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Any way to give access to your home to another char?

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I would most certainly do your homework on this one. I had 2 houses side by side, dropped one so I could resize the 18x18 to a tower. After doign so I got a gump that kept saying "Houses cannot be created in this area." (SW of luna gate, Westborough Edition) I was only able to get a small house in the same spot that held an 18x18 and about a 14x14 side by side. Im glad it happened though I found a much better location that I love! I too would like to change one of my houses owner names but after that headache I will just deal with it.=)

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You can also use the plot resize command - whichever character replots the house will have their name on the house sign. BE SURE to read up on how this command works in depth before attempting. It is a whole lot safer to use the 2 account swapping method Corvak mentioned above.


I prefer it because it makes moving easier. With resize, you must empty your house prior to using the command, and without a second account and second house, this is awkward once you amass a lot of stuff.

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