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First I want to thank everyone for the thoughts, prayers, kind wishes, and cards! Living in a little room for 4 weeks was made easier that's for sure!


Special huggles to Queen Mum who really made my stay easier.


Mum you really made my day when I heard from you and it made my week much lighter.


Everyone is home now. Thank goodness! That was the most worriesome 3hr car ride I've ever had in my life. Those little guys can't handle too many temperature swings and long trips. They made it fine, but Mommy was worn thin with worry!


So far the 3hr feedings aren't so bad and the kids are super. They hardly ever fuss unless they still have a burp bubble in there somewhere after laying down.


The hubby is the best hubby in the world. I seriously mean that. If I could I'd let him be a stay at home dad and I'd go back to work! He's having a blast feeding, diapering, etc. Comes from years of diapering and feeding 80 year olds! =)


Hopefully we'll get a schedule for Mommy time and Daddy time worked out. Right now we have sleeping schedules at least. The rest will come as it does.


*huggles everyone*


PS Here's a link for a few pics we have. I'll eventually get around to ones we've done sometime.


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