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A blast from the past maybe?

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Wooo... been a while since I was in here :)


Hope everyones doing ok. Just had one of those moments of old memories flooding back and thought i'd poke my head through the door and say hello :)


I hope all is well with all of you, and you are still having fun RPing around europa like nobodies business.


As for us (me and Mel) we're both doing fine. It's over a year since I was given the all clear and you wouldn't believe it... within four weeks time I'm gonna be a dad :)


Anyway, to those I know, I haven't forgotten about you and hope you are all still doing well (special hello to Sally, Irvyn, Blackcat and the rest of the trinsic crew)


Well, i'd best get back to work. Take care everyone :)



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All the best with everything Darg. Good to hear alls well with ye both and the future's looking bright.


Give Mel a hug from the old geezer and remember if the youngun pops out shouting abuse at everyone it still aint mine...'onest *winks*.

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