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Guards wander through the streets, handing out and posting a public announcement fot the citizens to read:


In the name of his Grace, Duke Irvyn Middlethorn of Trinsic,


the citizens of Trinsic are hereby warned that the water in and around of the city of Trinsic is polluted by algae and has to be considered poisonous to the highest degree. For the sake of their own wellbeing, citizens are hereby forbidden to try and use the water for any purpose. Parents are asked to ensure that their children stay clear of the waterways.


Should you believe yourself to be affected by the water see the healers immediately for free treatment.


The price of fresh water is hereby set to be no higher than the normal amount. To sell water on the black market, to steal water or to demand prices higher than usual is considered an offence punishable by law. Citizens finding themselves in dire need of fresh water are asked to report to the guards for a free supply. Trade lines will be established to import fresh water as necessary.


Furthermore, the Council of Trinsic has taken up investigations on the origins of this phenomenon. It has to be assumed that current happenings are caused by one or more individuals residing in or around Trinsic. The Duchy offers a reward of 10.000 gold pieces to those that can provide information or hints that prove helpful to the investigations.




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