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Few questions regarding hunting /skill gain

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Hey again,


so im around 90% in my major skills, bushido and sword plus tactics etc... Im currently outside of wind grinding on them Solen Infiltrators(Those were really good before). But at 90+ skill gain is going really slow, so i figured id ask you guys for a better hunting ground to get to GM a little bit faster. If you guys know of places to gain above 100 thatd be great too :)


Since i never did play during ilshenar and etc(expansions), is there any PVP grounds to watch out for when going into the lost lands etc? Any good dungeons with some nice loot?


Thanks again

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I recommend the painted caves. easy to find.. go to trinsic moongate gate head NW across the river. then follow the northern bank west to the mountain the cave is almost touching the waterfall. In here you'll find Troglodytes these should bring you to 105 ish very very easily.. (i hope you have the expansion to allow that :P) ooh and beware about mulitple trogs.. they will make short work out of you if you have more than two at a time.. and see if you can get a repond slayer.


well anyways good luck

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