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Memories.... what time of day was it...?


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


the blurr... the sun weakly shining through the barrack windows.... was it time yet?


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


A memory, a fight, no, something more.. an ambush! Who were the people? Looking closely I seem to recall faces, no matter how blurry they are shown. Gerek.... Dael, names come as quickly as the picture in my mind shows the ambush at its climax.


A fight breaks out, the guards surprised at the sudden volley of barbed arrows, the throwing of spears, and the poison of the darts....

Screams echo through my mind, are these the dying, the dead, or the ones who will fall?


An archer reveals a great axe from under his cape... he attacks like a viper, do I know him? My memory fails me....

Another memory I believe, the light is making me seem to feel hallucinations of my past come to mind, I remember this... the memory, it strikes me, something happened this day, or over many days... years, decades?


*Flicker, flicker, flicker.....*


The light hurts the eyes, burning through the thin skin attempting to penetrate and blind my unprotected sockets...


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


Abbey wood.... it's name feels well used on my tongue, not anymore though, so much lost, so little remembered. A tavern, but its empty... a viewing? Highwaymen.... help me... please..!

*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


the light is slowly blinding me.... my senses are disappearing, yet my memories remain.


A pyre? Five people are lined up, I know them.... there faces, there movements, their silent trembling and weeping as they see what they are facing.... the woman collapse to the ground.... hours must have passed, why am I seeing it from so close.... I shouldn't be here!!!


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


the smell.... oh the putrid smell of burning flesh.... the stench that fills the dark day, it was not a day to die.


I remember running, the screaming as... did I release the arrow, was that me?

Oh the screaming, a slow wailing sound which pitch reached at higher and higher levels.... Strangely, it made me feel exhilarated....


Tears, I never cry, I remember this, yet my heart was broken.... I remember hiding, or the hours in the darkness, the years spend in solitude....


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


Light.... Years in the shelter with me and my new... friend? Without him I would have killed myself many years before hand... he speaks to me, my only friend in the years of despair....


Revenge, the death of my people, my comrades.... my friends....? Hardly, most of them left me after that day, oh yes, the memories, the "friends" leaving there village, so alone.... oh the silence, my friend saved me, he speaks to me, he is the only one who loves me now....


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


I must shy away from the burning light..... Yet the pictures of my past remain....




*Kiran wakes up and rubs his eyes in annoyance, lets out a loud quick yawn*


"I... is it morning friend.....?"

"Yes, no one must know, remember Kiran... no one must know....."


*Laughs madly filling the corridors of the barracks with his Incomprehensible tearfilled laugh....*

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Revenge.... was it the nightime?


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


something happened at night, a weak aching in the back of my mind, the ache becomes a soft drone.... I see light; the radiance that is pure light assaults my eyes, I flee...


I see him clearly.... the archer, the axe man, Him that strikes like a viper.... He strays across my vision as quickly as my eyes can keep up, where is he going....?


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


A basement.... no, a dungeon.


This place.... I know this place, the cells, the guards I recall, something occurred here. Who is that person in the cell, I know her, the angles of her face, the glimmer of her eyes, the cruelty of her tongue....




the door opens with a kick, a man enters the room, he strikes! The guard hits the floor, an arrow lunched into her collar bone.... I know this man... it?s the axe man.... the archer.... the viper!


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


I must escape the light.... I belong to the shadow, the shadow is my life, the peace and solitude that it offers my soul... I was born in shadow..

*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*




I must escape, wait, the viper must escape or he will be killed... My eyes are betraying me, he dwells in the shadows and disappear from my sight....


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


I can see the guards, but wait, I wasn't standing here...

Looking down on myself I see nothing, just the shadows that embrace my body, its small tendrils consuming me... I am the viper! I see it clearly... the guard that was wounded earlier, the weapon in my hand, a weapon made for killing... I must dispose of it or be caught!


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


the woman, did I know her, was she special?


... Of course not, only the darkness within my soul is my companion... and also my friend, through the years of despair he has been my saviour, my only hope of keeping what sanity remains left in my corrupted being.


The archer, I saw it all through his eyes... the slow torturerous affair, the beating of the woman, the slow wailing as her screams echoed through the silent halls. The adrenaline that was send through me... oh the adrenaline of watching the beating....


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


Torture.... That was one of my many traits, the professionalism that was required to keep the human body functioning. Even through the most heart piercing of wounds that could be inflicted....


I kept the girl alive for three days, the joy of knowing she was in my hands, Her screams excited me.... Yet no body can contain so much pain and live, but her death, the way in which her body gave up.... I still find its interesting, how the human body slowly expires when death takes over; there is no heroism, no final words.... Just the smell of the body collapsing, emptying bladder and lungs....




*Wakes up and looks around, leans on his halberd as he watches the being walk in front of him*


"S... sir, you must stay back, the barracks are restricted to militia personal only...."


*A loud cackle can be heard, the torch burns out from a cold sudden gust of wind....*


"Mortal.... I wasss a guardsssman yessh... what I once wassss you are, what I am you will sssoon become..."


*The creature pulls out a dagger and attacks......*

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Avatar.... Does such a being excist, if it does, would it allow the pitiful excistance of creatures like me to still linger in this world, the pain I have caused people?


I recall all the pain I have caused innocents, my memory will never let me forget, every night the faces of the dead, the wailing of the innocents....


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


Pain, its only a illusion of the human flesh, betraying its weakness to other beings, why am I cursed with this weakness....?


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


The light attempts to struggle through the bars of my cell, I remember this night clearly, the dead bouquet of flowers laying next to my filth infested body....its tangalising leafs glimmering softly next to my decaying filth.

The pain... my body betrays me to the anguish that is within my corrupt soul.


I remember a soft cackle, slowly the pitch grows louder, my soul tears itself listening, it grows to a piercing wailing which slowly starts to fill my vision.... I wasn't alone.... Another "innocent" had fallen to my capturers, I remember her pleading with the beings, her soul ripping apart slowly as her screams of despair echoed through the cursed dungeon. You can not plead with the living dead... it never helps... ever...


I remember, three days I sat there listening to her screaming, oh the blessed screaming, it send ripples through my body, I was in love with that voice.... the pure excstacy it would grant me, if I could be watching her as her tormentors tortured her body slowly.......


Years.... hours .... days.... She died, finally her screams subdued by the echo of the instruments used on her body, the noice echoing through the empty halls.... I remember it clearly, it was to be my turn now...


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


Pain.... It seemed strange to me at this time, I was the one who used to cause pain, not be the one to be inflicted by this slow torture...


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*

Another memory, a kidnapping, a corsair in the militia, Ke... I do not recall names, but the face is clearly vivid in my imagination.... A strong soul, it has allways been more entertaining to break the ones with a strong spirit.... He never cried, a man who knew how to handle torture, but oh did he scream.... The passion of the scream was pure in his heart, it touched me in ways I would never understand still to this day....


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


I escaped from the dungeon... the nights spend alone... No, not alone...never alone...


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


I had a friend in those hours of torment, my flesh bubbling, the sheer heat from the thongs and instruments of the creatures inflicted upon me, I screamed at first, but fascination slowly took over..... firstly I was shocked, there skill in tormenting surpassed mine by unknown quality... I wished to learn...


I remember my friend, He kept me sane in that dark box, my cell....


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


I escaped, my memory does not recall how, but I did it... or no, we did it, my friend followed me, he never told me his name, I still do not know it to this day....


Through the rat infested tunnels we crawled on our mangled broken bodies, I remember the days of laying in a hole, praying that the creatures, the undead, would not notice my escape....


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


The light! Oh the blessed light, it burns my skin.... I look at myself, my pale excistance that is left, but yet life is still there within me....


But what happend to my friend? I thought I lost him, he was not there...


*Flicker, flicker, flicker


But he is allways there now.... not in body, but he is a part of me, my savior... my true love, my friend... He speaks to me, he knows my corrupt soul, and he does not judge, the blessed voice as he speaks in my head, when he speaks to me I love him, I would kill for him!....


I have, already on many occasions, killed, for him....


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*





*Pulls out the halberd from the corpses torso, placing his foot on the shoulder using it to pull out the halberd clean off the corpse...*


"I told you.... no citizens enter the barracks, or the undead....


*Watches as the corpse reasembles itself, it crawls away into the dark forest, a slow cackling follows as it hisses an incartation, a sphere opens, it disapears.....*


"W... we got them good, didnt we?"


*A insane laughter can be heard, coming from the guardsmans mouth, yet it didn't seem to be Kirans voice... something else stirred behind those dead cold eyes.......*

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Cities... where the innocents are hardly safe in day, and even less so at night, even citizens with ill intent, I recall I was neither of the two this night, I came to give out justice.....

*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


I see the archer, the axeman, myself, walk across the square, palaces with their great spires reaching into the sky, its strange how a human beings hands could construct such a wonder.... A voice echoes inside of me..


"We were never builders Kiran, we were destroyers.....! W.. where Am I? Have I gone insane.... are you me? please.... let me out!!"


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


Sneaking across the courtyard the hooded figure gracefully moves across the dark court yard, throwing immence shadows across the ground.


I remember, I see now what the figure see's... attempting to ignore the unseen eyes which watches me from the small alleys, the thugs and worse who earns there coins at night....


Attempting to move across confidently showing my battle axe by drawing my cloak back they thought better of it.... I hoped...

"Have at ye!"


Two shapes jump from me from the tiles on the rooftop, the first never even gets to land on the ground before a scream and quickly a gurgling comes from his throat, a bolt had stuck to his chest...


The other one did a quick roll and landed on his feet, watching the corpse of his dead companion he moved cautiously towards me pulling out two rapiers, his face already showing his unease, he expected suprise to win him this battle... Whispering softly I tried to convince him to begone..... He attacked...


I recall pulling out the remaining bolts out of his chest, watching how the blood spurted out of his corpse as if a funnel was placed inside of him, fascinating how much blood is containted inside a humans corpse..... How the eyes flicker softly before the eternal rest, oh how I envy the dead....

*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


Excecution.... I had come to kill two men I recall, there names are now common on my tounge, there faces a curse to my being, they deserved to die...


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


In most stories I heard before my mother died to my own doing, she told me a hero would allways give out justice for the weak and defenseless, real life has taught me otherwise, I had come to excecute these two men, not have them fight me in a fair battle, if they were asleep so much more for the better....

*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


Having skinned the person who I tortured for this information, I slowly crept up the dangerous slippery wall and climbed through the half opend window.... There he was, Brego, asleep in his bed, I remember the disapointment of not finding them both.... This quickly surpassed and I set down to do my job...


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


He deserved the death, he left the Highwaymen, no one leaves, ever, I stayed till the last, the years spend in the hole, the cest pool of corruption that filled my nostrils daily.., I was more alive there then I ever knew, if not for that place I would never have met you though, my friend, one day you will tell me your name... w.. won't you?


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


I sat down with a knife in my hand watching the corpse under me, I slowly began to work on Brego, skinning him, alive.....


*Someone soflty singing a soft lulaby could be heard through the window of the building...*




*The orcs head exploded, the smell assaulted my nostrils, as the body fell to the ground I looked sideways watching Darwin with his content grin...*


"Showed that Orc didn't I eh?"

"Sure did mate, come on lets get that other one, blody orc wytches eh?"


Darwin Darkhood, my friend for over 15 years in the Highwaymen, my brother in arms, the only one who knew the truth...


"Kill him Kiran.... no one must know, he must die or we will be found out! kill him... kill him now!"


Ignoring the voice I watched Darwin, his new found powers frightend me, he was the only one of the highwaymen I could still allow to live.... for now...


*Head butting the orcs head, Kirans axe swung in a quick riposte breaking the brutes ribs with his battle axe, quickly in a new move, slamming the axe into the torso killing the orc instantainously. Drawing the crossbow a bolt suddenly hits the orc wytch in the head, it died while attempting to cast one of its spells...*


"Kal vas flam...!"


Darwin was fighting fifteen of the greenskins, they exploded one by one as they charged, soon the charge halterd and they ran away pushing at eachother, none of them wanted to be in the Maelstorm that was Darwin now... flames flying from his hands faster then my eyes could follow. He was death...


Making our way back to the barracks we split the gold and went our seperate ways...


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


The thing that scared me that day the most was Darwins allways content grin, he watched me..... he knew....

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The past..... Many people will tell stories when they are older or wiser, of their heroism, their bravery, how they used to save damsels in distress, but not me... you wish to know more of my past, my days filled with the dark desire only to cause harm? I don't want to remember..... Please, someone, make me forget...Oh sweet lord make it stop!!


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


Darkness, sweat pouring down my chest, the rhythmic swinging of my axe against the oak tree, this was bliss, and this was my life, my sister and mother I recall...


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


"Kiran, what are you doing out there, come on, get inside..."

That was the voice of my mother, her innocent warm voice, I loved her, but she found out... Like all others she had to be disposed off...


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


Tied up against the tree I smiled at my mother as the tears ran down her chin, the small beads gliding ever so softly over her still flawless texture. Her hands tied behind her back, not allowing blood to run her hands, such an excisite blue colour it gives, when blood is not allowed passage in the veins to the vital parts.


I didn't gag her, she deserved to plead, her questions were first commanding, then puzzled, then turned to pure confusion, pleading soon set its trails in her voice, until her screams echoed through the forest, but no one could hear..... just me... only me..


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


My mother, the one who raised me, even when my dad died in the Minocian mines when I was just a mere baby, or so my mother said.... She lied to me! I am certain of it! She was too nice; she must have known.... oh please, forgive me!


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


The axe swinging, hitting at the tree... Raiders, the slave traders had come to raid the village, I was stood alone with the tree, I saw three of them split from the main party, they came towards me...


*Kiran stood calmly, the hatchet held loosely across his naked chest. Directly infront of him was a felled log. The first of the riders, a lancer, leaned forward in the saddle as his stallion jumped over the fallen oak tree. Kiran moved, sprinting forward and swinging his axe in a murderous arc. As the horse landed the axe-blade hissed over its head, plunging into the chest of the lancer, to splinter his breastplate and smash his ribs to shards. The blow hammerd the man from the saddle.*


*Kiran attempted to wrench the axe clear, but the blade was caught by the fractured armour.... A sword slashes down at Kirans head, he quickly dived and rolled. As a horsman moved in close he hurled himself from the ground, grabbing the stallion's right foreleg, pushing with all his strenght against the leg, he toppled the rider and horseman. He ran to pick up his hatchet and stood ready to face the horsman, the last raider jumped off his horse and watched the blood stained youth, he ran....*


"Any last words boy?" the raider hissed in anger, watching his fallen comrade.


*Kiran grinned at him, blood staining his bare chest, non of it yet his own....*


*Quickly running towards the raider, Kiran jumped into the air over the under hand slash of the raiders sabre, quickly rolling to the ground and aiming his hatchet at the raiders legs, decapitating him instantaneously. *


Watching the raider, I remember his screams he had gotten what is worse then death to a man in our age and day, he was useless.... He knew if I didn't kill him now he would never get a job again, his life was ruined.... he was a cripple....


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


The wailing that followed me as I left the battlefield in the forest gave me pure pleasure, this is what you get for attacking defenseless village boys...


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*Watching the ruined village, the farm burning, the bodies of the children, men and old. Only one thought went through my mind.... Revenge....


*Kiran grabs a packet of food, and watches the ground, notices a small track, a small foot print in the under growth, he sets chase.....*



*Chasing the Vesperian, he aimed his bow at the back of the leg of the enemy, the Vesperian fell to the ground, quickly a slaughter was taken to rip the Vesperians body bits to bits....*


Humming slightly as Kiran sat down to work, he took out his knife and looked around at the Covian barrack, a sound victory to Cove this day, one which was needed, the morale had been low these past days in the militia.


Taking the finger from the corpse, wiping the blood off in the Vesperian cloak with his knife, he placed it in a small pouch with all his other trophies.


Darwin came, someone was standing next to him, I remember that face, Olchafa...


Another Highwayman, but... wasn't Olchafa dead? Colours blur through my head, I watch Olchafa uncertainly, but oh, the smile he flashed me as he watched me at my handywork..... He also knew....

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Tracking.... I have allways enjoyed the skill which is required to track down a beast, be it a animal or man. The finding of a broken twig, the footprints on a muddy trace, all that is required to find your prey.


This night I was hunting man...


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


I could feel his fear, the smell a man gives out, animals can scent it... he knew he would die if he didn't stop.... He was a skilled shadow, a highwayman, one of the best, he ran after the mass burning in our village, thinking no one will catch him... oh he was so wrong...


*Flicker, flicker, flicker...*


*Watching the man lean against the tree, his chest heaving as he attempts to breath the air, Kiran steps out from the tree line, watching the man...*


"Hello, Desmond...."


*The mans fear was evident in the pupils of his eyes, the sweat of fear running in beads down his muddy forehead... He saw death....*


I remember his answer, his voice filled with fear, yet anger came through the voice, he thought he was in the right....


"Kiran, why do you persist... you can't kill all of us.... one of us soon will tell of your past..." Desmond said warily...


Panic, i felt pure fear as he said these words, no one had to know, no one must! My friend urged me on, he felt fear too, as he spoke to me, the voice in my head, he knew aswell, but he would never betray me.... Or would he...


"No one leaves the Highwaymen Desmond, you know this, if no one but me will do anything so be it, but I will hunt you down... every one of you!"


*Desmond drew his mace and shield, watching Kiran warily he started circling him, Kiran drew his bow and quickly fired without aiming, as the arrow hits the shield Kiran drew his hatchet and charged, sprinting towards his "prey". Kiran aimed swung his axe in a half arc, aiming it fiercely for Desmonds Shield, cleaving it in two, and nicking his chin, blood started to fall from the small scratch on Desmond's chin...*



"How does it feel knowing your about to die, Kiran?"


*Kiran started laughing....*


I knew the rules of war, a man would attempt to inspire fear into his enemy, by choosing his own fear to work against his opponent, Desmond feared death... I invite fear.... it would make it all stop.... the hunting, the lies... the people knowing... Yet, him being a better fighter, I knew I would win... he would never make the finishing move to kill me, I remember him licking his lips nervously as I laughed at him... it was time.


*Kiran charged, quickly slamming his axe down towards his opponents legs Desmond dodged aside elegantly, swinging his mace down aiming for Kirans head, Impact... blood forming in a clot, his eyesight suddenly blurred, Desmond knew victory, drawing his sabre. He sprinted towards his dazzed opponent. *


*Dropping to the ground, Kiran swung his legs sideways, dropping Desmond to the ground in a heap of weapon and body. Attempting to stand up they both again circled eachother, quickly thrusting his sabre against Kirans unprotected torso, Kiran evaded, but not quickly enough, a deep gash shone through Kirans shirts, blood oozing from the wound. Grunting with a effort Kiran threw himself at Desmond, feet first.*


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


He deserved death.... Yet, he was too strong.... after the fight I looked at him as he ran away from the battle scene.... I don't loose fights... he would die... but still, there was two people I already knew had to die... and they were already believing I wouldn't hurt them....


*A mad laughter can be heard in the forest, quickly dropping to a wail, which turned into tears, Kiran fell to the ground, blood flowing freely.....*




*Muttering from the attack on the Vesperians, Kiran gatherd his axe, which had turned into a serpent in his hand, thankfully he knew too bring spare weapons in a fight against wytches, and so the wytch fell.*


"Fall back!!!"


Erik Arkays voice boomed out as the Vesperians came at us, being seperated from the fight, I looked to Hoagie, maybe I would die this day.... I deserve death... Don't I?


"You do Kiran.... we are destroyers... the girl you killed, what was her crime!?"


The voice echoed in my mind, I have learned now to ignore it... but the girl... I see her clearly... No one should feel such pain, the girl deserved death, didn't she... the voice told me to kill her!


*Quickly ducking, a fireball flew over Hoagies head, The vesperian wytch smiled, teeth showing as he prepared his second spell with his arcane powers. Quickly lashing out Hoagie took two great leaps and slammed the hilt of his sword into the nose of the vesperian, breaking bone and skull in one quick move*


"Not bad teddy!"


Kiran said smugly to Hoagie, a grin appearing.


"Stop calling me that Kiran...."

"S... sorry... hehe."

"Not going to cut his fingers are you Kiran?"

"W.. why would I do that?

"No reason... no reason..."


Watching him he seemed to have noticed nothing, but why would he mention me cutting fingers, I did it for a reason.... It was the only way to redeem my soul, m... maybe... just maybe, this could make me feel whole again. Probally not, if the Avatar knew of my sins, not even saving the world from demons would ever redeem me... I was a lost soul, a doomed soul.


Yet.... I deserve life.... I earned it.... Is the voice, the voice told me! Oh please lord, forgive me!!!


*A scream of anguish can be heard from the forest, sighing deeply Kiran followed Hoagie, yet Hoagie was watching Kiran....Allways watching....*


The girl, she spied on me, she saw what I was doing, her first mistake was screaming, her second was being caught.... my mistake was enjoying the whole thing... ...


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


Her face... is filled with blood... the slow beads forming, her blue dead eyes is allways watching me.. watching..... watching.....forgive me Rachael... forgive me

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Waking.... My body bruised, my head aching from the impact, I remember recovering, the slow thumping inside my head, the faces above me looking down at me.... Attempting to speak. The endurance flee's from my body and I fall back into my delirium....


I remember many days waking and seeing the people gathering above me, fear shone in there eyes before I fell back into my delirium... Ten days passed I think. Desmond.... He escaped me, his mace fracturing my nose, my side still throbbed from the deep wound to my waist, looking down I saw a bandage strapped over my shoulder, and covering my waist. He would die, one day I would kill him, mym istake was warning him, he needed to die. A arrow in the back will be the only way....


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


Desmond, Skilled assasin, my student, a Highwayman of infamous proportions. Quick as a viper, stronger then most wrestlers, and skilled with any kind of weapon as if he was born with it. I used to go out with him on our jobs in the Highwaymen, to take down the people we were orderd, or paid to get rid off, sadly, this time we only needed to give these people a warning.


*Entering the Tavern through the windows, slowly climbing the first floor, Desmond and Kiran leaper gracefully into the dark sinister tavern, it was closed.

Voices, in the corner she sat, the target, the new member of the enemy thiefs guild.*


Most people would tell you there are no thief guilds in Yew, but many still linger in underground, tunnels linking buildings to eachother, years of operation and design by the thief masters had gone into this, making it a perfect network for thiefs and thugs to communicate. Yet, this new guild did not want any allies, so a example had to be made. Me and Desmond was chosen.


*Staying close to the wall they both slitherd across the room, drawing there blunt arrows, the target fell to the ground in a heap, clashing to the ground.... *


Mission accomplished.

*Flicker, flicker, flicker.....*


Looking around, I recall the painful light striking my eyes, blinding me ever so slightly, shying my eyes away I stood up painfully, my side throbbing.... I was in a jail.... this wagon was a cell! T... they were going to kill me! I only did it because of this! Oh forgive me.... I didn't know!


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


I recall breaking the door, it flew open as I kicked it, they had forgotten to lock it! Silly people, they deserved to die now! Gypsies... they were going to kill me, I remember seeing the children running around the horses, the few adults sitting around a fire, the woman cooking a meal for later. They saw me and fear enterd there eyes.... they smiled... but it was the smile of fear... Yes.. the smile of fear...


Waving to me in a threatning way they were, don't you remember friend? They were going to kill me!


*Grunting loudly Kiran drew his cleaver from the side of the wagon, smiling at the gypsies he charged. Unarmed and defenseless the woman fell down quickly, there stomachs cut open in a deadly arc, gutts spilling to the ground, blood fell to the snow coverd ground.... The men attempted to form a circle around Kiran, he cut them down, they attempted to block him so the children could run to safety, a village was nearby... Swinging his cleaver, Kiran cut down the first gypsie, his scream was cut short as he was beheaded. The rest of the men panicked, they ran leaving the children standing froozen in fear and terror.*


Looking back I remember watching the little girls body.... I had cut her hand off, she wasn't dead, she deserved to die, she had allowed the adults to imprison me! She survived for three days, her screams.... pain she deserved, she wished me dead...


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


I remember killing the children, why should they be allowed to survive if they would grow up to be like there parents and elders. I don't recall seeing any rope though or weapons at the camp, and thinking back.... don't gypsies believe that killing people is wrong......?


*A strange voice can be heard coming from Kirans mouth, the shriek of agony which followed as he watched the dead children and woman, it soon ended as he took his knife, even though he was wrong this time, there were fingers to harvest... *


The eyes of the children though used to haunt me... but now my hands are filled with the blood of the innocent.. and they are just another face to my list which damns me to the abyss..... and the girl.. she will be the top of my list of many...






*Kiran was watching Roland from the ground, a arrow sticking out from his leg, Kiran could do nothing to help his friend. Roland, drawing his sword and small sabre faced the bandits, concentration showing clearly in his eyes,sweat trickling down his foreheads, the three thugs stood facing him*


"You are a arrogant child, the tall bandit said scournfully,

"Kill him, Tudrri" He exclaimed to the short bandit next to him


*Screaming a battle cry Tudri rushed forward, a surge of fighting fury swept through Roland. Tudri's Iron sword flashed at Rolands's chest. Stepping in to the charge the young Covian parried the lunge, then sent the sabre scything up and across.*


*Tudri stumbled on for several paces, blood bubbling from his severed jugular and drenching his shirt. Then he pitched forward to the grass, his body twitching.*


Kiran lay on the ground and saw as the two bandits advanced more warily now...

Roland waited motionless, watching them aproach. The tall man was graceful, and Roland seemed to guess he would be fast. The other man was more nervous, licking his lips and blinking rapidly.


*The two mean spread out, then the tall man leapt forward. Roland parried the thrust and trtied a riposte which missed. At that moment the second man rushed in, spinning in a deadly circle Roland's sword ans sabre cut accross the chest of the man leaving him to fall down screaming, his life blood draining slowly from his dying body*


"Time to die, thug...."


*Before Roland could charge the tall lean man, a arrow suddenly pireced the mans chest, forcing him to fall to his knee's, Kiran appeared next to Roland and mumbled, decapitating the man the two guards ran to catch up with the rest of the army*


Today, was a day where Cove would succed, the mass of numbers which showed even suprised me, yet as we approached the tavern, it was empty... Seems the Vesperians had heard of the army approach.


Shadwell orderd a quick march around the lands, then a return march back to the keep...


I feel at home in Cove, yet... my past haunts me, maybe... if I do something heroic... my memories will cease?


The girl.... allways there... allways watching...


*A insane laughter can be heard in the forest*

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Fears enter my marrow, my soul is tormented.... death beckons me with his decayed claws, I should cease to exist, yet my body lingers in the coldness that is my corrupted soul.....


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


Light breaks through the curtains a sabre disemboweling a torso, the rays affect me, my dreams are realities.... ? Somethings is stirring behind the my eyes, a darkness which echoes through my being, death beckons all....


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


Returning.... the gypsies slaughtered as cattle, there bodies covering the plain grass which crunches beneath my foosteps, I bend down..... a hand, not bigger then a small boys seems to be reaching, reaching for something in the sky, looking up I see the dark matterd hair covering his scared forehead, the bruise near his eye covering his skin like paint, his eyes flickers....He gasps for air, his lungs are crushed, his left leg cut at the knee, he slowly bleeds to his eternal sleep, leaving him to the Avatars mercy was not the hardest part, hearing his screams as I cut off his fingers were....


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


Desmond.... name send vibes through my body, the name makes me queasy, bile gathers in my throat as the name clicks, a Highwayman, one of many....


Thinking I had killed them all, the Highwaymen, a bunch of knaves, murderess and rapists, thugs, scoundrels, drunkards, my kind of people.


Names, they fly through my memory as a cloud glides across the sky, or as blood trickles down the empty eyesocket of a slain foe, was this a day to die... ?


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....


People speak of death as a enemy, something to fear, a foe which follows your steps as you live life, as a low farmer or a noble lord....

Death is a friend, a companion through life, if family, friends, or even your loved ones leave you, know that death allways follows you, his sweet breath is what makes you live life, he reminds us we are more then just a gust of wind in life, we are capable of doing more, Death is a friend we should embrace, Death waits for me... I can see him, his eyesockets flicker weakly, the unholy blaze in his empty sockets does not make me tremble in fear, no, it reminds me.... I have the power to bring death....


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


Lost and left to die in the forest.... I remember this day clearly, wandering through the soft grass, my sandals slowly decaying as my body shrinks daily from my great hunger, my body is not regonicable as I watch myself in the water reflection, I see a man.... his chins hollow, his eyes sunken, his whole being screaming out agony as he slowly enters the afterlife.... Death is a friend....




*Grumbling loudly Kiran looked around*


"Aye, Sir, I will go get my equipment reparied"

"Good lad, now get out of my sight before I bludgeon yer face with my fist"


Just another day in the militia, returning was not easy, all my fellow guardsmen were suddenly my superiors, there nose lifted as they watched the wreck which was me, bloodied and bruised, I allways seem to land in fights....


Hoagie... Junior Guardsman.... Olchafa, also a Junior Guardsman, two of my close friends suddenly lifted to a status of respect, I never used to care for my fellow guardsmen.... but now from not caring I come to hate them to the depths of my soul, there proud faces as they cry out when charging a enemy, there glistering smiles when they win, pathetic....


*Watching Hoagie swing his "Harvester" the curved blade singing as it swung down, Olchafa grunted as he ducked and rolled, coming up on one knee he turned and brought his great cleaver down in a shimmering arc, aimed at the knee's of the guardsman, chuckling Hoagie brought down his shield, the axe struck into the shield, wood splintering as the impact vibrated the fortified shield.*




Tauntingly Hoagie called over Olchafa for him to try another attack, attempting to find focus Olchafa started a slow paced walk, which turned into a sprint....


*Sliding across the surface of the barracks ground, Olchafa quickly swung his axe in a left arc, attempting to bring Hoagie to his knee's, Hoagie stepped aside lightly, however the blunt end swang on Olchafa's axe as he slid pass, hitting the confused Guardsman on his kneecap bringing him tumbling to his knee's.*


The laughter followed as the two guardsmen went to rest after there training, I stood watching them as they walked past, not a word of hello.... was I just a number now ? No longer a friend, no longer a drinking partner ?....


*Flicker, flicker, flicker*


Was it all a dream.... my memories betray me like the friends through my life, yet one friend never left me, allways by my side he waits, his hollow smile, his beckoning hand allways tempting me to end my life.... He opens his mouth, the laughter which escapes his rotten mouth freezes my soul..... Yet, death is a friend who never leaves...

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I remember watching the strangers face.... his creased brows drawing attention to his bridged nose, his unruled smile flickering yellow teeth at me as his eyes spoke of dark intentions, his dark skin pale against the moon, he called me over with a hoarse wail, which I took for a greeting, I sat down next to him.


"Hrmph... eons since I sa' lad loike you around 'ere, whas yer name... ?


I remember not trusting this stranger, as his fake smile watched me curiously, his whole being attempting to get information, he wished me dead, his eyes betrayed him, watching me as he licked his cracked lips, his bleeding gums repulses me still to this day, he deserved death.... The shock as the blade struck his stomach was shown as his eyed widend, I turned and twisted the blade a froozen scream was on his lips, his life blood draining slowly....


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


Walking away I remember cutting his fingers off, why do I cut peoples fingers off ? I might claim it is a blood price I pay for walking on earth, some sort of religious babble ? hell, some people even claim I am insane, un-balanced. I just do it because I enjoy the bone crunching sound as fingers snap, the texture of fingers, the abnomality of fingertips, I just enjoyed the practise of chopping them off.


*Flicker, flicker, flicker....*


Walking through the forest, my body finally nourished by the meat the dead stranger 'left' I could finally see some light escaping through the thickness of the woods, a campfire was in the distance, the smoke flying into the sky as shadows dancing on water, finally I was free to go home....


Coming out into the clearing, I saw the three guardsmen, Yewians... Had I walked so long, my sense of direction were lost, shock quickly got substituted by fear as I saw them pull out there bludgeons and clubs, noticing the ragged figure which was me, some bounty was set up I recall for my head during this time...


"Eh' fella's, there be extra rations tonight, thats one of them Highwaymen barstards !"

"Lets ge' him Sir !"


*Drawing nearer, the two trainee's approached the big frame of the Highwayman, he drew a small knife holding it in reverse, standing paced apart ready to pounce,*


At the age of 17 Sebastian had no experince in the art of war, specially with skilled assasins or known killers, he only joined the militia because he needed the coins, his father had been a tailor, working with his mum to provide cloths and fabrics to the surrounding farms, his brother was also a trainee in the militia, he did not know this would be his end.


*Sebastian drew his mace and quickly leaped in to knock the man over the head, attempting to make him pass out, grabbing his wrist Kiran looked at the boy shaking his head as he drew back his dagger, the eyes of the youth went wide as his bowls released in fear, the dagger struck home into his throat, blood spurting from the mortal wound.....*


As he was lying in the grass, his vision slowly blurred, the pain in his throat forgotten he looked up into the clouds, there should have been more to his life, yet on this cold night, Sebastian closed his eyes and screamed as the pain came back, death quickly followed...

*Grunting in annoyance the guardsman watched as the trainee had his throat cut out, the armour would never be repaired after that stab, gold was wasted on these trainee's. Calling over the second trainee they approached the strange man, standing with bloodied knife in hand he watched them curiously, licking his lips in concentration.*


*Moving in to strike the second trainee stood and watched as his superior attacked the man, swinging his mace down, Kiran quickly stepped aside to dodge the critical blow, watching as the mace swang downwards, quickly lunging with his right hand, the Highwayman attempted to stab the guardsman in the eye, grunting in annoyance, the guardsman deflected the weak blow with his wristguard catching the dagger, quickly hitting Kiran over the head with his mace, blood spurted from his crunched nose, the trainee watched with amazement as the highwayman hit the ground with a thud...*


Attempting to keep his vision clear, I looked up to see the guardsmen beating me bloody with clubs, the pain in my face, chest, stomach was beyond imagining, unconciousness took over me slowly as the pain dulled my senses, dragged away slowly by the guardsmen I soon succumbed to my pains....




*Wrenching free the bolt from the unborns corpse, Kiran looked around to see the emerging undead horde slain, with a bloodied arm coverd in a sling he saw the recruits spilling o nthe ground, crying and moaning in pain, the blood oozing from there batterd bodies as there young faces showed terror, they knew death approached.*


"All roit there Kiran ?"


Olchafa grumbled as he cleaned his cleaver on a nearby unborns robe, the blood from the robe mingling with the blood on the blade, leaving it non the cleaner then before.


The undead had seemed persistent the past weeks to overun Cove, luckily non of there reapers had appeared in the dark of the night, and even more lucky was the effectivness of the scouts as they alarmed the citadel to the dangers in the night. Most likely hopefuls of the Guardian wishing to show there devoutness by taking over the town of Cove, all they got that night was a swift death and a return ticket to the abyss.


"Eh what ye doing bleeding hell !?"


The one handed elf Delcarakdur asked me with suspicion thick on his lips, his eyes watching me at my handy work, the sheer bliss of cutting off the unborns fingers blurred my senses, making me seem not to hear the elf. Grunting and shaking his head the elf walked away uttering words which I will allways remember.

"That one is bloody insane..."


Am I insane, this question haunts me during day, the nights do not let me forget this question now, he perhaps knows of everything, how my dreams haunts me, how my past betrays me, how my fears would make me able to kill, he seemed to know to much, allways watching me with his squinting eyes, his smiles never far from his treacherous lips....

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Breath, claw, breath...


What was up or down, panic gripped me, panic soon leading to terror as my lungs were near bursting... my vision dimning..


Breath, claw, breath...


No light, eternal darknes shrouding my senses, I kept clawing with my arms, pushing myself forward, I saw the air bubbles rising to my left, surface!


Breath, claw, breath...


Light, the ray pulsating through the mud covered banks of the Vesperian river as my head emerges from the depths, breath, breath... algies covering my body as I laid on the beachhead, breathing in the life giving essences...


*Flicker, flicker, flicker...*


Firebombs... the decks hull covered in a blaze of fire, the drunk yet able Captain Tom Black Vance steering the oars with a pirates deftness, avoiding the hail of arrows the murderes in red were sending down on our hull with deadly intent. The deck was covered in the fine goods from Trinsic, weapons, tents, wood and shelter for the homeless of Vesper during my war... or so the Trinsicians thought.


We stood on the banks, me and Tom, I see it clearly, him already drunk on fear and old flasks of brandy, his breath sour as his curses grew to mere murmurs underneath his thin breath, the stench of it recoiling me back to my senses as they approached with the goods, the Duchy approaching somberly.


I recall looking up at the withering gails, the storm brewing intently for it's corrupt climax as lightning blasted down with the soft echo of drums.. they had been waiting for us... guardsmen... Yew.


*Flicker, flicker, flicker...*


Screams... Tom smashed the hull against the Yewian war galley, there shouts diminished by the roaring thunder overhead, some of them went overboard... piercing screams in night as there armour pulled them down to the depths to never be seen again... oh god I laughed... there small pupils as they knew there inevitable fate, one of them clinging onto a man without armour, the deathgrip as he pulled his companion down to the depths along side himself.


Pulling his cutlass from his scabbard Tom drunkidly charged, quickly parrying a wild thrust with his bracers, he shoved the red clad guardsmen overboard sidestepping quickly to avoid a murderous arc of a large guardsman's axe, sending the guardsman stumbling into the deadly riposte of Tom's blade, his jugular smashed as blood pulsed out onto the floor...


I recall watching it as I fired bolt after bolt into the masses of guardsman, but suddenly, hell came to live... Lyim drew his potions and said soft incantations which made the hair on my neck stand rigid, suddenly he threw the potion high into the air, the aftermath was oblivion... the screams of the men on the ship filled the night air, mingling with the smell of the burning dead or still alive it made for a excellent image to behold.. it was beautiful..


*Flicker, flicker, flicker...*


The sandbanks gently clutched me into a soft embrace as I laid there, soaked to the skin...




Rebecca... then Kiran...


Rebbeca... then Kiran...


It was mine...!


How could that wench have written the letter with that girls name infront of mine, my own name just a afterthought in her sick scheme to overthrow what is rightly mine?


The Swaggers was mine!


Rebecca could never see the letter... I won't let her,


"Burn the letter, yesssh, as you will burn her, Kiran..."


It was the voice... no... the door opened, the flames which had smoldered the letter soon gave out as he stepped through the door, my prayers had been heard, I knew they had... but not by the one I had hoped...


Withdrawing it's hood, the flames gave out softly as a breeze was send through the small room... Craggious it called itself.. I remember... it's eyes burning with the un-righteous fire of the Guardian, it's steps malign, the smell of him was like brimstone and corruption, his presence meant - Death..

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Darkness shrouding me like a nightmare, tenticles creeping up and obscuring my already lacking vision...


A cave... voices...


*Flicker, flicker, flicker...*


The soft scraping of metal on stone as the voices get louder, my imobile exterior restricted by straps, the smell putrid as my senses start to react again, my vision impaired by the blindfold... they were laughing softly, the echo of the claustraphoic cave walls amplifying the malice, it was evident in each rough and delicate tone of voice of my capturers..


They had never done this before I felt, as they removed my bond my eyes were blinded by the dancing flames of the surrounding torches. The cave was damp, it's acidic walls filled with the green decay of moss, scanning I felt something not felt in years... Fear.


*Flicker, flicker, flicker...*


My eye...


The piercing pain as the heated tongues pierced my socket, scraping, destroying, burning...


*Flicker, flicker, flicker...*


They were as suprised as me as I started laughing after my lapse into unconciousness, they were more frightened of what they done... t.. they took my eye.. yet they were scared of it more then me.. I remember there faces, the soft delicateness of Vie... the rough exterior or Dirk, and the suprised yet satisfied smirk of Lyim... my partner during the war...


I passed out...




Waking hurts, my arthritis stinging my hands as they creak with every movement of the joints, my dream evaporating as feel my cold sweat covering my chest, a dream... I had both my eyes then... but not anymore...

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Missed, just a cripple fit for the vultures.


The next bolt thudded thickly against the wood next to the target, penetrating the wood with a sharp thwang, annoyance and anger fuming me as I loaded the next bolt into the socket with a hissing click od despair.


Click, thwang!


Another shot, the bolt smashing a window, the implosion of the shot virbating as the splinters of the glass broke into thousands of deadly shards.


Throwing down the crossbow in anger, I stormed away from my coherent yet pitiful excistance


They hadn't just taken my eye, leaving a decayed rotten eyesocket, no, they had taken my life..


*Flicker, flicker, flicker...*


Crippled, useless, a corpse... days spend in a sick bed under the constant care of people, there eyes full of sympathy, self loating becoming a constant companion of mine, I was meant for more then this...


Days passed, not anymore even ashamed of laying in my own filth as my bowels kept emptying itself, the stench sending me to delirium. I could see them as they came inside, the barmaids.. there noses cast down, a slight crease on there young un-tarnished foreheads as their frown signified my being, what it was I had become, a monster...


*Flicker, flicker, flicker...*


My sanity, I had become what they all thought I was, my soul content with excisting within this shell of my former self, my current condition leaving me unable to even fend for myself. Eating became a chore, sitting a dream of a future I did not believe in, and revenge... a hope inside my twisted nether that burned my mind like hot coals scorching the flesh...


I wanted them all dead, to suffer, this anger fuelled me.... I recovered.. My body, not as young as it has been , showed the marks of my previous nights of torment, it was visible in my every agonising stride. I recall looking at myself in the glass, my cheeks hollow, eyes.. no.. eye filled with.. nothing, emptyness, empty as myself, my other side burned and corodded,I sat there imagining the eye was still there, I sat there for hours... watching... watching, my breathing sharp, painful... my image moved, yet I did not... the smile wrenched out of me through gritted teeth not of my own doing, he whispered to me, enticingly, seductively, full of confidence with every soft sylable...


"Sweetness, we have people to... dispose of...!"


He never left.. never... my mouth opening and closing in a attempt to speak, I watched the mirror while I uttered no words, the conversation occuring within me, struggling.. fighting, clawing, I ripped at my face, the blood soaking my cragged and dirty fingernails, clawing, ripping, shredding.... he kept laughing within me, my skull echoing with his shrill laughter... he knew... he always knew..


*Flicker, flicker, flicker...*


He cooed me, soothingly embracing me as I could not reject his attempt to make me succumb to his will, he is me... I am a monster.




Panting, groaning as I wake, my arthritis stronger from the cold weather of the night previously, the not so recent torture of my Vesperian capturers still aching with a dull pain as I stand to view myself in the looking glass.. He fled my body as they cut my fignertips, he screamed in fury and utter bewilderment as they struck my unprotected body with mailed gauntlets, he disapeared when I was finally knocked out with a metal shield to my face, splinting my teeth, a divine intervention as I blissfully sank into unconciousness....


I sold them all out, every single of of them as the pain increased, how did they find out...


Arthrious had run away to become an' outlaw, Ned barely escaping with his life instact it seems, speaking his way out of it, and the last one, the mage, I hadn't seen since.


We were so careful...


Water woke me, my body splintered by the new barmaid, Freya, I don't recall ever leaving the place... She only saved my life due to fear... all the barmaids want me to pass on so they can run the Swaggers by themselfs, they don't say it, but is clear in their eyes as they watch me, smilng secretly to one another, they are planning to dispose of me.


I must work quietly, if one finds out what I am planning to do, they will warn the others, with the shipments of ale coming in by Kaldor they shall see what happens...

"Won't they just, Kiran..."


He is there, watching, always... watching... waiting..

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The door shook hard, the bronze gate slashing against the hinges of the doorframe.




Wide open, his haggard breath filling my lungs as I drew my mace, his tusks profoundly rotting to the core, food remains visible between the larger fangs... it approached.

Larger then any mortal man, the green skinned orcish brute howled it's fury as it broke the gate to splinters with it's two handed cleaver, it's eyes full of a inteligent rage, it's nostrils flarring with each heave of it's massive chest... it came closer.


Drawing a bolt, a soft twang is heard, the bolt impaling itself on the orcish chest, the beast howled and charged...


Another bolt stood out in the beasts chest, it's charge not faltering, drawing his mace Kiran leapt to the side, avoiding the murderous arc of the orcish brutes cleaver, Thud! Wood chippings filling the room as it strikes the bar hard, rolling to his feet Kiran dashed at the beast, swinging his mace overhandedly as the cleaver remains stuck in the wood, lifting his arms the orc struck out, the impact blinding, blood oozed out from Kiran's broken nose, his vision nulified. The beast lifted Kiran...


Flicker, flicker, flicker...


Watching him I remember one voice entering my soul, one of despair, it's cold claws gnawing at me as I was raised, immobilised by the orc's brute force.. What always made me wonder this day was the coldness of thought, and also it's counterpart, the fierce burning intense fire as it's hooked knife entered my side, breaking my skin, ripping into muscle, blood oozing... killing me...



This was not a memory...I remember it as I wake... my side burning, my cries unheard..


I am dying.

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Banished... her words were final, the distant shouting of my own men and Anna's shouting abuse nullified as she ruined me... her eyes glinting with the untold exstacy which follows as she hurts my being....

her words were soft, a mere whisper in the breeze of raised voices surrounding us...


I remember you speaking to me... daughter... I now know who you are, voice inside my head... I twisted that innocent neck myself.. when I close my eyes.. I see you.. watching.. as always... my beautiful Jasmine..


"No time to daddle.. "Daddy"


Her voice was mocking, I think I knew years ago it was her, as I laid in the ruins of Abbeywood... she is part of my past, one which lingers foremost in my thoughts...


*Flicker, flicker,flicker...*


Many questioned in the following hours why I did not outright stay within the Swaggers, even you, daughter, questioned it... your sweet voice brutal yet honest, the sarcasm dripping like honey...


"I love you.. daddy"


The mad laughter followed, her insanity breaching my own incoherent thoughts, she was a beautiful thing when alive, now a mad incomprehensible voice inside my depraved mind...


*Flicker, flicker, flicker...*


Many in Vesper knew of the assumed killing, my mind already revealing my planned death of Anna-Maria, the mercenaries failing there task brutally... I was now a militiaman, Partisan, but you and me knew what was going on, daughter, we had a plan... we could be patient... we could wait..


"Patience... daddy... patience.."


As wicked as my own being, she I think is what made me do so many terrible things, a parent can't refuse his daughter anything... not even the blissful death... always a part of me..


Days went by my sweetness, my little darling, Vesperians muttering of the Swaggers soon destruction and overthrow.. First the ex champion.. the liberators, and now the completely mad Baron of Vesper...

And I would know of madness my darling... oh I would.


Days it took before Anna cracked, defying the Baron and his overthrow, I was one of them who got to chain her and lock her up in West Vesper, the Barons old domain.. we took her there my love... chained up, ready for the slaughter..


The mushrooms greeted us at the old house... The ex owner of Swaggers eyes wide in fear.. all the way there the Liberators had spoken of the fall of the Swaggers, taunting Anna, believing me one of them... poor fools..


"They never knew daddy... they never knew!"


A short laugh... Draxen watching me wearily.. I must be careful.. shh darling.. shh..



His madness was evident, my worst fears were true, all my plans had led up to finding out our newly "elected" barons madness and plans... he wanted to rule Vesper with a iron fist my darling... my beauty..

"No daddy... you are just mad.."


Her voice wasn't mocking... serious it felt... her giggle following it send shivers down my spine, looking up I saw him stroking the mushroom, the madness in my own eyes reflected in his.. always having preached against torture, this madman was totally ignorant of what his men was doing, this was my thought my darling, but he was the puppeteer... and the militia was the puppets.. and so was I..


"Puppets daddy, remember you bought me a puppet when I was still alive...?"


Don't mock me... they made her stay, listening to his threats.. they locked her in... alive... with the mushrooms.



Having Draxens axe, all I needed to do was wait till my comrades fell asleep my love..


"He gave you his axe... do remember to give it back to him, planted in his chest.."


You twisted little angel.. daddy will always love you..



We looked at eachother darling, her tears streaming as she sat there frightend out of her wits, exstacy passed through my like a aphrodisiac, her tremblings as I lifed my axe over her defensless body, her cries hoarse as I lowerd the axe swiftly in a murderous arc...


to land softly right infront of her..


Her bewilderment was understandable, she has thought I wanted to kill her for years... poor girl... we had little time, patrols had heard our commotion as I smashed the door in darling, I had to run..



Planned she asked me darling, I suppose in some recess of my mind I had planned this... perhaps not as smoothly as it had went, already within a week the inner circles of the militia revealing themselfs to me.. insanity, the trust they showed us love.. insanity... as there Baron..


Emerging into the Swaggers was going to be problematic, especially when he sat there, Escaflowne.. and Ned... I had to act, Ned knew.. he reacted faster



How could I explain everything to them, daughter..


"Explain it to me.. daddy.."


Yes.. your right, you see, I have been infiltrating Vesper due to the incident where the militiamen drew back because we did now show them respect enough, the fights which broke out drew a deep rift between me and my Vesperian informers..


"But why did you leave for.. Vesper?"


Her voice was puzzled, I chuckled softly as I explained to her it was all to find out what was really going on in Vesper, my brutal dismisal and the unbeknown reasons left many people in doubt, the Baron himself offering me a job as advisor, when Ned came to give me the Partisan job, my spirit lifted.. I was in..




"Still puzzled love? well you see.. they now started telling me about the unfairness of Swaggers, instantly forgetting my old allegiance to the tavern, instilling me with all the plans.. in the end I knew what I must do... save Anna and use her for my plans in the end.. she is key to the downfal of the tyrany residing in Vesper.."


"I still don't understand.."


We will destroy Vesper my love, for what they done to us, and what they are planning to do to MY Swaggers!...


*The shrill echo of madness dwindle... the insanity of laughter heard of Jasmin and Kiran.. softly disapearing..*

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"A.. a.. another slize daddy?"


She carefully placed the slize onto the plate...


"No more... stuffed to beyond imagination dear..."


Her childish giggle send shivers down my spine, the voice I had imagined for so many years, lonesome corrupted years. I was able to see her as she should have been, little Jasmine... beautiful innocent baby, why did I kill you...?


"Something the matter, daddy?"


Her voice was sparkled with ammusement, a reasonating feeling of deja vu twang up my spine, corroding me, I had felt this before.... a thousand times now...


"Daddy... don't... no... don't leave me..."


Her voice broke, the snarling confused me, the forest we just sat in turned into the Abyss which had welcomed me... smell of the sulphur evaporating any sense of being, my nostrils flaring with the indescribable pytrid aroma clinging to the place, my gaze returned to her swiftly as she was not my little girl anymore, she was the demon which resided within my cranium, the figment of imagination within me, the voice which made me want to kill... I started to scream...


*Flicker, flicker, flicker...*


"Another slize Daddy...?"


Her voice was deeper, her smile always filled with admiration, I accepted gratefully, the forest was as pure and clean as nature intended, her smile soft and knowing, my baby girl knew me so well..


"You know I can't eat another slize Jasmie, I am stuffed, parh.."


Something was wrong... Pain.... starting at my leg and creeping agonisingly up my gut to my chest, flaring, spreading... the canon!! No... my own death...


"D.. daddy... w.. whats wrong? - y.. you're scarying me!"


The pain... I was in hell....!


"D... don't leave me daddy...!"


Her voice was pitiful... it changed...


"You can't leave though, can you Kiran... they killed you, remember...?"


Her voice became the deep wrath of the abyss, breaking me, shattering me with every word... it was all true...


"Miss Boon... Rebecca... All of them... wanting you dead... "


She knew me so well, my little girl..


I remembered it clearly... the canon hitting me, my mere existance shattered, my soul fleeing my fleshly carcass to the firey abyss...




The world turned, Jasmine, the slize... screaming.. turning, make the pain stop... please...!


*Flicker, flicker, flicker...*


"Wake up Kiran...."


The voice... the searing pain... wher... where am I? Looking around the dark basement offered no clue, my wrists and ankles tied to the bedlike substance I was laying on, some sort of labratory? My remaining eye did not satisfy in the dimness, a figure stood over me, clothed in white, blood sprayed all over his gruesome uniform, some of it still trickling down, I look to his hand, a book? His other held something... something of mine... my... eye..?


"Welcome back Kiran... your alive.."


I do not remember if I screamed or cried.... all that is clear is the voice in my head, whispering, softly..


"And I am alive too.... daddy.."


I fainted..



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Years, maybe months, spend in a festering hole with nothing than the scurrying rats for company.. her voice, finally ceasing to torment my broken mind, it's soft cooing and exhilerant taunting corroding what was left of my humanity. I could return to Vesper finally to start agan.. maybe get revenge on the ones who done this to me, my body stripped bare, more a corpse then a man... but I must bid my time as always Kiran, oh yes...


My welcome was as welcoming as expected, the cries of zombie and undead were thick in my skull, I had to lie my beautiful to work once more as a human being within the hole know as the Swaggers inn...


It only took one more day for Damien to stab me...


I knew I went to far somewhere along the line, but my beautiful, you were always there to goad me on, tell what I was doing was... right. Silence... only silence follows each of my statements now, what was once the voice of insanity which left me no shred of decency is the voice I miss the most. My beautiful little girl, my Jasmine... People are starting to know my beautiful, people are telling them of what happened to you...

*Flicker, flicker, flicker...*


It happened again... I don't remember the agonising walk from Vesper to Cove as I was exciled, nor the beating recieved whilst my life blood was spilling from my stomach. I don't remember any of it... Hoagie... I remember him... Rebecca was with me, carrying my frail corpse like figure across the war torn border, Hoagie said I had a place here, I looked into his eyes, he recalled the men murdered in my old causes, the threats upon his family by my men, even the attempts of destroying Cove to the ground with my supposed ambitions... Yet he took me in... His eyes were watching me I suspect for any lingering suspicion of insanity, if only he knew what had happened all those many months in that hole, if only he knew...




"What in the abyss's name do you mean she lost a fricking eye!?"


The large informant stood, lips moistening his lips as he relayed a report to Kiran, betraying nothing of his nervousness as the would be assassins stood in the corners, softly sharpening the blades of the trade, all good men, Kiran, remember this, all like Jierdan, able to turn on you... I see Sabal in the corner, watching me for any weaknesses or sign of senility, will I end up like my own master one day, dead to the hand of one of his trusted surbodinates? I don't want to die...


The constant battle had raged unrelentingly, the toll of injuries and robberies rising to a toll unheard of in tavern history, guardsmen shredded to pieces like citizens alike in the maelstorm of nails and obliterated flesh, all to die for mine and Jierdan's greed. Don't worry Jasmine, the people are immaterial to me, however wounded pride... he must pay.

The silence which answered me was all I required, Jasmine was not there, probably would never be again... Alone left with my own morbid thoughts of death and destruction. Laying awake with sweat drenched sheets as I dream of her voice, thinking it real once more... my little angel, my demon of destruction... my... Jasmine.


The informant had turned eerily silent as the questioning continued, the minute long silence of his superior left him in a slight worry, and the continious stare of the assassins helped little to ease the sweat running down his neck to his back in a steady stream of discomfort..


"Good work, my boy, take your gold... I must speak to my other men, do remember to close the door behind you, mrmm?"


Licking my lips I watched him go, useful tools all those men and women based around Sosaria, but not something to build a power base upon, no.. you needed men like Sabal for it... Cold hearted killers without moments of regrets. Just like I used to be, just like me...


"Like we used to be you mean, daddy..."


Just my imagination, she had been gone for months... still... this was not the first time I had imagined her voice softly echoing into my ear and soul... just the imaginations of a old dying man.


"Sabal, you have your task to do, take along the men to perform this next task, the Baronship of Cove will hardly be pleased..."


Nodding with his usual smile the assassin whom had worked for Kiran for countless years set off once more. The arrangement of tools, the casual non-challant stride only helped to amplify his deadliness.

"I should know, wasn't many years back when I worked side by side with him..."


The old man said these last sentiments to himself, the nights long arm casting a shadow over the small office of the Green Goblin...

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They were all tied up, the calming smell of the dense flour casting a poor reflection for what was to come, the terror lurking behind the unfortunant victims of the night, tied to chairs, fathers watching their children, eyes wide, muscles straining to free themselves, their wifes beaten and cut, the soft titter of a giggle heard whilst each cut was inflicted, he would never go too far, not this one... each cut was as if he was completing a master piece, his lips curled up in a demonic snare, his eyes brimming with excitement and most disturbingly, arousal at the task infront of him, his collection of knifes growing blunter with each fatality. The helpless victims could do nothing to resists, the pleading of the mothers as their loved ones were cut to shreds, the complete desolation and knowing of being unable to resist was evident on the men, again though, the children, they didnt scream at the first cut, it seemed they were unable to comprehend the situation as the small man said soothing words in their ears whilst his tools worked absently... Fain, he was my project.... he was the best of them...


*Flicker, flicker, flicker...*


Screams followed me all the way back to Vesper, each syllable and word I could place to a face, a face full of pain and terror as I knew what this madman I had unleashed was doing... Do I feel regret by these actions... no... I wish I could have watched the whole show, this thought I think will follow me to the very end..


*Flicker, flicker, flicker...*


They came for me many times that year, asking if I knew, besiegers, waywatchers, scouts... Vesperians, my friends, my enemies even my loved ones, all blamed me, no one could find proof however, when they finally killed Padan Fain... blessed peace, no more screams, no more children coming for me in the middle of the night seeking revenge, eyes full of blood, malice, eagerness...


The mill... it won't haunt me any longer..




"We'll need to go over the last tax lists when your finished, bailiff, seems like you might have had your men tax some people twice this week, I am sure it is a mistake..."


The guardsman uttered these words out of protocol, he was on the pay list, with a smile from me, assurances infront of his superiors he went his way with his Sergeant, hopefully soon to be part of it all...


"Hello Kiran...."


They had forgotten to close the door... that face...


"Aye, don't yer' worry one minute Kiran, not all of us are dead, some of us just had to hide when yer' went like, yer' see?"


He had taken me by surprise... Maccen, old hand at the buisness, one of my better men, and not dead.

Perhaps this week won't be so bad afterall. I remember saying...


"Lets get to planning, we'll leave the !!!!!!!! of niceties out of it, we have a city to plunder..."


A very memorable smile showed in the young thugs expression, one full of gluttony... it was good to have him back, specially with Vespers current situation...

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