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(NEWS) PaxOku City Community Meeting With Special Guest!

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paxoku_logo_640w.jpgPaxOku Community Meetingpaxoku_logo_640w.jpg

August 8, 2009

PaxOku City




Who and What do they do?:

For those that don't know who everyone is and what they do, I created

a little list instead of the normal attendance I do on these write-ups.


Ares [OkuB], Blue Guard Guildmaster / City Council Member

Bam Bam [PaxO], Mayor of PaxOku City

Niva The Savage, [T_T] Savage Guild Guildmistress / Viceroy of Kijustsu Anei

Gareth [PaxO], Adviser / City Council Member / Deputy Caretaker of PaxOku City

Merik [uOSS], Oku News Network Leader / Uo Stratics Reporter

EM Vladimere, Chesapeake Event Moderator 1 of 2

Winfield [Pax], Governor of PaxLair / Caretaker of PaxLair, PaxOku & Dragons Watch

John Duke [Pax], Slave to Orcs / Taxman

Bozydar [TEB], Guildmaster of TEB

A Garden HO [TEB], Co-Guildmaster of TEB

Lord SmithinWesson [OkuC], PaxOku Crafters Society Member

Lord Mirt [TEB], Council Member of TEB

CharGar [F*V], Guildmistress of F*V


On Monday August 8th the PaxOku City Community held its first Community Wide Meeting.

This meeting is the first of its annual bi-weekly meet ups. During these community meetings

all those apart of the community no matter how small are invited for announcements about

city events, guilds, RP and general news. The meetings take place at the PaxOku City Hall

located on Homare-Jima, Tokuno Islands.



PaxOku City Map 2006


Mayor Bam Bam:

Hello everyone and Welcome to the PaxOku Community wide meeting! Its been quite a while

since we've had one of these hasn't it?..too long.. *smiles* PaxOku is a city of opportunity. A

city of honor and honesty. A city for any race or type of person.. and a city of savages.

*looks over at Niva* Though this meeting is called "PaxOku" it does not mean that it is just

for the citizens of PaxOku. Everyone is welcome to speak their mind and tell of upcoming

events. Though first we have a few things to tend to..the main topic of topic of the night is an

alliance that Paxoku is working on at the moment. It would be called the PaxOku City Alliance.

Gareth would you please come up and tell us a bit about it?


PaxOku City Alliance Information


The alliance is nothing new. But what we are doing is new to us. I am sure

we will hit some bumps in the road. That is what we live for. To experience

new things, reach out to new people and communities. To promote not just

ourselves but Allies, Friends, Clans, Savages, Cities and the common beggar.

I guess we can promote EM events as well. I'll send you a bill. *smiles*



No discount coup for you Em Vladdy.



So if you look at what I have listed that is what the new alliance will

be founded on. We are and still remain a PaxLair Statehood city. Our

loyalty is to Winfield and Bam Bam still has to report to him. So the

mechanical alliance is just a tool we use to go outside of our own

community. Does anyone have any questions?

John Duke:

I do. Will there be friendly wars with the new alliance?



No Taxes JD. As PaxLair has done in the past for wars depending on

the situation most guilds would leave to create a war. Cuz my smith

in OkuC isn't going to be able to battle a mage with a hammer.


John Duke:

Well....there is a new Orc clan that I'm assuming will be part of this alliance.

So they will be at "at war" with the PaxLair clan? Not physically orange.


The Orcs will have to work that on their own. I don't get into the

politics of orcish war. Tis no profit to be made.


General Chit Chatter



Where do they Hail from?


Niva The Savage:

*looks around for orcs*


Orcs taste like chicken.


Governor Winfield:

Nice Orcs?



Have they been around here because, I met a nice orc

just east of here yesterday.


Mayor Bam Bam:

We don't know much about these news orcs. We aren't

entirely sure. And yes they have been around here.


Governor Winfield:

Nice Orcs?


Niva The Savage:

No nice Orcs! Dead Orcs!



There goes the neighborhood.



He gave me a skull and said Elves smell. Didn't like savages.



I'm elf!


EM Vladimere:

*Used right guard before showing up tonight*



Smells like wrong guard. hehe j/k



(As far as RP wars within the alliance. Such as our T_T Savages

and New Orc guild. That will be worked out between themselves.)


UoForums Information and Active Posting


Mayor Bam Bam:

If you are a citizen of PaxOku or in a PaxOku Guild we need you to post online.

On uoforums.com under Paxoku Kijustsu Anei general there is a role call.

It would be much appreciated if you would post and let us know you exist!

Having an account on uoforums is very useful so please make one. *grins*



Awww you said a .com. You lucky its an official fansite!

Em Vladimere:

*Covers Eyes*


Niva The Savage:

(Makes her way towards Gareth)

Human/Elf Gareth behave!



Only because you have a big fork.


Niva The Savage:

Niva know how us!


Em Vladimere:

*begins to tame Niva*


Voice from nowhere:

Your powers are not strong enough to tame such a powerful Savage.


New Orc Sightings


Mayor Bam Bam:

*looks over at Gareth* as you can see.. we found Gareth... those silly Orcs..

speaking of Orcs.. they have taken over the community and Uo Stratics center.

they are using it for their Orc fort.. *frowns* we believe it has something to do

with the female Orc, Sue'tunk who is being held in the cells of OkuB. Does anyone

have any suggestions about what should be done with these Orcs?..there are

already plans in the works but i would like to hear from the people first.


The ONN:


Mayor Bam Bam:

In other news.. the ONN is looking for reporters to join its staff.

Reporting events is always fun.


Governor Winfield:

What are the requirements to report on the ONN?

Merik [ONN/UOSS]

No requirements for the ONN. We are looking for people that just want to inform

everyone on new things going on in Chesapeake. Reporting for the ONN is not

reporting for the UOSS. That takes its own application process. Speaking of which

let me know if you want to apply to stratics reporting. Any who... If you just wish

to submit news articles you can do that by sending me a PM and it will be posted

in the new home for the ONN.





Special Guest EM Vladimere



Em Vladimere came to the PaxOku City Community meeting by invitation.

He filled us in with much valuable information. He addressed the assembly

of people towards the end and had the following things to say.


Luna Invasion:


Em Vladimere:

The invasion of Luna is over but the big fight has yet to be fought. Dawn sided

with the Platinum Dragons. Casca sided with the Crimson Dragons. They will

battle. The citizens will decide the out come. The battle will take place. This

battle is important and will be the cause of the SA it ties into it. The battle

takes place before SA goes live. Enough on SA.


Player events:


Em Vladimere:

If you want me to come around you must invite me. I do not know when or

where you have them until you tell me. So if you see me at one its from an

invite or I happen to be around at the time.




Em Vladimere:

They are free when we get them to give away. I cant push a button and they

appear. If I run out don't be made and cuss me out. That will only dig your

grave. Pass the word around. cussing and harassing me is a violation of the

ToS. I do not cuss you and give you respect. Enough on that.


Temptress and Jessica:


Em Vladimere:

Jessica is still dead and has been seen for a second or two. She can be resurrected.

Temptress has grown quite powerful and is now RED. She is in Fell and can be killed

but, beware when you try to kill her. Last report was she was attacked by about 12

citizens and they all left as ghosts and her famous standing over the corpse and

collected more souls happened. She appears at random. No set time or place.


I believe that's all from me tonight. I came cause I was invited.


Questions from those in attendance:



The shard gems. Can you give us any information

on those? Or is that topic secret?


Em Vladimere:

My understanding is they are to be found. I do not know the full

details yet about them. I am not sure if they will appear when the

big fight happens.


Niva the Savage:

EM commons hut fixes soon?


Em Vladimere:

Dawn ordered the House of Commons to be rebuilt. I do not know the

date that will happen. There is a rumor now I say rumor and not fact

remember rumor. That to be rebuilt the citizens might need to bring

building materials like boards, stone, seats. Again this is a Rumor. Not fact.



PaxOku City Weekly Events:

Mayor Bam Bam:

Lets take a look at Paxoku's weekly events.


Tomorrow Niva the savage and the Tonkaweya Savage Tribe host

their weekly savage hunt at 10:20pm est. Be there or else.. *smirk*


Thursday night Visago hosts his weekly Thursday night hunts!

Meet at the blue light tavern at 8:30 to discuss where the hunt

will be held then take off for some action!


Angelica will continue to run the Helps Rescue The Nobles Of The World.

Gain in compassion by doing escorts from the Orc dungeon. Lady

Angelica will provide gates for warrior class characters to gain in this

virtue. For about 30mins a day you can start to gain in this virtue which

will help you in the battle field by being able to resurrect comrades with

half life status. Good to have for champ spawns and other outings.


Bander of UTB will be continuing the Community Zoo Project on Saturdays at 5:20pm

EST. All warriors and Tamers are welcome to join in. Warriors can donate gold from

hunting and Tamers can donate the pets for the hour long event.


OkuC will be resuming its Community Crafters event. The event has been moved to Luna

city bank area. They will provide free Repair deeds, Furniture, Golems and beetles.


That is all I have for you. Thank you all for coming out tonight. We will be holding these

meetings on Sunday nights at 7:30pm EST, 4:30pm PST. Again this is a Bi-Weekly

meeting. We the next meeting will be on August 30th

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