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House of Commons Britain City

August 30, 2009




In Attendance:

Firiel [PxP], Winmere [Pax], Crune [DWxC], Winfield [Pax], Greyylene [uSN]

Lord Merlock [DWxC], Savaric, Nanoc [DWxC], Phoenix [DWxC],

Niva The Savage [T_T], Mori'naur [DWxC], Caster Troy [DWxC], Hudson [DWxC],

Mach [DWxC], To Die For [DWxC], Ravenna [DWxC], Saraugug [uRUK],

John [DWxC], Yeomon, Lissa Eldi [*V*], Sneaky AmberHore [RAZE]


**I was late and did not arrive until 9:15pm EST. I was told about the following.


-Welcome to the new Hall of Commons

-Taking attendance

-Him opening up the floor to questions

-A summery of the Balander storyline


Balander, Andrea Kildare, Drake Foxx, Lord Casca, Lady Daw and Alodar Salafna


Turns out Balandar was in communication with Andrea Kildare. Who is the Royal Surveyor

Regarding the find of the archaeological point of interest during that investigation is seems

that Balandar went missing. Drake Foxx with the help of his trusty detectives tracked him

to a wayward beach in ilshernar. Where they found the remains of the Poseidon's Fury.

Citizens of the real then aided Andrea Kildare in excavating the ship. However, somewhere

in the mess Drake Foxx was captured by Lord Casca's men. The king's Own lead by

Alodar Salafna named Foxx an outlaw and ordered him killed on sight. In the process

blew up the Hall of Commons and destroyed Dudley's precious tulips! Lady Dawn then

reappeared in the land and made an alliance with the Platinum dragons. Casca, fearful

for his life has taken to locking himself away. We await the final battle between the dragons

and are at the hand of Lady Dawn and her steadfast leadership in this time of need.

Meanwhile, Drake Foxx was rescued near the Chaos Shrine and Balander has been

investigating the magics that are required to reactivate the Poseidon's Fury. That's about

the thick of it.


Event Launch Schedule


Once Em Dudley gets word of how that is going to play out we'll have it.

T-Hunts and Fishing Competition


They are on schedule to do another Captain Bloodrum's Challenge. This will be in September.

They are being done every three months. Santiago's Fishing Challenge will run September

3rd at 6pm est. It is a six hour window. *Meet at Em Counselors Hall In Britain*


Resource Contributions


Donations of Hedges, Plain Flowers and seeds are always being accepted. A box will be

placed outside of the EM Hall Of Commons Buildings soon.


What Cloaks Of Silence are


They are fashionably unattractive and give +10 stealth


Seeking Dawn to join her army


Lady Dawn will make a recruitment notice and her presence known.

Some fiction needs to come down before the final battle. Once they

get it they will have stuff for you.


Exodus Dungeon Coding reactivated. Random encounters in the wild


That is something I certainly can look into. He asked for an email of detailed

explanation of the spawn to pass it to the higher ups.


Does Dudley Sing?




Do Dudley like Wine, ale, or spirits the best?


Dudley likes Cookies and Milk. A Tall milk that is icy cold.

Skim milk if available. He will even take two percent.


Dudleys Mum


Quote: "She is tasty, thanks."


Why is Dudley barefoot?


He likes to be barefoot.




Anything or Anyone missed may be messaged to me to be added.

Questioned submitted by Winfield, Phoenix, Winmere, Yeoman








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