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Attend the All Shard Meeting Tomorrow At 8pm EST


The Blaze Tent is in the Luna Fairgrounds South of Luna City

That is where the meeting will be held. It is unknown if it is

just EM Vladimere and Em Dudley or if Mesanna will be there



"If we are going to do this I want everyone to understand this is for everyone/guild on the shard."


Quick run down of Events


Runes were locked on the floor for the SHE and KFC auction due to people picking

them up over and over and over. Em Vladimere lended a hand in helping them

(On Friday)


I discovered I couldn't pick up the runes early this morning during DJ Z's

radio show on Whispering Rose Radio.


I contacted SHE Auction House who gave me information then sent me

to KFC Auction House for more detailed information


There I was informed by Aquarius of the recent events in icq then met

with her in ventrilo. A public statement was released by King Hen of KFC

which was added to the news article.


I then posted a news story about them and an idea for improvement.


Mesanna came to the shard and ask people at the bank what they

thought about it. Then they were told to let EM Dudley know any

ideas to make it more presentable.


I picked up the news on that from Sami on Icq


I wrote about sending in your ideas for this and posted it on Uoforums

and stratics.


I went to the bank the runes were gone, lanterns and scrolls.


I immediately removed the story saying "Approval Pending"

Worried I had jumped the gun and ruined things.


I contacted Mesanna at 3pm EST and found out about the all shard meeting

and she wrote me back with the above quote.


And now I'm fricken tired!!

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I'll let the reporters do the reporting on what all transpired over the roughly 3 hours of the meeting in it's various phases tonight, but want to simply thank EM Vladimere and Mesanna for appearing at, and at times enduring, tonight's mayhem. It was good to see so many faces, some I've not seen in ages, turning out to listen and lend a voice to the discussion.

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