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I'm trying to purchase a Character Transfer Token and where I'm going I won't need my arties there. So I'm selling the following (they are used, but in good condition, and some are dyed shadow):


Ancient Samurai Do (shadowed) - 30k

Royal Leggings of Embers (shadowed) - 300k

Helm of Insight (shadowed) - 700k

Faerie Fire (shadowed) - 300k

Talon Bite (shadowed) - 50k

Aegis of Grace - 15k

Nystul's Wizard Hat (shadowed) - 250k

Sword of the Stampede - 500k

Heart of the Lion (shadowed) - 100k

Ancient Samurai Helmet - 200k

Helmet of Spirituality - 100k

Gauntlets of Valor (shadowed) - 100k

Daimyo's Helm - 15k


The prices listed are what I'll sell flat-out, but feel free to bargain since I'm not entirely sure what they go for anymore.

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