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New player: Problem buying UO

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Hello, I'm on trial account and today I have tried to by my house, but the game say that I cannot own a house on trial. I have idea to buy the game before trial expires but now I have even more serious reason.

Now about the problem: When I try to buy "Ultima Online™ Stygian Abyss New Account Code" or "Ultima Online™: Age of Shadows™ Buddy Registration Code" I get the following message:


"ERROR: You cannot make a store purchase because the account you logged in with is too new. Accounts must be older than 30 days in order to purchase anything other than an account creation code or Game Time."


I cant find "account creation code" under game codes so what that exactly mean, and how can I buy the game before that first 30 days. Also what will happen after 14 day trial expires but I have not game itself? Its a bit confusing... :huh Any advice :huh


PS: Another reason I want to buy Stygian Abyss are the promotional items I get for buying ti before 29 Sep.

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First off, if you choose the credit card option for billing and have your credit card info filled out, then when you trial ends, it will charge the monthly fee to your card and you will get 30 days more to play.


As for upgrading, I know you can apply a code to a trial account as I've done it myself. What you might want to try doing is buy it from the EA Store.


Stygian Abyss Upgrade at EAStore

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izakaron here is the number for EA




speak to a customer service representative


tell them you have a trial account and want to upgrade it with SA as long as up have a account they should be able to help you. If not ask, if you buy a new account can they activate it today, yes you pay more but then you get 30 days free time.


The EA service line is in California so they are on Pacific Time.


this is the number that I called when I had a problem applying the upgrade to my account.

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