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Hello! i just have one simple question...


Im currently training magery on my char.. i have about 76,3 magery to be exact.. and aiming on GM:ing the skill.. but it takes a very very long time to even increase 0,1 point of the skill.. is this normal or have i missed something??

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It really doesn't have to be -29. If you did the Magery quest in New Haven you can get a -10 Staff which more than suffices. You also need to be casting difficult spells for the best chance at gains (Mathetmatically I think the best range is 30-40%, but if you want to hunt or something then aim for 50-60%).


Also, you can gain Magery skill with a -Mage Weapon the same way you would gain Swordsmanship, but it's an incredibly slow process. It would be better to cast your spells and then hit things when you're low on mana.

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