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UO Template Editor - My new software!

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Hey guys,

after a long period I finally decided to share my new software: UO Template Editor.:rose:

This software is made for manage your skills, stats, items and pets.



For downloads, bug reports and feedbacks use the Home Page: UO Template Editor


For make a donation: click here


Who has tried my softwares (like Ultima Online Utility), know that are all virus/malware free.

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The version 1.2.1 is out!


The main news are:

- You can now import stat/skill from uo assist in 1 click

- You can now export your character and share it with other players

- Added the new SA artifacts and unlocked the new gargoyle's layers


enjoy :)

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version 1.3 is out!


Lots of fixes and a great addition: the Advanced Info tab.

This new tab has lots of calculators like:

mana regeneration, damage increase, swing speed, hit chance/defence chance, healing and veterinary


Added the taming control chance and the taming success chance in the stable tab!


Enjoy the new version :)

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