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I would be willing to give LB ressurection a try, although I do not play much during the days (usually only between 1900 and 2030 CET) I am certain between those hours I can be a fairly regular player.


I have played in LB before (Mike Renegade) a Drow who thought he was an Orc, with a most peculiar accent in hie common speech.

Although now the character would be far more normal, better suited for a decent role in the guards.


Mike, currently player of Harry Biggins (Grd)

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I have tried a Pm on here, also ICQ to contact you.

I have to quit for the day, but I most certainly would like to contact you to help LB get on the RP map once again.

Tomorrow I will be on again, although later then today, I have a outing with the business I work for, and won't be home until around 1900 hours CET, but I will be on during the evening.

Perhaps we can meet ingame to discuss some of the ideas I have and how you would like to see LB develop?

My character's name is Jaden Kaminski (as you probably have gathered from the few reports I've made)

I do hope we can work something out.




Mike, player of Jaden Kaminski (and Harry Biggins of Grd)

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