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Buying multiple account upgrage codes

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Anyone else have a hard time buying multiple upgrade codes, or am I just really having bad luck last night.


EA store wouldn't give the option to buy more than one, so I just got one from there. It arrived in about 1 hour.


People told me to try buying multiples at uogamecodes, so I went there. I got stuck trying to enter my uo name and password. I tried all 3. I gave up on it and went back to the EA store.


Went through two different transactions to buy two more codes. That was about 9-9:30pm last night. When I left the house at 7am, they still haven't arrived. I was getting frustrated and tired last night, so I wasn't really thinking straight, but I managed to write down one for the reference numbers.


Now I don't want to try and buy again and end up with more codes than I need. But how long did you guys wait before the codes arrived and where did you buy them from?

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I called 1-866-543-5435. The nice guy I talked to couldn't help me. I couldn't understand what he said he couldn't access, something about the EA store. But he said he escalated the problem and made me a ticket. So hopefully someone higher up can help me.

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I got a reply...


The EA Store version of Stygian Abyss is meant to be unique to each email address, since they also include digital download entitlements. To purchase multiple codes using the same email address, please use


So if you want to buy multiples at the EA store, just remember to use different email addresses.


But now I have a new problem. The pop up when you click add to cart is missing the drop down menus. I still can't buy the codes...




Edit: I clicked add to cart on the new account code, and the drop down menus are there. It's just on the upgrade that it's missing. GRRR!!!


I'll try at work tomorrow. Maybe it's my explorer, I have IE8 here at home.

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