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Buying Stygian Abyys - where and when?

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So, tomorrow's day, the 8th of September. But when exactly does it start for EA Mythic? Being in Germany, the 8th starts in ca. 3 hours for me. Drachenfels goes down in 9h.


So when will I be able to buy the code? My Midnight? US midnight? 9am US time? And when will I be able to log onto Drachenfels and play SA? In ten hours with serverup? that would be 1am EST?! Or as soon as I got my code - hopefully sometime tomorrow? Or will I have to wait until serverup on wednesday?


Also, where to buy? They said something bout restriction when buying on http://www.uogamecodes and wanting multiple codes. What's that about? And where is that EA store they are talking about? When going to EAstore.EA.com I'm always redirectet to their german site. Hopefully it will be on sale there too. I really hope they post some infos on the herald soon.


Questions upon questions. Are there any answers out there?

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Tbh mate, I wouldn't plan on there being a set time. If anything, i'd go with a US time, perhaps midnight but more probably later in the day. It wont be like them hitting a switch then it pops up, I imagine they'll stick it up after covering everything and ensuring everything is gonna go smoothly. Either way, i'm gonna stay up in hope that it is midnight because i'm cool like that :P

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Checking out "the herald" helped work out some confusion I was having reading the EA store page. (For one thing the listing of PC games was not alphabetical.)


Shards are being brought downChrissay Zeeman08 Sep 2009 10:15:21We are bringing the shards down for their final maintenance period before the launch of Stygian Abyss. Shortly Stygian Abyss will be available through the EA Store and through UO gamecodes. Keep an eye out here for announcement. If you have never ordered through the EA Store before you may want to read our article HERE.


Clicking the link takes you to a webpage that promises to link directly to where you can buy the code from for the expansion.

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Well the link is not working yet from the UO site, but the new player $39.95 US$ package is up for sale now.

I played around with it and when you "add to cart" it has a drop down of which version you want (English, German, Korean, Japanese) it will pop up automatically as soon as you click on "add to cart" . I assume that it will work the same when the current player upgrade comes available

Here is the link and it is in middle of the page. EA Store (US) Online Store - Products This is NOT the package current players want. I don't see that anywhere yet. But if you are starting a new account this will be it.

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