pun intended) left by deposing Casca? It was largely agreed that a new Royal Council should be chosen, this time by election from the citizens of Sosaria. (It is the Beacon’s opinion that Commander Nathan Hawke should - and indeed probably will - be appointed as the head of the Council, by general acclamation.)


Sadly, Vesper refused to take part in such a Council, thus the dream of uniting the lands must for now remain just that.



All your base are belong to us (Sunday 14th June)



Probably one of the greatest armies Sosaria has ever seen gathered at Stonekeep in readiness for the assault on Britain. People were there from all the land, from Yew, Vesper, Cove, Skara Brae, Britain, Trinsic, and all points far and wide.


Trinsic's advance scouts were able to warn of Casca's brigands waiting at the western pass, and also managed to penetrate Lord Blackthorn's castle and confirm that the usurper had already fled. Medical supplies were additionally sent ahead.




The forces from the Duchy of Trinsic, with the Duke himself at their head, joined with the Knights Templar, the Skara Braens, the Vesperians and the Bloodguard to advance on Britain from the north east. Commander Nathan Hawke also accompanied this group.


There was a mighty host of brigands waiting on the main road, and more of their fellows poured in to hinder the approach as much as possible. But after heavy fighting the brigands were finally routed and the combined force advanced into the city. There were some injuries amongst the army, but no recorded casualties.




It is notable that the ordinary town guards, unlike Casca's "Royal" guards, were happy to help fight off any brigands who dared to enter the city limits. The Duke reported seeing one of the Royal Guards apparently commanding the brigands, but, like his master Casca, the cowardly dog soon turned tail and ran.


After further checking of Lord Blackthorn's castle (with no resistance from the remaining Royal Guards in the vicinity) and checking that the streets were free from any remaining brigands, the victorious army gathered in the throne room of Castle British. There Commander Hawke addressed them briefly, and then all dispersed to prepare for the next day's final assault on the orcs.





The mines are mined (Monday 15th June)



Again the great united army gathered, this time in Britain, and was led by Commander Hawke to the orc mines. There was fierce fighting against wave after wave of ferocious orcs, but the army won through to the final secret cave.




Here they faced the toughest challenge yet, as from the moment they entered the cavern they faced massed ranks of orc mages with every possible protective spell wound about them. This caused great problems initially, with the Duke narrowly escaping death on at least one occasion.


However, once enough of the army had penetrated to the cavern, the orcs were swiftly defeated. The seed pods were burned with liquid fire, and then explosives were placed at strategic points around the caves, as directed by the Yewish sappers (naturally the Yewish would know all about destruction). Leaving the explosives timed to go off, the army swiftly exited the caves and returned to Britain, where after a brief speech by Commander Hawke, each dispersed to rest and recover.




I am happy to report that the Duke is recovering well from the minor injuries sustained during the episode. I am sure he feels his bruises and burns are a small price to pay for the ending of the (admittedly uncertain) threat from the orcs and their seedpods. It remains to be seen what counter strike will be launched by the necromancer Mericles, who like Casca is still at large.






The Trinsic Beacon seeks full or part time staff to assist in its endeavours to spread truth and joy around the world! Poor Etienne l’Ennuyer is terribly overworked, and I, Jolie, have so little time in my ever-busy schedule. We seek contributions from any reporter, essayist, or artist, whether as a single contribution or many, all will be most gratefully received! My utmost thanks in advance, mes amis!

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Monday, 6th Day of July





Dorat Captured for Trial



The career of former Commander of the Royal Guard Dorat was an ambitious but luckless one. Having barked up the wrong tree, he and his army are now facing charges of high treason, treason, various cases of murder, assault and kidnapping. They are deemed responsible for these attrocities while following the orders of the usurper to the Throne of Britannia, the now fleeing Casca. On Thursday the guardforce of the Duchy of Trinsic, with the assistance of a delegation of paladins and several other citizens of Britannia managed to apprehend Dorat while he was attempting to prepare a large-scale attack on the villages of Yew and the militia headquarters in Stonekeep. After scattering Dorat’s army of brigands, the commander himself was dragged out of hiding and to a cell in Trinsic, where he is to be put on trial on Sunday, the 12th day of July.


From the office of Duke Irvyn Middlethorn we hear that his Grace himself will fill the role of the judge in that case, but that the decision over guilt and innocence shall be made by an independent jury consisting of Citizens of Britiannia.






Keeping an Eye Out





Tonight, One Eyed Pete and a fleet of brigand ships were caught green-handedly as they were poisoning the waters around Skara Brae with great amounts of poison, killing a large number of fish and risking the lives of the citizens and visitors to that town. While investigating the dead fish, the party found a clue leading them to the coordinates at which the fleet was anchored. A lengthy and bloody sea battle ensued, in which many were wounded by the formidable Juka archers that the brigands employed to keep the defenders of Skara Brae at bay. In the end, the brigands were defeated and One Eyed Pete, during an attempt to swim to the shore, was run over by a ship and might have drowned.




Another clue was found by Van’s Ilshenar Expedition, who discovered a short missive from Mericles:


Wings at the mount.





Yew (B)eaten.



Our most honoured readers may excuse the tasteless pun, but this bit of news is a rather gruesome and difficult one to report.


After the mysterious disappearance of Captain Dart’s wife, Tanya Dart, her corpse had been found washed up on the shores of Cove. But as if this were not hard enough a blow for the good citizens of Yew, the caravan sent out to transport the mortal remains of Lady Dart back to yewish lands was slaughtered by vesperian forces, who apparently felt threatened by the presence of yewish troops in their territory. It would seem that the simple solutions, such as asking questions first, did not occur to the somewhat overeager vesperian soldiers, who instead proceeded right on to the killing of the yewish and covian escort, vanquishing the surprised and grief-stricken mourners in but a few minutes of fighting.


While this is no more than the normal madness to be witness in the north and not worth a report in itself, the story manages to become even more bizarre, for the casket with the remains of poor Lady Dart was apparently either set on fire or fell victim to some explosives employed by either side. Even worse, numerous citizens of Cove and Yew claimed during interviews that chancellor Escaflowne himself as well as marshall Damien and Devante, later declared with certain amounts of pride to have eaten from what must by then have been the charred remains of the corpse. Our reporters could not find out whether this was supposed to be a calculated insult, general idiocy combined with an inability to tell edible meat from the other kind or (and for once we dearly hope that this is the case) another round of propaganda.




Uncollegial Behaviour



It would seem like the colleagues of the Collegium favour some rather uncollegial behaviour, at least towards some of the realm’s cities. While they pretend to be honest citizens and scholars in Yew, where they appear to conduct some kind of weapon research, they overtly attacked high ranked citizens and leaders of Cove in a series of failed assassination attempts meant to target the baron himself along with some of the military leaders and even their wives. According to the covian army all attacks were repelled and none of the targets were seriously injured. The Beacon was further told that the Collegium previously attempted to scam Baron Octovious by means of some forged contract that they tried to force upon him.


A clerk of the Duchy Guard told the Beacon that up until now the Collegium had not attempted anything vastly unlawful in Trinsic yet, merely being a minor nuisance for the guards on duty.









Trinsic Campus nearing Completition


Dear Readers, your Trinsic Beacon team is especially proud to announce to you today that the construction work for the new Trinsic Campus is nearly complete. The finished venue will house a theatre and exhibition room, a public library and study hall as well as the Beacon Offices. As soon as we have a date and time for the opening celebrations set we would be most honoured to welcome you at these new premises.




Save the Last Dance



The dance with Death is a commonplace institution in many works of art and poetry, but for a wealthy merchant of Jhelom this fantasy became a short but intense reality as he ended his life during a private performance by a dancer from Nujel’m. Despite the naturally appearing suspicions the captain of the guard ensured us that even after a “long and intensive” questioning there would be no doubt in the “integrity of such a fine and strapping young lass”.


Shortly after, the widow was arrested on the charges of assault after she attacked the brother of the deceased, who apparently suggested the dancer perform as a last farewell at the funeral. The Beacon had acquired a picture of the dancer in question, but it mysteriously disappeared before it could go to the press.



The Farmer’s Guide (Summer Edition)



Welcome landowners to this new category that is bound to give yer fields and gardens a second spring, just incase they missed the first one due to the uncut grass that was blocking out the sun. Do not miss these wonderful tips and turn your little cut of good Britannian soil into a paradise (which does NOT mean to make it a place where all the dead things go).


  • July and August are the mating season for mongbats. If your neighbourhood suffers from the lovesick little buggers be sure to keep buckets of cold water around and do not eat onions. Mongbat nests can be removed with a gentle poke, in which case they will fall apart. And remember: absolutely no onions, unless you are –really- desperate for a date.
  • The tedious work of cutting the lawn can be avoided by purchasing sheep. Note that these, too, have mating season. In case of overpopulation apply small amounts of wolves.
  • If the compost heap moves around avoid contact and purchase a guide for dealing with bog things. Do not feed!
  • Bonsai plants are a must for any garden with style. They also take an incredible amount of work to wire, unwire, bend, break, cut, trim, shape, mend, water, dry and whatever else the silly little things need doing. The morale: style is for those rich enough to have a gardener.
  • Many exciting new plants and seeds have led to an influx in hobby gardeners. Avoid contact or, if unavoidable, treat with disdain.
  • Careless handling has led to an outbreak of zoogi fungi. Eat onions to avoid infection by poisonous spores.
  • Do not fall for fraudal advertisements. Reapers end your life, not just your boredom.
  • Dried walrus and dragon droppings still make the best fertiliser. Apply generously. One walrus last for one acre of garden or half an acre of forest.
  • Roses suffer from heat in the summer. Provide shade and fan continuously.
  • Cheap wholesale offers of Yewish agricultural products should be treated with care. Note: the blight is never fully extinct.
  • Heartwood is a cheap alternative for home owners. In merely four generations your grand grand children will be able to build their first house amongst the branches. Consult neighbours to avoid arguments about overhanging branches.


That is all for this time and always remember: true gardeners suffer. Enjoyment is gained only from stylish gardens.


On an OOC note:


Keep up to date about events in, around and with the Duchy of Trinsic with these exciting new ways of communication! *squeals*


The Duchy on Facebook!


And the Ducks Twitter, too!


And even as RSS Feed. (If you have no more idea than I did what that is just click the link, it won't bite...)


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Monday, 13th Day of July



Trial of Dorat Becomes Trial for All



Yesterday, the more than inept jury effectively prevented a continuation of the trial of former Commander Dorat, who stands accused of several charges that might lead to his execution. Mere minutes after the opening speech of the Templar Taggart, who spoke for the accused, parts of the jury decided that the sound of their own voice was more important than a lawful trial and they began a discussion that led to the premature end of the first day of the trial. Once it became clear that the jury was extremely prejudiced and obviously incapable of listening to the statements of either party, the judge, Duke Irvyn Middlethorn of Trinsic himself, called for a continuation of the trial on Monday evening. A clerk from the Duke’s office later explained that the legal procedures for exchanging the parts of the jury that prevented a continuation of the trial are currently being considered.


The Beacon will present a special edition for each day of the trial, to keep you, our honoured readers, informed about each new turn in this important process.




Research Beacon – Interview



PLC: In order to help our readers understand the complicated legal circumstances of former commander Dorat’s trial we have secured an interview with Professor Dorian Abronsius, former head of Umbra University and lector at Spiritwood University.


PA: Oh, only once or twice. At Spiritwood, that is.


PLC: Thank you for your time, Professor. Now, the trial seems to have come to a lockdown concerning the question of whether Casca is indeed the current king of Britannia or not. What is your stance on this, from a legal point of view?


PA: Not so hasty, young man. Not so hasty. It is my firm opinion, that said question is of no further importance to the trial at large, nor to the individual charges laid down against Dorat.


PLC: Would you explain that, Professor?


PA: I would, if I were given half a chance. Now, the question is not whether Casca is king or not, but whether Dorat, at the time that he was made commander of the royal guard, was in a position to have doubts concerning Casca’s claims to the throne. The royal army is not merely a tool, it is a weapon that is yielded only for the sake of the kingdom and its people. Now, by the time that the lad was made commander, the entirety of the kingdom had already turned its back on Casca. There was no legitimation for his ascend to the throne whatsoever. Each of the individual city states had made it clear that they had had no hand in said choice and that they were not supporting him. There was no trace of a council, no proof as to whether or not they exist at all. The realm was in turmoil. A commander of an army as important as the Royal Army must consider such aspects before obeying commands and…


PLC: So you are saying that commands in an army are open to discussion and personal interpretation, Professor?


PA: What? No. No, of course not. The average soldier… well… let us say, they are not paid to think, yes? But the high command is beyond the ranks where blind obedience is an option. In the same way in which the guard asks for a password to confirm the identity of a messenger the high command has the duty to ensure that their commands are from a valid member of the government, in this case, the king. Had Dorat considered all the facts publically available at the time then he must have had doubts concerning the validity of Casca’s claims. Then there is the nature of the commands he had been given. Attack citizens of the realm, harm women and children, fight side by side with the spawn of the Abyss? Even the dimmest star in the sky must have become suspicious by then. More so, Lord British based the kingdom on the virtues just so that the people would always have a moral guidance to base their actions on in…


PLC: An interesting theory, Profes…


PA: Nonsense! Not a theory, legal facts. If a stranger demands anything of me, then I have to make sure that he is within his authority to do so. Especially when the demand is to kill women and children.


PLC: Yes yes, I think you made that sufficiently clear now. But, Professor, if you were judge and jury combined, what sentence would you set?


PA: Oh, me? Ah, to throw around with things like treason is a bit high in this case. The poor sod was undoubtedly chosen for his inability to think properly and the riches and power heaped on him will have snuffed out the last bits of common sense he had left. The boy is a soldier and he should never have been given such a command. I would think a few years in prison with continuous education and community work to help him see the error of his ways sound like a virtuous and fair punishment.


PLC: Thank you for your time, Professor.






Casca Fails to Raid Luna



Several of the people we interviewed seemed vaguely uncertain on whether this was good or bad news, but the facts are that an attack led by Casca and his ‘beast’ was repelled by a concentrated force of defenders from all corners of Sosaria. Even without a coordinated command the attackers charging all of the four gates were defeated and thrown back (in some cases into the void); though a small commotion appeared when some of the supposed defenders tried to torch some of the buildings of Luna themselves.


During the battle, both Casca and the ‘beast’ managed to escape, though the latter confused some of the defenders with vague and bizarre tales of old knights and orders, hinting that it had been a knight himself, once. As such, its hatred seemed to turn against the templars, which it swore to haunt and kill as revenge for wrongs it supposedly suffered. The Beacon is still investigating these accounts.






Britannia’s Food Supplies in Danger?



The forces under Casca’s influence have turned to a new strategy, which is to starve out the citizens of Britannia. After the waters around the island of Skara Brae had been poisoned during the last week, disrupting the work of one of Britannia’s biggest fishing fleets, new attempts have been made in Britain and Vesper.


In Britain, all the fields and crops were torched by Casca’s followers, leaving the citizens on the brink of starvation. While the trinsician fleet with supplies reached the harbour unchallenged (possibly due to the destruction of Casca’s fleet near Skara Brae) the help and food caravans from Yew met heavy resistance in the pass leading to Britain. With the combined strength of several towns however the packhorses reached their destination and the food was distributed amongst the taverns of Britain to be passed on to the already queuing and hungry people.


In the meantime, Vesperian forces struggled to counter an attack on their food supplies, which were apparently poisoned. The citizen Olk Samsca and the staff of the Swagger’s Inn explained to the Beacon that the poisoned food had been destroyed and that nobody had been harmed by this attack. At least nobody important. (quote) Overall, the food supplies of the town are now guarded and no shortage is expected.








Dead Men need no Gold…



…so what better way to spend it than by gambling in a casino? During our usual rounds our surprised reporter stumbled over the Dead Man’s Hands Casino in Cove, which apparently opened not too long ago. According to the barkeeper, the casino opens every Saturday Night to offer a variety of different games, drinks and entertainment to the paying (or hopefully occasionally winning) customers.





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Tuesday, 14th Day of July

Trial Edition



Desperate Defense



Yesterday saw the second part of the Trial of former commander Dorat, this time with a new jury after the obviously incapable and prejudiced members had been removed in order to allow for fair and correct proceedings. Due to this necessary step the court was finally able to begin the actual hearing of witnesses and to evaluate the presented evidence.


However, this time the trial was thoroughly ridiculed and turned into a test for the nerves of all attendants when the new addition to the defendants of Dorat (most likely due to a lack of any real strategy or evidence) began to deliberately lie and twist the words of all the witnesses presented to the court. Only due to the diligent recordkeeping of the court scribe Haphazard Scrawl and the judge was it possible to retain an amount of truth in face of the shameless lies and exploits of the defending knights templars.


Despite this blatant sabotage two witnesses managed to make their statements and we have compiled the most interesting scenes of the day (together with the opening words of the judge) for you to follow.




Opening Statement – Judge Irvyn Middlethorn, Duke of Trinsic


Judge Irvyn Middlethorn: The second trial of Dorat will therefore commence. Before the charges, I will make a brief statement. Yesterday the proceedings degenerated into a discussion of the legitimacy or otherwise of the self-proclaimed king Casca. Whilst that is indeed something that must one day be determined, today is not that day; Dorat is on trial, not Casca.


Further, this trial is taking place in Trinsic under Trinsic Law. Therefore, the scope of the trial will be narrowed to crimes committed specifically against Trinsic.


The charges are that you (Dorat) conspired with others to commit treason against the city and Duchy of Trinsic; that on the 28th of June you committed said treason by leading an attack on the city in company with Balrons and brigands; and that on the same day you assaulted, kidnapped and unlawfully imprisoned citizens of Trinsic. Do you plead guilty or not guilty?


Former commander Dorat: Not guilty




Statement of Witness Sparrow


Prosecutor Nico Viechamalli: Lord Sparrow here will bear witness to the events of 28th June.


Witness Sparrow: Well I was present at the attack and I will answer as required. I saw the attack at the West gate by brigands and (at) the South gate by Demons. These forces were the king’s and attacking Trinsic.


Defendant Hebrind Kelter: You were present at the attack on 28th June - and you say you saw the armies attacking.


Witness Sparrow: Aye.


Defendant Hebrind Kelter: Tell me, what units did you see attacking? You mention demons.


Witness Sparrow: Brigands Juka Lords Balrons


Defendant Hebrind Kelter: So by your own admission, you didn't see my client, Mr Dorat at the battlefield, or anywhere in the vicinity?


Witness Sparrow: You are unlikely to see the Commander of an army in the front line


Defendant Hebrind Kelter: Indeed - so you didn't see him. In fact, you only saw the demons, Juka Lords and Balrons you were intent on fighting. Is that correct, Mr Sparrow?


Witness Sparrow: That is so.


Defendant Hebrind Kelter: To conclude, Mr Dorat was nowhere to be seen?


Witness Sparrow: I can only say that I never saw him.


Defendant Hebrind Kelter: Thank you. No further questions, your honour,




Statement of Witness Calvin


Prosecutor Nico Viechamalli: Please would you state your name and occupation for the record?


Witness Calvin: Uh, me name is Calvin, sir. And I is a fisherman here in Trinsic.


Prosecutor Nico Viechamalli: Thank you. You are doing very well, very well indeed. Tell me, do you remember Sunday the 28th of June?


Witness Calvin: Um. That been the day where there was war, aye?


Prosecutor Nico Viechamalli: Indeed it was. And what did you see?


Witness Calvin: Aye, then I do. Lots. Nothing much at first, really. Them guards make sure us is all inside walls and away from it. And it been... uh... quite merry, too. What with a lot of the lads around being bored and waiting. Thens the fighting comes nearer, so we hears swords ringing and screams and all and all goes a little testy.


Defendant Hebrind Kelter: Testy? Explain.


Witness Calvin: Stand at the door with some clubs n all. Never know who comes in, aye? So, ol Harland been behind the door with that club o' his. And me swears there ain't a soul in town what gets past him, but then door flies open and it ain't a soul, but some... thing *makes gestures with arms* Like like a daemon, but nay red, cause it was more... grey?


Prosecutor Nico Viechamalli: They are called balrons, but we know about them.


Witness Calvin: An an it just beat ol Harland dead with is own club and it was horrid, really.


Prosecutor Nico Viechamalli: It must have been terrible for you. What happened next?


Witness Calvin: Then it shoos us all out and into the road and there be more of em and they ... well, ems just pick us up in one and twos, see, and em fly up and over the wall and me nearly got sick, what with being scared and all the bouncing.


Prosecutor Nico Viechamalli: Indeed... and was anyone else there?


Witness Calvin: And then that guy in the armour is there too, on the wall, and he tells em things to take us through a gate like and then all was dark and dank and there be wet bricks but me nay saw well in there. Me hears the others in the dark, what with the women crying and all and it stay dark for lots of time and suddenly there is shouting and soldiers and all and fighting again and torches and we is dragged back out. I nay really knew what to think, so me just walked along till someone said to go home, then me ran.


Prosecutor Nico Viechamalli: A terrible tale, and I am sure we are all pleased to see you back safely. Just to be absolutely clear, is the man in armour in here today?


Witness Calvin: But not all was back safely, me knows that. Um, aye. *points at Dorat*


Defendant Nico Viechamalli: And you are certain of that?


Witness Calvin: Aye, me is good with faces.



(Note from the editor: the defendants of Dorat had a chance to question the witness Calvin, but the majority of statements was ruled out by the court due to objections and the twisting of words by the defendants. The Beacon therefore decided not to print these attempts at twisting the truth.)


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Saturday, 18th Day of July

Trial Edition



The Last Night?



Tonight might indeed be the last night for former commander Dorat as his trial for crimes against the Duchy of Trinsic and its allies comes to a conclusion. Statements from the Duke’s office indicate that justice in Trinsic is supposed to be swift, meaning that a death sentence might be executed immediately.


Observers and legal experts agree that Dorat is likely to be found guilty. His own admissions shocked the audience and the defendants made some grievous mistakes out of their lacking knowledge of the Trinsic law.


To keep you informed about the proceedings we offer to you the full testimony of Dorat as well as the concerned laws in question. Another special edition of the Beacon on Monday will cover the end of the trial.





Dorat’s Statement


Accused Dorat: I am Dorat, Commander of the Royal Guard


Defendant Taggart: Did Casca bring you into the Royal Guard when he allegedly became king?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: No, not until later. Sir Hawke was first appointed Commander of the Royal Guard. I took over from him on the 1st of June.


Taggart: but you had served in the guard before becoming commander?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: For 14 years


Taggart: so you have served the Kingsom for many years


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: Yes


Taggart: And have you have been in trouble during your service?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: Nay, I have an outstanding service record. I wouldn't have been Commander otherwise


Taggart: Very well. During the 28th june did you strike anyone or threaten anyone with harm that could be classed as assault?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: I was leading an army. So in the heat of battle, yes I did strike several soldiers down.


Taggart: And where they defenseless?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: They were soliers. Well armed


Taggart: So would you class that as Assault?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: I would class that as the normal proceedings of a battle


Taggart: Which correct me if I am wrong your not being charged with


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: *shrugs* I don't think so.


Nico Viechamalli: Excuse me sir...another witness.


Taggart: did you illegaly remove anyone from the City of Trinsic?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: I did not


Taggart: Prosecution’s witness.





Nico Viechamalli: Mr Dorat, I believe you admitted to leading the army against Trinsic on 28th June?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: I did


Nico Viechamalli: The balrons, and the brigands - you commanded them?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: No, the Daemons were commanded by The Beast


Nico Viechamalli: But it was a coordinated attack?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: It was. As ordered by Lord Casca


Nico Viechamalli: So there must have been some plotting going on. Where is the proof that it was ordered by Casca?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: Lord Casca is the King sir. All large militairy actions are ordered by him


Nico Viechamalli: That is not proof, only speculation.


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: If you would permit me to return to the castle I could present you with written orders


Nico Viechamalli: Do you have written orders, protocols, rules? I see ... and yet in the note found outside the gate discussing the attack there is no indication that Casca was even aware of it.


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: He is the King! Of course he is aware....


Nico Viechamalli: So he is ordering demons to attack his citizens? To the matter of the kidnapped citizens then. This court has heard three witnesses who described citizens being taken away by you. With very positive identifications. Do you admit that you did this?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: I do


Nico Viechamalli: And were they unwilling to go with you?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: They were.


Nico Viechamalli: And were they happy to stay where you trapped *coughs* took them?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: They were hostages, they weren't supposed to enjoy themselves


Nico Viechamalli: I see. So... you admit that you attacked Trinsic in alliance with demons and you kidnapped a group of defenseless citizens and attempted to hold them in a rather unpleasant place?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: Those were Lord Casca's orders


Nico Viechamalli: Alas, I regret that Casca was not present. It is your actions we are considering. You led the attack, did you not?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: I led my battalions


Nico Viechamalli: They were not your normal troops, were they?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: Soldiers come and go. That's the nature of the profession


Nico Viechamalli: You stayed for 14 years. Are you so unusual?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: I am not a soldiers


Nico Viechamalli: Are you not?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: I am the commander!


Nico Viechamalli: And I am sure you have been a good one. Do you look after your troops?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: Not individually. That is their respective luitenants task


Nico Viechamalli: But overall, you have responsibility for them?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: I am their commander... So yes


Nico Viechamalli: So you ordered them to attack Trinsic in company with demons but did not give them any armour or decent weapons?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: The troops that attack trinsic were mostly new recruits. They have to prove their worth before we issue them expensive armour


Nico Viechamalli: So you sent raw recruits against the most heavily fortified city in the whole of Britannia?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: I was ordered to do so


Nico Viechamalli: I fear your claim to be a good commander really does not add up. But as you have admitted to attacking, kidnapping, and unlawful imprisonment.


Taggart: Objection. Assumption of Facts as it unlaw imprisonment


Irvyn: He did admit to leading the attack, and to taking the citizens and imprisoning them.


Taggart: but never that it was illegal


Nico Viechamalli: Oh? And how so?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: The citizens of Trinsic openly defied Lord Casca. An act of treason against the crown.


Nico Viechamalli: But that is not at issue here. What is at issue is that you personally led an army here with the intent to overthrow the Duke as shown in the note of the conspiracy, and you took citizens and held them against their will which is unlawful imprisonment.


Taggart: Objection. Assumption of Facts. That the note was from Dorat


Nico Viechamalli: Not at all. The note merely proves that there was a conspiracy to attack Trinsic. Since Dorat freely confesses to leading this attack he must have been aware of the conspiracy. In point of fact, it is unlikely that he wrote it. As it refers to a commanding officer and he is adamant that this was himself and the note is not written by the officer.


Irvyn: It would be good if you could comment on Mr Viechamalli's observsation.


Nico Viechamalli: You were the commanding officer, were you not?


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: I told you before..


Nico Viechamalli: Please say it again, just for the record.


Dorat Royal Guard Commander: I am Dorat, Commander of the Royal Guard





Statement of Witness Floria Tenne


Floria Tenne: Well I was amidst the attacks at the South gate with many others. Doing what I do best... observing whilst lending a hand with fighting off the attacks. I noticed a gathering of Civilians on the roof of the building beside south gate. I ventured up there, in the hope of calming them down and ushering them to safety. When I arrived at the top of the building "Commander" Dorat was there amongst them, and wash herding them into one of those blue portals. Shouting at them.


Nico Viechamalli: Did they go willingly?


Floria Tenne: He appeared to be using force


Nico Viechamalli: And were these soldiers or civilians?


Floria Tenne: Civilians. Trinsicans I'd say from their attire and accents.


Nico Viechamalli: A most concise description, thank you. Mr. Taggart, do you have any questions for my witness?


Taggart: Just one. Did you see me Dorat harm the civillans?


Floria Tenne: He was shouting and demanding they enter the gate. Whilst wearing armor and appearing threatening. So I guess it depends on your opinion of the word harming.


Hebrind Kelter: I suppose that is your definition of "Force"...?


Floria Tenne: Physically, no. Mentally? Emotionally? Yes. You can force someone to do something in many ways.


Hebrind Kelter: Indeed. So... He had no accomplices?


Floria Tenne: And I believe Lord Taggart is the prosecution. So take your seat as requested by the judge?


Hebrind Kelter: Or I could stand here like I did yesterday and help second-chair... Maa'm.


Taggart: But he could of been moving them for their own safety.


Floria Tenne: The civilians ended up in a dungeon, with worse things than what was in Trinsic and without the safety of guards. That's not for their safety.




Closing Statement of the Defendant


Taggart: I am ready for my closing statement. On the charges of Treason the prosecution has said very little. I must remind the jury that treason is committed against the government or a nation and Trinsic is not a nation it is just a part of the kingdom. And for Dorat to be guilty of treason then it most be proven that Casca is not the King. For the kidnapping charge…


Judge Irvyn Middlethorn: You should acquaint yourself with the law a little better. But please continue.


Taggart: …it would need to be proven that Dorat acted illegally. Maybe if he was just a brigand he would be but he is following orders from his king and nation. And as for assault all he did was take part in battle with guards who were trained for it. Which is not what assault is about. His action are more akin to pillaging. So in summary where as Dorat may be guilty of crimes the ones this court was brought up against him he is not guilty of.




Closing Statement of the Prosecution


Nico Viechamalli: Your Grace, my lords, ladies and gentlemen. You have heard from those who saw the defendant taking citizens of Trinsic against their will and using force to do so. Further he admits imprisoning them unlawfully. In addition, we have submitted proof to you that there was a conspiracy to attack Trinsic. Deliberately aimed at damaging and destabilizing the Duchy, which is treason under Trinsic law. The defendent insists that he is the Commander and is responsible for his troops. To attack any citizen of Trinsic is assault again under Trinsic law. It is his actions for which he is on trial today and I submit to the court that by his own mouth he stands condemned.




The Laws of Trinsic



No person shall restrain or otherwise imprison another individual without their consent, unless to protect themselves or other individuals.


Assault/Conspiracy to Assault

* No person shall commit or conspire to incite/commit an act of sustained and harmful violence against another individual without extreme provocation by being first attacked themselves, or intervening to defend another innocent from attack.

* Assault on another individual’s pet may also be considered grounds for prosecution.


Murder/ Conspiracy leading to actual Murder

* No person shall end the life of another individual with violent and unprovoked force, or by any other means, unless absolutely necessary as an act of self-defence or to defend another innocent.



* No person shall conspire, alone or in league with others, or actively take action, to damage, defame, discredit, remove or overthrow the rightful government of Trinsic, being the Duke and his chosen Council of Nobles.


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Sunday, 19th Day of July

Trial Edition






The End



Tonight, at the end of a trial that spanned two weeks, former commander of the Royal Guard Dorat was found guilty by the jury (with four votes against one) and condemned to death. The sentence was carried out swiftly and a sergeant from the Duchy Guard operated the guillotine that severed Dorat’s head from his body.


However, Dorat did not plan to go out of this world as easily, for a daemon-like, vengeful spirit shot forth from the corpse to take its revenge on the Duke, who barely escaped with his life. Once the initial shock had been overcome a long and hard battle erupted in which the unholy beast was brought down.


Now, after this end, none will doubt that the right decision had been taken, for the corruption of Casca has turned even his followers into daemons and monsters of their own. Now that the daemon-king’s commander has been dealt with it is time to begin the hunt for Casca again and to finally protect Britannia from this menace.





The Vengeful Spirit is Defeated


The Last Words


Judge Irvyn Middlethorn: *takes a deep breath and looks to Dorat with cold anger* Dorat, you have been found guilty of treason against Trinsic, of assaulting, kidnapping and unlawfully imprisoning my citizens. You have chosen to ally yourself with demons, and led attacks on my city and others without regard for innocents. I consider you to be a clear and present danger, not only to Trinsic, but to the Kingdom. The severity of your crimes, coupled with your lack of remorse, is such that with consideration for my citizens I have no choice but to condemn you either to death, or imprisonment for the rest of your life. *looks down for a moment, takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly* *looks back to Dorat without anger* However, before I formally pass sentence, I will give you a final chance to make some atonement for your offences against us; an appeal to your better nature, which I hope you still have. You are determined in your loyalty, which is an honourable thing. But an oath sworn to evil is an evil oath, there is no dishonour in breaking it. Ask yourself: do you really believe, in your heart, that Casca is virtuous? That what he is doing - and asking you to do -is honourable, or just, or in the best interests of the Kingdom and the people? Choose now to leave your pride and turn back from this madness. Help us, and you shall have sanctuary until Casca is defeated. *looks at Dorat* How say you?


Dorat: The Kingdom has been torn apart by mongering warlords for years. Casca is the only hope for the Kingdom!


Irvyn: That is your final word?


Dorat: *Raises his head proudly, eyes still glassy* For King Casca!


Judge Irvyn Middlethorn: *sighs and closes eyes for a moment* Defiant to the last. So be it. *looks back to Dorat and speaks formally and coldly again* Dorat, former commander of the royal guard, the penalty I decree for your crimes is death. You shall be taken from here to a place of execution, where your head shall be severed from your body, and displayed publicly as a warning to all who seek to destroy the Kingdom. And may the gods have mercy on your soul. *looks to the guards* Take him away.




Dorat’s Head and Body Displayed as a Warning


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Thursday, 13th Day of August




Picture blatantly stolen from Nyte Doombringer. Many thanks!



The Quest for the Rest


In its attempts to locate and defeat the remainders of Casca’s armies the Royal Army under the guidance of Lady Dawn and former commander Hawke scored another victory as they repelled the usurper’s forces once more from the ruins of Luna. While the population still argues on whether Luna was indeed razed by the daemon armies or whether it had already been this ugly beforehand, it is clear that the attacks last Sunday were amongst the most severe that the usurper had unleashed onto Sosaria this far. Terrible magic was wrought while warriors were locked in their deadly struggle until, at last, the attacks were finally repelled. While the more or less grateful citizens of Luna returned to the ugliness of their homes the Royal Army gathered in Britain, where both Lady Dawn and former commander Hawke thanked the fighters for their efforts. Due to the benefits of corporate sponsorship all attendants were given a ‘cloak of silence’, a green cloak of elfish making that helps its wearer to sneak past foes without being seen. Rumours of a sudden influx in thefts and burglaries appear highly exaggerated.


Thursday night saw a training session with a twist, a form of advanced bagball that thoroughly confused most participants.





Hide the Mugs for War is comming



The seed of war sometimes brings forth strange blooms, in this case a tavern war between two of the busiest taverns in the high north. Apparently, competition between the Green Goblin in Cove and the Swaggers in Vesper has turned more than just their ales sour. While the bringing of gifts that reek might be considered a harmless prank (and happens often enough alongside the usual food deliveries), the recent attacks on the Goblin and even an attempted bombing of its facilities certainly endanger its patrons (yes, even more than the food already does). The Beacon was not yet able to get an interview with the tavern owners but will continue to keep you informed about whatever developments are on the menue.






According to Plan



While the scenery of a war does not generally lend itself to order and timetables the war in the north seems to follow a strangely meticulous plan, enflaming the hearts on either side once every few days for a hefty, but generally useless encounter. Last night, the combined forces of Cove and Yew stormed against a fortified vesperian position which served as base for a sea blockade of the covian bay.


In a valiant but chanceless rush the alliance soldiers tried to overrun the cleverly chosen position, only to find themselves trapped in between several rows of wooden barricades and fields of magical energy. Beaten down by the vesperian archers and mages the attackers retreated to Cove proper to regroup and rest. However, instead of continuing the blockade the vesperian forces suddenly turned towards the village itself. With plenty of warning ahead of time from the watchtowers the defenders of Cove managed to throw the invaders back into the sea from where they swam to the shores to try and hide in the woods. A last futile resistance was wiped out and finally, the vesperian forces were forced to retreat back to their own lands.


Considering that neither force had been able to shift a border or to score any mentionable successes the war in the north has turned into a stalemate in which neither faction appears to make any progress. Once more it is mostly the population that suffers from the situation as malnourishment, plagues and poverty spread in the streets.





Trade Picks up in Britannia



Trade around Britannia appears to be picking up again after the mismanagement and the attacks from Casca have been overcome. Harbourmasters in Cove report an influx in shipments as local traders begin to re-establish trade with their former partners in other parts of the realm. On a similar note, Trinsic recently saw the appointment of Pierre Le Canard to trade minister, tasked with the strengthening of the local economy and the negotiation of new contracts with other towns.








Gorgon’s Primer on Arms n’ Armour


‘Have at thee!’ ye lads (and ladies if one can call you that) from the armed forces all around Britannia. What with the battles raging back and forth against Casca’s daemons and all the ruckus way up north ye olde Beacon is going to give ye some tips on what weapons to choose and what armour to protect yerself with. So listen up, lads (and those women wanting to be like them) for these tips might save your hides!




Strongburn’s Iron Heater (Britain, price app. 460 gold)

This heater shield does all it says on the crate lads. Arrows, swords, lances and even the odd fireball glance off this baby like a fly of a cow’s hide. Of course, said protection comes at a weight and unless you are a troll, you better nay expect to be able to move or lift this thing off the ground. One test participant was crushed by his own shield, lowering the rating to two of ten possible ankhs.


Rashid’s Helmet of the Cyclops (Nujel’m, price app. 2 to 3 diamonds or six lamas)

Name says it all really, no ankhs. Unless, of course, you have a squint to kill with or believe that what you can’t see can’t hurt you.


Tamachika’s Throat Protector (Tokuno, price app. 250 gold)

A mempo that is sure to protect your throat and neck during battles. Well crafted, but lacking flexibility, so unless you have the kind of neck it was crafted for you will most likely garrotte yourself. Save your foe the effort with a bleak four out of ten ankhs.






Olof’s Big’un (Minoc, price app. 230 gold)

Quit yer sniggering, ye louts, this is a lance and we nay want any letters from the readers that include jokes ‘bout yer poles. Stout everyday lance, though somewhat lacking in balance. Tester was able to vault himself over the Trinsic city walls with the right technique, but the lance is tiresome to actually fight with. Three out of ten possible ankhs for its use as a siege weapon.


Darina’s Mechanical Accelerator (Trinsic, price app. 680 gold)

This crossbow comes with a manual thicker and more bleary than the Lord King’s own ‘Virtue’, but once yer figure it out yer will have a weapon that makes your foes tremble. None of our test shots hit anywhere close to the bullseye, but the dart went through the butte, two wooden walls and an unfortunate packhorse (blessed be its sausages) before burying itself halfway in a solid stone wall. And before any daft rumours pop up: whoever manages to pull it out nay wins a kingdom or such nonsense. Eight out of ten ankhs.


Garvin and Rogen’s Pitchfork Emporium (Yew, prices depend on whatever copper is worth)

Peasants and militia’s swear on pitchforks when it comes to making a good mob, but we nay understand the hassle. Unless you are attacked by a hay stack the thing is going to end up in pieces at the first blow from a serious weapon. Three ankhs for nostalgia and cheapness, large selection available.


The Beheader (Minoc, price app. 300 gold)

Merchants will have you know that this katana is so sharp that it will go through armour and flesh like a dragon’s breath through butter. This is true. Once. Afterwards the thing is blunt and bent enough to use as a plough. So unless you are an executioner or Vesperian you will want another weapon. Three out of ten ankhs.


The Reaper (Trinsic, price app. 680 gold)

A scythe, by all means. However, for those not minding to look like a rabid farmer in a frenzy this blade offers a sharpness that is not matched by many weapons. With the reach of a sea serpent and the speed of an ostard in full run you’ll give every charging enemy a pause; though don’t expect any allies to come near you, either. A full harvest of nine out of ten ankhs.


And that is all for today, lads ‘n lasses. Behave yer well and keep your shields up and maybe yer’ll live to read another edition of this. Yer’s frightfully, Gorgon.


(Note from the editor: mild adaptations were necessary to transfer the original manuscript into an at least halfway readable article)




Trinsic Moot!!


On Monday the 24th day of August the Duchy and City of Trinsic invite you our dear readers to a week of events, entertainments, markets and political meetings.


The schedule so far:


Monday - Introduction Ceremony: The Duke of Trinsic and the Mayor of Trinsic will both be giving introduction speeches of what we expect the week to include. This will all be taking place around an open bar, with a market at the West Gate of Trinsic. Bar opens from 7PM GMT onward.


Tuesday - Trinsic Fight Night: Show off your skills as a champion fighter in a grand tournament. Winner gets a trophy prize. This will take place on the roof of the building next to the bank connected to the wall, at 8PM GMT.


Wednesday - World Leaders Meeting: Tradition for these types of gatherings, all of the self-proclaimed "World Leaders" are invited to take seat and discuss what their motives are for the current conflicts and if there's anyway for some common ground towards that tranquil place called peace. This will take place at 8PM GMT at the Central Halls.


The Beacon's Grand Paperboy Race: Solve riddles to work out where the papers need to be delivered to. Whoever delivers all the papers correctly in the shortest amount of time, wins a prize. This will be taking place at the same time as the meeting, 8PM GMT. Meeting at the Park.


Thursday - Bagball Tournament: Teams of three will compete against one another in Britannia's favourite sport, Bagball. Winning team will get a cash surprise and a trophy. This begins at 8PM GMT at the Market Square next to Trinsic's docks.


Insult Sword-Fighting: Battle your enemy using the sharpness of not your sword, but your tongue. This follows the Bagball tournament.


Friday - Trinsic's Got Talent: A talent show like all the others. Show off any skills you may have to the judges. Winner gets a huge cash prize! This starts at 8PM GMT at the Market Square next to the docks.


Saturday - Story Contest: Share your stories, most creative one wins a prize. Starts at 7PM GMT at West Gate.


Sunday - Closing Ceremony: We put an end to what hopes to be a great week with a thank you message from the Mayor of Trinsic. Again around an open bar at the West Gate of Trinsic from 9PM GMT.


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Thursday, 25th Day of August

Moot Edition – Day 1



Trinsic has called…



…and the realm has gathered for another Moot, meaning one week filled to the rim with events, political talks and just general activity taking place all over the golden city. Attendance on the opening night was promising, with large groups of representatives from all the major political groups and towns of Sosaria moving into the city itself, where they will stay during the week to come. In order to help you find your way around, here are all the quarters that we heard about so far (in alphabetical order):

  • Collegium: tinker shop
  • Cove: western guard tower (north of the western bank)
  • Knights Templar: Trinsic barracks
  • New Haven: jeweller shop
  • Vesper: paladin island
  • Yew: southern councillor’s hall





When there is a Stage…



Whenever there is even a small chance at gathering some short-lived attention, there is always some poor soul trying to take it. As such, the opening event of the Trinsic Moot was overshadowed by an attack on Mayor Cocidius. According to eye-witnesses, the so far unidentified assailant charged the Mayor, injuring him and the his Grace, Duke Irvyn Middlethorn, before fleeing. The local healers told the Beacon that none of the injuries inflicted during the attack were dangerous and that both the Duke and the Mayor will be able to continue organising the Moot and attending its events.


In the absence of a political statement of responsibility for the attack, it has to be assumed that the incident was no more than the deed of a lone madman.






A Chance for Peace?



Beyond the events and shows, the Moot in Trinsic has a deeper, more important meaning. Once more the leaders of the realm gather to discuss the current affairs in Sosaria. In a time in which Casca is still unapprehended, in which his armies still assault towns, in which the Shadowlords wander freely across the land, in a time of war and suffering such a meeting is of vital importance for the shaken realm. However, how much of a chance for peace is there, in such a meeting?


Already, a woman from Vesper was shot at and wounded by a member of the yewish militia. The first breach of the peace in Trinsic, but just the tip of the serpent that lies curled in darkness. With her being the same woman that provoked the other towns on a constant basis and with the vesperian delegation spending much of their evening going into the quarters of the other cities to trade insults, a true chance for peace hidden in this Moot becomes doubtful.


Once more the expectant eyes of the citizens of the realm rest on the leaders of the cities and groups that hold power in Sosaria. Will they finally prove themselves worthy or will the childish quarrels continue even in the face of much greater dangers? The next days will tell.






Auction fetches Record Sum



Highlight of the opening events was the auction in which numerous items of value and history were offered to the crowd. For the best part of an hour the bids rose, partly into incredible heights. Most sought after item was a cloak of Nathan Hawke, which brought the immense sum of 4.5 million gold pieces for charities. Overall, the entire auction raised more than 9 million gold pieces that will be distributed either to those who provided the items to be sold or to charities.


Tuesday will see the always popular fight night, organised by Sergeant Reann of Trinsic as well as a rather bizarre event in which the avatarian church wishes to enlighten people about how women are supposedly lesser beings. Good luck with that and while we understand that being single can be embarrassing, this seems still a little drastic.


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Moot Edition – Day 2





Vile Murder



Tonight, the second day of the Moot in Trinsic was overshadowed by the assassination of a member of the yewish church, the cleric Emmeline. She was struck down at the end of her speech, in which she presented the views of her church concerning the role of women in yewish society. While her opinions might not be shared by many, the freedom of speech is still an important right in the realm and all those interviewed condemned the vile attack sharply.


Even though the murderer, Elaine from Vesper, was apprehended only seconds after the deed, the investigations are still ongoing. Guardsman and healer Iljian told the Beacon that the crime had possibly been committed under the influence of a mind-affecting drug or poison. Shortly after, a warrant for the member of the Collegium, Melanctom, had been published by the guards. Later on, Sergeant Reann of the Trinsic guard force confirmed that the man had been apprehended.


We will continue to report on the investigations and offer our condolences to the family and friends of Emmeline as well as to the other members of her church.





Massive Fight Night



While the usual Fight Nights in Trinsic, hosted by Sergeant Reann every Tuesday, tend to be very popular, the attendance on its Moot-Edition broke all the records. Spectators crowded the seats all around the arena while the contestants from all corners of the realm measured their strength and wits against each other in a long series of exciting duels.


In the end, Marshall Damien Bedford from Vesper defeated the Grand Templar Gendin, thus claiming the title for himself and for Vesper.






Wednesday Events



Wednesday night will see the first meeting of the politicians and leaders of the cities and factions of Sosaria. Main topics are the current political situation of the realm, the war in the north as well as the one against Casca and the Shadowlords. However, in the light of the recent assassinations, more and more calls can be heard for an outlawing of the Collegium and its helpers from the Realm.


For those not admitted into the meeting of the leaders, your most favourite newspaper (and we want to hear no protests after that line) will stage the Grand Beacon Race for you. Gathering point is the West Gate of Trinsic at 8p, Britannian Standard Time. We ask all participants to form groups of three people and to prepare for a race of both wits and legs.




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Moot Edition – Day 3



First Meeting of the World Leaders



Tonight saw the first political meeting of the Moot in Trinsic. Leaders of all the towns of the realm, as well as from Vesper and Cove gathered to discuss the political situation and the war in the north. In addition, Lady Dawn and Nathan Hawke were present to rally support for their battle against Casca and the Shadowlords. The following is an official statement from his Grace, Duke Irvyn Middlethorn of Trinsic, coming freshly from the conference table:


The Duke first invited Lady Dawn to speak, and she asked us a question: “How much do we love our homes?” She went on to say that it is all our homes that are at stake in the war against Casca.


All the representatives present agreed unanimously that they would fight to the death to defend their homes, and all will stand together to fight against the evil that shadows our lands.


However, discussion of tactics was limited. Nathan Hawke was not able to provide any knowledge of Casca’s whereabouts, nor that of his allies. Thus no firm planning was possible.


It is known that Casca has directly threatened Dawn, and Nathan was most insistent on her being protected. This was borne out by an attack on her by Casca’s hired brigands as she and Nathan left Trinsic, but the attack was swiftly repelled and they left safely.


The rest of the meeting took some time, but in the end two basic agreements were thrashed out. Firstly, that attacks by Vesper on Yew and her allies, and vice versa, will cease with immediate effect. A formal peace treaty was not agreed upon, but this verbal arrangement will surely be cause for relief and rejoicing for all the embattled areas in the north.


Secondly, Minoc has been a bone of contention and the site of many battles. It has been left scarred and battered, with little chance between the serial conflicts to regain any of its former prosperity. To protect it, and to allow the citizens to rebuild their lives in freedom from strife, the Duchy of Trinsic and the Knights Templar will put a peacekeeping force at its borders. This force will be supported entirely by Trinsic and will put no drain on Minoc’s resources. Further, with donations from other cities including Yew and Moonglow, the peacekeepers will assist the Minocians in rebuilding the city.


It is hoped that as peace is maintained between the cities of Sosaria that all of us will benefit from the increased trade and mutual support. Further, we will be able to join readily and swiftly to combat the threat of evil facing us from Casca and his minions, also the Shadowlords and other evils which endanger us.





Moot Entertainments



While the official meeting took place, the remaining visitors of the Moot in Trinsic spent the night with various events and activities. After a somewhat tense start into the evening, the yewish and covian forces began a joint training session.




At the same time, Paladin Isle was turned into a location for a garden and pool party, hosted by the staff of the Swaggers tavern as a birthday party for their friend ‘Paps’. Happy Birthday from the Beacon and its readers as well!





Thursday Events



At 8pm Britannian Standard Time a bagball tournament will be hosted on the market square in Trinsic. Participants should form teams of three players; gold and a trophy will be awarded to the winners.


Following that is a duel of another kind, namely an insulting-contest in which the fights are won by those with the sharpest tongues rather than the sharpest blades. This will begin right after the bagball tournament.


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Moot Edition – Day 4





Duke Assaulted



Tonight, during the fourth day of the Moot and while the bagball tournament was taking place, his Grace, Duke Irvyn Middlethorn of Trinsic was attacked by a so far unidentified assailant. According to the local healers at the Trinsic Cottage Hospital, the Duke suffered from a poisoning as well as an explosion and will have to rest for several days. In the meantime, his son, Lord Isidore Middlethorn of Trinsic, will take over the affairs of the city.


At the same time, a note was found from an “enemy of Trinsic” that declares Casca the rightful king and threatens the town with more attacks and bombs should the Duchy not swear loyalty to him. Since this is not going to happen, all citizens of Trinsic and all visitors for the Moot are asked to be careful and to report suspicious activities and possible explosives or traps to the Duchy Guardforce.


The following image shows one of the trapped containers left in town. Please watch out for similar contraptions:





Bagball Tournament



Despite the grievous assaults and threats against Trinsic, the Moot festivities continued as planned with a bagball tournament taking place to entertain the visitors. Out of the many teams from several towns the team ‘Scoregasm’ from Yew came out the winner (even though their own church would probably not approve of that name).






More Colleagues getting together…



…in a cozy jail cell in Trinsic. Tonight, the Duchy Guardforce apprehended just another suspected part of the Collegium, involved in the happenings around Elaine and the attacks on members of the yewish church. Since the investigation is still ongoing, the Beacon could not yet obtain any more detailed information on the case.




Friday Events



Friday night will see the “Trinsic Got Talent!” show in which all that believe to have a unique and exciting talent will get a chance to thoroughly embarrass themselves on the great stage. Starting at 8pm Britannian Standard Time at the market place.


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Moot Edition – Day 5




Trinsic has Talent





At least, that is, according to the event invitation for tonight, which suggested that people with talent take to the stage to entertain the audience. However, some of the displays certainly stretched that claim, leaving the audience barely capable of suffering through yet another one. But, after the darkest nights follow even brighter days and as such, the stage was populated by a few wonderful and inspiring acts, ranging from poems to displays of fire breathing. The latter being the one that finally won the event as well, with the performer, Dorris, claiming the prize money.






Saturday Events



Bring your best tales for Saturday’s event, which is a story-telling contest. Meetingplace is the Western Gate of Trinsic and the contest begins at 7pm Britannian Standard Time. Tell your tales and win a prize.


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Moot Edition – Day 6






Why bother!?



None of the filthy peasants that we offer our precious paper to can read anyway. And if they actually manage to save for a month to afford it, then it is likely as not ending up in the outhouse. Anyway, tonight saw the ‘insults competition’ which was marginally less dull and unexciting than the rest of that tree-hugger-lets-all-like-each-other week of a moot. Out of the sorry lot of spectators an entirety of eight contestants weren’t complete cowards and gave it a go, though most of them had to find out that the wish to do something doesn’t mean you’re actually able to (something their wives probably found out about them long ago). In the end, Hoagie from Cove won the prize, even if just for the reason that they had to give it to someone. Congratulations then, finally his life has got at least –some- meaning.






Duke’s Health Improving



Tonight, Beacon reporters were allowed into the Trinsic Cottage Hospital where they had a chance to speak to Duke Irvyn Middlethorn and the local healers. After the attack on his life, the Duke has regained consciousness, though he still requires extensive treatments and, most importantly, rest. According to the healers he will be discharged from the hospital during the next few days. His Grace himself declared that even these attacks on his life will not keep him from fulfilling his duty to the citizens of the Duchy of Trinsic and the entire realm.


In the name of its readers and staff, the Beacon wishes a speedy and complete recovery.




Unfunny Insults at the Sideline



After the Duchy Guardforce had managed to uphold the peace during the last week, it was now the yewish militia that spoiled the remaining days of the Moot with its misbehaved and wilfully provocative manners. Seemingly unused to such lengthy spells of peace, yewish militia members had begun to become restless, insulting and provoking both hosts and guests of the Moot. Yet, while the differences arising on Friday night could be calmed down, they led to a short fight on Saturday, after which the few remaining members of the militia in Trinsic returned to Yew. Rumours that Captain Dart withdrew to protect Yew from further embarrassment could not be confirmed so far.






Sunday Events



The last day of the Moot will be a final get-together with an open bar at the western gate of Trinsic. The organisers of the Moot are expected to hold a small speech, thanking those that attended.



P.S. For all those that did not quite get it: the first article is not to be taken seriously. If that still confuses you, have someone write us a letter in your name and we’ll send you some pictures to try and explain it.

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Moot Edition – Day 6






Why bother!?



None of the filthy peasants that we offer our precious paper to can read anyway. And if they actually manage to save for a month to afford it, then it is likely as not ending up in the outhouse. Anyway, tonight saw the ‘insults competition’ which was marginally less dull and unexciting than the rest of that tree-hugger-lets-all-like-each-other week of a moot. Out of the sorry lot of spectators an entirety of eight contestants weren’t complete cowards and gave it a go, though most of them had to find out that the wish to do something doesn’t mean you’re actually able to (something their wives probably found out about them long ago). In the end, Hoagie from Cove won the prize, even if just for the reason that they had to give it to someone. Congratulations then, finally his life has got at least –some- meaning.






Duke’s Health Improving



Tonight, Beacon reporters were allowed into the Trinsic Cottage Hospital where they had a chance to speak to Duke Irvyn Middlethorn and the local healers. After the attack on his life, the Duke has regained consciousness, though he still requires extensive treatments and, most importantly, rest. According to the healers he will be discharged from the hospital during the next few days. His Grace himself declared that even these attacks on his life will not keep him from fulfilling his duty to the citizens of the Duchy of Trinsic and the entire realm.


In the name of its readers and staff, the Beacon wishes a speedy and complete recovery.




Unfunny Insults at the Sideline



After the Duchy Guardforce had managed to uphold the peace during the last week, it was now the yewish militia that spoiled the remaining days of the Moot with its misbehaved and wilfully provocative manners. Seemingly unused to such lengthy spells of peace, yewish militia members had begun to become restless, insulting and provoking both hosts and guests of the Moot. Yet, while the differences arising on Friday night could be calmed down, they led to a short fight on Saturday, after which the few remaining members of the militia in Trinsic returned to Yew. Rumours that Captain Dart withdrew to protect Yew from further embarrassment could not be confirmed so far.






Sunday Events



The last day of the Moot will be a final get-together with an open bar at the western gate of Trinsic. The organisers of the Moot are expected to hold a small speech, thanking those that attended.



P.S. For all those that did not quite get it: the first article is not to be taken seriously. If that still confuses you, have someone write us a letter in your name and we’ll send you some pictures to try and explain it.

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Tuesday, 8th Day of September



(Note from the editor: the Beacon apologises for the bad quality of the images. Due to the dreadful circumstances in the caves our artists were not able to produce a better impression)




Shadowlords Banished?



Yesterday, after a long and fearsome battle against the Shadowlords and their minions and conjured images, the Royal Guard and some of the more loyal armies of the city states of Britannia defeated and banished these personifications of cowardice, hatred, jealousy and falsehood back into the ether. While philosophers and researchers still argue on whether it is even possible to defeat the Shadowlords for good, the strategists and fighters celebrate a great victory against the dangers that threatened the realm.


While the victory is already important in itself, it also robs the usurper Casca of his support. Scouts could not yet determine where Casca is hiding, but with his most powerful allies defeated there is a chance to end this war and return Britannia to stability.




Scientists still riddle about the meaning of a large ruby gem, which was found suspended in the midst of the hidden cave in which the Shadowlords had been hiding. Other than that, the cave, located beneath the daemon temple, had been mostly empty, but for the horrific apparitions summoned by the Shadowlords.




In the days before, several desperate struggles had taken place, involving a battle between the fearsome crimson and plantinum dragons as well as an attack by Casca on the Meer, the former allies of the Realm. However, now that the Shadowlords have been banished, even if temporary, there is a chance to finally end the evil that is Casca and his supporters.






To Keep the Peace and Raise the Fallen



On Monday night, a peacekeeping force consisting of the Duchy of Trinsic and the Knights Templar embarked on its first survey of the war-ridden town of Minoc. During the Moot in Trinsic, the decision had been made amongst the leaders to try this way to restore peace to Minoc and to help its citizens in their plight. And indeed, according to the scouting parties, both the citizens as well as the infrastructure had suffered greatly during the many years of occupation and war.


As such, the citizens welcomed the peacekeeping force with open arms, quickly dispersing the first of many loads of supplies and materials that will be supplied by the Duchy of Trinsic in order to rebuild the town and to allow its citizens a self-sufficient and stable life again. As a first step, large amounts of supplies were brought in for the healers of Minoc to finally offer a proper treatment for the many wounded and maimed citizens that could only be roughly patched up so far.


According to information from Duchy officers, further caravans with materials and supplies will be sent towards Minoc during the next days.









Gargoyles and New Worlds



Dear Readers, exciting times lie ahead of us and the world of the gargoyles awaits us all, along with the depths of the Abyss. Send your tales and pictures of the new world to the Beacon and help us show our readers the wonders of the new age.


The best stories (with pictures) will be rewarded with 50.000 gold pieces!




The Farmer’s Guide (Autumn Edition)



Welcome again, landowners! For those of you who still have left anything alive in your fields and gardens the following tips will surely come as a revelation. But before we begin: I said it before and I will say it again – even if its healthy, green and blooms… weeds do NOT belong into a good garden!


  • Hedges need to be cut within this month to remain healthy and decorative. Remember, by having an intentional wave-pattern right away you will look less of a failure afterwards. If you are one of those snobs cutting their bushes into geometric forms then go away and stand with the bonsai owners.
  • Autumn is the not only the time of harvests, but still a time of good weather and lovers seeking solitude in the fields and gardens. So careful with that scythe!
  • Are your pumpkins growing nicely for Halloween yet? Aren’t you just so excited?? Just think of the scary pumpkin faces… and the pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin jelly, pumpkin bread, pumpkin vegetables,… who wouldn’t love this wonderfully versatile gift of the soil? Your family and friends, for one.
  • Have your fields been devastated by armies and monsters? Are corpses littering the ground where your wheat should have grown? Fear not, simply remove all disturbing metal tiles and plough the rest under, then look for a wonderful harvest in the next year with this amazing organic fertiliser. Note: clever farmers can make an extra bargain by selling the loot.
  • If you still haven’t gotten around to shooing that bog thing out of your gardens then it should by now have begun to fall apart. However, its not dying, but multiplying. Purchase more land to make sufficient room and congratulations for the lucky parent.
  • Its mushroom season! Especially valued are the dark green toadstools and the reaper’s veins, which come in a pale grey colour with blue veins. Most of the others are just for eating; don’t bother with them. Seeing colours is fine, but if you start to taste colours, see a healer immediately.
  • Horde minions are excellent for keeping the garden free of leafs in autumn. However, remove pet animals, garden implements, decorations and everything else beforehand. Also, try not to smell edible.
  • With the right tools, insect problems can be removed without the use of dangerous pesticides. Calculate three farmers with pitchforks or one armed warrior for each Solen.
  • Harpies roosting in the trees can generally be ignored, preferably with some cloth in your ears. And even though they do look like women halfway through: don’t!
  • Vines are a beautiful and easy to tend to addition to your house. They will grace the entire wall with their thick, leafy beauty. They also create a convenient ladder for small mammals and insects of all kinds, enhancing your enjoyment of Mother Nature even in the upper floors.


That is all for this time and always remember: true gardeners suffer. But when the first corpser saplings wrap their tentacles around your finger in spring, then you know that all the effort was well worth it.



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Tuesday, 15th Day of September




The king is dead, long live the Queen!



Yesterday night, one of the darker chapters of Britannian history finally found its end, as the usurper Casca, self-proclaimed second king of the Kingdom of Britannia, was captured and judged by the virtues himself. Once more the realm owes thanks to one of the most unlikely helpers and friends, namely Sherry the Mouse, who had managed to overhear Casca’s minions and their preparations for an assault onto the heart of the Realm, Castle Britain. With the fiendish plans uncovered, the Royal Guard stood ready to drive the assassins back into the sewage out of which they had crawled and to even push onwards into the caves in which Casca and his few remaining minions hid from the gathered wrath of the realm.




Once the usurper was apprehended, Lady Dawn, leader of the defense of Britain and the attack on Casca at that point, called to her aid a creatures from Ilshenar, one of the ethereal warriors who lend aid to those who are pure at heart and strike down those who have strayed into evil and unvirtuous ways. Judgement was swift and Casca was slain by the being, his corpse later displayed at Castle Britain as a proof of his death.




Once the deed was done and the Royal Guard once more assembled in the throne room of Castle Britain, Nathan Hawke, former Commander of the Royal guard and now trusted leader of the efforts against Casca, surprised many by offering the Throne and Kingdom of Britannia to Lady Dawn in the name of the people. After a great commotion, in which the majority of people cheered in favour of the proposal, Lady Dawn accepted to become the first Queen and the third monarch of the Realm of Britannia. Her first statement was that together, the Realm should be rebuilt once more and its army restored to its old strength. Also, she hinted, that Nathan Hawke might once more be appointed as Commander of the Guard.


A date for the coronation has not yet been set but preparations are to begin as soon as possible.






Lady Dawn I, Queen of Britannia – A Commentary



Not long ago, the staff of the Beacon sat just where it did today, brooding over the words that would proclaim to you, our dear readers, the ‘appointment’ of a new king. Yet we did so with heavy hearts, for the appointment was overshadowed by the massacre in which the former ruling council had been slain, by the movements of cultists, by appointments of dubious new councils that had never been seen beforehand and by the bizarre entertainments hosted by this new king. Today, not long after these events, we have again the duty, and the honour, to announce a new monarch on the throne of Britannia.


And yet again we find uncertainty, doubts and suspicions. But even so, hope prevails. Lady Dawn might not be a politician, scholar or tradeswoman of repute, but she is, and has been ever since the battles in which she first distinguished herself, a protector of the Realm, a follower of the virtues and a heroine in the eyes of many people.


It has been many years since the beloved King of Britannia, Lord British, departed from our world. Never since had it been possible to find a worthy replacement, to find one that would rally the people and maintain the realm in the same way that its creator had intended it to be. Yet even Lord British himself had struggled to maintain peace and prosperity at times. And in those times it had been the heroes of the realm, great names beginning with the fabled Avatar and its companions, who had come to the aid of the Realm in its times of need. Who then, if not one of those, could be worthy of such a legacy?


Now, at the Dawn of a new age (excuse the pun) all that remains for the Beacon to say is that we hope that the legacy of Lord British, its ideas, its visions and its virtuous soul, might be rekindled now under the guidance of the new Queen. May prosperity and peace once more reign, where chaos and malice (this is not a pun) lurked for too long a time.


Long live the Legacy of Lord British. Long live the Virtues. Long live the Realm. And in their name, for the People of Britannia…


Long Live the Queen!




First Statements…



Nathan Hawke: Pray silence for the Queen!

Lady Dawn: Together we will rebuild! And clean the lands of the stench Casca left behind. In the following weeks we will rebuild our army and appoint a new captain of the guard.


(many shouts from the audience in favour of Nathan Hawke)


Lady Dawn (speaks smiling): If Nathan wants the job.... perhaps. I will have a word with him.


Nathan Hawke: Milady Dawn you must reinstate Avery


Lady Dawn: And I hope you all will be ready when I call on you again. Until then my friends!



Nathan Hawke: Please be quiet a moment! Lady Dawn will be our new Queen and we shall follow her. We will talk to the rebels of Vesper and we will see what terms we can come to. Lady Dawn will lead us in the rebuilding of our Kingdom. We will look at righting all wrongs and returning justice to the lands. We will be petitioning the people to find out what you need us to do. We will listen to all.This is a new Kingdom reborn! We will listen and where we can, we will act to bring peace and prosperity to the lands.


Now, I think we need to begin planning Lady Dawn’s coronation.




The Collegium stumbles again…



On the sidelines of last night’s events, the Collegium once more embarrassed itself with an attempted assassination attempt on Lady Dawn. However, one could argue that such an attempt in the midst of a gathering of a few dozen armed and alerted members of the Royal Guard is somewhat short-sighted and indeed, the wannabe assassin was apprehended only moments after her failed attempt. Since the Templars, who performed the arrest, are apparently ill-equipped when it comes to dealing with prisoners, the prisoner was moved to Trinsic for the second act of the drama.


Shortly after, a larger group of the remaining Collegium members attempted, and consecutively botched, a prison break, leading to the swift incarceration and added public punishment of three more members, while the rest had enough sense to make off into the woods.









Gargoyles and New Worlds



A quick reminder that we are still encouraging our readers to send in stories and images of their adventures in the newly discovered lands of Ter-Mur or in the fiery depths of the Abyss. So, lay aside the weapons and reagents for a while and let others know about your discoveries!


The best stories (with pictures) will be rewarded with 50.000 gold pieces!




Where is Sherry the Mouse?


Hello, children! Have you heard yet that you cute friend, Sherry the Mouse, is a real hero? If not, ask your parents about it and they might tell you the story from the grown-up sections of the paper.


But before you do that, we want to tell you about Sherry’s new adventure! You see, Sherry went allll the way to Ter-Mur, which is the place where the gargoyles live. She told us that gargoyles look mean and grumpy, with horns and claws, but that they are really friendly and nice people when you talk to them politely.


And just for your fun, Sherry hid again for our painting, to make it harder for you to find her. So, can you spot Sherry the Mouse on our picture!?




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Saturday, 26th Day of September




A Meeting of Queens



On Monday, Queen Dawn received Queen Zhah, ruler of the gargoyles, at the palace in Britain. The meeting was short, with promises of friendship and cooperation from either party. Under the eyes of the audience, both queens pledged to uphold the peace and maintain good relations in the future. Finally, as a gift from the gargoyles, Queen Zhah linked the moongates, thus opening an easy passage to and from Ter-Mur and the Royal City.






War in the North?



On Tuesday, Vesper reached a new low as it elected Olk Samsca to be its new Chancellor, a man known for his habit to talk madness and to place mushrooms with hats wherever he goes. Overall, a fitting highlight of the Vesper festival, in which ten years of rebellion, separatism and mindless warfare were celebrated. Observers debated whether the mind numbing golem tournament might have caused serious harm to some of the voters, since not only a madman was elected, but even the also running ape managed to gather nearly as many votes as candidate Damien Bedford.


In the aftermath of the election, Marshall Damien Bedford resigned from his office. It seems that even though Samsca reached the majority of votes, his clutch for power scares even the Vesperians themselves. Several voices were heard openly rejecting the idea of him as the head of their ‘state’.


The election of Samsca ends a period of relative peace and hope for the north. All the efforts and achievements of Escaflowne were ridiculed just one day later, when Samsca, in a fit of madness, declared war on Minoc and the loyalist troops defending it.






Statement from the Duke’s Office

As you will all know, the Duchy of Trinsic has sent a peacekeeping force to guard the borders of Minoc, to maintain its independence, and to allow its citizens to once more take up the reins of their own affairs and govern themselves. Captain Reann and Major Sakaki are leading this force, which is working in partnership with the Knights Templar.


Already the Minocians are beginning to rebuild, and free trade has started again with the outside world, including a shipment of high quality stone to Templewood where the Knights Templar are doing their own rebuilding.


The success of the peacekeepers so far cannot be allowed to falter. Minoc is the city of Sacrifice, but over the years it has been sacrificed by others who seek to make war over it. Now it begins to find prosperity and confidence once more.


The new Chancellor of Vesper has appointed a diplomatic envoy to Trinsic, thus showing himself to be, in some ways, a man of vision. But his demands that the peacekeepers abandon Minoc, or face the threatened hordes that he plans to bring up against us, are not acceptable.


We have sworn to keep peace in Minoc, and we will guard its borders with all the strength that we can. The Honour of Trinsic will not permit us to sacrifice Minoc again.


In the meantime, Nathan Hawke, acting Commander of the Royal Guard, has promised the support of the crown. Additional royal troops will be stationed in Minoc to help protect the citizens of Minoc from rebel invaders.




Inferno in Trinsic



Wednesday evening a fire broke out at the lower level of the Trinsic jail. Due to the quick response of the guards and citizens the fire was quickly put out. Main suspect is a member of the Collegium, who was found in the otherwise empty building. While he was arrested immediately, no public statement has yet been ushered as to his guilt.


Scholars agree that the fire was laid purposefully in an attempt to destroy the jail. Damage to the building is considerable and the reconstruction has begun.






Templewood Construction



Templewood, new home of the Knights Templar, begins to take shape. The area in between Yew and Minoc was set aside to be a place of peace and refuge, even if not fun and entertainment. Already the new stronghold of the Templar begins to take shape. Aided by the Duchy of Trinsic and the people of Minoc shipments of stone were delivered to continue the works. Pictures of the progress of the works will follow in the next editions.









Royal Fashion

(Jolie Richesse)


Ah, my dear readers, it has been a most long summer away from you all. But now I, your very own Jolie, have returned from far off lands to once more bring my insight and experience to you!


And what a summer it has been! After many vicissitudes, the so-called king, Casca, has been deposed and his forces destroyed! Of course, one could tell he was no true king just from the way he was dressed – he presented himself no better than those brigands he paid to come against us! But now, with great good fortune, he is no more and the brigands have returned to their rude camps.


However, I most deeply regret to say that our new Queen, the illustrious and mainly beloved Lady Dawn, has been so terribly ill-advised when it comes to clothing. Alas, that astounding white dress and astonishing yellow cloak, whilst undoubtedly of a richness far outside the common way, do nothing but make of her for all enemies an easy target. Even at night, for that intolerable cloak must surely glow on its own!


I make now an appeal to Queen Dawn: your Majesty, please gather around you most quickly some good advisers, ones who can not only tell you of the state of the Kingdom, but who can find you good tailors! Have pity on your poor loyal subjects, who must soon begin to suffer from eyestrain and headaches. I, Jolie, say this to you with the most humble hope that your Majesty will forgive me – it is only that I have the welfare of all at heart. Truly, fashion is a great part of life, and neglect of it can lead only to distress, especially for so great a lady as yourself!


A bientôt mes amis!


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Monday, 12th Day of October



Crowning Glory

(Jolie Richesse)


My very dear readers, I was on Sunday awarded the most extreme privilege – to attend the coronation of our new Queen! First a few of us met the Queen at the East Side Park to parade with her to the castle. Not many took the trouble to do that, but naturally our beloved Duke led those from Trinsic to support her on the short journey.


It is perhaps unfortunate that the body of the soi-disant king Casca is still left decaying outside the castle – although without question his demise is most undoubtedly a cause of celebration, a rotting corpse cannot help but cast something of a gloominess over any proceedings (not to mention the unpleasant odour!).


However, once past the guarding Knights Templar and within the throne room, all was rejoicing and merriment. Not only our Duke was to be seen but many other notables from around the lands, in a profusion of colour and gaiety not seen for many months. Even some of the Yewish had come to pay their respects (or perhaps not, as there were several strange remarks during the ceremony and one of them most rudely accosted her afterwards, but all things are possible).


All were happy to see our new Queen – although I must with regret comment that she dresses still in the so-notorious white dress and yellow cloak. They are certainly of a distinction quite unlike all else, but the colours cannot flatter. Still, I have hopes that perhaps one day she will hear the words of Jolie and find some clothes of more comfort to the eyes!


Of course, we have not had a coronation for many many years, and none present knew what to expect. The ceremony was found a little odd in the minds of some, for it was done apparently to some archaic rite of the Avatarian Church. The prayers and oaths and rituals were performed most knowledgeably but with some stress on the part of the Archbishop – who must be a most obscure scholar for no-one seemed to know him. Truly, his worry was such that he nearly fainted at the end! Few but our own Duke seemed to notice his distress, but Queen Dawn allowed him to make a swift exit. I Jolie and others at the Beacon send him good wishes for speedy recovery.


Following the ceremony the Queen came down to the reception and mingled with her loyal subjects, some of whom were emboldened to give her their best wishes. The food and wine was sadly rather limited and swiftly disposed of, with most barely seeing a crumb. It is most sincerely to be hoped that the catering at the castle is something that will be considered soon. But one must not allow this to cause melancholy and depression, for Britannia has now a new Queen and all should rejoice!


A bientôt mes amis!






Of Oils and Trinkets – A Commentary



Once more a ruler was crowned. And it is our honour and pleasure here at the Beacon to wish Queen Dawn and the entire realm the very best for the times to come.


The coronation turned out to be a confusing event. Even more, it turned out to be a mirror of the realm as it is now: a confusion of beliefs, of rituals and habits. As Queen Dawn was blessed and anointed by gods unknown, by heroes of old and in the style of avatarians and sects and the virtues themselves the true problem of our age became apparent.


Lord British was not only a monarch and ruler. He was a visionary. He presented a system of beliefs and a code of conduct to the people, with which they could identify. And while each region concentrated on one aspect of the virtues, they were all unified and incorporated by them. Now, many years after the departure of the beloved King, his legacy is nearly forgotten.


In between the Shadowlords, the avatarians, the sects and self-proclaimed knights and templars the original, the one true teaching of the virtues has been nearly forgotten. And with it, a powerful bond that connected the individual parts of the realm.


Our newly anointed Queen will have many tasks at hand and many battles to fight. However, the first battle should be the reestablishment of the original, the true teaching of Lord British’s Virtue. If Britannia reclaims what it lost, then it will be able to bloom again in strength and unity. If the queen fails to achieve this, then the fracturing of her realm will continue; a silent shattering beyond which there will be no realm left to govern.






Murder in Trinsic



Already in the last week, a dreadful murder shocked the citizens of Trinsic. Due to ongoing investigations, the Beacon was asked not to report about it until now. Marvin, a fisherman of Trinsic and his wife, Jenny, were murdered. They leave their daughter, five year old Naomi, who is now in the care of the orphanage.


The murder took place at the Sons of the Seas, the building of the resident fishing and trading company. Eye-witnesses describe the scene as ‘horrible’ with ‘blood all over’ and the bodies ‘horribly mutilated’. So far, the Beacon was not given an official statement concerning the investigations. However, rumour has it that several arrests had been made since the murder.


We will report as soon as we learn more.







Wildlife of Ter-Mur I : The Boura

(by Stewan Seagull)


Boura is the gargl name of a creature that seems like an unlikely cross of dragon and sheep. It’s plump body looks a bit like a giant gaman, but stands even taller, some six to nine feet at the shoulder.


Boura are important semi-domestic animal to the Gargoyles, with two breeds, the lowland and ruddy boura, herded bi-annually for furs and often butchered for meat, leather and the male’s strong shoulder-pads.

It’s hide is of a yellowish-green base colour with woolly shoulder-pads of a distinct colour, marking the actual breed. A third breed, the high plains boura, seems to be descended from ruddy bouras gone wild and show a more ferocious nature.


Unwary travellers are known to be stampeded or gored by those mighty beasts.


They gargoyle produce several articles from boura. First there is rough but sturdy wool, used in many everyday uses. Their leather, especially the sturdy shoulder-part is used for armor and garments, just like we use bovine or reptile hides. It was told the bouras’ blood finds use in the gargish schools of magic. The meat is prepared in various ways, but never used for special occasions. It’s taste is, to the britannian tongue, unusual, maybe best described as a mix of mutton and chicken, with a distinct tangy flavour to the meat of the males. While the boura don’t give milk as such the female secretes a thick, sweet paste to nourish their young. Probably the effort needed to gather it precludes it’s wide-spread use, should anyone come up with one.


Rumours tell that very old males rarely develop a bony structure under their shoulder-pad that can, with little work, be used as a shield.






The Story of Farmer Nash

(by Sean Llyonadhadd, Watchman)


This is the Holy City, Ter-Mur. There´s many a story here and you are about to read one of them.


It was Tuesday, the 29th of September, I was idly riding along through the Holy Town, when a gargoyle approached me:

"To work in peace. To not be eaten." he said.

"To be Bad Things hide under bad plants. I am urgent to work-thing of mine. Will unwinged help?"


Seeing a citizen in distress I agreed and rounded his farm to find an overgrown field in the back. Blueish bushy weeds covered the place and in those bushes the rustling and swishing of covert movements could be heard.


I slowly entered the field, looking for the gargoyles farming implement when a snake struck from the underbrush. Pulling back my hand I stomped it’s head, not willing to let this creature impede me.


But soon enough more movement caught my eye as a yellowish-brown creature jumped me from the side, raking at my leathers with it’s hind-claws. I turned to face the retreating beast but just then a blow struck my back, from where a similar creature had quietly approached. Luckily I was able to put down both, but more was yet to come.


Much later, after several such attacks, I picked up a worn pitchfork and took it to the gargoyle farmer. He took it from me, let his hands glide over it and said: "To be this not my work-thing, not true thing. But thank. To be taking this things as thank."


I took what he offered so freely, just trinkets, mind, and was on my way again.






The Hor®o®scope for October

(by Cassandre d'Troi)


Editor’s note: we apologise for the lack of horoscopes for the last few months. Cassandre claims that she foresaw the incident with the pirates which led to her being kidnapped and held for ransom, but unfortunately forgot to inform the office in advance.

* She was released without a ransom after persistently foreseeing terrible doom for them if they didn’t let her go.


October - Whisky (the Rat)

Acting with confidence is something you will find it easy to do this month, though it is unlikely to save you from the stampede of alligators which will pass through your house shortly. This is to some extent your fault for not dealing with the infestation in the river at the bottom of your garden.


November - Puff (the Magic Dragon)

This is a month for being extremely generous in financial matters. In particular, it is important that you do not mortally offend a bridge troll by failing to pay reasonable tribute. Otherwise you will be left with a trollish vendetta against you, which will make your already rather tenuous social existence even more empty.


December - Theseus (the Minotaur)

On balance, the majority of this month is rather better than the last one. Indeed, the first three weeks will be quite pleasant, so make the most of them. However, if you were thinking of making any plans for the end of the month, don’t bother. Or at least change them to incorporate a funeral.


January - Dontfear (the Reaper)

The Titans you made friends with a few months ago will try to tempt you into dubious social pleasures, such as seeing who can down the most ratman cheese and orc cider in one sitting. It is recommended not to do this, although the suicidal impulse that will strike you around the middle of the month may make it seem attractive.


February - Vlad (the Vampire Bat)

The planetary conjunctions are quite favourable this month, for a change. Unfortunately you will not really be in a position to appreciate this, as a freak storm will by now have struck you with lightning and, if you survived, you will be in a coma for several weeks.


March - Frosty (the Snow Elemental)

Your communication skills may suffer this month, and you will find it hard to express yourself in many areas. In consequence, this would not be a good time to embark on any alterations to your personal life. Specifically, do not invite your new and very attractive next door neighbour out for a drink, unless you never want to hear from them again.


April - Shrek (the Ogre)

Your love life has never really been your strongest point, but this month you can be cautiously optimistic. An opportunity will present itself around the 18th or 19th of the month. True, lizardmen/lizardwomen may not be the most wonderful of people, but it might work out better than all your previous disasters.


May - Mat (the Daemon)

This is not a good month to be living in a swampy area, as the stars are extremely favourable for plague beasts, and they will be spending most of the month partying. Their idea of what constitutes a good party is unlikely to be yours. An extended holiday might be a good idea.


June - Ming (the Mongbat)

You will experience some interesting developments in your life this month when you unexpectedly become a fetish object for the tribe of savages near Delucia in the Lost Lands. A bodyguard might be useful, unless you want to be kidnapped and worshipped for an indefinite period of time.


July - Leon (the Sphynx)

Don’t go near any turnips this month. Spears should also be avoided.


August - Fead (the Troll)

The colour brown is extremely bad for you over the next few weeks. Even mongbats will be giving you trouble. To save embarrassment, stay inside all month. You can occupy the time repainting your dingy living room – as I said, brown is not a good colour.


September - Deck (the Ant Lion)

The stars are strongly suggestive of danger connected with water this month. This may simply mean that you will drown, or perhaps suffer severe floods, or possibly only that a kraken may find you convenient for a tasty snack. I recommend a month in the desert south of Umbra, but try not to pass over any rivers on the way, just in case.

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Monday, 19th Day of Oktober


Extra Edition




Vesperian Warmongers Strike Again!



Sunday night saw the beginning of another war shamelessly kindled by the vesperian bane in the north. While still preaching their clueless propaganda about the traditionally loyalist town of Minoc being ‘West Vesper’, they unleashed their armies upon the good citizens of the realm again. Led by the chief warmonger Olk Samsca (otherwise known as the mushroom man) the former ‘militia’ moved out to bring death and destruction to the already war-ridden Minoc once again.


Just one night before they appeared to bring so-called ‘Vesperian citizens’ from Minoc ‘home’. While attending guardsmen report that some of the rabble left, we cannot fail to notice that all the productive and valuable citizens of Minoc remained to help in the defense of their homeland. Under the guidance and expertise of the Duchy Peacekeeping force, the citizens erected a temporary barricade around the town to assist in the defenders.




However, not all displayed such valuable and far-sighted strategic capacity. Following a much simplified and almost childish battle plan (look mommy, it’s even got cannons painted in!) the temporary leader of the knights templar, a certain ‘Gendin’ decided to abandon the strategically valuable positions around Minoc. Instead, he charged heedlessly into the dense woods, where his troops were quickly and efficiently devastated by the better oriented vesperian forces. However, apparently unruffled by his own incompetence, the knight led just another charge against the vesperians on similarily unfavourable ground… with foreseeable outcome.


Duke Irvyn Middlethorn, who was present to oversee the battle, told the Beacon that despite his advise the strongly fortified positions in and around Minoc had been abandoned. He also expressed his hope that on the following days, the expertise and strategic knowledge of the Duchy forces would not be ignored such readily in favour of unsound and rushed battle plans.






Queen Rallies Support for Minoc



Despite the dire situation, a spark of hope glimmers as the Realm rallies support for its northernmost town. According to a spokesperson at court, Royal Commander Avery is leading a division of the royal army to support the defense of Minoc. In addition, Queen Dawn herself called the people to arms to stand against the enemies of the realm.


Only the yewish militia seemed torn and undecided during the meeting last night at Castle Britain. While some of its members strained to rush to the help of those already in battle, the commanders still held them back. Voices from the population of Minoc could be heard that believe that this is merely a wait for a dramatic entrance, but this is pure speculation at this time. Indeed, Major Sakaki Mai from Trinsic told the Beacon that a formal request for aid had been sent by the templar to Yew and that a reply was still outstanding.


With reports from the royal army indicating that heavy rainfalls delayed the march of the troops from Britain to the north every capable fighter will be needed in order to protect the realm from bloodthirsty invaders.




Prophecies for the Faithful



Nearly disregarded over the old threats to the realm a new one has arisen in its very heart. According to the statements of Shunsaki Yun and a young tokunese woman, the Archbishop has been plagued by a vision of looming disaster. In the meantime, a diary in his handwriting has been found which seems to confirm these rumours. What is listed therein might mean an immediate danger not only to single individuals, but to the entire world no less. The rising of a dark alliance, against which only the virtues offer a defense.


Even stranger is that the recently elusive Nathan Hawke appears to be at the centre of this. The Archbishop himself hints at a struggle of the virtues, which might well decide the fate of this world, if this prophecy can be believed. The Beacon thus urges those that meet Nathan Hawke to tell him to consult with the Queen or those that are investigating the rumours of this prophecy. If in doubt, the Beacon will be able to establish a contact with some of its sources.





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Monday, 26th Day of Oktober




Mericles Defeated!?



This news reached us last night, yet we are uncertain whether this is the end of a beginning or the beginning of the end. Generally, the death of a necromancer and fearsome foe like Mericles would be a great achievement and step towards the safety of the realm. This time however, the circumstances of his demise give reason for doubt.


For one, Queen Dawn herself decided that such an act does not befit her realm and the virtues. Thus, by disobeying her direct orders, Nathan Hawke might be considered guilty of treason (possibly out of habit, after dislodging one false king from the throne). Worse, however, is the prophecy which the venerable Archbishop of Britain revealed to the citizens of the realm. From what we gathered, it warns in not uncertain tones that the very deed that was done last night might lead to the destruction and death of Sosaria!


So far, the Beacon did not manage to acquire a statement from court concerning these events. However, it is shocking and deeply disappointing, that the fate of Sosaria lies on the shoulders of those who proved themselves to be unworthy. None should make decisions of such gravity without consultation of the Queen and those more knowledgeable in this affair. As such, the arrogance of Nathan Hawke is nothing but stunning. According to the reports, Mericles was more or less smothered to death, with its murderers falling over the corpse to desecrate and plunder his belongings. This must not be how justice is dealt in Britannia.





The Days after…



A newspaper might attempt to be fast, but it could not hope to beat the news of the successful defense of Minoc, which flew from town to town as the successful armies returned. As such, we have spent the last days to gather some statements and opinions from the victorious commanders and armies as well as from Minoc itself.


Duke Irvyn Middlethorn of Trinsic – Initiator of the Peacekeeping Mission to Minoc


I am asked by the Beacon to comment on the recent battles in defence of Minoc.


I must begin by saying how glad I am that the peacekeepers were able to stand firm against those who would imprison the town again. Thankfully we were able to evacuate the majority of citizens before the conflict came anywhere near the town. The disruption was unfortunate, and I wish that it could have been avoided; however, as a result, there were no casualties amongst those who live in Minoc. It is my understanding that most if not all of the residents have now returned and life and business is resuming there. I personally spoke to several Minocians who came to thank us after the first night of fighting.


It is hard to express my pride in those of Trinsic who went to risk their lives in defence of Minoc. First and foremost, the Honour of Trinsic was upheld – something I never doubted would happen, but to see it so publicly demonstrated puts the lie once and for all to those who claim Trinsic is weak and takes no action. The Valour and Sacrifice revealed were beyond measure. The Virtues were truly shown in Minoc, as they are every day in Trinsic.


To show my personal appreciation for the honour and valour of those Trinsicicans who contributed to the defence, I have commissioned a special medal for every person who assisted. These will be awarded next Wednesday at the regular training session in Minoc.





Captain Bladius Dart, Commander of the Yewish Militia


Well, it was good to see that even if we can't get along on a day to day basis...we can all work together for a greater cause, such as defending Minoc. The soldiers, whether they be Knights, Trinsician, Skara Braen, Covian or Yewish... All showed great heart in rallying to an epic victory.


The people of Britannia should feel safe and secure in the knowledge that these men and women patrol their borders and protect their streets.


*when asked about the next steps*

Ultimately it depends on whether Vesper intend to sit down and talk. To be honest, they've been given too many opportunities for peace. They invade, they're repelled, we sign peace treaties. They break them, invade again are repelled then sue for peace and we agree. It is one lengthy cycle of bloodshed with no real consequence for the true antagonists. And so I imagine another peace whilst we all rebuild our forces in preparation for another onslaught.





Gendin the Good, Commander of the Knights Templar


I want to wish everyone to enjoy the peace which has come with the Victory -however brief it might be. I want to give my gratitude to all those men siding besides us in the defence of the City and the crown, for aiding the city with forces.


The Order shall remain in cooperation with Trinsic within the City. Our brethren are tired, and we do hope for a few days of rest, but diplomacy must be resumed when it comes to the politics of Minoc. Thus, I'd wish to summon a meeting between the peacekeepers and the Queen, or at least her diplomats.


*when asked about the chances of a lasting peace*

Lasting? Nay, not with their current Chansellor. But we may do our best to prolong the peace. And remain prepared.


The Battle was fought with outstanding results. No civilian casualties. Nor any major damage to the city. I'm most pleased.





Major Sakaki Mai, Commander of the Trinsic Peackeeper Division


I cannot think of words to describe how impressed I've been with those that fought to protect Minoc from Republic occupation, far from the heart of the Kingdom, on the edge of the Republic-claimed lands.

Even with limited supplies, and so far from their home cities, the combined forces of the Kindgom pushed the Vesperians and their allies back, securing the city of Minoc and its borders.

It has been a great honour to fight alongside our allies, the Knights Templar and the soldiers of the loyal cities of the Kingdom, and I hope that this unity will continue.


Above all, I am proud to have worn the colours of Trinsic during the battle.

The people of Trinsic who came to the defence of Minoc, beside former enemies and against former allies, left no virtue unrepresented. Citizens, peacekeepers and watch members alike.

It was not only an honour to lead them, but also to fight with them.





Jolie Richesse, Beacon Correspondent in (post war) Minoc


Dear friends in Trinsic, and also those in Minoc, today we are surely rejoicing! And why? Because the peacekeepers of Trinsic have kept the peace in Minoc and it remains free!


The staunch defenders, led by the heroic Major Sakaki and Captain Reann, stood firm in the face of all the Vesperians could do. Alas for the passing of Vesper’s glory! From their friendly and peaceful relations of recent times – indeed almost one might say civilised! - and even statements that they trusted Trinsic to look after Minoc, they now have reverted to their former warlike intentions. And yet again, if they have their way, poor Minoc will be paying the price.


But! The noble defenders succeeded. Strong barricades were built and maintained by Trinsic, and were not breached or abandoned, despite some so-called plans of battle in the forest. The injured were brought into town to be cared for and remained in safety, as also did those citizens who were not evacuated. And after 3 days of most horrible attacks, during which no Minocian was harmed, Trinsic was victorious and Vesper has retreated to lick its wounds. Some of the people of Minoc came to thank the Duke in person! And with great relief the citizens have returned now to their home and again go about their business, with happiness and celebrating.


Of course there were some others there, such as the Knights Templar with their bright armour and love of just charging at anything without thought. Our allies from Skara Brae fought nearly as bravely as did the Trinsicians. Even Cove and Yew came to help, loyal to the pledges made during the peace talks held in Trinsic by our beloved Duke, who surely is once more proved right in all his decisions! In fact, my good friend and editor Pierre has told me that a Yewian even said that Trinsic was being sensible for once! So perhaps they are not all so ignorant as we might think!


A little bird has whispered to me that the Duke will be issuing medals to those brave men and women of Trinsic who fought at Minoc with such valour to keep it free. There is certainly no-one now who can say that Trinsicians are weak and unable to fight! We look forward then to this ceremony, and no-one will now doubt the nobility and valour of Trinsic!


A bientôt mes amis!






Find Sherry!



Hello Children !


With all the fuss that the grown-ups are making about that pretty town called Minoc, Sherry wanted to go and visit the people there, too. It is a laaarge town with many people and Sherry visited a lot of them. But she liked it best in the smithy, where the warmth from the fires and the busy ringing made it interesting and comfortable. One of our artists made a picture there, so… can you find Sherry ?





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Monday, 14th Day of Dezember



Better Orcs ?



Once more we have to report about orcish activity. According to numerous clues, the strange seed pods grown by Mericles have sprouted into a new breed of orcs, which now plan the demise of the city of Britain. Supported by the shady dealings of the so-called “New Order” they apparently plan an attack on the City of Britain, to begin once Big Bob, their supposed leader, has returned to lead them into battle.


Already, Lieutenant Fynn Barrett is preparing the defences while members of the Royal Guard have swarmed out to apprehend Big Bob and to learn more about the secret dealings of this ‘New Order’ and its allies. As of yet, the plans of the orcs have not been fully uncovered. While a large amount of their time seems dedicated to the preparations of the invasion, there are still many riddles concerning their new masters as well as the figures behind the ‘New Order’. On request of Lieutenant Barrett we shall not offer more details on the partly secret investigations, though we make a call for all loyal citizens of the realm to assist in the efforts to quell this new danger to the realm.






Drow Show Crumbles to Fairy Dust



On Monday night, the drow show visited the town, serving delightful tales of treachery and tricks. However, it appears that Matron Vierna’s fragile grasp on leadership and influence is crumbling drastically, seeing how she lost control over the drowish rabble that accompanied her to the meeting. At first they tried to look to her, but when she failed to deliver any form of leadership they broke apart into their own rabid frenzy, suddenly attacking the attending guards and paladins without apparent reasons. It seems that their former leader’s claims to have come for a peaceful talk meant nothing to the following horde, which was only intend on bloodshed.


In the end, the failed attack was dispatched efficiently, without any danger to the Duke, who gave us this statement after the encounter:


Vierna, the supposed leader of all drow in Sosaria, came to speak with me, ostensibly peacefully, though this was belied by later events. She claims that treason is plotted in the north, apparently to sow seeds of suspicion and keep us divided. She spoke openly of a threat from outside, of which we are aware, with the orcs and the ‘New Order’. She denies involvement in this, but I remain convinced that either she assisted the escape of Big Bob personally, or she is fully aware of what is going on. I suspect that she is on the side of the New Order, and wishes to assist their nefarious activities. I ask all citizens to continue their vigilance: be wary of drowish activity as well as orcish.






Ratting Out…



Lately, both the City of Trinsic as well as the surrounding lands have been beset by a plague of rats, which have appeared in large numbers. Witnesses even saw entire herds of them scurry around town in their search for food. Already, farmers complain about destroyed crops while more and more citizens and shopkeepers suffer from damages of property and merchandise. Even the desired wildlife, such as pets, cats and dogs have suffered from the plague, with many of them falling to the vicious rodents.


From the office of mayor Gwen Irma we recieved a statement saying that already a ratcatcher has been hired and will soon begin to tackle this rather disgusting situation. Possible connections between the rat plague and the orcish activites are being investigated and cannot yet be ruled out.


We could continue to be-rat-e the situation and speak of the rat-ling noises in the night or the b-rat-ish behaviour of the little buggers and how they break open c-rat-es and leave c-rat-ers wherever they nest… but then we would have to move this article into the Feuilleton.






Quickly Noted



The gang war in Trinsic seems to have intensified, with two more dead in the last two weeks. According to the City Watch the investigations are continuing and the first suspects have been caught. Citizens are asked to remain vigilant and to report any criminal or suspicious activity to the City Watch immediately.


In the light of the rat plague the Duke’s and mayor’s office have confirmed rumours that a tax-reduction for affected farms is being considered.







Ho Ho Ho



On behalf of Duke Irvyn Middlethorn and the citizens of the Duchy of Trinsic we invite you to attend the great Trinsic Christmas Party! Come and celebrate the season, be merry and have a wonderful time with all the events and happenings that are being planned for your enjoyment.






Here be... gazers?



On Saturday night, little Amber, six years old, suffered the grievous loss of her favourite stuffed dragon at the hands of the vile Thomas (age seven). While this might seem sweet and innocent enough to most adults, Amber soon departed on a most serious quest to claim another dragon for herself. Of course, even children know that Destard is the place to be whenever it comes to any draconic needs though the fact that those are generally unstuffed (unless with careless adventurers) and also lack that certain endearing fluffiness often gets overlooked.


Fortunately, Amber did not get very far from the town, although a different adventure befell her in the woods, where she encountered an elder gazer. Convinced that it was the evil see-all that apparently spies on the misdoings of children (and probably had already eaten Thomas for his crime) she hid in the most unlikely place, which was the entrance to the vast solen tunnels. Only through the tireless efforts of the Trinsic City Watch and especially of Watchman Sean L., who valiantly defeated the gazer and recued little Amber, could the girl be returned to the safety of the orphanage.


In the meantime, the Beacon has sponsored a new stuffed dragon, as well as toys for nearly all other children, with the exception of a suddenly very sorry little boy. So at least one little world is fine again.




The Hor®o®scope for October

(by Cassandre d'Troi)


December - Theseus (the Minotaur)

You may have heard the expression: “bull in a china shop”. This describes you very well this month, as everything you touch is likely to be destroyed. A bit like a reverse Midas touch. I would suggest staying in bed all month, but that will break too. Put the mattress on the ground instead.


January - Dontfear (the Reaper)

You may run into an old lover round about the 10th or 11th of this month. They’ll be looking for a favour, and the stars are suggestive of material advantage if you agree. However, don’t think about trying to rekindle old flames, unless Kal Vas Flam is what you were thinking of.


February - Vlad (the Vampire Bat)

Your main problem this month is likely to be orcs behaving badly, but then they often do so you should be ready for it. Round about the middle of the month, perhaps the 15th or 16th, you will receive an unexpected invitation to a winter party. You could go, but be careful of the fruitcake, as it was made when both the moons were dark, which is a very bad omen.


March - Frosty (the Snow Elemental)

You finally get the chance to meet Lady Melisande, but you may not find she is the girl of your dreams after all, more like nightmares. Take her a nice Christmas present and perhaps she won’t rip your head off. But make a will before you leave, just in case.


April - Shrek (the Ogre)

Emotions may drive you strongly this month, but you must take care to avoid being trapped by them. Don’t let your heart rule your head. It may seem like good sense to go for the only being of the opposite sex who’s shown any interest in you for so long, but trust me, hellcats do not make good life partners. There’s a clue in the name.


May - Mat (the Daemon)

There are large patterns in your life which you need to solve to advance this month. Be careful which ones you choose to solve, however, as the wrong one will cause an entrance to the void to open up in your kitchen. Fortunately void demons can be pacified quite easily with frequent cups of coffee, but cooking is certainly going to be much more difficult.


June - Ming (the Mongbat)

Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, for you this month the planetary phases move out of alignment and the Delucian Savages no longer find you suitable as a fetish object. Instead, you are more likely to be thought of as lunch. It is to be hoped you did not neglect your keep-fit exercises whilst being worshipped, so you will be able to run away.


July - Leon (the Sphynx)

It would be best to avoid eggs this month. Also shovels and pickaxes.


August - Fead (the Troll)

The planetary conjunction at the start of the month is not looking good, with your normal liability to make dreadful mistakes even worse than usual. However, if you survive, which on balance looks unlikely, the planets are more harmonious for the next few weeks. Enjoy it while it lasts.


September - Deck (the Ant Lion)

This winter is likely to be cold with a lot of snow on the ground. A skiing holiday is not a good idea, however, as the stars are definitely suggesting some sort of physical problem striking in the second half of the month, such as a broken leg.


October - Whisky (the Rat)

Legal problems may strike again this month, but if you can, put off dealing with them until next month. That way you can avoid the remarkably disastrous confluence of the moons and the outer planets in your sign which will dominate the final week of the month. For the first three weeks there is only a mild conjunction which won’t do more than cause a few deaths, or plagues of acid elementals, that sort of thing.


November - Puff (the Magic Dragon)

There will be a big family occasion in the second half of the month, which will require all your tact and diplomacy to get through without mortally offending several relatives. As tact and diplomacy aren’t really your strong points, perhaps it would be better to avoid it. Although having all the family already gathered will make it simpler to organise the funeral.




An OOC note from the Beacon...


I would like to apologise for the long absence of the Beacon. However, sometimes other creative matters get into the way of it and occasionally, they are more important. So the Beacon is back and for those that know it, here is the reason for its absence :




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Monday, 4th Day of the New Year


The Beacon wishes You, our faithful Readers, a Happy and Joyful New Year!




’Democracy’ Strikes Back...



In a sudden and unexpected move, the Chancellor of the Republic of Vesper was first deposed and, soon after, disposed of.


In a plot, seemingly formed between Escaflowne and Hanse Davion, reigning chancellor Olk Samsca was informed at a public meeting that he was a waste of space and that he was to step down immediately - or be removed by force. On his refusal to go quietly, he was mercilessly attacked and beaten senseless. Hanse Davion then stepped up as temporary chancellor, literally over Olk's (apparently) dead body. This caused immediate uproar, leading to a vote on Monday whether the people accepted him as replacement or not. The result of this chaos appears to be that Davion is to remain temporary chancellor until an election has been held.


Up to now there is no report if the former Ruler Olk Samsca survived and is held prisoner or died in their coup d'etat.


Furthermore, the meeting included a list of future changes in the Republic, most of them concerning either war or games, some of them even both. Judging by the comments Vesper is already planning another futile campaign against the realm. Lastly, full citizenship and protection was offered to all that had helped Vesper in the past, including known criminals and madmen such as the Collegium.






A Symbol of Power – A Commentary



Dear Readers, the symbol of chaos which graces the shields and banners of the Republic of Vesper bears with it a long and dreadful history. Many years ago it was the sign of a man wishing to find an alternate way, a man who took a philosophical idea beyond the final borders of sense and virtue. And like that man once, who tore himself apart until nothing was left but a murderous monstrosity, so is Vesper about to rip out the remnants of its heart and soul.


Chaos rules again, with assassins clearing the throne of one incapable man to make way for the next. Olk the ‘Mushroom Man’, well known for his madness and odd habits, is bloodily replaced by Hanse Davion, a man known for his love of war and the recent episodes where he happily admitted to having eaten a human corpse. His statement that he would not run himself in the upcoming election (provided it can be trusted) certainly comes as a relief. The hopes of the Realm now lie on the chance that the previous Chancellor Escaflowne will run again, a man who had proven his ability to rule rather than to just wage war blindly.


In addition, Vesper opens its sewers for the scum and leftovers of the realm. A failed dream grasping for drow, criminals and madmen as its last straw. Already the drums of war are beating, with the simple - and singleminded - way that the claims on “west Vesper” are upheld; an absurd and doomed attempt to conquer land from the realm and to enslave honest citizens. How now shall it end? Long ago, a man and his ideas failed in wave of blood, metal and disaster. If it comes to that again, the Realm will stand strong as it did then.







Yew Bomber on Trial!



Yesterday night, two citizens of Yew were put on trial by the Yewish Church to answer for the crimes of murder, assault and treachery along with many more minor charges. One of the suspects was Darien De’Mirio, according to our sources once an influential noble in Yew. De’Mirio appeared to be of questionable health both mentally and physically, which did not seem to bother the court who even accepted the suspect asking for his imagined brother to be his defender.


The second trial, that of footman (footwoman?) Millicent was taken more seriously, with a more capable defender speaking in her favour against the numerous charges laid down before the judge. Apparently, she was accused by De’Mirio himself, who, despite his questionable alignment with the real world, brought the Militia on the trail of the young woman. In an emotional and heated trial, the defender managed to dispel many of the charges, yet ultimately she was declared guilty of several crimes, as well as De’Mirio himself.


To the surprise of the assembled people and even the Militia itself, she was sentenced to be burned alive, a terrible and inhumane punishment usually reserved for "wytches" in Yew. However, while the members of the Militia prepared the pyre for the execution, the condemned woman was led to the church for last prayers and was able to flee from there. Despite a search conducted immediately by the Militia she stayed gone and must be considered escaped. If she has any sense, she will stay that way.






A Dragon’s Egg?



A confidential meeting was held last night between the Duke and other representatives of the Duchy, Lady Flame, Egan, and Nathan Hawke to discuss the use of a powerful magical artifact against the current orc threat. We are only permitted to report brief details of this meeting, for obvious reasons.


The item in question was recently retrieved from Dungeon Destard by the Duchy for an unspecified purpose, but was not initially intended as a weapon. Indeed, the Duke specifically ruled out its use against any enemy other than the orcs, stating that it was too dangerous.


In order to use it at all, however, the effects must be controlled or limited in some way. Duchy experts are unable to ascertain how this might be done at present. To better understand it, the origins of the artifact are to be explored, with an expedition to the Yew Crypts taking place on Wednesday. It is believed that this is where it was created.






Big Bounties


According to a spokesman the Trinsic City Watch has managed to root out a larger hideout of a smuggler gang in Trinsic. The hideout was discovered during ongoing investigations and large amounts of illegal goods, amongst them especially necromantic goods, weapons, armour, poison and addictive substances have been confiscated and destroyed. While the City Watch cannot yet reveal more information, to not endanger the investigations, we have been told that progress has been made and that several criminals had been apprehended.


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Saturday, 23rd Day of January



How to build a better Orctrap



A new weapon has come into the hands of the Queendom of Sosaria, found and wielded by the usually honourable and peace–loving southern Duchy. Researchers from Trinsic, under the guidance of Lady Kendra, a renowned magician, have discovered an old and magical gem, which once wreaked havoc on the lands around its hiding place. Now, with the magical effects contained and focused it is to be used against the New Order, the recently surfaced tribe of orcs that distinguishes itself from its more savage brethren by their stronger stature, intelligence, and being able to use technology.


On Thursday evening, after considerable argument and several walkouts, despite the plan having been known about for a while, the gem was placed in the depths of the orc caves in what can only be described as a badly planned and executed operation. During this (not exactly subtle) infiltration by the Royal Guard, one of the New Order orcs, apparently imprisoned by his own kind for some sort of theological disagreement, was taken back to Trinsic for questioning. Meanwhile, the gem is expected to perform its magic, though the Beacon could not gather any information concerning the nature and extent of its expected effects.


Both the idea for this weapon as well as the execution of this operation carry the signature of mediocre strategist and untrustworthy advisor Nathan Hawke. The Beacon will attempt to report about the effects of this magical weapon as soon as they become apparent.






Of Orcs and Other Monsters – A Commentary



A reporter is generally in a good position. He just needs to report what is happening, without the burden of the decisions that bring forth the situation that he observes. Of late, there have been many such decisions for which we do not envy the ones that made them. The decision to employ the magical curse against one of Sosaria’s greatest threats, the New Order, must have been a hard one and the Duke, along with everything else that happened lately, seemed visibly troubled by it. To make it short, the Beacon disagrees with the decision that was made, though we are able to respect that it stood at the end of a long and difficult decision process.


However, where we easily assume the Duke to be a responsible man, consciously aware of his duties and the risks of his decisions, we cannot help but feel concerned by Hawke’s recent blundering through the realm. While admitting himself that his mind was affected during one of the expeditions of the Royal Guard, he almost carelessly claims magical items, of which he could not truly know anything, as weapons. Weapons wielded by whom, exactly?


Even the Queen’s control on this man appears to be fleeting at least. Nor did he ever pledge himself and his actions to the virtues. Who then, does this man now represent? Sosaria? His own means or those of an unknown party? Is it not time to lift the veil of illusions from this man to truly judge him by his character? Of course, Hawke did great deeds defeating the traitor to the crown, Casca. But is that enough to follow this one man blindly wherever he leads? Should we perhaps be questioning how it is that he retains so much influence?


In the end, it is worth remembering that a true and just man needs not fear scrutiny, nor fear the questioning of his reason, sense and motives. Why then, do we shy away from demanding more than simplified arguments and vague hints from a man that pretends to be the saviour of our beloved queendom?






Where the Wild Spirits g®o(w)



On Wednesday night the second plague of the seven that the Lich Arysoun Takhista cursed Trinsic with struck, in the form of ghostly reapers. Oddly enough the very alive tree spirits grew in the Duke’s office, waiting for unfortunate souls to open the door and thus spring the trip.


When that was finally attempted, the true strength of the spirits became blindingly obvious, with the glow from the ensuing lightning storm clearly visible even from the distant City of Britain. Throughout the night healers worked frantically to bring the wounded back to their feet and after several hours of the hardest fighting that the Royal Army had seen in a while the last of the unholy trees had been vanquished.


Once more the citizens of Trinsic wish to thank those that came to aid in its defense for their valour and sacrifice in this terrible battle.






An Audience – Jolie Good Fun!



My dear readers, once again I, Jolie, am privileged to bring you news of an exciting occasion in the Kingdom of Britannia! On Friday, the new Queen Dawn presented herself publicly to hear the petitions of we who are citizens of Britannia. I am sad to see that the Queen has not yet chosen to listen to my advice regarding her dress, and this was recognised by the very first question!


A young woman with a strange way of speech (I believe from the primitive cult of the Yew church) asked the Queen why she did not dress in a more appropriate manner. I suspect that she did not mean this question in the way in which most people would have asked, but it was of no matter, as the Queen did not seem even to understand the point of the question. Alas, this makes me to think that she truly lacks the appreciation of the importance of fashion and appearance. This, as a noble of the realm, she so clearly needs. I will not yet sigh in despair, but live in the hope that one day she will listen to one who is an expert in such matters.


The questions then turned to more mundane things, with a request from Traveler to dispose of the so-revolting rotting corpse of the former King, which lies still outside the castle doors. This cannot but be an improvement to the general ambience, and the Queen said that she would see to it. Politics was next, with a question from Stewan regarding the status of Nathan Hawke, who it seems is meddling with things from the realms of necromancy. However, as our own dear Duke is supporting him in this, one must not question it too closely! It is the case that the Queen seems not to know much about what he is doing, so we will wait to see the outcomes of Nathan’s actions and her talks with him.


It was our Duke who brought up the next questions, again on purely political matters. Essentially there is nothing to report as the Queen spoke but gave no answers. Truly, dear readers, I do wonder sometimes why politicians even bother to talk, since so often they actually do not produce any remarks of substance!


Next was the cheeky young Watchman Samuel, who asked the Queen for a date! Confidently I expected her to call for the guards and have him thrown in prison for such impertinence, but not only did this not happen, she invited him to dinner at the Castle! This is a most interesting development, and I hope that the Beacon will be able to secure an interview with Samuel afterwards!


One NoKa then stepped up to announce the residence of himself and some fellow adventurers newly returned to Britannia and requested official recognition. They have helped Trinsic and will no doubt assist all of Britannia in the fighting of evil, so shortly I am sure they may get the recognition they deserve.


Following this, Tane Darkbane, a most noble gentleman, also requested official recognition but for the notable valor of the Bloodguard, who have been in the forefront of all such enterprises on behalf of Britannia for many years. This is most sincerely supported by the Beacon and it is to be hoped that the Queen will find it in her heart and will to do something.


Finally a man dressed rather blindingly in white – perhaps from the same school of fashion as our Queen – asked for more things to collect. It was suggested to him that he earn such things by joining the Bloodguard or otherwise fighting for Britannia, a most sensible answer and one of which I hope he will take careful note!


With that, the Queen declared this first audience at an end, and we are left to hope that we will soon have another one. Perhaps she may even choose to dress in something a little less garish!


A bientôt mes amis!







And Another Audience



Apparently the Queen enjoys her audiences, seeing how she called for a second one. Her first topic this time was the announcement of an update to the royal maps. We meant to report this, but frankly, we are just as confused as everybody else. Did the Queen misplace a city or two? Are villages appearing where there had been none lately? Is this a test to see who did not pay their tax? Anyway, if you happen to live in a city that nobody else knows so far, let the royal mapmakers know. Or find a good therapist. Details to follow… hopefully with an explanation or two.


Second topic of the night was the fate of the late (and ripe) Casca, who so far continued his olfactory conquest of the City of Britain. By command of her Majesty, the body has been removed from its rotting place in the palace gardens, with the intent to have it buried in the graveyard of Britain. However, this practical approach met great resistance from the gathered audience, which argued strongly for a method that would prevent any attempts at raising the unloved ex-king from his well-deserved rest. In a loud and mostly pointless discussion the suggestions ranged from practical solutions, such as a burning, to volcanoes and bizarre rituals that the templars believe necessary. The Beacon itself fails to see the problem. Since the dignity of the corpse is not truly a problem after the world had seen him rot for half a year in the palace gardens, one would think that simply throwing the remains on a pyre would be easily done to quell the fears of the citizens.








The Hor®o®scope for October

(by Cassandre d'Troi)


A general warning for all this month and next: beware of Trinsic! I see most dire signs and portents for the whole city. Selcius, the highest eminence of the astrological world, agrees with me for once.


January - Dontfear (the Reaper)

The colour blue is not a good one for you this month. Don’t go swimming, or sit outside on clear sunny days, and don’t wear or use anything made of valorite or flax. That way lies madness. Friends and family will rally round to support you, however, so it’s not all bad news.


February - Vlad (the Vampire Bat)

If you survived the Christmas party you went to (I hope you avoided the cake), you can look forward to a month of intensely boring gloom. This may be broken when you discover an ancient alcoholic recipe in the gargoyle city of Ter Mur; however, you will consequently not remember any of the excitement. Or the recipe.


March - Frosty (the Snow Elemental)

This should be quite a good month for you, as those born under this star have a natural affinity with frost and ice, so being snowed in and starving for three weeks should not bother you too much. An unusual planetary conjunction is suggestive of drowning, however, so be careful when it all thaws.


April - Shrek (the Ogre)

It really would be best this month to concentrate very hard on containing unruly emotions. There will be many demands on you from friends and acquaintances, and you will need all your wits about you. Forget about trying to have a love life; the stars are not scheduled to work out in your favour for at least the next 50 years.


May - Mat (the Daemon)

This month will see you achieve total harmony with nature. Birds, plants, and cute fluffy things will greet you at every step. Sadly, this specifically includes chickens, phoenixes, corpsers, mongbats, hiryu, boura, and pixies, thus ruling out safe and peaceful travel to pretty much everywhere. Stay at home.


June - Ming (the Mongbat)

If you made it back home after your Delucian adventure, you can look forward to getting stuck in a major cart jam on the new Vesper ring road at the end of the month. This will last for several days, and frankly, Vesper is not a good place to get stuck. Unless you like mud, rotting fish, and being insulted all the time.


July - Leon (the Sphynx)

Beware of carrots this month. And don’t go near any rabbits.


August - Fead (the Troll)

Living up to expectations is sometimes very hard, both for you and for those from whom you are expecting something. You are likely to be let down very badly this month, and it would be best to avoid making too many plans beyond that hunting trip you have planned with friends, as you probably won’t be coming back.


September - Deck (the Ant Lion)

Your house will be overrun by alligators, bog things, plague beasts and slimes this month, when a bunch of them decide they want a holiday away from the swamps. I am afraid this will lead to considerable expense in redecoration and refurbishment after they leave, although dead slimes, once thoroughly dried, can make quite a good carpet substitute.


October - Whisky (the Rat)

Alas, the stars really have it in for you this month. Everything you touch is likely to go very horribly wrong, and I urge you to reconsider all your plans very carefully. In particular, anything involving gargoyles isn’t going to work, and I wouldn’t want you to be responsible for starting a war.


November - Puff (the Magic Dragon)

I see dead people. Unfortunately, this includes you. However, ‘life’ as a wraith is not all bad, as you will be able to use the recall spell for free to go and visit all your friends. But they will either not see you or not want to see you, so do not expect to enjoy the experience. I recommend trying to find a good necromancer instead.


December - Theseus (the Minotaur)

After the wreckage of last month, this month will have to be spent in repairs. Sadly you are unlikely to get the time, as you will have to cope with many demands, particularly from all the people whose property you destroyed who now want to sue you.

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Wednesday, 21st Day of April




A Burning Grave



Strange happenings occured in Yew on Sunday night. While there are plenty of (probably tasteless) jokes about how Yew can drive about everything mad, we would not have expected the very trees to turn crazy and assault the local citizenry. In addition, hordes of maddened dryads began to run wild amongst them, spreading further havoc.