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How to start a games selling store?

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I wanted to get into selling Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Pokemon cards & junk, videogames, etc.


I have this website that's out there (http://www.rpgboards.com) and need to make a profit off it. Anyone know what the heck I gotta do to get started? I'm unemployed and unemployable. I can't just get a job. I'm planning on reporting my earnings to social security and pay taxes and all that good stuff. So what do I do?

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Ebay is probably the easiest way to sell CCG cards and use PayPal for payment processing. You could setup an eBay storefront then link/embed it all through your website. If you have not used PayPal extensively before, you should learn up on the various scams people might try. You will also want to learn how to best and cheaply ship items you sell. This is not a trivial undertaking if you've not done it before, especially if you want to make a full-on store, but it can be done if youre willing to learn and don't expect to become rich overnight.

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