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I have a waterstained SOS that gives me the coordinates 180° 17' N and 127° 3' E


The Problem is: when sailing north on 127°3'E, I end up on 179° 55' N and then it switches to 180° 0' S and starts counting down.


i fished on the last N coordinate hoping it counts, but no, only fish. Same if I try to "overshoot" and fish at 179° 44' S.


Weird! Anybody else had that problem before? Or knows a solution?

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Thanks for the help, but I tried all that already. Parked my boat, walked around on it. Tried fishing on exactly 180° - nothing, tried "overshooting" and fishing at 179° 44 S and so forth to no avail.


Well, I think I'll post a bug report and ditch the buggy MiB. Or maybe I'll even keep it as freak of nature ... err ... code ;)

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Though a sphereical planet cannot go more than 180 degrees north, because there are only 360 degrees in a circle...


Perhaps sosaria is actually elliptical?


Actually, the Trammel and Felucca facets aren't spherical or elliptical.


Picture in your mind attaching the north end to the south end of the map. At that point, you have yourself a cylinder. Then picture attaching the east side and west side to each other.


The shape you have then is...


A Donut!


So Sosaria is a donut.

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Yes but if you go on the logic that at the four corners, you can move one space and reach any other corner, this means that the four corners must be touching each other.


A toroid means there is an area with multiple day/night cycles per day, and where gravity pulls up instead of down.


If gravity pulled down on the inside of the donut, it would pull up on the outside, as well. Think Halo 1. The halo is rotating, with the livable area on the inside of the ring, because it spins around it's centre, creating a centrifruge.


However, because this IS Ultima, the answer is quite clear.


A wizard did, in fact, do it.

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