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Points of Interest from House of Commons meeting, August 30th

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The House of Commons Meeting, just a few screens north of the Britain (trammel) Moongate, filled quickly as many were interested in what EM Dudley had to tell us.


Some of the highlights of the evening were:


1. House of Commons meet every Sunday in September at 9pm eastern all are invited to attend. The schedule may change in October, day and time will be announced. At these meetings discussions with the EM's take place. Questions are answered and ideas, suggestions are put out there. This is where you can find alot of first hand information of past, present and future scenerios taking place on your shard.


2. The Fishing tournament (runs every 3 months) will be held September 3rd during the hours of 6pm-midnight eastern time. The long awaited T-hunt competition (runs every 4 months) will be held sometime in October, date to be announced. Many other events were thrown to EM Dudley who takes an interest in what people would like to see on Chessy and he has a few of his own up his sleeve.


3. Posting of these events can be found in numerous places, Luna moongate and bank, Britain Bank and EM Counselor Hall, Marcy the event announcer at the Counselor hall and Haven bank. Also on various forums. This was a question of interest as many in attendence also wanted to know.


4. This being the most important in my opinion was "How can we contact you, EM Dudley?". Quickly without hesitation he replied

dudleylightfinger@gmail.com. He then added, "I am interested in hearing how we can make events better, what you would like to do and any critique of events. "

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