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Wednesday 13th August - Caravan to Minoc

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*a smaller and more discreet notice than the one about the Cove caravan*


Relief caravan to Minoc


Wednesday 13th August

9.00pm UK time



Following the war in Minoc

there is much deprivation

amongst the citizens.


Trinsic will therefore be

sending a small caravan of aid

in the hope that it will help

the people to recover somewhat

from the difficulties brought upon them.



The personal seal of the Duke of Trinsic:

An eagle flying, holding the branch of a thornbush in its claws; surrounding are the words "Mine honour is my life; both grow as one; take honour from me, and my life is done."






Dukes don't cheat, they adapt to circumstances.

(Slightly amended quote from "The Slipper and the Rose")

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