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Pricing Crafted Goods For Vendors

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Hi, I'm new to this particular forum. =)


Having finally reached maximum skills on all my crafter characters on Great Lakes, I'm now looking to create a huge vendor location, so the people of my shard have a "one stop shop" for everything craftable, especially furniture and home decor items... hence my character name IKEA ;)


Does anyone know of a way to calculate fair prices for things like furniture and home decoration items, have a link to somewhere that does?



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Basically, look around on your home shard, check prices in luna, that should get you a decent average, then based on that you can price from there. If you have a good steady stream of resources you can undercut luna and have a good thriving business. I check the 10 or so busiest vendor houses in luna and several long standing vendor houses elsewhere on my shard, gives me a good starting point.


Welocme to the forum

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Thanks for the reply Warsong.


Biggest problem I seem to find on Great Lakes is that I've yet to find anyone who has a good, even fairly well stocked "crafted goods" vendor, around Luna or elsewhere, hence why I'm looking to establish one. Weps and armour aren't a problem, but furniture and deeds are.


At the moment I'm thinking of pricing items at double the resources cost, plus 30% if that seems sensible.

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If no one on your shard is stocking furniture well start around 500 to1K for plain wood deeds, and move up your price with the other colored woods. if you are talking stone furniture well unless you have a steady stream of granite your prices are going to be high. If you are looking to price the new Stygian Abyss stone items, I would just bank the deeds and sell it off at your busiest bank. Just stand out there and spam the price you decide to set, since I have not seen very much of the new sa items for sale, you should be able to get good returns.

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If you are looking to price the new Stygian Abyss stone items...




At the quantity of stone they require to make, it's hardly surprising you don't see many around lol.


My idea with the deeded SA stone furniture was to add some to our next guild auction and see how they do.


Mining all that stone is very time consuming of course, so hopefully they will sell at a decent price. ;)

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hehe good one! Just price high and keep reducing until you make sales. Keep a record of everything incase the tax inspector comes round. Keep it well stocked thats the key. I'll happily pay expensive prices if I know it will be there because to be honest I don't want to look everywhere for an item. Have cheap items which pull people in such as Recall scrolls and capture their wallets with expensive items while their there.

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- Do your items all have amusing swedish names?


- Is assembly required?


Unfortunately I've not been able to craft a candelabra called KOK yet... =)


Would be funny to do pouches with boards, ingots and a book that says "IKEA Self-Assembly Forge... Instructions available in all languages, except those you actually understand. (Skill to make not included)"


I'm currently building up my stocks and figuring out good ways to stock the vendors so everything is easy to see. Fine with the enhanced client that I use and love when it comes to storage, but for those bigger items, it can be troublesome for the classic client players to see "behind" certain items.


So lots of pouches or crates and much hopping between the two client types to view the vendors. :reye


As for prices, so far furniture seems to be selling quite well, though it's still suck it & see. Even things I didn't expect to sell well, are doing so, because I've not found any other vendors around who stock them regularly enough.


I'm not a millionaire from my crafting just yet... but maybe soon eh!

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I usually price crafted wares based on the going rate of the resources required to make it. Sometimes I discount that a little bit on the higher resources, depending how crazy the market is at the time. I find that generally my time to gather the required resources is close to par with the going retail rate.


I have a retail price calculator on UOCraft that does the math including failures. You type in your success rate (from the crafting gump), and your cost of resources (or whatever you feel they're worth, if you gathered them), and the retail markup percentage you'd like to charge (if any). It will work out the prices for you, including resources spent on failures (if any).


UOCraft.com Retail Price Calculator

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