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paxoku_logo_640w.jpgBlue Light Tavernpaxoku_logo_640w.jpg

PaxOku City

August 20, 2009




In Attendance:

Sinthe [T_T], Sinhi [T_T], Lord Kire [OkuB], Lord mirt [TEB]

Lord Lee Merin [DWxC], Visago [Pax], Woodley [DWxC],

Lord Kire [OkuB], Lord Gareth [PaxO]


The Blue Light Tavern sent word again like every Thursday before it for a great outing

and adventure. Everyone is welcome to come to these events and encouraged to. If

you ever want a good hunt then join us in PaxOku on Thursday Nights 8:30 at the Blue

Light Tavern and Tuesday Nights 10:20 at Nivas Hunting Lodge. We sat for a few moments

chit chatting. Ale and food was stocked and hungry adventurers made their way to the

Blue Light Tavern.


After some ate a good meal they began to prep for a night at Lady Mels. Visago the leader

of the BLT adventure night, made a few announcements on how to take on Lady Mel. After

that the group was prepared and ready and made their way across the swamp to get the

keys to enter Lady Mel.




After the keys were collected the group entered the domain of Lady Mel. Visago and

Gareth handled the leading of monsters from Lady Mel. Once that was complete everyone

quickly jumped into action. The adventurers did a fine job taking down Lady Mel. Good

work to everyone that was there and for allowing me to come with you. Those evil Flesh

things were not to nice of creatures to me.








**Again the Blue Light Tavern hosts these events on Thursday Nights at 8:30pm EST. The

Blue Light Tavern is located in PaxOku City in the center of town (Homare-Jima) Moongate.

Nivas Hunting Lodge is located at the same moongate. Look for Savage buildings.**

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