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I started looking at the forums and I don't want to spam out the forum with all of the news. Ill be posting the news at the link below. So you can find any articles I do there and any articles contributers of the ONN would like to write.




I am going to ask Adam to change its name to Oku News Network. He just LOVES changing the names of forums for me. He waits daily for my private messages for it :-) . The last news article ill post in the main forums is about the new community center and ONN building. Its a.... well you'll have to wait to see what I write up. I've been workin on it for a couple of weeks now. I just want to make sure everyone knows where it is.


Also I am still looking for some people to join the ONN. Really no requirements to join. Just able to post on these forums. The ONN is its own. I do report for Stratics but when I created the ONN it was with Uoforums so its as much apart of Uoforums as it is apart of PaxOku City. Uoforums is my home and always will be. This is where I started and I just loves these people.


Okay im off track. So if your at all interested in reporting news that you see even just for your guild or your city or just for RP. You dont have to be a community wide reporter so let me know over private message. We do have a guild if you wanted to join it but, you obviously are not required to.


Okay thanks!!!

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