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i know that this program is no longer being updated. But that the files are still available for downlaod. I went to uoam.net and downloaded the auto map. i installed it and tried to run it but when the updater pops up it downloads 2/6 files and wont run the program saying i dont have all the files. Any body know how to fix this problem??




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I am an old time UO player trying to return and I NEED to use UOAM. I an running Windows Vista and I have downloaded the program three times now (the latest one was the zip file suggested here) but I cant get the darn thing to calibrate. Does anyone know the secret to get it to calibrate? I read his FAQ's about using a sextant and all but I never see a place to put in my coordinates. Grrr!


Or, is there some other equally great tool you guys use to get around? My favorite thing use to be treasure maps and fishing up sunken treasures and I sure don't want to do that unless I have UAOM.


Any help is much appreciated :)

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I have tried it with UOA and without UOA - nothing I do will get it to calibrate. I did notice thou that when I ran only the UO client (without UOA) I at least got the little boxes where I could put in my sextant coordinates - it still gave me an error :(


EDIT: sixth time is a charm! Geesh.....I shut it all down then started UOAM first, then UOA and it worked!! YAY!

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