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(NEWS) PaxLair Statehood meeting 8/18/09

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paxlairlogo_sm.pngPaxLair Statehood Meetingpaxlairlogo_sm.png

Savaric's Winehouse, Yew, Trammel

August 18, 2009




In Attendance:

Winfield [Pax], Bam Bam [PaxO], John Duke [Pax]

Savaric [Pax], NANOC [DWxC], Hudson [DWxC],

Winmere [Pax], Lord Mori'naur [DWxC], Niva The Savage

[T_T], Gareth [PaxO], Sir michael [DWxC], Lord Merlock

[DWxC], Cheezdip, Mach [DWxC], Grimlar Mitherax [C=D],

Cymbria Devereux [DWxC]


Governor Winfield:

Welcome everyone! Glad to see everyone. We've had a busy week,

and busier ones to come. I truly enjoyed the PaxOku city meeting

last night. We will hear more from Bam Bam on progress they are

making. First though last night EM Vladimere attended the meeting.

He gave us some updates about things of the past and things to

come for us. Can anyone recall the main things he said for us?


Mayor Bam Bam:

He mentioned that there will be one more final battle to come. Between

Casca and Dawn I believe. And this is supposed to lead into the opening

of SA. He also mentioned that if you want him to come to an event you

have to invite him. He said that they cant give the cloaks away constantly.

They are given a certain amount at a time. I'm done


Governor Winfield:

He also said that Casca has allied with the Crimson Dragons. And that

Dawn has allied with the Platinum Dragons. The war to come soon will

be decided by the people of Sosaria, he said. er, the outcome of the war.

Temptress is still lose in Felucca, very powerful, killed 12 people quickly.

But she can be attacked. She comes around at times, not sure where

or when. Jessica is still dead he said but can be resurrected. And Dawn

ordered rebuilding of the House of Commons. and rumor is people may

need to bring materials to complete the constructions. Just rumor. And

John Duke was declared a hero for all time due to keeping the Pax

sewers cleaned out.


Dragons Watch City Report





Let us here now from Dragons Watch. er hear now from DW.


Mayor Nanoc:

Nothing to report Governor.



Ah, all is quiet in DW, even the pirate ships off the coast. Nice.


PaxOku City Report





Let's hear from PaxOku please.


Mayor Bam Bam:

Our Community wide meeting was a hit last night and thank everyone

for attending. The ONN has moved all of its news story postings to the

Chesapeake community news (ONN) thread. It can be found under the

PaxOku city main forums section. Two new news articles are up now!

and.. the ONN is looking for reporters to join its staff. If you are

interested in reporting contact Merik on uoforums or stratics. In other

news PaxOku is considering a city alliance called the PaxOku City Alliance.

We would be leaving the PaxLair Statehood mechanical alliance but will

still be a statehood city.


We wish to get out there and explore. We want to attract new people and guilds

who would benefit us and us benefit them at the same time. We want to reach

out to other communities and promote allies, friends, savages, other cities, and

interested people. As i said this idea is still in the works. All of the PaxOku

community leaders are being consulted before anything happens. So far i think

we only need one more signature before we launch....and Winfields blessing.

Does anyone have any questions on the subject?



How will this be different from the PaxLair community?

Or the statehood? I mean the goals seem to be the same.

*looks confused*


Mayor Bam Bam:

Gareth would you like to come up and explain since you're writing up the bill?



Sure. A few reasons go into this move for mechanical alliance change. Ill

start off with the long one. Looking at each city Dragons Watch, PaxLair

and PaxOku. We all do rely on each other but at times each city seeks

different things. Dragons Watch for example has a very large single citizen

guild. PaxOku does not hold a single large citizen guilds and relies on many

different smaller guilds and larger guilds to have it function. PaxLair relies

on roleplay guilds and in a way the same way PaxOku relies on different

guilds. And Paxlair also relies on Duke cleaning the sewers.


Second thing is. In the past we had an Allie called RAZE who we wished to

join the statehood alliance. This did not sit well with a group and was immediately

shot down and Raze felt unwelcome to the Statehood alliance but, wanted to be

allied with the city guilds. And we still do feel the same way about each other. The

third thing is we wanted to try to focus more on our city together. With a stronger

city we benefit PaxLair as a whole more. This is our way of trying out something

new to create new friends, allies, citizens and more. Did I miss anything?



But won't we be separated more? Without being allied we cannot communicate as well.



If you look at PaxLair history what did Paxlair do before mechanical alliance?



Got killed a lot *smiles*



We banded together, thus... The Band.



and the band became PaxLair city.



Too true, Old Man, but we did it together.



And we are still together. By sayuing PaxOku not being in the mechanical alliances



No, PaxLair grew out of an ideal. Not from a guild.



creates us as separate then you say the history of PaxLair community of the past before

the mechanical alliance was separate. We still have Icq, Forums and in game connections.

We can even use the chat feature as well. Also I know Winfield is cooking up something

with a chat right?



Trying too.



True, but it will not be the same. *shrugs*



Might cost a bit.



Wont be the same true. I agree to that.


Bam Bam:

It will be different. But thats what PaxOkus about. trying out new things.



Good luck then.


(Side Conversations)





Like our wedding...


Bam Bam:




Anyone else have questions?


John Duke:

Will I be invited to the wedding


Grimlar Mithrax:

Will there be free ale?!



Yes. Who is going to clean up the horse dung if your not there?


Niva the Savage:

Short mating!


Bam Bam:

You'll have to ask Gak first. he'll be receiving your invitation, duke.


John Duke:

Did anyone new move into town?



Aye ale will be there. Uhh that is Bam Bams section I don't think anyone important. heheh


PaxOku City Report Cont.




Bam Bam:

Alright enough on that subject. Lets move to PaxOku's weekly events but.. before

that i forgot something. Probably the most important news of the night. Duke has

moved into PaxOku.


Niva The Savage:



Bam Bam:

He took up residence where the graveyard was at the end of the road. Is building

on top of a graveyard even safe?



Were the bodies moved BEFORE he built?


Bam Bam:

I don't believe so.


John Duke:

Was that mandatory?



oh my...


Bam Bam:

I told him they we're there and they would need to be removed..but i went back

a few hours later and it was already under construction.


John Duke:

I assumed that was a recommendation.


Bam Bam:

Oh well. *smiles* Welcome to the neighborhood, Duke. Now for weekly events.

Tonight at 10:20pm est the Tonkaweya savages and Niva the savage will hunt

their weekly savage hunt! And theres some Orcs they've moved in next door to

her...So i guess you can all expect where the hunts to be held.


Bam Bam:

Thursday night Visago hosts his weekly Thursday night hunts! Meet at the Blue

Light Tavern at 8:30 to discuss where the hunt will be held. Then take off for

some action!


Bam Bam:

Angelica will continue to run the Helps Rescue The Nobles Of The World. Gain in

compassion by doing escorts from the Orc dungeon. Lady Angelica will provide

gates for warrior class characters to gain in this virtue. For about 30mins a day

you can start to gain in this virtue which will help you on the battle field by being

able to resurrect comrades with half life status. Good to have for champ spawns

and other outings.


Bam Bam:

Bander of UTB will be continuing the Community Zoo Project on Saturdays at

5:20pm EST. All warriors and Tamers are welcome to join in. Warriors can donate

gold from hunting and Tamers can donate the pets for the hour long event.


Bam Bam:

OkuC will be resuming its Community Crafters event. The event has been moved

to Luna city bank area on mondays at 7pm est. They will provide free Repair

deeds, Furniture, Golems and beetles.


Bam Bam:

and.. there is a new mage building up in PaxOku it is where the old savage building

is. We don't know much about it at all. Spells seem to be blocking entrance into it.

Thats all I have.


(Side Conversation)





Oooo, I'm a mage.



Huzzah! *cheers*



I'll make a spell to open it.


Bam Bam:

That would be great, governor






If I don't break the ether trying.



Just dun blow it up.



*shakes head* NOT THAT!



*looks the other way*





PaxLair City Report





Thanks Bam Bam. We just had a tour of PaxLair City. EM Vladimere did not show,

so we will invite him again. Is there anything else reportable from PaxLair City?


John Duke:

yes, no wait, no.



Duke, what now?


(Time Passes)



I thought so.



Before my final comments, I'd like Savaric to tell us a little about his plantation here.

It is great that he hosts us here tonight! Thanks Savaric for having us here! ll will see

historical things on this Plantation. It is very well constructed.


War Is Nearing





Finally, with the war coming, We need to decide how our Statehood will operate and

align ourselves in the War. Not to all be decided tonight, but I am committed to

the entire Statehood working together in the upcoming war that is leading to the

emergence of SA. We need to operate as one community in such an undertaking.

And I will take advice from those knowledgeable on how to align. Such as are

we with Casca or Dawn?



How is that possible with PaxOku breaking off? Or out, or whatever it is they are doing.



Somehow, we will work out cross communication between cities. But we need

to act as one dedicated community. I will think on this, and talk to the Mayors.

Each city needs to understand what the war may entail. And we will be perhaps

teaming with other cities too in the shard war. Such as *V*, RBG, USN, and

more. Those that we usually go into shard battles with.



What are the pros and cons of each side? Can someone explain please?



That I do not know yet.



Then how can we decide?



I will look at our schedule, and see who has good knowledge of the potential war.



Just toss a gold piece?



And work with the Mayors on this.






We have many allies outside our statehood. Will want to know what they think too.

Any other business for tonight? Any newcomers or veterans here to introduce?


New and Returning Veterans


Grimlar Mithrax:

I'm Grimlar Mithrax. Veteran I guess, pleased to meet

anyone i haven't yet. Been a long time thank you.


Cymbria Devereux:

Ok...Winmere remembers me. I think NANOC does. I've been gone....well.....

quite a while. But I have a new property build. If I can steal the benches from

this evening, we could hold a meeting there in a week or 2. It has yet to be

named. Uhmm....I speak better with my bow than uhm....well...any other way.

and I look forward to another archery contest in the fall. Thank you


RBG Archery Contest




Niva the Savage announced an archery contest being held by RBG. For better

understanding I have copies what Daria Blackmoore released.


The city of Guardians Gate and the RBG will play host to the "best shot in the realm"

tourney this coming Wednesday August 19th, 2009. This double elimination archery

tourney will be free to enter with a grand prize of 1,000,000 gold to the nights

champion along with an engraved trophy and box to mark the occasion!


Sign ups will begin at 8:30pm at the cities arena located on the north side of

Guardians Gate, right next door to the city paper building with action beginning

promptly at nine pm. Grab your lucky bow and come on out and have some fun!

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